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India#39;s capital, laboring under the label of being the world#39;s most polluted city, is trying something new to help clean up its air.深受“世界上污染最严重的城市”这一头衔困扰的印度首都新德里,最近出台新举措净化空气质量。A smartphone application that allows residents to report the presence of construction dust or the burning of leaves and garbage in New Delhi#39;s public parks to authorities was launched Friday.该市于10月21日推出一款智能手机应用,鼓励居民通过此软件向政府机构举报施工扬尘和公园中的树叶垃圾焚烧等污染现象。The ;Hawa Badlo,; or ;Change the Air,; app has two versions. One allows people to take pictures of likely pollutants. The other allows authorities to investigate and act on valid complaints.这款名为“改善空气质量”的应用分两种版本。一种版本为民众版本,可上传污染物图片;另一种版本为官方版本,用来开展调查并处理正当投诉。Over the last few years, New Delhi has struggled with ways to handle the pollution, which becomes especially obvious during the colder winter months as the city#39;s air turns to a gray haze.过去几年中,新德里为应对空气污染采取了多种措施,尤其当较冷的冬季月份来临,整个城市被灰色雾霾所笼罩时,当地政府更是费尽心思。The newest measure, the phone app, was launched by the Environmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority, a monitoring group set up on the order of India#39;s Supreme Court in April.新推出的这款手机应用由环境污染(预防与控制)推出,印度最高法院于今年四月份下令成立此监督机构。Over the last two years, the government has tried a slew of measures to control the air pollution, including stricter emission norms for cars and a tax on diesel-fueled trucks that enter the city.新德里政府在过去两年里采取了大量措施控制空气污染,包括出台更严格的汽车尾气排放标准,对进入城市的柴油卡车征税等。New Delhi also has attempted to limit the number of cars during the winter months, when the air quality is at its worst. Twice the city had a two-week period in which cars were allowed on the roads only on even or odd days, depending on the vehicle#39;s license plate number.新德里也曾试着在空气质量最差的冬季限制出行的车辆数量。曾两次实行为期两周的车牌尾号单双号限行政策。 /201610/474209North Korea says it is closing one of the last lines of communication with the ed States in retaliation for Washington placing sanctions on leader Kim Jong Un for human rights abuses.朝鲜表示,要终止跟美国仅存的联络方式,作为对美国因践踏人权而制裁朝鲜领导人金正恩的报复。Pyongyang said Monday it has told the U.S. the North is effectively ending all diplomatic communications with Washington that have been conducted through the U.N. offices in New York.平壤星期一说,他们已知会美方,朝鲜正式中断通过驻联合国办公室跟美国的任何联系。Last week, the U.S. placed personal sanctions on Kim and several other North Korean officials, in addition to sanctions aly in place on the country for Pyongyang#39;s nuclear weapons program.美国上星期对金正恩和另外一些朝鲜官员实施个人制裁。此前,朝鲜因其核武器项目已经受到了制裁。Earlier Monday, North Korea threatened to take ;physical action; after the U.S. and Seoul announced plans for deployment of a sophisticated missile defense system in South Korea.星期一早些时候,朝鲜威胁要采取行动,因为美国和韩国此前宣布要在韩国部署先进的导弹防御系统。Pyongyang made the threat several days after Washington and Seoul revealed plans to use the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system - THAAD - on the Korean peninsula following a series of ballistic missile and nuclear tests by Pyongyang. The location and timing of the deployment have not been announced.朝鲜做出这一威胁的几天前,美国和韩国宣布,针对平壤进行的一系列弹道导弹试射和核试验,计划在朝鲜半岛部署反导弹“萨德”系统,部署的具体地点和时间尚未宣布。 /201607/453818

Steelmaking ingredient iron ore surged further on Thursday, rising to its highest level in 15 months and securing its position as the best performing major commodity of 2016. 周四,炼钢原料铁矿石的价格继续飙升,涨至15个月高位,坐稳了2016年表现最佳的主要大宗商品的位子。 Caught between slowing demand from China and relentless supply growth, iron ore was expected to endure another tough year. Instead, it has risen 60 per cent, outpacing gold and oil, due to rising Chinese steel prices and supply cuts. 在中国需求放缓及供应持续增长的夹击下,人们原本预计铁矿石会经历又一个艰难的年份,但事实上它的价格却上涨了60%,超过了黄金和石油的涨幅,背后的原因是中国钢材价格上涨和减产。 If sustained, the rebound in prices could add billions of dollars to the bottom line of the world’s largest mining companies. Iron ore is key source of profits for companies such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Brazil’s Vale. 如果这股趋势保持下去,铁矿石价格反弹可能会为全球大型矿企带来数十亿美元额外的利润。