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You know, between the environmental degradation and the crashing of the world markets youre talking about.比如你们说的环境恶化的问题,全球市场崩溃的问题And of course, we know its all because of the -- all the ...当然我们都知道这一切都是因为,所有那些...Well, I dont know how else to say it to you, so Ill just say it my way:我真不知道还能用其他什么方法来表达,所以我就用我自己的方式来说吧the ganeyvish schticklich coming from the governments and the, you know, the bankers and the Wall Street. You know it.都是因为那些鬼鬼祟祟偷偷摸摸的勾当,你们也知道,这些勾当都是政府,和华尔街的人干的Anyway. The point is, Im happy somebody has practical ideas to get us out of this mess.管他呢。关键的是,我非常高兴看到你们想出了切实可行的办法,让我们摆脱这些糟糕的状况So I salute each of you and your stellar achievements.所以我要向你们每个人致敬,向你们的辉煌成就致敬Thank you for all that you do.感谢你们所做的一切And congratulations on being such big makhers that youve become TED meisters.还要祝贺你们成为TED的大师So, happy continued success.祝你们获得更大的成功Congratulations. Mazel tov.祝贺你们,祝贺你们Hi. Hi. Thank you everybody.嗨嗨。感谢你们Sorry, this is such a wonderful opportunity and everything, to be here right now.能来到这里简直太棒了My name is Noraida. And Im just --我叫诺埃达,我只是Im so thrilled to be part of like your TED conference that youre doing and everything like that.能来参加TED大会我真是太高兴了,这里的一切都令人激动I am Dominican-American.我是多米尼加裔美国人Actually, you could say I grew up in the capital of Dominican Republic,实际上,可以说我是在多米尼加共和国的首都长大的otherwise known as Washington Heights in New York City.或者说就是纽约市的华盛顿高地But I dont know if theres any other Dominican people here, but I know that Juan Enriquez, he was here yesterday.我不知道这里有没有其他的多米尼加人,但我知道胡安恩里克斯昨天来这里了And I think hes Mexican, so thats -- honestly, thats close enough for me right now. So -- I just -- Im sorry.我觉得他是墨西哥人。老实说,这离我已经足够近了。对不起Im just trying not to be nervous because this is a very wonderful experience for me and everything.我只想尽量不要太紧张,因为这个机会对我来说太难得了And I just -- you know Im not used to doing the public speaking.而且我不习惯当众演讲And whenever I get nervous I start to talk really fast.每当我紧张,我说话就特别快Nobody can understand nothing Im saying, which is very frustrating for me, as you can imagine.谁都听不明白我在说什么,这太打击我了,你们能想像吧201611/477204VOA流行美语 97: to rock / letdown今天Larry和Li Hua一起在游乐园坐过山车。Li Hua会学到两个常用语:to rock和letdown.LH: 哎哟,这一趟过山车坐得我晕头转向的,直想吐!真是活受罪!LL: You are sick and dizzy? What are you talking about? That rollercoaster rocks! I'm going to ride it again!LH: 什么,Larry, 你还想再去坐啊?你还说那个过山车rocks. Rock 当作动词不是“摇摇晃晃”的意思吗?LL: No, no, I didn't say that it rocked back and forth. "To rock" means "to be great". If something or some experience is really fun or exciting, we say "It rocks!"LH: 噢,原来在这里,rock不是前后摇晃的意思,而是要是有什么事情有意思、够刺激,我们就说It rocks! 哎,那不就相当于中文里说的“棒极了”的意思吗?LL: That's right, Li Hua. I'm sure you've heard this expression before.LH: 还真是,上星期我和同学到学校附近那家湖南餐馆吃饭。吃完饭,我同学说,"That meal rocked!". 我当时没听懂,所以没敢答腔,现在我可明白了,她呀是在夸那顿饭好吃呢!LL: Yeah, she must have liked it. Everyone likes Hunan Garden. That restaurant rocks.LH: 哎哟,Larry, 我看我们还是别说吃了吧,我的胃到现在还没缓过来呢!这样吧,你再给我举个别的例子,好不好?LL: Sure... if someone tells you some good news, you might say, "That rocks!"LH: 哎,说到“好消息”,我还真有个好消息告诉你,你知道吗,有家私人学校打算等我毕业后要聘用我呢!LL: Whoa, really? That's great news. That rocks, Li Hua. You haven't even graduated yet, and this private school aly offered you a great job!