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伊莫金希普震撼现场版“等待”,来自新专辑《椭圆》 Article/201411/344464。

Trees breathe groundwater into the atmosphere as light mist.树木呼吸地下水以薄雾形态送到大气中。They form a canopy that alleviates the impact of heavy rains and protects the soil from erosion.它们形成遮篷缓和大雨的冲击并保护泥土免于流失。The forests provide the humidity that is necessary for life.森林为生命提供潮湿环境。They are the mother and father of rain.它们也是雨水的来源。The forests store carbon.树林储蓄碳。They contain more than all the Earth#39;s atmosphere.它们含碳的份量比大气都多。They are the cornerstone of the climatic balance on which we all depend.是我们赖以生存的气候平衡的基石。Trees provide a habitat for three-quarters of the planet#39;s biodiversity,that is to say,of all life on Earth.树木提供地球四分之三生物品种的栖息地。话句话说地球上所有生命。Every year, we discover new species we had no idea existed,insects, birds, mammals.每年我们都能发现一些未知的物种,昆虫、鸟类和哺乳动物。These forests provide the remedies that cure us.森林可以提供医治我们的药物。The substances secreted by these plants can be recognized by our bodies.我们的身体可辨认这些植物,分泌的物体。Our cells talk the same language.我们的细胞说同一语言。We are of the same family.我们是同一家族。Mangroves are forests that step out onto the sea.红树林是海岸边的森林。Like coral reefs, they are a nursery for the oceans.像珊瑚礁一样它们是海洋的托儿所。Their roots entwine and form a shelter for the fish and mollusks that come to breed.它们的根系缠绕着构成了鱼儿的庇护所并哺育软体动物。Mangroves protect the coasts from hurricanes,tidal waves and erosion by the sea.红树林保护海岸免于飓风,潮汐及海水的侵蚀。 Article/201410/338149。

It#39;s now officially the worst drought on record here.现在的确是记录中最严重的干旱了It#39;s fast becoming like the dust bowl of the 1930s,就快要变成20世纪30年代的沙尘暴which forced thousands people off their land.迫使数千人离开了他们的家园Let#39;s jump to the weather lab and take a look at the...让我们去气象室看看The storm system is departing, and live pinpoint from our radar...根据雷达的实时数据 风暴中心正在离开Local weatherman Ron Roberts,当地气象员罗恩·罗伯茨who#39;s been working at KAMC for over 30 years已经在KAMC台工作30多年hasn#39;t been able to forecast rain for nearly all of 2011.在2011年 几乎没播过要下雨的天气预报Moving toward north Texas.向德州北部移动What does all the blue mean? Well that#39;s a freeze warning...蓝色是什么意思 它代表低温预警We are seeing an incredible drought.这是一场罕见的大旱This is the worst drought in climate history for this region.这是该地区有史以来最严重的干旱Only four inches of precipitation.只有10厘米的降水The worst drought before this -在此之前最严重的那次eight inches about 70 years ago.即70年前的干旱也有20厘米的降水That should give you a pretty good idea of how severe this is.这下你知道这次干旱有多严重了We#39;ve never had a drought like this.从没有过这样的干旱Also make sure that you...确保您It#39;s yet another example of a weather record being broken.这又是一个打破天气纪录的例子 Article/201410/333672。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Managua is the capital of what Central American nation? If you think you know it, shout it out. 马那瓜是中美洲哪个国家的首都?如果你认为你知道的话,就大声喊出来吧!Is it Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica or Nicaragua? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是危地马拉、洪都拉斯、哥斯达黎加还是尼加拉瓜?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!You#39;d find Managua in Nicaragua, a nation located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;马那瓜就在尼加拉瓜,尼加拉瓜在加勒比海和太平洋之间。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: That location is key. 这个位置很关键。They country#39;s government is hoping to build a canal, a manmade waterway between those two seas. 该国政府想要挖一条运河,这条人工开挖的运河将连接两个海域。Nicaragua is a few hundred miles from Panama, where a canal aly exists. 尼加拉瓜距巴拿马仅几百英里,巴拿马已经有一条运河了。Why does Nicaragua want one? 尼加拉瓜为什么想要一条呢?Well, the government says building it would create 50,000 jobs, significantly helping Central America#39;s poorest country. 因为政府表示修建一条运河会创造5万个工作岗位,这会对这个中美洲最穷的国家大有帮助。It#39;s planned canal would be wider and deeper than Panama#39;s, but thousands of people are protesting the plans. 据计划,这条运河会比巴拿马运河更宽、更深,但数千人都抵制这一计划。Many are concerned their land would be taken away to build it and that they wouldn#39;t be paid fairly for that. 很多人担心修建运河会占用他们的土地,并且他们得不到应得的补偿。Their concerns aren#39;t the only ones about the project.他们担心的还不止是这一点。 /201502/360356。