对必和必拓(BHP Billiton)、力拓(Rio Tinto)和巴西淡水河谷(Vale)等公司来说,铁矿石是关键的利润来源。 On Thursday, benchmark Australian ore for delivery to China rose .40, or 6.8 per cent, to .70 a tonne, according to a price assessment by the Steel Index. 钢铁指数公司(The Steel Index)的价格评估显示,对华即时交割的基准澳大利亚铁矿石周四上涨4.40美元,至每吨68.70美元,涨幅达到6.8%。 The move came as Chinese steel prices enjoyed another big day of gains, rising nearly 9 per cent to their highest level since September 2014. 铁矿石价格上涨的同时,中国钢材价格也经历了又一日的大涨——涨幅近9%——触及2014年9月以来最高的价位。 Increased availability of credit, restocking ahead of the summer construction period and tighter supplies following a string of closures last year are said to be behind the increase in steel Chinese prices. 据悉,中国钢材价格上涨背后的原因包括:信贷供应量增加,建筑商在夏季施工旺季前补充库存,以及去年关闭一批钢厂后钢材供应趋紧。 At the same time, BHP, Rio and Vale have all trimmed their production guidance, helping to tighten a market that has been struggling with a supply glut. 与此同时,必和必拓、力拓和淡水河谷全都下调了产量指引,这有助于让近来一直疲于应付供应过剩的市场“瘦身”。 However, most analysts and even some producers believe the rally has gone too far, too fast and are expecting prices to pull back. 但多数分析师乃至部分生产商都认为此次反弹幅度太大、速度太快,他们预计价格将会回落。 Speaking to reporters on Thursday the head of BHP Billiton in Australia said he did not expect the rise in prices to hold for more than a few months because more supply is set to hit the market. 必和必拓澳大利亚矿产业务负责人迈克#8226;亨利(Mike Henry)周四对记者们说,他预计铁矿石价格的涨势维持不了几个月,因为更多的供应将给市场造成冲击。 “As you see more low-cost volume come to market, here in Australia as well as elsewhere, you would expect that prices would not be sustained at these high levels,” said Mike Henry, BHP’s head of operations for Australian minerals. 他表示:“当你看到更多的低成本铁矿石进入市场——无论是在澳大利亚还是在别的地方——你就会预见到铁矿石价格无法维持在这么高的水平上。” Equally the 50 per cent rise in Chinese steel prices — steel reinforcement bars that are widely used in construction are currently trading at 0 a tonne — is also seen as unsustainable. 同样,中国钢材价格的涨势(已上涨了50%)也被认为是无法持续的。建筑施工中广泛使用的螺纹钢的交易价格目前为每吨430美元。 In its monthly report, the China Iron Ore and Steel Association said the rally could not last because of rising production, which is estimated to have hit 70m tonnes in March, or 834m tonnes on an annualised basis. 中国钢铁工业协会(China Iron and Steel Association)在其月度报告中表示,由于产量增长,钢材价格的反弹势头无法持续。3月份中国钢材产量估计已达7000万吨,相当于年产量8.34亿吨。 /201604/438966

  One of the startling features of Anglo-American capitalism is that corporate investment remains so low when profits are so high. 英美资本主义当前的一个显著特征是在利润如此之高之际企业投资却保持低位。This lack of investment seems all the more puzzling given that money is cheap, infrastructure needs are glaring, fast-growing consumer markets are opening up all over the developing world, and smart technologies are making it possible to imagine and create new business models.鉴于资金低廉、基础设施需求显而易见、快速增长的消费市场正在发展中世界一个接一个涌现、智能科技让想象和创建新的商业模式成为可能,这种投资匮乏显得格外令人困惑。What is going on?怎么会这样?The most obvious answer is that corporate bosses are still traumatised by the financial crash of 2008 and remain highly risk averse. 最显而易见的是公司老板在2008年金融危机期间受到的创伤仍未痊愈,避险情绪强烈。It is easier to cling to what you have than to bet on something new. 相对于押注新的业务,守成是更容易的选择。Just ask Eli Lilly, the US pharmaceutical company that spent billions of dollars developing an Alzheimer’s drug that has sadly failed its clinical trials.问问美国制药公司礼来(Eli Lilly)吧,该公司曾斥资数十亿美元开发一种治疗阿尔茨海默病的药物,遗憾的是该药未能通过临床测试。A more sophisticated argument runs that there is too little new technology to spark investment. 一种更有水平的观点认为,激发投资的新科技太少。The great discoveries of the past 150 years, such as electricity, flight and the combustion engine, encouraged widesp investment as industries and infrastructures were built. 过去150年的伟大发现(例如电力、飞行和内燃机)鼓励了广泛投资,以打造新的产业和基础设施。But all the low-hanging technological fruit has been eaten.但这些易于摘取的技术成果都已被摘取。Others, though, argue the exact opposite: the latest cornucopia of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, threatens to destroy many existing businesses and is deterring investment. 然而,还有一些人的观点恰恰相反:最新一代的科技(例如人工智能和机器人)对很多现有业务构成生存威胁,因而在阻碍投资。