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本期主题:Beauty and the Beast《美女与野兽节选录制地点:广东 深圳 《美女与野兽(法语:La Belle et la Bête 英语:Beauty and the Beast)是0年首度发表的著名法国童话 下面就让Holly带你再次重温这个动人的童话故事Beauty and the Beast的片段希望带着耳机的你能放下前进追赶的脚步和Holly一起步入这个wonder world Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. But then, one winter night, an old beggar woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, beauty is found within. And when he dismissed her again, the old woman ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late, she had seen that there was no love in his heart, and as punishment, she transmed him into a hideous beast, and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there. Ashamed of his monstrous m, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty-first year. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast all time. As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope, who could ever learn to love a beast? In a town near the castle lived a merchant and his family. One day, the merchant heard that all his ships had been lost in a storm. He was penniless and would have to move to a tiny cottage on the edge of the woods.;Everything will be alright,; said the youngest daughter, Belle. ;We can all help. We dont need any servants as the house is so small.;The merchant was very grateful to Belle. The older girls were very upset, and were no help at all.In no time at all, Belle had the little cottage spick and span.One day, a messenger arrived.;I have good news,; he said to the merchant. ;One of your ships has made harbor. You are needed to oversee matters in the unloading.; ;Oh, good news indeed!; said the merchant. He called his daughters around him. They were delighted when they heard the news.;Does this mean that we can move back home?; asked the oldest daughter. ;First things first,; said her father. ;If there is a profit, Ill bring you all back a present. You must tell me what you would like.;;Oh, a beautiful dress, father,; cried the first.;A new hat, father,; said the second. ;What about you, Belle?; asked the merchant. Belle simply said,; A red rose please, father.; The merchant set out that very day the town with the messenger. He completed his business, and found that he had indeed made a profit. There was enough to buy his daughters presents and some to invest. The dress and hat were soon bought, but there were no roses to be had in the town. It was evening when he set out home. ;Maybe Ill be able to find one on the way home,; he said to himself. He was still far from home when it started to grow dark. He was in an unfamiliar part of the est, and knew that he would soon be lost if he did not find somewhere the night. He suddenly saw some lights and soon found himself outside a vast mansion. ;I did not know that this was here,; said the merchant. ;I must really be lost!; The merchant went into the house as the front door was open. He looked around, but there was nobody to be seen. He suddenly sniffed the air. He could smell delicious food. A table in the dining room was laid one, so he sat and ate a hearty supper. He suddenly remembered his horse, and went to stable it the night, but it had aly been done, and the horse was tucking into a bag of oats. How strange, thought the merchant, returning to the house. At the front door, he turned to thank his unseen host, but then he saw the garden. I was full of roses - roses of every different color.;Now I can get Belle present,; said the merchant, and he picked a red rose. The merchant nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a furious roar. ;Have I not been a good host?; roared the voice. ;I fed you, gave you a bed the night and stabled your horse, and you repay me by stealing from me.; The owner of the voice then came into sight. The merchant shuddered. It was the ugliest creature he had ever seen. ;I am very sorry,; said the merchant. ;I