Being busted for re-gifting is like getting nabbed by the IRS—you’re not sorry you did it, you’re just sorry you got caught. Don’t let that happen.转送礼物失败就像被警察抓到——你不后悔曾经这样做,而是后悔被抓了现行。不要让这种情况发生。You Will Need你需要Presents to re-gift要转送的礼物A notebook to record gifts you#39;ve received笔记本,用来记录自己收到的礼物Steps步骤STEP 1 Keep track1.追踪Keep careful track of who gave you what—otherwise you might end up re-gifting to the person who gave you the present in the first place.Also note everyone who saw you receive the gift and scratch them off the potential recipient list.小心记录谁送了你什么礼物——否则可能出现把礼物物归原主的尴尬局面。还要记录下有哪些人看到你收到这份礼物,把他们从接收者的名单上去除。STEP 2 Be discerning2.眼光敏锐Decide what past gifts can be recycled. If a store-brand item is very old, the person might try to return it and discover it has been stocked for years.决定哪些过去的礼物可以回收利用。如果商场标签破旧了,对方可能会试图退还,从而发现这件物品已经被存放了几年。There’s a difference between a recycled gift and a hand-me-down. Sorry, but even if you’ve only used it or worn it once, it’s not suitable for re-gifting.回收礼品和半新的物品之间是有区别的。对不起,即使你只用过或穿过一次,也不适合转送。STEP 3 Beware gift cards3.注意礼品卡Carefully examine each item for a gift card. Needless to say, if the person opens his present and finds a note addressed to you, the jig is up.小心检查每件物品的礼品卡。不需多说,如果对方拆开礼物时发现一张送给你的便条,那就露馅了。STEP 4 Consider appropriateness4.考虑是否合适Consider carefully whether the re-gift is appropriate. If it#39;s clearly out of whack with the re-giftee#39;s style and interests, they#39;re apt to guess it was not originally chosen with them in mind.认真考虑想要转送的礼物是否合适。如果完全不符合对方的风格或兴趣,他们就会猜测这份礼物本身就不是特意为他们选择的。Some gifts might be so inappropriate or atrocious that they’d work as gag gifts. Pass them along, have a laugh, and let the new recipient figure out what to do with them.一些礼物可能特别不合适,成为搞笑的礼物。送给他们,让新的礼物接收者自己决定怎么办。STEP 5 Keep distance between source and re-giftee5.原来送你礼物的人和新的接收者之间保持距离Make sure there are several degrees of separation between the person who gave you the gift and the new recipient. You don#39;t want the gift turning up in a place the re-giftee frequents.确保原本送你礼物的人之间和新的礼物接收者之间保持一定的距离。你肯定不想这份礼物经常出现在原本送你礼物的人面前。STEP 6 Re-gift again!6.再次重新赠送If you sense the person doesn’t like the gift, offer to return it before they can begin asking about receipts and return policies. Then go back to your re-gift closet for another treasure.如果你感到对方并不喜欢这件礼物,在他们向你索要收据或询问退货条款之前主动提出让对方归还。然后在你的橱柜中重新找一件礼物。In one survey, 77% of respondents admitted to re-gifting because the item was better suited for someone else, while 7% confessed they re-gifted because they did not like the recipient of the re-gift!根据一份调查,77%的受调查者承认曾经转送礼物,因为他们觉得这份礼物更适合其他人,而7%的人承认他们转送礼物是因为他们不喜欢对方! Article/201412/350184。

It looks like we#39;ve probably got the biggest meat-eater in the world.看起来我们很有可能找到了世界上最大的食肉动物But there was more.但是还不止这些When Rodolfo and his team began to study the bones in detail, they noticed something strange.当Rodolfo和他的科研小组开始仔细研究骨骼时,他们发现了一些奇怪的事As they analyzed the bones, Rodolfo realized that they had found four leg bones...for a two-legged creature.正当他们分析骨骼时,Rodolfo意识到他们找到了4块腿骨,而这种动物却只有两条腿There was more than one carnivore in this dinosaur graveyard.看来这个恐龙墓地中躺着不止一只食肉恐龙So far, our record is indicating that at least six individuals have been preserved.目前我们的记录显示,至少有6只恐龙被埋藏于此What#39;s more, they were all different ages.另外,它们的年龄各不相同With six specimens of the new meat-eating dinosaur found at the Argentinian site,有了阿根廷巴塔哥尼亚的6只新肉食恐龙标本Phil Currie had what he needed - the second pack of mega-carnivores.Philip Currie终于得到了他要的据--第二个大型食肉恐龙群I just couldn#39;t believe it because...我简直不敢相信Suddenly here we were in situation where we had two large meat-eating dinosaurs in two parts of the world which were showing packing behavior.现在的情况是,我们忽然在世界上两个地方找到了两群具有群居行为的大型食肉恐龙It seems to me that we have very convincing evidence that large meat-eating dinosaurs formed these social groups,我觉得我们已经找到了最有力的据,明这些大型食肉恐龙生活在社会群体中where the young and the old walked together, hunted together and lived together.老老少少的恐龙一起行动,一起狩猎,一起生活 Article/201612/485813。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/369481。