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龙岩检查卵巢那个医院最好龙岩哪里看早泄An innovative new language exchange program is helping Brazilian students practice their English while brightening up the often solitary lives of elderly American retirees.有一个创意十足的语言交流项目, 不仅帮助了许多巴西学生练习英语口语,同时还点亮了美国退休老人孤独的老年生活。In this Speaking Exchange project, Brazilian students were paired up with seniors at Windsor Park Retirement Community in Chicago.在这一口语交流项目中,巴西学生和美国芝加哥温莎公园退休社区的老人结成对子。In a showing how the program works, the pairs carry on conversations via chat, discussing their families, hobbies, pasts and futures - and forming special bonds in the process.视频中展示了这一项目的进行方式,学生和老人通过视频聊天窗口进行对话交流,聊彼此的家人、爱好、过去和未来,这样二者在对话的过程中建立了一种特殊的联系。One such pair is a young boy in Brazil who smiles as he speaks with an elderly American man. The man is seen holding up a black-and-white photo of a couple and showing it to his pen pal.在其中的一个案例中,有个巴西小男孩在和视频中的美国老人对话时保持微笑,而老人则拿出了一对夫妇的黑白照片给小男孩看。#39;This is your dad?#39; asks the boy. The man responds: #39;That#39;s me and my wife when we were young!#39;“这是你父亲吗?”男孩问道。老人回答说,“这是我和妻子年轻时候的照片。”#39;Oh you were good-looking when you were younger,#39; says the boy. #39;And you#39;re still good-looking!#39;“哇,你年轻的时候很帅气呢!”男孩说,“嗯,你现在也很帅。”Another exchange takes place between an older American woman and a female student, who tells her about her family life.还有一个语言交流的案例中,一名女学生给一位美国老太太讲述了自己和家庭生活的故事。#39;I live with my older brother. He has 23 years,#39; she says. The lady responds patiently: #39;Do you know instead of saying, ‘He has 23 years,’ you could say, ‘He is 23 years old.#39;“我和哥哥住在一起,他23岁了。”女生说道。老太太非常耐心地指导她:“你知道吗,想说‘他23岁了’,你应该用‘He is 23 years old.’ 而不是#39;He has 23 years old.#39;”Joanna Monteiro, the executive creative director at FCB Brazil, told AdWeek: #39;The idea is simple and it#39;s a win-win proposition for both the students and the American senior citizens.乔安娜·蒙泰罗是巴西CNA语言学校的创意总监,她告诉《广告周刊》记者:“这个创意非常简单,对于巴西学生和美国老年市民来说是一种双赢。”#39;It#39;s exciting to see their reactions and contentment. It truly benefits both sides,#39; she added.她补充道,“看到他们彼此之间的反应和满意的表情,这非常令人激动。这一项目对双方真的都很有益。”To help the students improve, the conversations are recorded, allowing teachers to review them and critique their language.为帮助学生改进口语,视频对话的过程被录制下来,老师则通过回顾视频内容对学生的口语做出评价。 /201405/298731福州市输卵管疏通哪里最好 Shenzhen house price hikes深圳房价上涨Institute. Shenzhen#39;s ratio was 20, while the average housing price to income ratio of the 35 cities was 8.7. The ratios of 14 cities were above this figure.上海易居房地产研究院27日发布的全国35个城市房价收入比榜单显示,2014年,深圳房价收入比高达20,取代北京位列首位。该报告称,2014年35个城市房价收入比均值为8.7,有14个城市房价收入比高于该均值。According to the institute, a reasonable housing price to income ratio in China should be between 6 to 7.易居研究院认为我国房价收入比保持在6-7属合理区间。Housing prices reportedly surged nearly 40% in less than two months in some hot areas of Shenzhen, after a new loose mortgage policy was issued by the central government on March 30 this year.另据报道,今年3·30中央房贷宽松新政后,在不到两个月的时间里,深圳部分热点区域房价飙升近40%。 /201505/377919The top U.N. court ruled Tuesday that neither Croatia nor Serbia committed genocide during the 1990s Balkan wars, when Croatia broke away from Yugoslavia.国际刑事法院星期二对塞尔维亚人和克罗地亚人据称在20世纪90年代巴尔干战争中犯有暴行的起诉做出裁决说, 双方都没有犯下种族灭绝罪行。克罗地亚在那次冲突中脱离南斯拉夫而独立。According to a ruling by Judge Peter Tomka of the International Court of Justice, many crimes had been committed by the two countries#39; forces but both sides failed to prove the other committed genocide during the conflict, which killed over 20,000 people.国际刑事法院法官彼得#8226;汤姆卡宣布说,两国军队犯有诸多罪行,但双方都未能实对方犯有种族灭绝罪。克罗地亚冲突造成2万多人死亡。Croatia accused Serbia of committing ethnic cleansing and genocide in the city of Vukovar and other areas in 1991. Serbia later filed a counter suit over the expulsion of Serbs from Croatia in 1995.克罗地亚指控塞尔维亚人1991年在武科瓦尔市等地进行种族屠杀。塞尔维亚人后来指控克罗地亚人1995年将塞族人赶出克罗地亚。Both countries have said they will accept the ruling of the ICJ, which is meant to settle disputes between states. But there is concern that the ruling may spark political tensions.目前双方都表示接受为解决国家间争执而设立的国际刑事法院的裁决,但也有人担心这项裁决可能会引发政治紧张局势。 /201502/359000福州市检查封闭抗体去那比较好

