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There are not many places in the world where cooking is像这种只使用几种关键香料的烹饪so dominated by just a few key spices.这在世界范围内并不多见We want to begin our我们即将踏上探索exploration of these fascinating, complex flavours这种迷人馥郁的风味的旅程where some of the most authentic food can be found.寻找最正宗美食的聚集之地Here in these ramshackle restaurants,这些摇摇欲坠的小餐馆hidden away in the alleys and backstreets of the city.隐藏在成都的后街小巷之中To help us track down one of the best,为了找到最正宗的那家we#39;ve enlisted the help of Jenny Gao,我们请来Jenny Gao帮忙a food writer raised in Canada, but born in Chengdu.她是一个美食作家 生于成都 在加拿大长大She#39;s taking us to a restaurant in the old part of the city她要带我们去旧城区的一家餐馆that#39;s due for redevelopment.那里即将重建So this is the famous fly restaurant Ming Ting,所以这里就是著名的;苍蝇馆子; 明婷饭店and it started off just a couple of tables,刚开店时只有几张桌子but as its popularity grew, more and more tables were added.随着餐馆越来越受欢迎 桌子也越来越多As you see, it spilled out onto the street.可以看到 都摆到街道上来了Called fly restaurants之所以被叫做;苍蝇馆子;apparently because of their rough-and-y approach to hygiene,很明显由于他们不修边幅的卫生条件these places have always been the soul of the food culture here.这种地方一直都是饮食文化的灵魂Wow! Ni hao!哇 你好!Wouldn#39;t it be fun to cook in this kitchen?在这厨房里做饭多有趣啊It#39;s just chaos!简直乱作一团的感觉So it#39;s got chilli bean paste, it#39;s got some garlic and ginger.这有辣椒酱 蒜 还有姜The fragrance! Yes. The roar of the wok! How intense it is.香味四溢 是的 炒锅呜呜响 声音好大I#39;m desperate to cook with all these amazing spices,我迫不及待想用这些神奇的调味料烹饪but first, I want to taste how the chefs combine但首先 我想要尝一下厨师们chilli and Sichuan flower pepper用辣椒跟花椒to create the distinctive numbing heat they call ma la.烹饪出来的独特麻辣风味For all these dishes, you won#39;t get a very strong sensation这些菜 一开始尝不出来很强烈的感觉of like, you know, very ma, very la,你懂的 就是那种很麻 很辣的感觉but eventually after you start eating more and more...但到最后 当你吃的越来越多了I can feel it now. I can.现在可以感觉到了 我能感觉到了..You start to feel it on your tongue and on your lips, right?舌头跟嘴唇开始有感觉了对吧Right. My mouth is on fire.对 我的嘴像着火了One of the most famous local dishes is Ma Po Dofu,最著名的地方特色菜是麻婆豆腐a regional classic made它是一道很经典的菜肴with tofu and usually ground beef or pork.通常用牛肉或猪肉与豆腐制作而成But here at Ming Ting,但是在明婷饭店it has a surprising alternative ingredient.厨师用了另一种让人意想不到的食材来代替They#39;re tricking you by putting a little pig brain in there.他们用猪脑代替豆腐唬住了食客的眼睛Pig brain?! Pig brain. Pig brains with tofu?!猪脑?! 猪脑 猪脑跟豆腐?!Yeah, dig in.是啊 开吃吧Despite my dad keeping pigs when I was young in Taiwan,尽管我小时候在台湾时 爸爸养过猪I#39;d never developed the Chinese love of brains.我还是培养不起中国人那种对吃脑花的热爱That#39;s a generous bit of brain.好大一块猪脑花Oh, my goodness me!噢 我的老天爷!This is a first for me.这是我第一次吃I can clearly say I#39;ve had我敢保 我可能probably all bits of offal, but not brain.什么动物内脏都尝过 唯独没吃过脑子Not brain? I#39;m feeling a bit funny, actually.没吃过脑子? 我感觉有点滑稽 真的Think of it as tofu.把它想成是豆腐吧Right, OK, I#39;ll...好的 我尝尝Mmm. It#39;s really creamy!嗯 口感特别柔软滑腻Yes!是的It reminds me of foie gras.Absolutely!让我想起鹅肝酱.就是那感觉!Pig brain is actually very popular in Sichuan,猪脑在四川很受欢迎as is the brain of a lot of animals.其他动物的脑花也是Yeah, I think I#39;ll stick to the tofu.Really? Right.额 我还是吃豆腐吧.真的吗?是的 Article/201507/386179Tribes and little kingdoms are coalescing into larger units, ones that will eventually become the nation states that we know today. England, Scotland and Denmark on one side, Japan and Korea on the other. For all these countries, these are the critical centuries.部落与小国联合起来,形成如今我们熟悉的大国。其中一端是英国与丹麦,另一端则是日本与新罗。对这些国家来说,这几个世纪是他们历史上的关键点。Lying between north-east China and Japan, the Korean peninsula was, like England at the same date, fragmented by competing kingdoms. In 668, the southernmost kingdom, Silla, with the backing of China-then, as now, the regional superpower-conquered its neighbours and imposed its rule from the far south to quite a bit north of what is now Pyongyang. It never controlled the far north, but the unified Silla kingdom for the next three hundred years ruled most of what is now Korea from its imperial capital in the south, Kyongju, a city splendidly adorned with grand new buildings.朝鲜半岛地处日本与中国东北之间。同英国一样,当时这里也分成了许多相互征战的小国。公元668年,最南端的新罗国在中国唐朝政 府的持下吞并了半岛上的其他国家,将自己的疆土从最南端扩张到了 北部今平壤一带。它的势力从未涉及半岛的最北端(与今日中国接壤的部分),但在接下来三百年的时间里,这个统一的新罗国从自己位于南部 的首都庆州发号施令,统治着今日朝鲜与韩国的绝大部分疆土。庆州兴建了许多豪华的新建筑,城市被装扮得极为华丽。The object in this programme is a roof tile that comes from one of those new buildings, in this case a temple, and it tells us a great deal about the achievements and the apprehensions of the young Silla state.大英物馆所藏的这片陶瓦便来自当时这些新建筑中的一幢。它曾是一座庙宇的屋瓦,向我们讲述了公元七百年左右,年轻的新罗国的成就与忧惧。I#39;ve got the tile in my hand now. It#39;s about the size of a large old-fashioned roof slate, so just under a foot (30 cm) square, and it#39;s made of heavy cream-coloured clay. The top and the sides are edged with a roughly decorated border, and in the middle of the tile is a fearsome face looking straight out at me.瓦当的大小类似于大的老式石板瓦,略小于三十厘米乘三十厘米,用乳黄色的黏土制成,顶部和两边都有装饰粗糙的瓦缘,中间是一张可怕的脸,直直地望着我。 Article/201510/403596

