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襄阳市人民医院阳痿早泄多少钱襄阳襄州区治疗膀胱炎多少钱襄州区人民医院治疗大便出血怎么样 面试结束退出面试时要和刚进来时一样彬彬有礼,充满自信,这样的表现将给你赢得一个精的退场,为你的成功增添一份希望。BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) Do you have any questions you want to ask?你有问题要问吗?2) When will I know your decision?我何时能知道你们的决定?3) How can we get in touch with you?我们怎样才能和你取得联系呢?4) I can be reached at my office during work hours and at home in the evening.工作时间我在办公室,晚上我在家,你们都能找到我。5) Thank you for your interest in our company.谢谢你来参加我们公司的面试。6) I抣l look forward to hearing from you.我期待着你的消息。7) Well, that抯 all for the interview.好了,面试到此结束。8) And do I need the second interview?我还需要第二次面试吗?CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Do you have any questions you want to ask?A: Yes, I抎 like to know if there would be any future opportunities for specific training.I: If necessary there will be. Any other questions?A: When will I know your decision?I: We抣l give you our decision in a few days. How can we get in touch with you?A: I can be reached at my office during work hours and at home in the evening. My office phone number and home phone number are in my resume.I: Thank you for your interest in our company.A: Thank you, sir. I expect to hear from you as soon as possible.I: Would you please let the next applicant come in on your way out?A: All right. Goodbye.I: 你有什么问题要问吗?A: 有,我想知道贵公司将来是否提供特殊培训的机会。I: 如果需要的话,会有的,还有问题吗?A: 我何时能知道最终结果呢?I: 我们会在几天内通知你我们的最终决定,我们怎样才能和你取得联系呢?A: 工作时间我在办公室,晚上我在家,你们都能找到我。我办公室和家里的电话号码都在我的简历里。I: 非常感谢你来我们公司面试。A: 谢谢你,先生。我期待着能尽快得到您的消息。I: 你出去的时候能通知下一个应聘者进来吗?A: 好的,再见。Dialogue 2I: Well, that抯 all for the interview. Thank you for your interest in this job.A: You are welcome. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to interview me. I: May I call you about our final decision?A: Yes, please. My telephone number is 2974-5328, and you can call me at any time in the daytime.I: We will get in touch with you by the end of next week.A: Great. I will look forward to hearing from you. And do I need the second interview?I: We抣l notify you if necessary. Goodbye.A: Goodbye.I: 好了,面试到此结束,非常感谢你来面试这份工作。A: 不用谢。也非常感谢你在百忙中抽出时间来面试我。I: 我可以打电话通知你我们的最终决定吗?A: 当然可以了。我的电话号码是:2974-5328,白天任何时候都可以打电话给我。I: 我们会在下周末之前联系你的。A: 好的,我期待着你的消息。那我还需要第二次面试吗?I: 如果有必要我们会通知你的,再见。A: 再见。get in touch with 和……取得联系 reach 触及,联系schedule 日程安排表,时刻表 take 需要,花费,占用 notify 通知 hear from 收到……的消息 招聘者往往会以以下这些话语结束面试:I am grateful for your concern about the job at our company.我很感激你对我们公司这项工作的关注。Thank you for your concern about our recruitment, We shall inform you as soon as we have made our decision.谢谢你对我们招聘工作的关心。我们一做出决定就会立即通知你。We have known something about you. You know, we have to interview several applicants before we make our final decision.你的情况我们已经了解了。你知道,在做出最后决定之前我们还要面试几位申请人。面试结束时,应聘者应该礼貌告退。这时无论你心中有多么渴望这份工作,切记不要说“I really want this job. When can I contact you about your decision? Please consider it seriously.”之类的话,这样只会造成对方的反感。通常典型的面试结束用语是:I look forward to hearing from you.Thank you for your time. /200602/42011.The general manager had a hand in all the major decisions.  总经理对所有主要的决策都具有影响力。  重点词语:hand n.手艺;劳动力;老手;影响  商务用语:a light hand 熟练的手艺  extra hand 临时工,短工  a factory hand 工厂工人  2.Mill has a good head on his shoulder.  