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US prosecutors have accused two relatives of Ban Ki-moon, the former UN secretary-general, of a bribery plot linked to Vietnam’s tallest building and a South Korean company embroiled in a corruption scandal.联合UN)前任秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)的两名亲戚遭到美国检察机关的指控,原因是与越南最高建筑及一家卷入腐败丑闻的韩国企业有关的贿赂情节。Joo Hyun-bahn, Mr Ban’s nephew, denied the charges and was granted bail at a court hearing in New York after he and his father, Ban Ki-sang, were indicted on Tuesday. Ban Ki-sang, who is Ban Ki-moon’s brother, has not been arrested and could not immediately be reached for comment.潘基文的侄子潘柱贤(Bahn Joo-hyun,音译)否认了相关指控并在纽约一场法庭听中被允许保释。此前,他和他的父亲潘基相(Ban Ki-sang,音译)在周二受到了起诉。潘基相是潘基文的弟弟,他并未遭到逮捕,不过记者无法马上联系上他以置评此事。The indictment came just 10 days after Ban Ki-moon, who is not accused of any involvement in the affair, ended a decade leading the UN.就在这一起诉发生十天前,潘基文刚刚结束了对联合国十年的领导。潘基文自身并未被指控与该事件有任何关系。He has been touted as a possible candidate for the presidency of South Korea, where contenders have aly begun jockeying following the impeachment of Park Geun-hye amid a vast corruption scandal.目前,潘基文已被多方宣传为韩国总统的可能候选人。在韩国,自朴槿Park Geun-hye)因一宗巨大的腐败丑闻而遭弹劾之后,竞争总统的人选已开始明争暗斗。US authorities claim Mr Ban’s relatives conspired in 2014 to funnel .5m via a middleman to an unnamed Middle Eastern official. The official was supposed to convince his country’s sovereign wealth fund to buy the Landmark 72 tower in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, for 0m.美国当局声称014年潘基文的两名亲戚曾密谋通过中间人向一位不知名的中东官员输50万美元。原本用意是让这名官员说该国主权财富基金斥亿美元,买下越南首都河内的地2(Landmark 72)大楼。But the two alleged plotters were double-crossed by the middleman, Malcolm Harris, who did not have the relationship he claimed with the government official and simply pocketed an initial 0,000 downpayment, the indictment asserts.不过,该起诉书声称,这两位涉嫌的谋划者却遭到这位名为马尔科姆?哈里Malcolm Harris)的中间人的欺骗。哈里斯并不掌握所声称的与这位政府官员的关系,而只是把最初付的50万美元定金据为己有。Mr Harris, who has also been charged, used the money for a spending spree including the rental of a luxury penthouse apartment in Brooklyn, prosecutors allege. Mr Harris could not immediately be reached for comment.检察机关指控称,同样受到指控的哈里斯大肆挥霍了这笔钱,其中包括在布鲁克林租用了一个豪华顶层公寓。记者无法马上与哈里斯取得联系,以置评此事。“This alleged conduct proves the adage that there is truly no honour among thieves,said Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney-general in the US justice department. “The indictment alleges that two defendants wanted to bribe a government official; instead they were defrauded by their co-defendant.”美国司法部(DoJ)助理总检察官莱斯考德威尔(Leslie Caldwell)表示:“这些涉嫌实施的行为明了那句谚语:小偷是没有真正的节操的。起诉书声称,两位被告想要贿赂政府官员,却被他们的共同被告骗了。”The former UN secretary-general’s brother was a senior executive at both Landmark 72 and Keangnam Enterprises, the Korean construction company that built and owned the skyscraper, US authorities allege. He wanted to arrange the sale because Keangnam had run into financial trouble from 2013, prosecutors claim.美国当局指控称,潘基文的这位弟弟是地2大楼和京南企Keangnam Enterprises)的高管。京南企业是建造并拥有这栋天大楼的韩国建筑公司。检察机关声称,潘基相之所以希望安排这一转让,是因为京南企业013年起遭遇了财务困境。Mr Ban was “surprisedby reports of the indictments of his relatives and had no knowledge of the matter, according to a spokesperson ed by Reuters news agency.