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Conquer spring cleaning with these easy and quick cleaning tips.根据下面这些简单快速的清洁小贴士,轻松解决春季大扫除。You Will Need你需要Bucket桶Sponge海绵Toothbrush牙刷Rubber gloves橡胶手套Lamb#39;s wool or microfiber duster羊毛或微纤维掸子Vacuum with attachments有附件的吸尘器Antibacterial wipes抗菌纸巾Bowl碗Water水Lemon juice柠檬汁Swivel-head mop旋转拖把Steps步骤Step 1 Fill a bucket1.装桶Make spring cleaning easier by filling a bucket with supplies that will be carried from room to room, such as a sponge, a toothbrush, rubber gloves, and cleaning supplies.把所需物品全部装到一个桶里,例如海绵,牙刷,橡胶手套和清洁用品,可以从一个房间提到另一个房间,这样可以让春季大扫除更加简单。Step 2 Dust blinds2.百页窗除尘Dust your wood, metal, or plastic blinds with a lamb#39;s wool or microfiber duster.用羊毛或微纤维掸子清扫木制,金属或塑料百叶窗上的灰尘。Guests should take off their shoes when entering the home to prevent any tracking of dirt throughout the house.客人进入房间时可以脱掉鞋子,防止带入泥土。Step 3 Use crevice tool3.使用缝隙工具Tackle surface dust in the pleats and folds of your curtains by using the crevice tool on your vacuum.使用吸尘器上的缝隙工具来清扫窗帘褶皱里的灰尘。Curtains should be dry-cleaned once a year to remove any dust and dirt.窗帘每年应该干洗一次,以清除灰尘和污垢。Step 4 Clean your windows4.清洁窗户Clean your window screens and window wells with a vacuum attachment.用吸尘器附件清洁纱窗和玻璃。Step 5 Wipe down appliances5.擦拭电器Wipe down all appliances in the kitchen using multi-purpose antibacterial easy wipes.用多用途抗菌便捷纸巾擦拭厨房所有电器。Step 6 Soften crud in microwave6.软化微波炉污垢Soften crud and grease from your microwave by placing a bowl of equal parts water and lemon juice in the microwave. Run the microwave on high for one minute. Everything should be loosened and smelling fresh.将一碗等比例混合的水和柠檬汁混合液放入微波炉中,软化污垢和油渍。将微波炉打开,设置高档,运转一分钟。所有污垢都被清除了,而且闻上去非常清新。Step 7 Clean the bathroom7.清理浴室Clean around the toilet base with a swivel-head mop to remove the collected dust. Multi-purpose sanitizer wipes are also perfect for cleaning the sink and toilet seat. Use the toothbrush to clean grime in the shower.用旋转拖把清洁马桶底座周围,清除积累的灰尘。多功能卫生消毒湿巾用于清洁水槽和马桶座也是非常理想的。使用牙刷来清洁淋浴喷头上的污垢。According to Real Simple, 87 percent of dirt is tracked in homes through the front door.根据《简捷生活》杂志所说,87%的尘土是从前门进入室内的。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/277215

翼飞行是特技运动中最先进的一项——当你看见特技跳伞员以100英里的时速穿梭在峡谷时带给你的最刺激难以置信的感受。Ueli Gegenschatz将告诉你他如何(以及为何)从事这项运动,并将在最后展示一段叹为观止的短片。 Article/201311/263179

Yartsa gunbu has been used as a traditional remedy for thousands of years, though only by the very wealthy.冬虫夏草被用作传统药物已经上千年,但仅限于非常富有的人群。It#39;s been bartered for tea and silk, and is worth more than four times its weight in silver.它被用来交换茶叶和丝绸,可以换回超过本身四倍重量的银子。So lucrative is this trade, that sites and information are jealously guarded.这项贸易是如此的暴利使得它的交易地点和信息都被谨慎地保护起来。At the nearby market, yartsa gunbu are cleaned, and their true nature becomes clear. The yartsa gunbu translates as ;summer grass, winter worm;.在附近的集市上冬虫夏草被清理干净,这使得它的本来面目显露了出来,冬虫夏草被翻译为“冬天的虫子夏天的草”。The winter worm is a caterpillar. It eats roots of grasses in preparation for its transformation into a moth.冬虫是一种毛虫,它以草根为食,为自己变身成蛾做准备。But some winter worms never make it as moths. Instead, a strange growth erupts from their body, appearing above ground in summer. This is the ;summer grass;,a fungus called Cordyceps, whose spores have infected the caterpillar, using its body as their host.但有些冬虫却从没有机会变成蛾。而在夏季一个奇怪的植物,在冬虫的体内生长发育直至破土而出,这就是“夏草”。一种被称为虫草的真菌,是它的孢子侵入了毛虫体内,并将毛虫的身体作为它们的宿主。Modern scientific tests have shown that substances contained in Cordyceps lower blood pressure and make it easier to breathe.现代科学实验明含有冬虫夏草的物质可以降低血压并能使呼吸更顺畅。So in recent years, harvesting this natural treasure has grown into a huge and profitable business.所以近些年来收获这种自然资源,已经成为有巨大利益的生意。 /201403/280065

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