A fatalism seems to have descended on many corporate boards: why invest when you have no idea whether an insurgent company will emerge from left field to eat your lunch?很多公司董事会似乎已经听天由命:如果你不知道会不会有一家天不怕地不怕的公司突然出现抢走你的午餐,为什么要投资呢?According to a survey by Fujitsu of almost 1,200 senior executives around the world, 52 per cent think their business will not exist in its current form in five years’ time. 根据富士通(Fujitsu)针对全球近1200名高管的一项调查,52%的受访者认为他们的业务在5年后将不会以现有形式存在。Innovation is viewed as a young company’s game.创新被视为年轻公司的游戏。But there is mounting evidence to suggest that the investment drought has also been caused by excessive short-termism and misaligned financial incentives , as many economists have long argued. 然而,越来越多的据似乎表明,就像许多经济学家一直辩称的那样,投资匮乏的原因也包括极度短视以及错位的金钱激励。Why should a chief executive, whose median tenure is less than five years, invest for the long term when they can juice up profits by slashing costs?对于一个任期中值不到5年的首席执行官,与其进行长线投资,何不通过削减成本提高利润?In a forthcoming paper in the Review of Financial Economics, Alex Edmans of London Business School and Vivian Fang of Carlson School of Management present telling evidence showing how chief executives chop research spending just ahead of stock vesting deadlines to drive up the share price.在《金融经济学》(Review of Financial Economics)即将发表的一篇论文中,伦敦商学院(LBS)的阿列克谢.埃德曼斯(Alex Edmans)和卡尔森商学院(Carlson School of Management)的维维安.方(Vivian Fang)提出了有力据表明,首席执行官会在股票行权截止期限前削减研究出,以推升股价。Having studied the record of 1,758 US companies, they conclude that reductions in investment are myopic.在研究过1758家美国公司的记录后,他们得出结论称,减少投资是短视行为。Investment is not an end in itself and should not be made willy nilly, Professor Edmans says. 埃德曼斯教授表示,投资本身并非目的,不应该以犹豫不决的心态作出。After all, the function of stock markets is often to recycle money from mature, cash-rich companies into faster-growing start-ups.毕竟,股市的功能往往是把资金从现金充裕的成熟公司导向增长更快的初创企业。But shareholders could certainly push managers to explore more fruitful long-term investment by extending the duration of stock vesting periods from a standard three years to seven or more. 但股东肯定可以通过将股票行权期从一般的3年延长到7年或更长,来鼓励管理者探索更有成效的长期投资。Rather than obsessing about absolute pay levels, shareholders should focus on the period over which incentives are paid. 股东不应纠结于绝对的薪资水平,而是应关注于付激励的时间跨度。It is not the quantum that matters but the horizon, Prof Edmans says.埃德曼斯教授表示:重要的不是数字,而是时间长度。There may also be a case, he says, for appointing younger CEOs who will live with the consequences of their investment decisions and care more about their reputations over the longer term.他表示,任命较年轻首席执行官也可能是有理由的,他们将面对投资决定的后果,并更多地关注于自己的较长期声誉。Some other economists, though, suggest that far more radical steps are needed to reap the full benefits of the latest technological innovations.然而,还有一些经济学家提出,需要采取更加到位的措施来收获最新科技创新的所有成果。Carlota Perez, a professor at the London School of Economics, argues that an effective way of spurring more investment would be to rewrite our completely wacky tax regimes, which penalise goods rather than bads.伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)教授卡洛塔.佩雷斯(Carlota Perez)认为,促进更多投资的有效方式是改革我们完全古怪的税收制度,目前它惩罚的是好行为而非坏行为。Why do we tax salaries so heavily when we consider employment to be a good thing? Why not shift the burden to energy, materials and transport to stimulate the greening of the economy? Why not tilt the playing field towards longer-term investment by taxing short-term capital gains at punitive rates while cutting them for those made over five years?如果我们认为就业是件好事的话,我们为什么要对薪资课以重税呢?为什么不把税务负担转移到能源、原材料和运输来刺激环保经济呢?为什么不通过对短期资本利得征收重税、同时降低5年期资本利得的税赋,让市场倾向于较长期投资呢?Few governments are likely to be so bold, given how beholden they are to corporate lobbying. 鉴于政府受制于企业游说,几乎没有政府可能会这么大胆。They appear way too susceptible to companies promising to invest more if only corporation tax was cut further and more research grants were forthcoming. 一些公司承诺只有在公司税赋进一步下调并获得更多研究补助时才会扩大投资,政府似乎太容易受到这些公司的影响了。But the benefits of such corporate welfare are to be doubted.但这些公司福利的好处应受到质疑。Maybe it is time to turn recent logic on its head. 或许是时候颠覆近年的逻辑了。If the private sector remains so reluctant to invest then governments should consider taxing companies more heavily and invest directly themselves.如果私营部门仍不愿投资,那么政府应考虑对公司调高税赋,然后自己直接投资。 /201612/484520

