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重庆星宸整形美容医院打玻尿酸怎么样广安开眼角要多少钱《绝望主妇》原句:Maybe I could go to Canada. You know, until this statute of limitations is up.单词词组讲解This statute of limitations 法定时效发音讲解Statute of limitations is up最后翻译:或许我可以去加拿大。直到法定时效结束后。喜欢我的节目,也可以关注我的微信公众号:小紫美语 /201707/515426永川区中医医院收费怎样 Heart Disease: Treat or Prevent? One of the greatest killers in the Western world is heart disease. The death rate from the disease has been increasing at an alarming speed for the past thirty years. Today in Britain, for example, about four hundred people a day die of heart disease. Western health-care systems are spending huge sums of money on the surgical treatment of the disease.This emphasis on treatment is clearly associated with the technological advances that have taken place in the past ten to fifteen years. In this time, modern technology has enabled doctors to develop new surgical techniques and procedures. Many operations that were considered impossible a few years ago are now performed every day in U.S.hospitals. The result has been a rapid increase in heart surgery.Although there in no doubt that a large number of people benefit from heart surgery, critics of our health-care systems point out that the emphasis on the surgical treatment of the disease has three clear disadvantages. First, it attracts interest and financial resources away from the question of prevention. Second, it causes the costs of general hospital care to rise. After hospitals buy the expensive equipment that is necessary for modern heart surgery, they must try to recover the money they have spent. To do this, they raise costs for all their patients, not just those patients whose treatment requires the equipment. The third disadvantage is that doctors are encouraged to perform surgery - even on patients for whom an operation is not at all necessary - because the equipment and surgical expertise is available. A federal government office recently said that major heart surgery was often performed even though its chances of success were low. In one type of heart surgery, for example, only 15 percent of patients benefited form the surgery.In the recent past, medical researchers have begun to emphasize the fact that heart disease is associated with stress, smoking and a lack of exercise, and we can often reduce the risk of heart disease by paying more attention to these factors.More and more people are realizing that there is a connection between heart disease and the way they live. As a result of this new awareness, attitudes toward health are changing. In the past, people tended to think that it was sufficient for good health to have a good doctor who could be relied on to know exactly what to do when they became ill. Now they are realizing that merely receiving the best treatment for illness or injury is not enough. They are learning that they must take more responsibility for their own health. Today many people are changing their dietary habits and eating food with less fat and cholesterol. Many are paying more attention to reducing stress in their lives. The number of smokers in the ed States is now far below the level of twenty years ago as many people succeed in breaking the habit and as fewer people take it up. More and more people are aware of the benefits of regular exercise like walking, running, or swimming; some have begun to walk or ride bicycles to work instead of driving. Millions have become members of health clubs and have made health clubs one of the fastest growing businesses in the ed States today. And now the beneficial effects of these changing attitudes and behaviors are beginning to appear: an encouraging decrease in deaths from heart disease. 有了病才去治还是没病先预防? 心脏病是西方世界的最大杀手之一。在最近三十年以前,心脏病的死亡率正在以惊人的速度上升。例如,今天在英国每天大约有四百人死于心脏病。西方的各级卫生保健机构在心脏病的外科手术治疗方面正在耗费大笔的金钱。这种老是强调治疗的作法显然与最近十到十五年内技术的进步有很大关系。在这一段时期内,现代技术使医生们研制出了一些新的外科手术方法和程序。两三年前还认为是不可能做的很多手术,现在在美国的各大医院里每天都在做。其结果就使对心脏实行外科手术的病例迅猛地在增强。尽管有很多人从心脏外科手术中得到了好处,还是不容怀疑的;但是,对我们的医疗保健机构提出批评的人士都指出,强调用外科手术治疗心脏病的作法很明显有三大害处。第一,这种作法使得人们在兴趣和财力资源的分配上忽略了预防心脏病的问题。第二,这种做法导致了一般的医疗费用的上涨。各医院都购置了从事现代心脏外科手术所必须购置的昂贵设备之后,这些医院必须千方百计收回花费在这些设备上的购置费用,而不仅仅是提高了需要使用这些昂贵设备来加以诊治的患者们的费用。第三个害处就是鼓励医生去开刀--甚至对那些根本不需要动手术的病人也给开了刀--因为,要弄到一张专家同意手术的鉴定书、要使用这些设备都是唾手可得的。美国联邦政府办公厅最近宣布说即使成功的机率很低也还要经常对心脏动用外科大手术。例如,有一种外科手术,只须15%的患者在手术后病情有所好转。最近这几年医学研究人员们开始强调这样一个事实,即心脏病与人的精神紧张、吸烟成癖,缺乏锻炼有密切关系,如果多加注意这些因素我们通常都能降低患心脏病的机率。越来越多的人意识到人们的生活方式与心脏病之间有密切的关系。由于认识到了这一点,人们对待健康的态度正在转变。过去多数人都有这样一种看法:变为当人们生病以后,只要能有一位可以信赖的好医生,这位医生能确切地知道该怎么治,这对保障一个人的健康来说已经足够了。现在人们认识到伤病以后仅仅能得到最好的治疗是很不够的。人们已经知道了自己应当对自己的身体更加负起责任来。今天许多人正在改变饮食习惯,人们都吃低脂肪低胆固醇的食物。许多人更加注意减少生活中精神紧张的压力。美国现在吸烟的人数要比20年前少得多,因为有许多人成功地戒掉了这种恶习,还因为开始尝试吸烟滋味的人也越来越少。还有越来越多的人尝到了像走路、跑步、游泳之类的按时锻炼的甜头。有些人开始步行或骑自行车上班而不坐汽车。数百万人已经成了健身俱乐部的会员,这就使健身俱乐部成为今日美国发展最迅速的行业之一。现在人们对待健康的态度的转变,人们行动的转变所带来的好处已经开始显露出来了:因心脏病致死的病例下降了,这使人们得到很大的鼓舞。 Article/200802/27822a wet blanket使人扫兴的人A: What are you thinking about?A:你在想什么?B: About my boyfriend.B:想我的男朋友。A: Again!A: 又来了!B: You#39;re really a wet blanket.B:你真让人扫兴。 /201509/394302重庆星辰医院官方网站