picked it my daughter.; ;If you wish to live, you must send the first living thing you see when you arrive home,; said the Beast. ;Very well,; said the merchant. He knew that his dog usually greeted him first. He then set off home. But to his dismay, it was Belle who ran out of the house to greet him. The dog was lying asleep in the sun. The other girls came out to empty the saddle bags and to see their presents. He went quietly into the house. Belle was worried and followed him in. ;What wrong?; she asked. ;I must send you to the Beast house,; he said sadly, and then told Belle what had happened.;I will go,; said Beauty. ;We must keep your promise.;;But you have not seen him,; said her father. ;I will still go,; said Belle. ;He surely cannot be as ugly as you say.;But Belley did shudder the first time she saw the Beast at the house in the middle of the est. The Beast pretended not to notice her shudder, and showed her around the house and gardens. She had a beautiful room and lovely clothes, and he gave her a magic mirror so that she could see her family whenever she wanted to.The Beast spent every afternoon with her, and gradually she became used to his ugly face and looked ward to seeing him.One afternoon the Beast said, ;Belle, do you love me?;;Love you?; repeated Beauty. ;No, But I do like you, I like you a lot.;;Never mind,; said the Beast and he left her, much earlier than usual. 71

Sarah Jessica Parker making a lot of headlines...by speaking out against Meal Girl behavior on the screen and in real life.无论是在银幕上公开反对女生就餐行为礼仪还是在现实生活中,莎拉·杰西卡·帕克都是个话题人物A Linsey Davis has this story.请看A新闻的琳瑟·戴维斯的报道 6 successful seasons, it not just sex and fashion that made the show Sex and City a cultural landmark.这部剧已经火了6季,不仅仅是性和时尚使得《欲望都市成为了一种文化标志It was the strength of friendship.其中友谊的力量也发挥了关键作用You are human.你就是个凡夫俗子I dont wnat him to know that.我不想让他知道But that depiction of female comradery, according to the star of the show, is now a thing of the past.但据剧中的大腕表示女同志的情谊描写现在是过去式In the April issue of British Harper Bazaar, Sarah Jessica Parker says, Sex and the City, which started on the HBO excatly one decade ago this week, was a more innocent time.在月号的《Harper Bazaar杂志中,莎拉·杰西卡·帕克称在十年前的本周HBO播出的《欲望都市只是讲述了一个无知的年代So much reality television and the women that dominate culture today are pretty unfriendly toward one another.这么多电视真人秀及现如今占主导地位的女性文化很不友好Just this week, on the real housewives of Beverly Hills a broke out, while the women were away on vacation.就在本周,真正的家庭主妇的贝弗利·希尔斯开始休假,而她现在正在享受假期时光Shut up!闭上你的臭嘴!Stop, stop, stop!停,停,都给我停下!A far cry from this Sex and the City getaway.和欲望都市中的度假相去甚远Parker, who played the show beloved Carrie Bradshaw, says women love your character because she was a deeply devoted friend, and I think women really respond to that kind of connection.扮演惹人爱的Carrie Bradshaw的帕克表示女观众钟情于她的角色是因为她自己是一位非常忠实的朋友,而且她认为女性观众真的很喜欢这种联系Weve all been there.我们都在那里It sure.肯定的It literally like a m of a feminine bullying.这简直就像一种女性欺凌Stacy Kaiser, a licenced psychotherapist, diagrees that many of the female friendships on TV today are cruel and unsupportive.心理治疗师斯泰西·凯撒则对许多现今电视上残酷和不体贴的女性朋友关系表示不赞同I do think that women are mean on television, but I think in real life we women have always had to backstab and be mean to other woman.我认为在电视上的女人都是刻薄的,但我认为在现实生活中我们女人总是不得不背后捅人一刀而且对另一个女人尖酸刻薄As Parker, she admits, were not always the very best friends we can be, but says I think we all want it, we all work towards having it.至于帕克,她坦言,我们并不总是最好的朋友,但说我认为我们都想要那种关系,我们会尽自己最大努力维系 6358