据路透社(Reuters)援引潘基文发言人的说法称,潘基文对有关其亲戚所受指控的报道感到“震惊”,并对此毫不知情。来 /201701/488229The White House says President Donald Trump has a ;buffet of options; on how to get Mexico to pay for the wall he wants to build along the U.S.-Mexican border.白宫表示,川普总统有多种办法让墨西哥为修建美墨边界墙出钱。Earlier Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Trump wanted to slap a 20 percent tax on all imports from Mexico. He said the new tax would raise billion a year and ;easily pay for the wall.; He also said the president discussed the idea with congressional leaders and wanted to include the measure in a comprehensive tax reform package that Congress would have to approve.白宫发言人斯派塞星期四早些时候说,川普总统将会向墨西哥征收20%的进口税。他说,新的税收政策将会带来一00亿美元的收入,并能轻松付修墙的费用。斯派塞又表示,川普总统与国会领导人讨论了这个提议,希望把这个措施加入需要国会批准的全面税务改革方案中。But later, the White House said the idea is just one of several options on the table for paying for a wall along the southern border. And it said Trump has yet to make a final decision about how the U.S. will recoup the costs of his proposed border wall.不过后来白宫又说,这个提议只是付修墙费用多种方案中的一种。白宫还说,川普总统还没有最后决定如何来弥补修建边界墙的这笔费用。U.S. taxpayers initially would foot the bill for the wall, which is expected to cost as much as billion.这笔高达150亿美元的费用最初可能由美国纳税人来买单。It is unclear what retaliatory steps Mexico could take if the border tax is approved, because exports to the U.S. are essential to the Mexican economy.目前还不清楚如果边界税的措施被批准,墨西哥会采取什么样的报复行动,因为向美国出口是墨西哥经济的重要来源。Earlier Thursday, Mexican President Enrique Pe?a Nieto cancelled next weeks meeting with Trump in Washington after Trump said the talks should be called off if Mexico keeps insisting it will not pay for the wall.墨西哥总统涅托星期四早些时候取消了下星期与川普在华盛顿的会晤,因为川普说,如果墨西哥坚持不出钱修建边界墙,会谈就不必举行了。来 /201702/490292Relatives of victims of the Malaysian airliner shot down over Ukraine in July 2014 are suing Russia and President Vladimir Putin over their alleged involvement in the incident.2014月在乌克兰上空被击落的马来西亚航班死难者的亲属,正在以涉嫌参与这一事件的理由,向俄罗斯及其总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)发起诉讼。LHD, an Australian law firm, said on Monday it had filed a lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights seeking damages of m per passenger in relation to the downing of the jet in pro-Russian rebel-held territory, which killed all 298 passengers on board.澳大利亚律师事务所LHD周一表示,该所已向欧洲人权法院(European Court of Human Rights)提交诉讼,索取每位乘000万美元的赔偿。这些乘客与坠落在亲俄叛军所控制领土的航班有关,这一事件导致机上298名乘客全部遇难。“We have submitted almost 2,000 pages of documentary evidence which indicate that Russians were present, Russian heavy military equipment was present, it was photographed, witnessed, ed and geo-located to the area were the missile was fired from,said Jerry Skinner, special counsel with LHD.LHD特别诉讼律师杰里#8226;斯金Jerry Skinner)表示:“我们已提交了近2000页书面据。这些据表明俄罗斯人出现过,俄罗斯重型军事装备曾出现过,照片、目击人、视频和GPS定位都显示他们的位置在该枚导弹发出的地区。”Mr Skinner told Australian radio the lawsuit was filed on behalf of 33 next of kin of seven families from Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. He said the action was intended to be “a deterrent or punishment for undesirable conduct which he alleges was perpetrated by Russia and Mr Putin.斯金纳向澳大利亚广播电台表示,这一法律诉讼是代来自澳大利亚、新西兰和马来西亚的七个家庭3名亲属提交的。