******LH: 哇,总算可以回家了,我真担心你会不会坐过山车坐上了瘾呢!LL: Well, I liked the two rollercoaster rides, but the park itself was kind of a letdown.LH: 是啊,我知道你喜欢过山车,要不然也不会连着坐两次啊!可是你又说这个游乐园是什么 - letdown?LL: I said that the park is a letdown. A letdown is something that disappoints you. The park really wasn't especially bad, but I was expecting it to be better. It was a real letdown.LH: 等等等等,letdown的意思就是某件事让你失望。你是说,这个游乐园其实还可以,只不过不像你原先想象的好,所以让你失望了。那Larry, 你觉得这个游乐园哪一点儿让你失望呢?LL: Well, It was too crowded. The lines in front of the rides were too long.LH: 哎哟,现在就是旅游旺季,这儿当然人多,坐过山车当然要排队等啦!你就是爱发牢骚。那这样,你再给我举个例子吧,看看还有什么事对你是个letdown.LL: Well, my History Professor is a real letdown. He's a well-known expert in his area, but he's not very good at giving lectures.LH: 你们历史教授在学术界是挺有名的,可是你说他不太会讲课呀,那确实是挺让学生失望的。哎,Larry, 我记得你第一次到中国,去了长城,回来你也说和原先想象的一点儿都不一样。那the Great Wall 对你来说是不是个letdown呢?LL: I'm glad you remember that. My first trip to the Great Wall WAS truly a letdown. It was so crowded with tourists and souvenir peddlers.LH: 你怎么到哪儿都嫌人多啊?长城是有名的旅游景点,当然有各地的游客啦,还有小商贩卖纪念品!哎,不过,你刚才说,你第一次去长城让你失望,那后来你再去是不是就感觉好多了?LL: Yeah, that second trip rocked!今天李华从Larry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是rock, 说something rocks,就相当于中文里的“棒极了”。李华学到的另一个常用语是letdown, 意思是“让人失望的事”。 /200602/3172053 at the office Words Paperwork cubicle department lunch time computer files stationary telephone photocopier filing cabinet calendar meeting swivel chair email colleague Phrases Make a photocopy Attend a meeting Write a report Make a telephone call Be tied up(with) Deal with (a client) Beginner A: we’re having a department meeting at 10 o’clock, ok? B: that’s fine… I need to pick up some stationary-you know, a stapler, scissors, files, who should I see about that? A: see Julie, the receptionist. She knows where all that stuff is kept. You might like a calendar for you desk. She can give you one of those too. B: thanks. I need to make a few photocopies. A: the photocopier is near my office. Come on, I’ll show you where it is. B; do you enjoy working in this office? A; yes, I do. Everyone’s really friendly. Sometimes, I wish I worked outdoors more, especially during the summer. B: what’s usually discussed at the department meetings? A: we usually tell each other where we are with various clients and potential clients. The boss assigns extra duties to people who she thinks can best deal with them. It’s also a chance to put forward suggestions and ideas. Be sure to speak up if you have any. Intermediate A: what did you do at the office today? B: I had a really busy day. I had to work a little overtime. In the morning an important client called to place a large order. I had to check some things with my colleagues before confirming the order. A: what kind of things did you need to check? B: the most important thing was to check that we had the goods in stock. If the goods are in stock, we can deliver them immediately. I also had to check the price. This customer is very important, so they get special prices. A: I see. Did anything else happen? B; I received a lot of emails from potential clients that I had to answer. Each time, I had to check files to see what we had agreed at earlier meetings. Each client has different conditions and requirements. A: It must be difficult to remember the details for each individual client. B: yes. That’s why