  你曾否在夜中凝视繁星   思考,它们为何如此明亮   你曾否在一个多云的夜降临前,凝视夕阳   想到,为何是今晚  Fades Like a Photograph--Filter Have you ever seen the stars at night and wonder Why so bright (so bright) Have you ever seen the sunset on a cloudy night And wonder why tonight And maybe there's just one time with you I want to remember eternity, eternity  Photographs taken like memories of you they disappear Colors of your eyes they fade with time They just can't stay clear, yeah Fades like a photograph Just want to bring you back Have you ever seen the bottom of the ocean From a plane, what a sight Have you ever seen the sunrise In the snow cap mountains from twilight And maybe there's just one time with you  I want to remember eternity, eternity Photographs taken like memories of you they disappear Colors of your eyes they fade with time They just can't stay clear Photographs taken like memories of you they disappear Colors of your eyes they fade with time   They just can't stay clear, yeah Fades like a photograph Just want to bring you back yeah, yeah。


  5 Michael Jordan第5单元 迈克尔·乔丹 Have you ever heard ;When the going gets tough, the tough get going?; Michael Jordan has. Sports fan or not everyone has heard of Michael Jordan.你听说过“当情况变遭,只有坚强的人会采取行动”这句话吗?迈克尔·乔丹就有听过不管你是不是运动迷,你一定听过迈克尔·乔丹的大名He has received numerous awards including being voted as the best athlete of the th century by ESPN in 1999. Earning over 80 million dollars endorsing Nike, and millions as a NBA superstar, it is safe to say that Jordan has been successful. Yet success didnt come easily.他获得无数奖项,其中包括ESPN于一九九九年选出的二十世纪最佳运动员替耐克代言为他赚进八千万美金,而NBA超级球星的身价更高达百万,乔丹毋庸置疑是个成功的人,可是成功得来并不易Did you know that in 1978 he was cut from his high school varsity team? Not giving up, he trained hard and with the help of a growth spurt, got accepted on the varsity team the following year.你可知道在一九七八年,他未能入选高中篮球校队?他非但没有放弃,反而更加努力训练,并拜成长期所赐,在隔年入选篮球校队His talent was recognized and he was given a basketball scholarship from the university of North Carolina. To compare Jordan to everyone else would be unrealistic. His athletic ability has made him the best basketball player ever to grace the courts.他的天分从此被承认,并得到北卡罗来纳州立大学篮球奖学金拿乔丹和任何人相比是不实际的,他的运动能力使他成为篮球史上最好的球员But what he does have in common with Everyman is the inner strugle we all must face when recognizing our talents. Believing in yourself when no one else does could be the key to your success.可是在他认清自己的天分之前,他也和所有人一样历经内心的挣扎当其他人都不相信你,你仍然对自己有自信,将是迈向成功之钥 197836华尔街日报:中国哪个城市更拥挤?千万别以为是北京.The Wall Street Journal: Which Chinese Cities Are Most Congested?A new study by online mapping company Autonavi lists China most congested cities, with a surprising city taking the No. spot.According to the report released last week, Shanghai suffers more from gridlock than the nation capital.Despite notorious stories of traffic jams that last days, Beijing ranked third—after Hangzhou. The study was based on data compiled from 5 cities around the country. The survey measured such things as the average journey distance, the length of time of an average trip, the length of delays road users experienced and their average driving speeds.(本节目主播为:中国国际广播电台轻松调频FM91.5(北京)节目微信:China Drive双语中国秀) 37

  栏目简介:《美国熊孩子Kids React是轻松听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容主要是美国的孩子们对一些事物的反应,这些react反应非常的有意思,能够提高英语学习爱好者的学习兴趣,帮助英语学习爱好者在轻松愉快的氛围中掌握一些英语知识,轻松、幽默、风趣,尽在美国熊孩子栏目中 3659康纳·欧布莱恩,著名脱口秀节目主持人,从1933年起,当家主持脱口秀节目,主持风格活泼、无厘头,深受全球观众喜爱,曾次提名艾美奖年来,这是他首次出现在大卫的节目中,而谈论最多的还是杰.雷诺,他也是美国著名的脱口秀节目主持人Thank you!谢谢你们!Welcome back!欢迎回来!How are you?你好吗?Welcome back!欢迎回来!I think the longer we just sit here, the more uncomtable that will makes Jay.我认为我们坐在这里的时间越长,就越会使杰感到不舒You know, Jay is watching right now, you know, he is getting live-feed satellite truck right now.你知道,杰伦现在正在收看,你知道,他现在正坐在卫星卡车里He is watching every second, they wont gonna happy, he will pack in soon.他观察着每一秒,他们不会快乐,他将很快打包行李give me making this all about me, but that’s what kind of I can do, I was delighted by everything that’ve happen except they said that you losing your job.原谅与我有关的所有这一切,但那是我能做的,我很高兴已经发生的一切,当然除了他们说你失去你的工作外I won’t tell you,I will tell you this is the honestly only consolation I took during that period were you’ve happy,我不会告诉你,我会诚实的告诉你这是在那段你快乐的时间中唯一的慰藉,it was really…it was really…这是真的…真的很…I’m very sorry.我很抱歉I did, I found this is…this is sometimes they seems tad unhappy in his life, and if this bring you some measure of joy then help my career.我也是,我发现这是…有时他们似乎对他的生活有点不满,如果这给你带来某种程度的快乐,那么也会对我的职业生涯有所帮助You know we first met is the golden television really.你知道我们第一次相遇真的是黄金档电视节目The period when I lost my show, the greatest weekend of period you, it’s the Golden Asian broadcast.在我失去了自己节目的那段时间中,因为你们周末才变得最伟大,它就是黄金亚洲广播That’s right.这是对的注:听力文本来源于普特 185958