宁德腹腔镜手术专科医院After decades of decline, the share of mothers who stay home with their children has steadily risen over the last several years, a new report has found. 一项新的报告发现,经过了几十年的下降之后,过去几年待在家中照顾孩子的妈妈所占的比例在稳步上升。In 2012, 29% of all mothers with children under age 18 stayed at home, a figure that has steadily risen since 1999 when 23% of mothers were stay-at-home, the Pew Research Center reported Tuesday. The share of stay-at-home moms had been dropping since 1967, when about half of all moms stayed home. Associated PressPew Research Center周二发布的这份报告显示,2012年,在家有18岁以下孩子的所有妈妈中,有29%的妈妈待在家中照顾孩子,这一比例较1999年的23%有稳步上升。在1967年,全职妈妈所占的比例大约为50%,此后该比例一直在下降。Pew attributed the rise of stay-at-home mothers to a mix of demographic, economic and societal factors. The vast majority of married stay-at-home mothers, 85%, say they are doing so by choice in order to care for their families. That rate is much lower for single stay-at-home mothers, at 41%, and cohabitating mothers, at 64%. Pew将全职妈妈占比上升归因于人口结构、经济和社会等多种因素。在已婚的全职妈妈中,称自己是为了照顾家庭而选择待在家中的全职妈妈占了绝大多数,比例为85%,而在单亲全职妈妈和同居的全职妈妈中,这一比例要低得多,分别为41%和64%。The report also found a drop in women working because of the recession, a trend that has lingered as the economy recovers. Pew cited an increase in immigrant families, for whom it is more common to have a mother stay at home with her children, and an increase in the number of women who said they were disabled and unable to work. 该报告还发现经济衰退导致参加工作的女性减少,这一趋势在经济复苏期间仍在持续。Pew将这归因于移民家庭的增加,在这样的家庭中,妈妈留在家中照顾孩子更为普遍。Pew认为,这还因为自称有残疾和无法工作的女性在增加。A companion public opinion survey by Pew, from 2013, found that mothers are much more likely than fathers to have reduced work hours, take a significant amount of time off, quit a job or, by a small margin, turn down a promotion in order to care for a child or family member. Pew said 42% of mothers said they had reduced their work hours to care for a child or family member, versus 28% of fathers. Pew在2013年同时进行的一项民意调查发现,和爸爸相比,妈妈减少工作时间、请长假以及离职的可能性要大得多,妈妈也比爸爸更有可能(尽管差距不是很大)为了照顾孩子或家庭成员而拒绝升职。Pew称,42%的妈妈说,她们为了照顾孩子或家庭成员而减少了工作时间,而这样做的爸爸只占28%。A second Pew survey, taken this year, found most in the general public think that children are better off with a parent at home: 60% said children are better off with a parent at home, versus 35% who said kids are just as well off when parents work. Pew在今年进行的第二项调查发现,公众大多认为父母有一方待在家中的孩子过得更好:持这一观点的公众占到了60%,但35%的公众认为父母都外出工作的孩子过得同样好。The survey of 3,341 people was conducted in January and February. Groups most likely to say kids are better off with a parent at home include Hispanics, people with a high school degree or less and evangelical Christians, the report said. 这项针对3,341名受访者的调查是在1、2月份进行的。该报告称,最有可能认为父母有一方待在家中的孩子过得更好的群体包括西班牙裔、学历仅为高中或更低的人群以及福音派基督教徒。The Pew analysis of trends for stay-at-home moms is based on an analysis of data from the Census Bureau#39;s Current Population Survey. It defines stay-at-home mothers as those who say they are staying home in order to care for their children, as well as those who are not able to find work, are disabled or are enrolled in school. Pew依据对美国人口普查局当期人口调查(Current Population Survey)的数据进行的分析来全职妈妈的趋势。Pew对全职妈妈的定义为自称是为了照顾孩子而待在家中以及找不到工作、残疾或在校就读的妈妈。#39;This has important implications for the day to day lives of children,#39; said D#39;Vera Cohn, the report#39;s author. 该报告的作者科恩(D#39;Vera Cohn)表示,全职妈妈的趋势对孩子的日常生活有重要意义。The share of stay-at-home mothers is now higher than it was during the recession in 2008, when it reached 26%. About 6% of moms say they are home because they can#39;t find a job, up from just 1% in 2000. 目前全职妈妈所占的比例已高于2008年经济衰退时的26%。约有6%的妈妈称,她们待在家里是因为找不到工作,而在2000年,这一比例只有1%。