  The universal two-child policy ;should not be the end of the family-planning policy adjustment;, and further relaxation is expected to ease the population challenges China is facing, according to experts.有关专家近日声称,全面二孩政策“不应该成为生育政策调整的终点”,要缓解我国面临的人口挑战,政策还需进一步放宽。;A dwindling workforce population and an aging population are inevitable in China, and a further adjustment of the family-planning policy is needed, based on consistent monitoring of births,; according to the Green Book of Population and Labor 2016, which was released by the Population and Labor Economics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences last Wednesday.中国社科院人口与劳动经济研究所上周三发布的《2016人口与劳动绿皮书》指出:“我国劳动力人口数量萎缩和人口老龄化问题不可避免,需要持续监测生育行为,进一步调整生育政策。”The latest family-planning policy, which allows all couples to have two children, will not result in a big population increase, due to reasons such as a reduced willingness to give birth and the increased ages of eligible women, said Zhang Chewei, director of the institute and an author of the book.中国社科院人口与劳动经济研究所所长、该书作者张车伟称,由于符合政策的妇女生育意愿降低、年龄上升等原因,近年出台的全面二孩政策并不会带来人口数量的大幅增加。As a result, the universal two-child policy will not effectively ease the social and economic challenges China is facing, such as a reduced workforce and a population that is rapidly aging, he said.他表示,结果就是全面二孩政策不能有效地缓解我国面临的如劳动力人口萎缩和人口迅速老龄化等社会和经济方面的挑战。;Judging from the experiences of some other countries, with people continuously delaying marriage and pregnancy, it is possible that Chinese people#39;s willingness to give birth will continue to decrease,; Zhang said.张车伟说道:“从其他国家以往的经验来看,随着人们婚姻和怀的不断推迟,中国人生育意愿有可能仍将继续降低。”;China may need to further relax its family-planning policy in the future, and it may even abolish restrictions on birth.;“我国可能在未来需要进一步放宽计划生育政策,甚至可能取消关于生育的诸多限制。” /201612/482740。

  The authorities in Shanghai are planning to take steps to clamp down on children under 12 using ride-share bicycles.上海市正计划采取措施,严禁12岁以下孩子骑行共享单车。The move has been prompted by the rising number of traffic accidents involving children trying out the ride-share bikes out of curiosity in the city.此举的推出是因为该市涉及孩子因好奇试骑共享单车的交通事故数量增加。Last year in Shanghai, there were 245 traffic accidents involving children under 12 riding non-motor vehicles, 1 person was killed and 85 others were injured, according to statistics provided by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.上海市教委提供的数据显示,2016年上海涉及不满12岁孩子骑行非机动车的交通事故共发生245起,造成1人死亡、85人受伤。The traffic safety law in China stipulates that a person must be 12 years or older to ride a bicycle or tricycle on public roads.中国的交通安全法规定,儿童必须年满12岁或以上,方可在公路上骑自行车或三轮车。After meeting with education and public security authorities in Shanghai, the ride-share firms have pledged to update their registration procedures, post warnings on the bicycles for children, and also avoid siting bicycles near schools or the Children#39;s Palace.被上海市教育部门和公安部门约谈后,共享单车企业承诺将改进注册办法、在单车上张贴儿童骑行相关警示,并避免在学校和少年宫附近投放单车。Meanwhile, the transport authority in Shanghai has said it intends to increase street patrols and tighten up parking restrictions for ride-share bicycles through big-data analysis.同时,上海市交通管理部门表示,将增加街头巡查并利用大数据分析结果加强共享单车停放管理。Teachers and parents have also been urged to educate the children about road safety.此外,老师和家长也被敦促就道路安全教育儿童。 /201702/493973