  8 Types Of Friends You Need To Have in Your Life圆满人生要交八个朋友Did you know that people without friends are more likely to die an early death?你知道吗?没有朋友的人往往活不长It true. Just ask science.这是真的不信,可以向科学求To up your chances of living a long, happy life, having a bunch of fair-weather buddies wont do the trick. You need a diverse, well-rounded entourage that will stick with you through thick and thin. The following eight types of friends are just what you need to keep the doctor away.要想生活的长久幸福,一群不能共患难的朋友是不能助你达成目的的你需要的是一群性格各异﹑面面俱到,可以与你同甘苦共患难的朋友接下来的8种类型的朋友正是这一类1. A Loyal Best Friend一个忠实的最好的朋友Sometimes a loyal best friend is the only thing you need to stay sane. Everyone needs a non-judgmental friend who will support them no matter what. This is the kind of friend who lets you be a hot mess and knows all of your deepest and darkest secrets, but still loves you all the same.有时一个忠实的最好的朋友可以是使你保持清醒的唯一原因每个人都需要一个无论在任何情况下都无私持自己的朋友这样的朋友可以放任你的一团糟,也知道你所有的最深处和最黑暗的秘密,但仍然一直爱着你. A Fearless Adventurer一个无所畏惧的冒险者We live in a big world where there are so many places to see, people to meet, and experiences to be had, yet so many of us are stuck in our own routines and get to, well, live. We all need an adventurous friend who will pull us out of our shells and introduce us to new ideas, cultures, philosophies, and activities.我们生活在一个宏大的世界里,可以看许多风景,遇到各色人,拥有丰富多的经历然而,我们大部分人都深陷在自己的琐事里,忘记如何好好地生活我们都需要一个冒险的朋友,将自己从壳里拖出来并向我们介绍新想法﹑文化﹑哲学和活动3. A Brutally Honest Confidant一个极其诚实的知己There are certain situations in life where we need to hear the harsh truth. That what the brutally honest confidant is . If youre in a rocky relationship and everyone telling you that it perfectly normal that youre back with that special someone the 8th time in the last years, the brutally honest confidant is there to yank your rose-colored glasses off and tell you, ;Enough. Stop with all that break-up-and-get-back-together drama. You deserve better.; Friends are supposed to be honest with each other. If you find someone who is brutally honest with you (in a constructive way), then hold on to this person! People like that are hard to come by these days.在生活中,有些特定的场合,我们需要知道残酷的真相这时我们正需要这样一个极其诚实的知己在一段摇摆不定的恋爱关系中,每个人都对你说情人间难免有擦,你应该再次回到那个人身边,而这已是过去两年里第八次出现此时那个极其诚实的知己则会摘掉你乐观的眼镜,对你说,;够了!不要再上演那种分分合合的戏码了.你值得更好的人;朋友之间应该相互坦诚如果你发现某个人对你极其诚实,那么就紧紧抓住这个人在这个时代,像这样的人已不多了. A Wise Mentor一位睿智的导师Jesse Jackson once said, ;Never look down on someone unless youre helping them up.; If you have someone smart, inspiring, and admirable in your life who practices this philosophy, youre extremely lucky. We all need a friend who inspires us to be better people without making us feel inadequate. Plus, being around such a person will challenge us to better ourselves every day.杰西#86;杰克逊曾说,;永远不要看轻别人,除非他需要你的帮助;如果你的一生中有这样聪慧﹑令人激励和敬佩的人在实践这种哲学,那你就非常幸运The wise mentor in your life doesnt have to be someone who shares the same occupation or hobbies with you. It simply someone who a few steps ahead of you in life and has enough wisdom and patience to guide you in the right direction. It can be anyone — a colleague, a friend who beyond their years, or an older neighbor — as long as you look up to this person and want to be more like them.在你的生命中,一位睿智的导师不一定要是某个职位与你相同的或是拥有共同爱好的人仅仅是某个生活阅历比你多点,拥有足够智慧和能力,可以指引你走向正确方向的人他可以是任何人----- 一位同事﹑一个阅历丰富的朋友或是一位年老的邻居,只要你敬仰并且想要成为甚至超越他们5. A Friend From a Different Culture来自不同文化的朋友The last thing you want to be described as is someone who stuck in their own ways. If everyone had a friend from a different culture, the world would be a much better place. Being in a cross-cultural friendship allows you to explore customs, values, and traditions outside of your own culture. Sometimes you might even adopt new ways to do things.