米尔很务实。  重点词语:head n.领导地位;人头,头脑  商务用语:the head of the government 政府首脑  3.Health is more important to most people than money.  对大多数人来说,健康比金钱更重要。  重点词语:health n. 健康;卫生  商务用语:drink a health to sb. 举杯祝某人健康  health officer 卫生官员  4.Miss Lisa usually has a heavy day at the office.  通常,丽莎在办公室度过的一天会很疲劳。  重点词语:heavy n.大量的,重的,苛刻的  商务用语:a heavy investor 巨额投资者  heavy tax 苛税  5. We hired an advertising company to help us sell our new software.  我们委托一家广告公司替我们推销新软件。  重点词语:hire n.租,雇用  商务用语:be in the hire of sb. 受雇于某人 /200811/56215襄阳中心医院在什么位置

宜城市人民医院男科医院第一句:But the name of the company hasnt been changed.但是公司仍保留原名。A: I heard that your company has been dissolved.我听说你们公司解散了。B: Yes. But the name of the company hasnt been changed.是的。但是公司仍保留原名。第二句:It is under the same style of Messrs. Bill amp; Co..沿用比尔斯公司这个名字。A: Have you changed the firm name?你们改公司名字了吗?B: No. It is under the same style of Messrs. Bill amp; Co..没有。沿用比尔斯公司这个名字。A: Has the company kept its original address?公司还在原址营业吗?B: Yes.是的。 公司的合并是指两个以上的公司合并为一个公司。公司合并的方式有二:一是将现在的两个以上的公司同时解散,共同成立一家新的公司;二是将一个或一个以上的公司予以解散,而将其财产转归一家现存的公司。其他表达法:We inform you of an alteration that is to take place in the name and co-partnership of this firm on July 1st.兹定于7月1日,我公司将改变名称与组织形式,特此通知。I acquaint you that in consequence of my having taken into partnership with my nephew, C.H., the business of my establishment will henceforward be conducted under the firm of T. H. amp; Nephew.我已邀内侄C.H.加入我公司为合伙关系,公司业务今后将以T.H.与内侄公司名义进行营业。特此公告。 /201207/189568襄樊治疗前列腺炎的手术要多少钱 In this Business English vocabulary lesson, we’ll take a look at some common collocations related to some of the different approaches to training and training programs.在这节商务播客中,我们来看一些与各种培训或培训项目有关的搭配。Training is one of the most important investments a company will make. Poor training can lead to poor performance, inefficiency, employee dissatisfaction, and a range of other problems. Good training, on the other hand, can make a company run smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Training programs take many different shapes and forms, ranging from highly developed online systems to informal on-the-job training. Regardless of what form the training takes, it’s essential to think about the desired outcomes and plan accordingly.培训是很多公司最重要的投资之一。不好的培训会导致不良的表现,工作没有效率,员工不满和其他问题。另一方面,好的培训能使公司平稳,高效地运作,并创造更多利润。培训有不同的形式,从在线培训到非正式的在职培训。无论采用什么培训,有必要想下想要的结果和培训计划。You’ll hear many useful collocations in today’s dialog. As you listen, try to pick out these natural combinations of words. Then we’ll explain what they mean and how to use them in the debrief. We’re going to hear a conversation between two people about training and development. Jeff works in HR for a firm of engineering consultants. He’s talking to David, who has just given a presentation about new approaches to training.在今天的对话中你会听到很多有用的搭配。听对话时,要将这些词的搭配选出来,我们会解释短语的意思和用法。我们会听到2个人谈论培训和发展的谈话。Jeff在一家工程顾问公司担任人事。他正在和刚刚介绍完新培训方法的David谈话。Listening Questions:1. Why does Jeff think his company needs to find a new approach to training?2. What type of training does Jeff’s company currently do? /201104/133386襄阳东风医院男科预约

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