他说,此举意在“震慑或惩罚不良行为”。按照他的说法,这一不良行为是俄罗斯和普京犯下的。The shooting down of flight MH17 during a conflict between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed rebels prompted the UN to issue a resolution condemning the “tragic lossof lives and calling for an independent investigation. Two-thirds of the 298 victims on the flight between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur were Dutch, with the remainder coming from Australia, Malaysia and several other nations.在乌克兰军队与俄罗斯持的反政府军发生的一次冲突期间,MH17航班被击萀?这一事件促使联合国发出决议,谴责生命的“悲剧性丧失”并呼吁开展独立调查。在这一从阿姆斯特丹飞往吉隆坡的航班上,298名遇难者中有三分之二的人是荷兰人,其余人则来自澳大利亚、马来西亚和其他几个国家。The Dutch safety board concluded in a report last year that the aircraft was brought down by a Russian-made surface-to-air Buk missile but did not say who fired it.去年,荷兰安全委员会(Dutch Safety Board)在一份报告中认定,飞机是被一枚俄制地对空山毛榉导弹击落的,不过该机构并未表示是谁发射了这枚导弹。Ukraine and western experts have blamed Russian-backed rebels for firing the missile but this has been rejected by Russia, which has blamed Ukrainian forces.乌克兰和西方专家将导弹的发射归咎于俄罗斯持的反政府军,俄罗斯却否认了这种说法,并将其归咎于乌克兰政府军。Mr Skinner, who previously worked on compensation claims lodged by families against Libya following the Lockerbie disaster, said it was clear that without Mr Putin’s permission a Buk missile would never have crossed the border into Ukraine.斯金纳曾在洛克比空难后,受家属所托办理过针对利比亚的索赔案。他说,很明显,山毛榉导弹没有普京的允许是不会越境进入乌克兰的。“That doesn’t simply happen in Russia unless it is cleared all the way to the top,he said.他说:“除非从上到下一路绿灯,这种事在俄罗斯不会随随便便发生的。”A Russian spokesman said on Sunday the country did not yet have any information about the compensation claim.周日,一名俄罗斯发言人表示,对于索赔的任何情况俄罗斯还不知情。Last year Russia vetoed a UN resolution that sought to establish an independent tribunal for the purpose of prosecuting people responsible for downing MH17. An investigation by Dutch criminal prosecutors has yet to conclude.去年,俄罗斯曾否决一项联合国(UN)决议,该决议试图组建一个独立法庭,起诉击落MH17航班的责任人。而由荷兰刑事检察机构开展的一项调查仍未得出结论。Moscow’s refusal to back a UN investigation stands in contrast to its pursuit of those responsible for a terrorist attack on an Egyptian jet in October that killed 224 people, mainly Russian holidaymakers. Russia has offered m for information leading to the capture of those responsible.俄罗斯政府拒绝持联合国调查,与其对去年十月一架埃及航班上所发生恐怖袭击的责任人的追查形成了鲜明对比。该事件导致224人丧生,主要是度假的俄罗斯人。俄罗斯已悬000万美元,寻找任何能抓获责任人的情报。来 /201605/445612

Donald Trump and his economic team love manufacturing. That much is clear from Mr Trump’s speeches; from what his strategist Steve Bannon has said about his self-avowed economic nationalism; and from his trade adviser Peter Navarro’s attacks on Germany and stated goal to repatriate international supply chains.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)和他的经济团队对制造业情有独钟。关于这一点,从特朗普的发言中、从其战略师史蒂班农(Steve Bannon)围绕其自称的经济民族主义的说法中、以及从其贸易顾问彼纳瓦Peter Navarro)对德国的攻击和其宣示的将国际供应链迁回国内的目标中,都能看得十分清楚。There is a certain method in their factory worker machismo. As a matter of economic logic, a fetish for mercantilism exports are good, imports are bad goes hand in hand with one for manufacturing. The high productivity of manufacturing means a country with a large proportion of its workforce in factories needs to ship a lot of its output abroad: it will simply be producing too many goods for its own population to consume. Since it is harder to import services than goods, an industrial power will find it difficult to consume the full value of its excess production. Instead, it tends to become a financial creditor to the rest of the world, lending its customers the funds to buy its goods.