你最不想被别人描述成固执己见的人如果每个人都有一位来自不同文化的朋友,世界将会变得更美好一段跨文化的友谊可以使你体验与自己文化迥然不同的习俗﹑价值观和传统有时,你甚至可能采用新的方式做事Be careful; dont befriend someone just because theyre from a different culture. No one likes to be a token friend. Instead, keep your mind open, and if you come across someone you click with who just so happens to be from a different culture, make the eft to learn about their customs, values, and traditions while getting to know the person on a personal level.注意,不要就因为某人来自不同文化就与其成为朋友没人喜欢成为象征性的朋友相反,你要敞开心胸如果你在网上遇到某个人恰巧来自不同文化,要努力去了解他们的习俗﹑价值观念和传统,同时从个人的层面去了解这个人6. A Polar Opposite一个完全对立的朋友We humans are hard-wired to get together in groups and attack outsiders — the human pack mentality, if you will. If you only develop friendships with others who follow the same beliefs, customs, and values as you do, chances are youre somewhat detached from the rest of the world, and youre more likely to perpetuate stereotypes on anyone who holds a different world view from you.我们人类天生的会聚集在一起组成组,对付外来者-----即人类团体性思维,如果你想知道的话要是只跟与你有相同信仰﹑习俗和价值观念的人做朋友, 你将可能与其余的世界相脱离,更加可能给与你持不同世界观的人留下刻板的印象Instead of constantly surrounding yourself with like-minded people, try to break out of your comt zone and befriend people who hold opposing views. They will help open your eyes to different world views and youll learn to accept people who dont see the world exactly the way you see it.除了不断地使志同道合的人围绕在身边,你应该试着打破这种安逸,同观点与你对立的人做朋友他们可以帮助你拓展不同世界观的视野,而你也将学会接受以一种完全迥异于你的方式看待世界的人7. A Friendly Neighbor一位友好的邻居These days, a lot of people dont know their own neighbors. It a shame, because some neighbors can be the nicest and most helpful people ever. If youre on a vacation, and you suddenly realize that you got to lock the front door, you can call up your trusty ol neighbor and ask them to head over to your house and lock it you. Nice dependable neighbors who have each other backs are a dying breed, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt introduce yourself to the new neighbors across the street!这些年,很多人不了解自己的邻居这真是羞愧因为一些邻居可以成为最友好和最热心的人要是你正在度假,突然意识到自己忘记锁大门了,你可以打电话给信任的邻居,让他们前去你家,帮你锁好大门拥有友好并相互照应的邻居是千金难买,但那并不意味着你不应该向街对面的新邻居介绍你自己8. A Work Pal一位工作伙伴Did you know that with a full-time job, you spend at least 50% of your waking hours at work? Not only that, but you spend some more time commuting to work, thinking about work, working overtime, and furthering your career on your personal time. Depressing, isnt it?你知道吗?在拥有一份全职工作后,你至少花费了50%的醒着的时间在工作上不仅仅是那样,你还要多花费些时间在通勤﹑思考工作﹑加班,并且在个人时间拓展事业真令人沮丧,是不是?Statistics show that the more isolated you are at work, the more depressed you get. That why it makes sense to get a work pal to chat with at the water cooler and to help you get through the week. You spend 50%of your waking hours at work, and so does your work pal. Youll find it much easier to shoot the breeze and complain about work with someone who can relate to you than eating lunch alone every day.数据表明,在工作上越孤立,你就变得越抑郁这就是为什么需要一个可以在饮水机旁聊天并且助你度过一周的工作伙伴你花50%醒着的时间在工作上,你的工作伙伴也一样与每天独自吃午饭相比,你会发现与合得来的人闲聊或是抱怨工作是更容易的事Your work pal doesnt have to be your best friend outside of work. They just need to be someone you click with on some level, and if you two hit it off exceptionally well, you can always start hanging out with them outside of the office.你的工作伙伴不一定要是你工作之外的最好的朋友他们只需要是你在某种层面上喜欢的人即可如果你俩一拍即合特别好,那么在办公室之外你总是可以和他们出去逛With a loyal best friend, a fearless adventurer, a brutally honest confidant, a wise mentor, a friend from a different culture, a polar opposite, a friendly neighbor, and a work pal in your life, youre bound to live a long and happy life!一生中,有一个忠实的最好的朋友﹑一个无所畏惧的冒险者﹑一位极其诚实的知己﹑一位睿智的导师﹑一个来自不同文化的朋友﹑一个完全对立的朋友﹑一个友好的邻居以及一个工作伙伴,你必将活的漫长而快乐 676