we have everything on computer files. We don’t use much paper at our office. After lunch, I had to deal with a complaint form a client. A: I hate dealing with complaints. Was it a legitimate complaint? B: yes, it was. I managed to sort out the problem, but I was tied up with the matter for over an hour. A; you certainly had a busy day. B; that’s not all! I also had to finish writing a sales report for my boss. In the end, I finished everything. I wonder what will be waiting for me tomorrow morning. /200705/13593美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson71-80暂无文本 /200606/7818

网络社交英语口语 48:眉目传情 Sue: So, let's start with the basics...1) flirting...苏: 那我们就从基本的开始……眉目传情…… Rose: I'll feel stupid.柔丝: 我会觉得自己好蠢。 Sue: Try it out on me. Give me the "look"… with the "eye"…苏: 你拿我当对象试试。抛媚眼做个表情给我看…… Rose: What look? Like this?柔丝: 什么表情?像这样子吗? Sue: You look like 2) Mickey Mouse! Don't look so happy.苏 你看起来像米老鼠!别那么高兴。 Rose: But I like him, so why should I look sad?柔丝: 可是我喜欢他啊,何必哭丧著脸? 语言详解 A: Does Bruce like you? 鲁克喜欢你吗? B: I think so. He's always flirting with me. 我想是吧。他老是跟我打情骂俏。 【Let's start with the basics. 先从入门开始】 循序渐进才是脚踏实地,稳中求胜的做法。好比老师在教导同学们的时候,便是从基本原则先开始讲授,由浅入深,一步步地带领着门生一窥其中的奥秘。 A: I can't believe you're going to teach me how to ice-skate! 没想到会是你教我滑冰!B: Let's start with the basics: falling. 我们先从基本的开始学:摔跤。 1) flirt (v.) 打情骂俏,调情2) Mickey Mouse 米老鼠,这里指脸上带着天真愉快表情的人 /200708/16816

In the simple act of saying ;his partner, Mark,; not ;his friend,; or not ;his roommate.;她的话非常简单:;他的爱人马克;,她没有说;他的朋友;或者;他的室友;。I mean you could hear the e marks around the words. This is Johns ;roommate.; His partner.你甚至能从这话里听出言不由衷的引号来:这是约翰的;室友;。;他的爱人;。That simple act of calling things by their right names, it shattered a taboo, and that was beautiful and that was important.仅仅几个简单的真实字眼,就打碎了惯常的禁忌。它如此美妙,如此重要。But, it wasnt just important because of what it did for us at the table that day or what they did for us at the table.但是,这话的重要性不仅仅针对席间的我们。Its also important for those come after us.它对我们的后辈同样重要。You know, one of the interesting things about gay and lesbian people, as a minority group is that, in a sense, our children are not born unto us.同性恋人群的一个很有趣的事实是,同样作为一个少数群体,我的孩子并不生来如我。What I mean is this: black people generally have black children, Jewish people generally have Jewish children, any kind of people can have gay or lesbian children.我想说的是:黑人的孩子是黑人,犹太人的孩子是犹太人,而任何人都可能有同性恋孩子。Sometimes rabidly anti-gay people have gay and lesbian children.有时候连激进的反同性恋族群也会生出同性恋子女来。We cant protect them from a hostile world the way other minority groups can.我们没法用和其他少数族群相同的方法,来保护自己的孩子免于面对外部世界的敌意。We cant necessarily give them the benefit of our experiences the way other groups can.和其他族群不同,我们无法人我们的孩子从我们自身成长的经历中获益。And I feel for these kids, partly because I was there and I know what its like, and partly because they are, in a sense, theyre our kids.我真心关切那些同性恋孩子,一半因为我也曾经是他们中的一员,身历同感;另一半是因为某种程度上,他们也是我的孩子。So, what do we do for them?我们能为他们做些什么?Well, one thing we can do is we can educate their parents.我们可以交给他们父母相关的知识。And you know, that day when my mother said, ;My son John and his partner, Mark,;我妈妈几年前那天说出;我儿子约翰,和他的爱人马克;。