The report didn#39;t find lots more college-educated mothers dropping out of the workforce to spend time with their kids. In 2000, 20% of college-educated mothers were at home, compared to 2012 when it was 21%. Ms. Cohn said college-educated workers have done much better in the economy, helping to explain why they might stay in the workforce. 该报告发现为照顾孩子放弃工作的受过高等教育的妈妈并没有大幅增加。2000年,有20%的受过高等教育的妈妈待在家中,而2012年,该比例为21%。科恩表示,受过高等教育的职工更能适应经济形势,这也帮助解释了这些职工为何可能留在职场。The report also looked at how stay-at-home versus working moms use their time. Those at home spend more time on housework (23 hours per week versus 14 for working mothers), child care (18 hours vs. 11), leisure (31 hours vs. 22) and sleep (63 hours vs. 58 for working mothers). 该报告还研究了全职妈妈和有工作的妈妈是如何利用时间的。全职妈妈在家务事、照顾孩子、休闲和睡眠上花的时间更多。全职妈妈每周在家务事上花的时间为23个小时,有工作的妈妈则为14个小时。全职妈妈和有工作的妈妈每周在照顾孩子上花的时间分别为18和11个小时,二者在休闲上的时间分别为31和22个小时,用于睡眠的时间分别为63和58个小时。 /201404/292059龙岩哪里可以检查早泄 福州人流那家医院最好

龙岩人工受孕多少钱The hunt for missing flight MH370 has expanded to involve 25 countries searching across swathes of ocean and much of Asia, in what has become the biggest ever search for a missing aircraft.参与搜寻马来西亚航空公司失联航班MH370的国家已增至25个,搜寻将覆盖大片海域和亚洲大片区域,从而成为规模最大的一次失踪飞机搜寻行动。Concerns over the role of the pilot intensified after it emerged that a message was radioed to air traffic control even after the first set of aircraft communications had been switched off. Giving no sign of any trouble, the pilot’s last words to Malaysian air traffic control were “all right, good night”.自从马来西亚公布,MH370在通信寻址与报告系统(ACARS)被关闭后,还向空中交通管制中心发送了一条信息,各界对飞行员所起作用的关注就开始不断加强。这位飞行员对马来西亚空管说的最后一句话是“好的,晚安”,从中看不出遇到麻烦的迹象。The sheer size of the search for the missing aircraft is likely to pose challenges for the sharing of sensitive military data, diplomats said. Hishamuddin Hussein, Malaysia’s defence and acting transport minister, said the move could bring “new challenges of co-ordination and diplomacy to the search effort”.外交人士表示,对失联航班的大规模搜索,很可能对军事敏感数据共享提出挑战。马来西亚国防部长兼代理交通部长希沙姆丁#8226;侯赛因(Hishamuddin Hussein)说,此次行动将“为搜寻工作的协调和外交带来新挑战”。“From focusing mainly on shallow seas, we are now looking at large tracts of land, crossing 11 countries, as well as deep and remote oceans.”“我们的视线从主要集中在浅海,到现在扩大到大片陆地,跨越11个国家,以及深海、远海地带。”The authorities also said the two pilots of the aircraft, which went missing eight days ago, had not requested to fly together. Police have been examining contents from the homes of both men, including a flight simulator from the home of Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the flight’s captain.马来西亚官方还表示,8天前失联的MH370的两名飞行员并未要求一起执飞。马来西亚警方已在检查两名飞行员家中物品,其中包括MH370机长扎哈里#8226;艾哈迈德#8226;沙阿(Zaharie Ahmad Shah)家中的一套飞行模拟设备。Malaysian military and civilian officials yesterday briefed diplomats from 22 countries, including those along a northern and southern “corridor” of flight paths along which the aircraft may have flown. Malaysia’s prime minister, Najib Razak, on Saturday said the aircraft’s likely location, based on its last communication with a satellite, was in one of two possible corridors, one stretching from Kazakhstan to northern Thailand and another stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.马来西亚军方和政府昨日向22个国家的外交官介绍情况,其中包括MH370有可能飞往的两条南北走廊地带上的国家。马来西亚总理纳吉布#8226;拉扎克(Najib Razak)上周六表示,根据MH370最后一次与卫星的联系,其方位很可能在两大走廊中的一个,一条是从哈萨克斯坦到泰国北部,另一条是从印度尼西亚到印度洋南部。Mr Najib said that, based on satellite information, the jet’s Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting system was disabled just before it reached the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.纳吉布表示,根据卫星数据,MH370的通信寻址与报告系统在飞机到达马来西亚半岛东海岸之前就已经被关闭。Mr Hishamuddin said: “We are currently discussing with all partners how best to deploy assets along the two search希沙姆丁说:“我们现在正与所有参与方讨论如何最好地在两条走廊上部署搜寻工作。在现阶段,南北两条走廊同等重要。” /201403/280278 福州结扎复通手术专业医院福州市做人流那里比较好



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