  Chinese parents are being refused vaccines for their children as shortages force doctors to ration supplies, amid government attempts to cut out private middlemen following a vaccine safety scandal this year.中国的父母带孩子打疫苗正在遭到拒绝,因为疫苗短缺迫使医生限量供应。今年曝出疫苗安全丑闻后,中国政府试图取缔私人中间商。Parents have resorted to travelling from clinic to clinic in search of vaccines, with some turned away until September when a new distribution system is expected to come online.父母们不得不一家接一家接种机构地寻找疫苗,有些人只能等到9月,届时新的配发制度有望出台。“I was angry but couldn’t do anything other than wait,” said Tang Zhiming, who was turned away from several clinics in the southern city of Guangzhou when he tried to get shots for his three-year-old.唐志明(音译)表示:“我感到愤怒,但除了等待之外别无他法。”他在广州尝试为3岁的孩子接种疫苗时遭到数家接种机构拒绝。The supply shortage is “temporary” and caused by “work integration issues”, the China Food and Drug Administration said this month, adding that “national production can meet market demand”.中国国家食品药品监督管理总局本月表示,供应短缺是“暂时性的”,是“工作衔接”造成的,并表示“我国疫苗生产能力可满足市场需求”。Distribution is now among the main challenges for the vaccine programme, after the abrupt removal of middlemen. This month Beijing kicked off tenders that normally take place in the winter but were delayed by the uncertainties of the new system.在突然取缔中间商之后,疫苗现在面临的主要挑战之一是配发问题。中国政府本月启动了疫苗招标工作。招标通常在冬季进行,但由于新制度的不确定性而延迟。In March Chinese media revealed that police in eastern Shandong province had last year cracked a ring of private wholesalers who had sold m in expired or spoiled vaccines to local centres for disease control throughout China.今年3月,中国媒体披露,山东警方去年破获了一系列私人疫苗批发商非法经营案。这些批发商向各地疾控中心销售了8800万美元的过期或变质疫苗。In response, Beijing mandated producers to sell directly to local CDCs. But delays and uncertainties in implementing its new system have caused supply to local clinics to dry up. The shortages have mostly hit “Class II” vaccines which — unlike state-mandated Class I vaccines — are optional and paid out of pocket and were a main source of revenue for the CDCs.中国政府因此要求生产厂家直接向地方疾控中心销售疫苗。但执行新制度的延迟和不确定性导致地方疾控中心供应枯竭。短缺的主要是“二类”疫苗。与政府强制要求接种的“一类”疫苗不同,“二类”疫苗是自愿选择接种、并且是自费的,是疾控中心的主要收入来源。The policy scrapping “flexible” vaccine sales and distribution channels in favour of new CDC procurement platforms was “a little bit too hasty”, said Shanghai-based vaccine expert Tao Lina. “This type of transition should not happen overnight, it should be a long process.”上海疫苗专家陶丽娜(音译)表示,为了新的疾控中心采购平台,而出台取缔“灵活的”疫苗销售和配送渠道的政策“有些过于仓促”,“这种转变不应一夜之间发生,它应该是一个长期的过程”。The crackdown on the Shandong-based ring was kept quiet for almost a year, for fear it would erode confidence in Chinese vaccines among the Chinese public and foreign export markets.由于担心破坏中国公众和外国出口市场对中国疫苗的信心,山东疫苗案破获近一年后才公诸于众。Pharmaceutical industry officials told the Financial Times this month they had been aware of the scandal before Chinese media reported it. Nonetheless, health authorities only attempted to trace potential victims after the reports.制药行业官员本月告诉英国《金融时报》,他们在中国媒体报道之前就已知晓这桩丑闻。然而,卫生主管部门在媒体报道之后才开始努力找到潜在的受害者。High levels of vaccination in Chinese children will probably protect against serious disease outbreaks while the government sorts out the new distribution system, said Dr Lawrence Rodewald, the World Health Organisation’s vaccine specialist in Beijing.世界卫生组织(WHO)驻北京疫苗专家劳伦斯#8226;罗德瓦尔德士(Dr Lawrence Rodewald)表示,在中国政府梳理新的配发制度期间,中国孩子的高接种率或能预防严重的疾病爆发。Vaccine producers and public health officials complain of red tape and marketing networks that are not set up to cope with 2,900 county-level CDCs. “Gaps” have appeared in the supply chain — in which vaccines must be kept in a narrow temperature range — when producers have to ship directly to small CDC facilities. The new policy requires vaccine tenders to be conducted via provincial procurement platforms, which have been set up by only a few provinces.疫苗生产商和公共卫生官员抱怨存在各种繁琐的手续,以及没有建立起应对2900家县级疾控中心的营销网络。当生产商不得不直接向小型疾控中心配送疫苗时,供应链出现“缺口”——疫苗保存有严格的温度范围。新政策要求二类疫苗必须通过省级采购平台招标,而现在只有少数省份建立起招标采购平台。“Provincial CDCs told us that they don’t have the procurement platforms in place, they haven’t updated their systems and, most importantly, they haven’t fully digested or understood the new policy,” said Ms Ding, an executive at a vaccine producer in south-west China, who asked to be identified only by her surname. “They couldn’t start the tender process and as a result we couldn’t sell vaccines to them.”中国西南一家疫苗生产商的丁姓高管表示:“省疾控中心告诉我们,他们还没有建立起采购平台,还没有升级系统,而且最重要的是,他们没有完全消化或理解新政。”这位只肯透露姓氏的高管表示:“他们无法启动招标流程,结果是我们无法向他们销售疫苗”。Contributing to the shortage is the removal of Class II vaccines as a source of revenue for the local CDCs, which makes them less willing to hold stocks. The drop in orders caused some producers to scale down output, according to people in the pharmaceutical industry.二类疫苗短缺的部分原因还在于它们不再是地方疾控中心的收入来源,这让后者不太愿意保持库存。制药业人士表示,订单下降导致一些生产商削减了产量。 /201607/456419