Some day that waitress may have a lesbian daughter or a gay son, and she may remember back and say,而或许几年后那位拿女务员会有个同性恋子女,也许她会回忆起那天的事,然后对自己说:;Hey you know what? The Corvinos had a gay son, and they went out to dinner with him and partner, and they seemed to be okay with that.;科尔维诺一家也有个同性恋儿子,他们带着他儿子的同性爱人一起吃饭,看上去他们都很自在。;And that may seem so simple, but its powerful.这事情看起来简单,但非常有力量。Sometimes it can make all the difference, but were only going to have things like that if we have moral courage.有时,小小的事情能改变一切。但是,如果我们缺少道德上的勇气的时候,这一切都不会发生。And I mean it when I say moral courage.当我说道德上的勇气的时候,我发自肺腑地想要强调它。And this is a very important point.它如此重要。One of the biggest misconceptions about the work that I do is that people think that Im out to attack morality, that Im out to espouse some moral relativism where I just say do whatever you feel, it doesnt matter, or that Im telling people morality is a private matter-keep it to yourself, dont judge other people, Im not about the moral judgments.对我工作最大的误解之一是有人会认为我是道德上的破坏者,或者他们会认为我拥护的是道德相对主义,我让人们随心所欲,不计后果,又或者认为我给人们灌输;道德是私人的,在乎内心,莫论是非;这种观念。People think this about me. Nothing could be further from the truth.但上面的这几种观点,和真实的我南辕北辙。201606/445655

And I looked at her. Where am I sitting? Maam, Im in first class And this was the first time I had flown in first class. 我看着她 我在哪坐 女士 我可是坐头等舱这是我平生第一次坐头等舱And they have seats in first class that are made for former tight end from Stanford university. 而且头等舱的座位简直太适合我这位前斯坦福大学的近端锋了They are wide seats and I sat down, feeling the room that I had and then they come over and offer you a drink. 座位非常宽敞 坐下后我还能感到有空间剩余然后乘务人员还专门提供饮料Now I dont drink, I usually just have water on planes but this was first class, I decide to make an exception. 我一般不喝 因为我一般在飞机上只有水喝但这是头等舱 我打算破例I look at the woman and I say Would you please bring me some perry ade?. 我对空说能给我来点梨酒吗Now I have my drink Weve pulled back from the gate. 我喝着我的饮料飞机已经离开航站楼Were going down the runway and the captain comes on the speaker and says I would like to welcome you all. 正在跑道上准备起飞 我听到扬声器中 机长说欢迎大家乘坐To flight 4873 going to Miami I had a nice drink. 飞往迈阿密的4873次航班我喝得很舒I had a wide seat I was first class. 位置也很宽敞我是头等舱乘客But I was headed in the wrong direction Now why do I tell you this story?. 但我却飞错了方向为什么我要把这个故事讲给你们In the spirit of the patriarchs of my family Because the first thing about vision I want you to understand. 这是本着我家父系传统的精神因为关于异象我首先想要你们了解的是Is to understand deep in your heart as you enter a world with aspirations, with goals. 你们需要在心中深刻认识到在你满怀志向和目标进入这个世界时Is to always understand that first-class in life. 你总需要理解生活中的;头等;Has nothing to do with where you sit on an airplane First-class in life has nothing to do with the clothes you wear. 同你在飞机上坐哪毫无关联生活中的;头等; 无关于你穿的什么衣Or the car you drive, or the house that you live in First-class is about and always will be about the content of your character. 开的什么车 住的什么房子头等永远都只关乎你个人的品性The quality of your ideas the kindness in your heart. 你思想的品质你心中的善良This is first class ive found first class from the high-rise projects of Newark. 这才是;头等;我找到了;头等; 从纽瓦克的高层建筑项目To the nice homes of Beverly Hills ive found first class in drug treatment centers in my city. 到贝弗利山的好房子我找到了;头等; 从我城市的戒毒中心201611/476799

乐宁外教口语天天练No. 53I am going to be out of the officefrom 2:00 -3:00 this afternoonbe out意指 not thereI am going to be out of the officefrom 2:00 -3:00 this afternoon今天下午2:00-3:00我不在办公室。 /200610/9540

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