重庆医科大学附属口腔医院激光祛痘多少钱昨天,国家旅游局公布了首批全国旅游经营务不良信息名单,共有17家企业和个人“榜上有名”。这是今年7月国家旅游局制定出台《旅游经营务不良信息管理办法(试行)》以来公布的首批名单查。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道BEIJING — China has named and shamed 10 travel agencies as the country attempts to create a sound environment for tourists, the National Tourism Administration (NTA) said Sunday.北京消息,中国国家旅游局周日表示,中国公布了10家不良旅行社,试图为游客创造良好的环境。【讲解】travel agencies是旅行社。公布信息显示,来自云南省、海南省和山东省的10家旅行社因违规(irregularities)受到旅游部门行政处罚,首批黑名单(blacklist)的公示期限均为两年(effective for two years)。其中,5家旅行社被吊销(revoke)旅行社业务经营许可;另外,云南、海南、山东、湖南的7名导游(tourist guides)同样受到行政处罚(administrative penalty)。根据《旅游经营务不良信息管理办法(试行)》规定,“上榜”企业和人员(blacklisted companies and individuals)的行为将受到旅游部门的严密监管(be closely watched)。中国是世界上最大的旅游市场(tourism markets)之一。在刚刚结束的十一黄金周(golden week)期间,中国中国旅游市场共接待游客(tourists)5.26亿人次。但是,近几年,游客对旅游公司(tour company)违规行为的投诉案件也日益增加,其中大部分投诉涉及强制购物(mandatory shopping excursions)。 /201510/404353重庆市人民医院抽脂多少钱 The western American city of San Francisco, California suffered a huge earthquake on April eighteenth, nineteen-oh-six. More than three thousand people are known to have died. The true number of dead will never be known. Two hundred fifty thousand people lost their homes. Just a few hours after the terrible earthquake, a magazine named Collier’s sent a telegraph message to the famous American writer Jack London. They asked Mister London to go to San Francisco and report about what he saw. He arrived in the city only a few hours after the earthquake. The report he wrote is called, “THE STORY OF AN EYEWITNESS.” Here is Doug Johnson with the story. (MUSIC)STORYTELLER: Not in history has a modern city been so completely destroyed. San Francisco is gone. Nothing remains of it but memories and a few homes that were near the edge of the city. Its industrial area is gone. Its business area is gone. Its social and living areas are gone. The factories, great stores and newspaper buildings, the hotels and the huge homes of the very rich, are all gone. Within minutes of the earthquake the fires began. Within an hour a huge tower of smoke caused by the fires could be seen a hundred miles away. And for three days and nights this huge fire moved in the sky, reddening the sun, darkening the day and filling the land with smoke.There was no opposing the flames. There was no organization, no communication. The earthquake had smashed all of the modern inventions of a twentieth century city. The streets were broken and filled with pieces of fallen walls. The telephone and telegraph systems were broken. And the great water pipes had burst. All inventions and safety plans of man had been destroyed by thirty seconds of movement by the earth.By Wednesday afternoon, only twelve hours after the earthquake, half the heart of the city was gone. I watched the huge fire. It was very calm. There was no wind. Yet from every side, wind was pouring in upon the city. East, west, north and south, strong winds were blowing upon the dying city.The heated air made a huge wind that pulled air into the fire, rising into the atmosphere. Day and night the calm continued, and yet, near the flames, the wind was often as strong as a storm.(MUSIC)ANNOUNCER: There was no water to fight the fire. Fire fighters decided to use explosives to destroy buildings in its path. They hoped this would create a block to slow or stop the fire. Building after building was destroyed. And still the great fires continued. Jack London told how people tried to save some of their possessions from the fire.(MUSIC)STORYTELLER: Wednesday night the whole city crashed and roared into ruin, yet the city was quiet. There were no crowds. There was no shouting and yelling. There was no disorder. I passed Wednesday night in the path of the fire and in all those terrible hours I saw not one woman who cried, not one man who was excited, not one person who caused trouble. Article/200801/23650重庆妇幼保健院专治

重庆祛斑哪家医院好《老外看东西》脱口秀 第88期:屁大点事会出大事? /201612/483871 一对夫妇出去吃饭庆祝他们的五十周年结婚纪念。在回家的路上,她注意到他的眼里含着泪水,于是问他是否在感伤他们庆祝五十年在一起的美好时光。他回答说:“不,我在想我们结婚前的时光。你的爸爸用威胁我,说如果我不娶你,他会把我送进监狱蹲五十年。” Article/200802/26503重庆哪家医院祛痣效果好重庆西南医院做整形手术好吗




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