  China is threatening to fine a US automaker for monopolistic behaviour in what some analysts are calling a warning by Beijing in response to heightened tension with the incoming US administration of president-elect Donald Trump.中国威胁要处罚一家美国汽车制造商的垄断行为,一些分析师称,此举是北京方面发出的一个警告,矛头指向给双边关系带来紧张的美国当选总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)及其领导的新一届行政当局。Zhang Handong, director of Beijing’s powerful regulator the National Development and Reform Commission’s price supervision bureau, declined yesterday in an interview to name the company.掌握实权的中国监管机构——国家发展和改革委员会(NDRC)的价格监督检查与反垄断局局长张汉东昨日在接受采访时拒绝说明是哪一家公司。However, he told the state-run China Daily newspaper said investigators had found that the carmaker had given instructions to its distributors to fix prices as far back as 2014.然而,他告诉官方的《中国日报》,调查人员发现这家汽车制造商早在2014年就指示经销商固定价格。Analysts speculated the timing of the interview may have something to do with Mr Trump’s support for Taiwan.分析人士猜测,这一采访的时机可能与特朗普持台湾有某种关联。The government chose this timing because this is a transitional period for US-China relations, said Zhong Shi, an independent automotive analyst in Beijing. 政府选择了这个时机,因为现在是美中关系的一个过渡期,北京的独立汽车分析师钟师表示。By targeting the US automakers from among all the companies out there, China is taking pre-emptive action to show that Beijing is capable of taking control of trade.在那么多公司中挑出美国公司作为执法对象,说明中国正在采取先发制人的行动,表明北京方面有能力控制贸易。However, Mr Zhang said: No one should anything improper into the timing of penalty decisions or businesses that are targeted, and emphasised that both Chinese and foreign businesses were being held to account for anti-competitive behaviour.然而,张汉东称,任何人都不应该对处罚时机或对象有错误解读,并强调说,中外企业的反竞争行为都会受到追究。Mr Trump a fortnight ago broke nearly 40 years of protocol when he accepted a congratulatory telephone call from Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing-wen — a move that irked Beijing, which regards Taiwan as an inalienable part of China.两周前,特朗普打破近40年的外交惯例,接听了台湾领导人蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)的道贺电话,此举引起北京方面不快,后者认为台湾是中国不可分割的一部分。Last weekend, Mr Trump went a step further and questioned the One China policy, under which the US withdrew diplomatic recognition of Taiwan in 1979 in favour of Beijing. 上周末,特朗普更进一步,质疑一个中国政策,美国正是按照这项政策在1979年撤销对台湾的外交承认,转而承认北京方面。China hit back, saying the policy was the bedrock of relations between the two countries.中国作出回击,称该政策是两国关系的基石。An editorial in the same paper on Tuesday urged Mr Trump to consider the importance of close economic ties between China and the US, rather than trying to gain an upper hand in what is essentially a win-win relationship.《中国日报》周二在一篇社评中敦促特朗普考虑中美之间密切经济关系的重要性,而不是试图在本质上双赢的关系中占上风。History proves that what is good for Sino-US relations is good for their economies, it said, adding that Chinese customers bought more than a third of the almost 10m vehicles General Motors sold worldwide last year.该报称,历史明,对中美关系有利的,对两国的经济也有利,并补充称,中国顾客购买了通用汽车(General Motors)去年在全球销售的近1000万辆汽车的三分之一以上。Janet Lewis of Macquarie Securities, speculated that the target could be either Ford or GM, both of which are major automobile sellers to China.麦格理券(Macquarie Securities)的珍妮特.刘易斯(Janet Lewis)推测,发改委的处罚对象可能是福特(Ford)或通用,两家都是中国汽车市场的大型卖家。However, both have been aggressively discounting their sales recently, which does not support suggestion of monopolistic behaviour.然而,这两家公司近来都在销售中积极提供折扣,这与垄断行为的说法不符。 /201612/483999For generations of gays and lesbians, especially those for whom walking into the sometime secret and darkened doorway of one was often the first step in the coming-out process, gay bars have long held a significant place in their personal histories.对于好几代的同性恋来说,同性恋酒吧一直在他们的个人生活经历中占据重要地位——对有些人来说,走进有时隐蔽阴暗的酒吧出入口是出柜过程的第一步。