在他们这种对工厂工人的大男子情结中,存在着某种逻辑。出于经济上的逻辑,重商主义(那种认为出口是好事、进口是坏事的观念)的拜物教和制造业拜物教是成对出现的。制造业的高产意味着工厂工人占劳动力很大比例的国家需要输出许多产品:它生产的商品数量超出本国人口消费能力。由于进口务比进口商品更难,一个工业大国会发现很难消费其过剩产出的全部价值。相反,该国往往会成为世界上其他国家的金融债权国,向客户出借资金,让对方买下该国的商品。On a global level, there is only so much demand for manufacturers, and therefore only so many manufacturing jobs to be had. Only in a few countries, therefore, can manufacturing be the preponderant economic activity. For the past two generations, there are three countries that have traditionally been goods producers to the world: Germany, Japan and China. It is no coincidence that these have been both industrial powerhouses and surplus economies.在全球层面,对制造业的需求只有这么多,所以制造业岗位也只能有这么多。因此,制造业只能在少数国家成为占优势的经济活动。过去两代人期间,只有三个国家成为传统意义上的世界工厂:德国、日本和中国。并非巧合的是,这三国既是工业强国,又是贸易顺差经济体。The economic nationalism of President Trump and Messrs Navarro and Bannon can be described as Germany-envy. In those manufacturing powers, they see countries that have fought to hold on to the good, manly jobs that validate the status of the native working class. Like so often with machismo, the envy is rooted in insecurity a feeling of inadequacy compared with the perceived strength sported by these economies. Since export surpluses cannot be enjoyed by all countries (unlike broader gains from trade), manufacturing fetishism leads logically to a zero-sum view of trade policy. It entails an attempt to displace the current surplus of manufacturing producers. Thus, in the context of a Germany-envying inferiority complex, the desire to repatriate global supply chains, limit imports and boost manufacturing makes sense.特朗普总统以及纳瓦罗和班农的经济民族主义可以被描述为对德国的嫉妒。在他们看来,这些制造业强国努力保住了那些待遇不错的、男子气概的工作岗位,从而捍卫了本土工人阶级的地位。正如大男子情结所经常伴随的,这种嫉妒的根源在于不安全感——与那些经济体貌似具有的实力攀比所带来的不足感。由于不是所有国家都能享有出口顺差(这一点不同于通过贸易来扩大受益面),因此制造业拜物教合乎逻辑地得出对于贸易政策的零和看法。它涉及一种与制造业国家争夺经常账户顺差的企图。因此,在嫉妒德国的自卑情结的大背景下,把全球供应链迁回国内、限制进口和提振制造业的想法是可以自圆其说的。But, outside the fetishistsfantasies, it will not produce the desired effect. First, manufacturing machismo itself is a handicap when it comes to grasping the opportunities for a thriving economy. By far the largest number of jobs to be created in the US over the next decade will be in services, in particular the caring professions.但是,在拜物者幻想的世界以外,它并不会产生想要的效果。首先,就抓住一个繁荣经济体的机遇而言,念念不忘制造业的大男子情结本身是一大障碍。今0年,美国创造的务业岗位数量(尤其是护理工作)将远超其他经济部门。Factory fetishists might retort that it is this development they want to oppose by resurrecting factory employment. But this runs headlong into a second obstacle. Regardless of trade, automation is reducing the need for manufacturing jobs everywhere. As the economist Brad DeLong pointed out in a recent essay, that is true in Germany, too, which has seen a fall in factory employment almost as sharp as in the US (the same holds for Japan). Yes, manufacturing employment may be higher in Germany, and factory fetishists can regret that the