  上期听力中英文本如下:Dialogue :XiaoGao:So did you study the test today? I was up all night studying it, I hope I get a good grade.小高:你认真看书准备考试了吗?我最晚熬了一宿,希望能考个好成绩呀!JingJing:Test? What test? I didn’t know we had a test today!京晶:考试?什么考试?我不知道我们今天有考试呀!XiaoGao:Haha! April Fools! I was just yanking your chain. The test is next week!小高:哈哈,愚人节快乐!我刚才跟你开玩笑呢!是下周考试呢!JingJing:Oh thank heavens! You scared me! What is April Fool’s Day anyway?京晶:哎呀我的妈呀!不带这么吓人的呢!那啥,到底什么是愚人节啊!XiaoGao:April Fool’s Day is traditionally held on the first of April. People play practical jokes on their friends and loved ones, just like I did to you!小高:照传统,四月愚人节就在四月的第一天,人们会跟朋友和关系亲密的人开开玩笑,就像我刚才跟你闹着玩儿那样JingJing:Does the whole world celebrate it?京晶:全世界都庆祝这个节日吗?XiaoGao: A lot of countries do. example, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and South Africa only play jokes until noon. Sometimes, newspapers will have a hoax in the morning s. In other countries, like America, France, and Italy, the jokes last all day.小高:许多国家都庆祝呢!比如,新西兰,爱尔兰,英国,南非,这些国家人们之间开玩笑不会超过中午有时候,报纸会在早间版文章中来个恶作剧在另外一些国家,比如美国、法国、意大利,玩笑可以持续一整天JingJing:So how did this crazy holiday start? What’s the history behind April Fool’s Day?京晶:那这个疯狂的节日是如何开始的呢?愚人节的历史是怎样的呢?XiaoGao:The actual origin of April Fool’s Day is kind a grey area. The earliest association between the first of April and foolishness can be traced back to the year 9.小高:愚人节真实的起源其实是不太确定的不过月1号和愚人的联系最早可以追溯到9年JingJing:Cool! Can you tell me some funny hoaxes that you’ve heard about?京晶:不错,那…能不能告诉我一些你听过的有趣的恶作剧?XiaoGao:In 1957, B ran a famous hoax about a tree that grew noodles on it. After that, a lot of people called the television station wanting to know how to grow their own noodle tree.小高:在1957年,英国的B电视台开了一个著名的玩笑,一棵树上长出面条了听了这则消息后,人们纷纷打电话给电视台询问如何在树上种面条JingJing:That’s interesting. I think you better watch your back today. I’m determined to seek revenge!京晶:有意思,不过你今天最好小心点儿,我可是会报仇的哦!XiaoGao:Good luck. You’ll never fool me!小高:祝你好运!想整我没那么容易!New words dialogue:April Fools! said to someone to tell them that you have played an April Fool’s joke on them 愚人节快乐!Yank someone’s chain to joke with someone 跟某人开玩笑Thank heavens! said when you are relieved about something 谢天谢地Practical joke a trick played on someone to make them look foolish and amuse others 开玩笑Hoax a humorous deception 恶作剧Origin the starting point of something 起源Grey area something that is not certain or clear 模糊的,不清楚的,不确定的Watch your back be careful, something might happen to you 小心点儿Seek revenge hurt or harm someone because they hurt or !harmed you 复仇 3678


  讲解Today key words are ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend!ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend前女友 前男友Ex-girlfriend is the girl you dated, but no longer has romantic relationship with.Here is an example:My ex-boyfriend is a nice guy, but we just dont have that chemistry.我的前男友是个好人,只是我们两个缺少点火花今天我们就来讲讲前任,如果你的前任要结婚了,要不要去参加Ta的婚礼呢?Should you go to your ex wedding? It is debatable, so let talk! those who will go to their ex wedding:Why not?If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend invites you to his or her wedding, you definitely should say yes!But there are different tips.If you still see him as a friend, just go to the wedding as a friend.如果你俩还是朋友的话,去参加朋友的婚礼很正常啊,送去你的祝福,还能在婚礼上跟好久不见的其他朋友聊聊天But if you just hate him, you should go to the wedding as well. Put on your most sexy beautiful outfit, bring you brightest smile with you.不要怕别人所谓的闲言碎语,Be yourself前任的婚礼是明自己没有他过的也很好的一个非常好的机会! But those who dont want to attend ex wedding. If somebody tells you that you can still be friend with your ex. He is lying!No one can be friend with their ex, no one!跟前任还是好朋友?别开玩笑了! You were in love with her or him, but both of you have to move on.分手即为陌路人,可能过了几年偶尔还会见到,到时候打个招呼,问个好就足够了不必纠缠So there is no reason to go to the wedding if you two are no longer friend. Right?And think about it, if you are there in the wedding ceremony, your mutual friends will definitely ask you about your feelings. It is annoying! 3

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