That was never more apparent than in the days following the mass shootings at Pulse, the gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla., in which 49 patrons lost their lives, and which prompted many to recall the nights they had spent in similar settings, and the sense of community they found there.在佛罗里达州奥兰多同性恋夜店Pulse发生大规模击案之后,这显得尤为明显。49名客人在那起击案中丧生。很多人开始回忆他们在类似的同志场所度过的夜晚,以及他们在那里找到的归属感。“I can’t tell you how many bars and clubs I’ve been to over the years,” the CNN newsman Anderson Cooper told The New York Times last week. “Every gay man in America remembers the first time they went to a gay bar and how they felt.”“我数不清这些年共去过多少酒吧和夜店,”CNN的新闻主持安德森·库珀(Anderson Cooper)上周对《纽约时报》说,“美国的每一位同性恋都记得自己第一次去同性恋酒吧的情形和当时的感受。”“I don’t want to sound like I’m speaking for the gay community,” said Mr. Cooper, who publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation in 2012. “But it certainly resonates very deeply for me.”“我不想让自己听起来像是在代表同性恋群体说话,”库珀说。2012年,他公开承认自己的性取向。“但它无疑引起了我的深刻共鸣。”Below, some other prominent gays and lesbians recall what gay bars meant to them as they began to embrace their sexuality, some eagerly and some nervously.在下文中,其他一些著名的同性恋人士回忆起在他们开始接受自己的性取向时,同性恋酒吧对他们的意义——有些是充满渴望,有些是感到紧张。Jane Lynch简·林奇(Jane Lynch)Actress女演员The first gay bar I ever went to was the Cubbyhole when it was on Hudson Street in the West Village. It would have been around 1984, which made me 23-ish and I was fresh out of graduate school. I looked very straight and very Midwestern cornfed. I walked around the block before I got the nerve to go in because the lady bouncers looked so fearsome and eyed me suspiciously.我去的第一个同性恋酒吧是Cubbyhole,当时它在西村的哈得孙街上。好像是在1984年,我大概23岁左右,研究生刚毕业。当时我看起来一点儿都不像同性恋,带着美国中西部的朴实感。我在那个街区转悠了一会儿,才鼓起勇气走了进去,因为那里的女保安看起来很吓人,用怀疑的眼光打量我。When I finally tried to walk in, the door lady stopped me and asked: “Do you know where you are? This is a lesbian bar.”最后我想走进去时,看门的女士拦住我问道:“你知道这是什么地方吗?这儿是女同性恋酒吧。”“Yeah, I know,” I said nonchalantly, as if I’d been walking into dyke bars since the beginning of time.“是的,我知道,”我故作镇静地说,就好像我经常去女同酒吧似的。Rosie O’Donnell罗茜·奥唐奈(Rosie O’Donnell)Actress and comedian女演员、喜剧演员It was 1980, maybe 1981. I was — 19, living at my dad’s home in Commak, Long Island. My neighbor was housing a relative from England for the summer. We were both gay newbies. There was only one gay club that we knew of. I think it was called Thunders. In French the word for lightning is éclair. How I remembered that from ninth grade French? No idea. I asked my dad if I could use the car to go out. “Where to?” he asked (at 10 p.m. on a Friday night). “The bakery,” I said, “to get éclairs.” Silence, and then, he said “O.K.” Peter and I drove the dented white Volare to the strip mall in Commack. We danced the night away — drinking Bud Light. I felt happy and free. On the way home we made sure to stop at the Candlelight diner — around 2 a.m. — to pick up éclairs. Dad was clueless. From that day on, “bakery” was our code word for gay bar.那是在1980年,也可能是1981年。我19岁,住在长岛康马克(Commak)我爸爸家里。邻居家的一位英国亲戚夏天来这里小住。我们都是同性恋“菜鸟”。只知道附近有一个同性恋俱乐部,名叫雷声(Thunders)。“闪电”在法语中叫éclair。我怎么会从九年级法语课上记住这个单词呢?我也不知道。我问爸爸我是否可以开车出去。爸爸问:“去哪儿?”(当时是周五晚上10点)。“去面包房,”我说,“买点巧克力泡芙(éclairs在英语中是巧克力泡芙的意思——译注)。”爸爸沉默了一会儿,说道,“好吧。”我和彼得(Peter)开着有凹痕的白色沃拉尔汽车(Volare)来到康马克的单排商业街。我们一晚上都在跳舞——喝百威淡啤(Bud Light)。我觉得开心得不得了。在回家的路上,我们在Candlelight Diner买了巧克力泡芙,当时大概是凌晨2点。我爸爸毫不知情。从那天起,“面包房”就成了我们去同性恋酒吧的暗号。Alexander Wang王大仁(Alexander Wang)Fashion designer时尚设计师The first gay club I went to was probably when I was 16. It was called City Nights in San Francisco. I remember I would have to get a fake ID as it was an 18-and-over club. But all my friends were older at that point because I lived by myself in S.F. and made friends from just going out. Night life was my escape from the day to day. I would go every Thursday: hip-hop night. I was very lucky to have the community I grew up in be so supportive.我第一次去同性恋俱乐部很可能是在16岁时。那个俱乐部叫城市夜晚(City Nights),在旧金山。我记得我必须弄个假身份,因为那个俱乐部只接待18岁以上的成年人。不过当时我所有的朋友年纪都比我大,因为我一个人住在旧金山,朋友都是在外面玩的时候认识的。