US did not fight harder to hold on to dwindling manufacturing employment. But doing so would do nothing to stop the overall decline. No advanced economy, whether the US or Germany, will ever return to the high manufacturing employment shares of the mid-1970s or earlier. Besides, many German workers have faced long wage stagnation. And all the big industrial economies have chosen to internationalise their supply chains. Things are not as different from the US as the Trumpteam imagine.工厂崇拜者们可能会反驳,他们想要复兴工厂就业,正是为了顶住这种发展趋势。但这样就会直接撞向第二个障碍。撇开贸易不谈,自动化正在减少各地的制造业岗位需求。正如经济学家布拉德?德朗(Brad DeLong)在最近的一篇论文中指出的,这一点也适用于德国,其工业就业的降幅几乎和美国一样剧烈(日本也是如此)。没错,德国的制造业就业比例或许高一些,而工厂崇拜者可以对这样一点表示遗憾:当初美国在保住不断减少的制造业就业方面不够努力。但即使努力了也无助于遏止制造业就业的整体下滑。无论是美国还是德国,没有哪个发达经济体会回到上世纪70年代中期或者更早时期的那种高比例的制造业就业。此外,很多德国工人已多年面临薪资停滞,同时所有大型工业经济体都选择将供应链国际化。这些经济体的情况不像特朗普团队所想的那样,与美国存在什么重大差异。It gets worse. If the factory fetishists are obsessed enough to throw themselves into a battle for a steadily shrinking type of employment, they may well find that their most obvious weapons are doubled-edged at best. Suppose the Trump administration forced through changes in the North American Free Trade Agreement so as to repatriate all parts of the car production process, the most salient of the supply chains Mr Navarro says he wants to bring back. The result will be to make US-produced cars more expensive. How is that going to help expand American car exports?还有更糟糕的问题。如果这些工厂崇拜者一意孤行,为了保护一类稳步萎缩的就业而不惜一战,他们很可能发现,自己手中最明显的武器往好了说也只是一把双刃剑。假设特朗普政府强行通过对《北美自由贸易协定NAFTA)的修改,从而把纳瓦罗希望迁回国内的供应链中最显著的汽车生产供应链迁回国内。结果将是使美国生产的汽车更昂贵。这怎么会帮助扩大美国汽车出口?Or suppose that a border tax, or some other protectionist device, is put in place and successfully cuts imports. This would reduce the living standards of many Americans who would pay more for their consumer goods. But would it at least reduce the trade deficit or even create a surplus? No: the most likely effect would be to cut exports, too.或者假设出台边境税,或者利用其他一些保护主义手段成功地削减进口。这将降低很多美国人的生活标准,因为他们需要为消费品花费更多的钱。不过,这能否至少降低贸易逆差,甚至创造贸易盈余?是否定的:最有可能的影响是出口也会减少。Supporters of a border tax argue that the downward pressure on imports will temper the sale of dollars, causing an appreciation that will rebalance trade. Others cite the “backhaul problem shipowners adjust prices to discourage one-way shipments that leave vessels empty on half of their routes. If protectionism means they have fewer imports to bring in, they will charge more to take exports out.边境税的持者主张,进口所受的下行压力会限制美元的卖出,从而导致美元升值,推动贸易再平衡。其他人则引述“回程问题”:船东会调整价格,以抑制船舶在回程期间空载的单程运输。如果保护主义意味着船东运送到美国的进口减少,他们将抬高把美国的出口运往海外的运费。Thus, protectionist policies are likely to shrink imports and exports, leaving the protected economy worse off than before and in no better position even by the misguided measures of the manufacturing fetishists themselves.因此,保护主义政策很可能同时减少进口和出口,让受到保护的经济的状况比之前更糟,即使采用制造业崇拜者自己的具有误导性的衡量标准,也不会处于一个更好的境地。Like all visions rooted in insecurity and envy, factory fetishism reflects a real problem. But pursuing it risks producing conflict, with little of the good effect the fetishists expect.就像所有植根于不安全感和嫉妒的愿景一样,工厂拜物教反映了一个切实的问题。但是与这个问题“死磕”有可能制造冲突,而不会带来工厂崇拜者期待的良好效果。来 /201702/492503

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