People in Italy are apparently really, really healthy.显然,意大利人很健康。The Bloomberg Global Health Index tallied 163 countries across the world and found the country that invented ;modern; pizza is actually the healthiest in the world.彭全球健康指数统计了全球163个国家,发现发明“现代”比萨的国家实际上是世界上最健康的。Scoring was based on a few things: life expectancy, causes of death and common health risks like smoking and high blood pressure.得分是基于以下几点:预期寿命,死亡原因和常见的健康风险,如吸烟和高血压。But another factor behind Italy#39;s high rank could be its people#39;s access to health care.但意大利名列前茅背后的另一个原因是人们获得医疗保健的途径。Italy#39;s health care system is universal; it covers the cost of many medications and has a lot of doctors.意大利的医疗保健系统很普遍,它涵盖了许多药物成本,并有很多医生。Other countries that top Bloomberg#39;s list are more or less the same; Iceland, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia all have universal coverage.彭列表中其它前列的国家或多或少都是一样的,冰岛、瑞士、新加坡和澳大利亚都有全民医保覆盖。The U.S., however, came in at No. 34. The U.S. also doesn#39;t have a universal health care system, but it#39;s one of the world#39;s most overweight nations due to poor diet and lack of activity.然而,美国排在第34位。美国也没有一个普遍的医疗保健系统,但它是世界上最超重的国家之一,由于不良饮食和缺乏活动。译文属。 Article/201703/500151

A new Book of Common Prayer required in all parishes for the first time所有教区首次指定 《公祷书》为唯一祈祷用书brought English into the heart of the church service.将英语作为礼拜仪式的核心To get a measure of the cultural revolution that took place,若想感受这里发生的 宗教改革的程度you need only come here to Hailes Church in Gloucestershire.你只需来到 格洛斯特郡的黑尔斯教会Three years of state-sponsored iconoclasm have produced this.三年里 全国发起的去除旧习的行动 成果如下No more stone altar,just a user-friendly communion table.祭台不复存在 只剩下实用的圣餐台This whole arrangement is designed to abolish the distance between the priest and his flock.所有这些布置 意在拉近神父与民众的距离The screen which had been a barrier protecting the mystery of the Mass is now just a way in to the communion,这个曾被用来 捍卫弥撒仪式神秘性的地方 如今变成了信徒与神父a gathering of the faithful along with their priest.沟通和聚会的场所As if all this wasn#39;t shocking enough,imagine that some day in 1550,如果这一切还不足以令你震惊 请想像1550年的某天when, for the first time, the priest invited the congregation to partake of communion,神父第一次 邀请其教徒一起using those English words never before heard in church,;Dearly beloved;.甚至用到了从未在教堂中出现过的词汇: ;挚爱的;The familiarity of this must have made many of them squirm,这样的亲切感 肯定使很多教徒诚惶诚恐rather like these days hearing a trendy vicar insist, ;Call me Bob.;就像如今我们在教堂中 听到一位神父执意让你亲昵地直呼名讳一样 /201701/488523

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