夜生活是我逃避乏味日常生活的一种方法。我每周四都去,那是嘻哈音乐之夜。我很庆幸自己在成长过程中能有这样一个社区给予我持。Don Lemon唐·莱蒙(Don Lemon)CNN anchorCNN主播I was deeply closeted in college. Everybody was. It was the 1980s, it was the South, and people didn’t come out then as quickly as they do now. With my friends, mostly straight frat guys, I would frequent a popular college bar at L.S.U. called the Bengal on Highland Road in Baton Rouge, La. But inevitably I would sneak off, very carefully, to the bars down the road, just past the straight bar. One was named Xanthus, an “alternative” bar where the bouncer was a girl named Big Hair. (By the way, Hair and I are still friends to this day).大学的时候,我是深柜。大家都是这样。那是在20世纪80年代的美国南部,大家都不像现在这么快出柜。我和朋友们(大多是兄弟会的直男)常去路易斯安那州立大学(L.S.U.)的一个很受欢迎的酒吧,名叫Bengal,它在路易斯安那州巴吞鲁日市的高地路(Highland Road)上。不过,我总会非常小心地偷偷溜到街上的其他酒吧里,就在那个异性恋酒吧附近。其中一个酒吧名叫Xanthus,它很“另类”,保镖是一个名叫“爆炸头”(Big Hair)的女孩(顺便说一句,我和“爆炸头”直到现在仍是好友)。The dance floor there was filled with punk rockers, bow heads (sorority girls), gay boys, lesbians and every kind of person under the sun, and I loved it. But the flat-out gay bar was a bit harder to navigate because it was across the street and one could easily be spotted entering and leaving. After I finally built up the liquid courage to do it, I never turned back. The eclectic music, the light show, the cute guys milling about, the club kids dancing on speakers: It was gay heaven! I didn’t have to pretend anymore. I was finally at home.那里的舞池充满朋克摇滚乐手、戴蝴蝶结的联谊会女孩、同性恋男孩、女同性恋,以及各种各样的人,我很喜欢那里。不过,那个最张扬的同性恋酒吧很难溜进去,因为它就在街对面,进进出出很容易被发现。我最终借着酒胆走了进去,然后再也没有回头。那里不拘一格的音乐、灯光秀、四处走动的帅哥、在扬声器上跳舞的夜店男女:这里是同性恋的天堂!我再也不用掩饰了。我终于找到了家的感觉。 /201606/451113



  Schools in Beijing are to close and outdoor construction to stop after the Chinese capital issued its first ;red alert; over smog levels. The red alert is the highest possible, and has not been used in the city before, the state-run Xinhua news agency says.北京首次将雾霾预警上升至红色之后,学校将停课,室外建筑工地也将停止施工。新华社称,红色预警是最高等级的警报,北京以前也从没启动过。Authorities expect more than three consecutive days of severe smog. Cars with odd and even number plates will be banned from driving on alternate days.权威机构预测这次的极端雾霾天气将至少持续三天。北京也将会实行车辆单双号限号。Current pollution levels in Beijing are actually lower than last week#39;s, but the red alert has been placed because of levels expected over the coming days.这一周北京的污染程度其实是比上周好一点的,但是红色预警针对的是对接下来几天的雾霾天气。The order will last from 07:00 local time on Tuesday (23:00 GMT on Monday) until 12:00 on Thursday, when a cold front is expected to arrive and clear the smog.预警中提到的时间是从当地时间周二早上到周四中午十二点,预计周四将有冷锋过境,带走雾霾。China#39;s CCTV news channel reported at the weekend that some parts of Beijing had visibility of only 200m (660 feet). Coal-powered industries and heating systems, as well as vehicle emissions and dust from construction sites, all contribute to the smog which has been exacerbated by humidity and a lack of wind.CCTV新闻频道周末报道了北京某些区域的能见度只有200米(660英尺)。煤动力工厂和供暖系统,还有汽车尾气和施工扬尘,加上空气湿度和最近风力减弱都是导致雾霾加重的因素。At 18:00 local time (10:00 GMT) on Monday, the air pollution monitor operated by the US Embassy in Beijing reported that the intensity of the poisonous, tiny particles of PM 2.5 was 10 times above the recommended limit.当地时间周一晚六点,美国驻北京大使馆的空气污染监测器报告空气PM2.5中有毒微小颗粒的密度已经达到最大允许值的十倍。The level in Beijing reached more than 256 micrograms per cubic meter in some of the worst-affected areas. The World Health Organization considers 25 micrograms per cubic meter to be a safe level.北京雾霾的严重程度已经导致一些受影响最严重的区域,空气中每立方米微生物数量超过了256。而世界卫生组织规定的空气中每立方米微生物安全数量是25。Activists said the level hit 1,400 micrograms per cubic meter in the north-east city of Shenyang last month, saying it was the worst seen in China.环保积极分子称,中国东北城市沈阳上月的空气中每立方米微生物数量已经达到1400,这是目前中国出现过空气最糟糕的一次。Last week, activists from Greenpeace had urged the Chinese government to declare a red alert. Another Chinese city, Nanjing, issued a red alert in December 2013.上周,“绿色和平”组织已经郑重要求中国政府发布红色预警,中国另一个城市南京就曾在2013年12月发布过红色预警。 /201512/414544



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