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A senior U.S. official says it is up to Russia to demonstrate that a cease-fire plan for Syria can still work.美国一位高级官员说,现在要由俄罗斯来明叙利亚的停火协议是否能维持下去。The official said high-level meetings were planned with Russia ;to try to get a sense from them about where they think this can go from here.; Consultations were also ongoing with envoys from the 19-nation International Syria Support Group and the U.N. Security Council.这名官员说,“为了试图了解他们对局势发展的看法”,已经安排了高级别会谈。同国际叙利亚持组9个成员国特使以及联合国安理会的协商也在进行之中。French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, who was due to attend an ISSG meeting Tuesday, said the U.S.-Russian cease-fire deal “remains the only hope to resolve the conflict.;法国外长马克·艾罗定于星期二出席国际叙利亚持组织的会议。他说,美俄停火协议“仍然是解决这个冲突的唯一希望。”The truce was meant to pause fighting between the Syrian government and rebels, limit Syrian airstrikes that in the past have been blamed for killing civilians, and to allow for delivery of humanitarian aid. But as with earlier agreements, both sides accused the other of violations and the pact had largely fallen apart after a week.停火的目的是暂停叙利亚政府和反政府武装之间的战斗并限制叙利亚的空袭行动,以往的空袭被指造成了平民丧生,停火也是为了使人道救援物资的运送可以畅通无阻。但是,跟以前达成的协议一样,这次双方还是互指对方违反协议,协议实行一星期后就几近崩溃。On Monday the ed Nations said a joint aid convoy with the Syrian Red Crescent was bombed west of the Syrian city of Aleppo, killing or wounding many humanitarian workers.联合国星期一说,它和叙利亚红新月会的一个联合车队在叙利亚阿勒颇市以西遭到轰炸,导致多名人道救援人员伤亡。It remains unclear whose aircraft struck the convoy. The Pentagon said the U.S.-led coalition was not involved, and a senior U.S. official said there were only two other possibilities, referring to Syria and Russia.目前还不清楚是哪一方的飞机空袭了这个车队。五角大楼星期一说,美国领导的联军没有卷入此事。美国的一位高级官员说,这事只有两种可能性,意指叙利亚和俄罗斯。来 /201609/467278福州女性不孕检查专科医院三明市宫外孕手术的医院WASHINGTON (AP) Pakistani leaders often wax lyrical about their ;sweeter than honey; relations with all-weather friend China. Theres no romance about their marriage of convenience with America.华盛顿(美联社)——巴基斯坦领导人经常宣称自己与全天候朋友中国的“比蜜还甜”的关系。而与美国的权宜婚姻则没有半点浪漫可言。As the Trump administration plots its policy toward a key partner, it will find Pakistan being drawn deeper into Beijings embrace and its promise of billion in energy, infrastructure and industry investments by 2030. The money could transform the Muslim nations economy.随着川普政府将政策转向一个关键伙伴,川普政府将会发现巴基斯坦正更深的投入了北京的怀抱以及中国在2030年前向巴基斯坦的能源,基建以及产业投60亿美元的承诺。Washington, by contrast, is losing faith in how much its largesse can influence Pakistan. Many frustrated U.S. policymakers see Pakistan as a terrorist haven that some billion in security and economic assistance since the 9/11 attacks has failed to fix. But an American retreat could have broad implications for its ability to maintain stability in a regional powder keg of extremism, weak governance and various potential conflicts.相反,华盛顿对自己的慷慨援助到底可以在多大程度上影响巴基斯坦已经失去了信心。很多心灰意冷的美国政策制定者视巴基斯坦为恐怖主义者的天堂,自911以来已经向巴基斯坦提供的300亿美元的安全和经济援助都没能解决这个问题。但是美国的撤出可能会对其在这个极端主义,治理薄弱以及各种潜在冲突盛行的地区的维稳能力产生广泛的影响。来 /201703/496313As the C130 Hercules makes a bumpy landing on Taiwan-controlled Taiping island, a small tropical outcrop little longer than its 1.2km runway, mobile phones receive a text message from a Vietnamese network that says “Welcome to Vietnam 随着C-130大力神运输机(C-130 Hercules)有些颠簸地降落台湾控制的太平岛,手机收到了一条越南移动网络发来的短信“欢迎来到越南”。这里地处热带,是一个不比其.2公里的跑道长多少的海面突出地物In the geographical heart of the South China Sea, the location of one of the world’s most troubling territorial disputes, nations are using what means they can to push their claims to this 0.5 sq km island, the largest natural feature in the southern Spratly chain. 在南中国海的地理中心,世界上最棘手的领土争端之一发生的地方,各国正使出浑身解数强调自己对这个面积0.5平方公里的岛屿的主权声索。它是斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛)最大的天然地物Vietnam is projecting its military-owned mobile phone network, while buying submarines and fighters from Russia to transform its attack capabilities. Mighty China is investing even more on its armed forces, buying hardware and building and fortifying its own artificial islands. 越南将其军用移动电话网络投射到这里,同时从俄罗斯购买潜水艇和战斗机来提升其攻击能力。强大的中国对其武装力量的投入更大,它购买了硬件设施,修筑了人工岛并在加强人工岛上的防御工事The Philippines is pinning its hopes on the vagaries of international maritime law, bringing an arbitration case against Beijing. 菲律宾将希望寄托在变幻莫测的国际海洋法上,针对中国大陆提起了仲裁案But Taiwan, which cannot use international law because most countries do not recognise it as a sovereign state, is turning to more prosaic weapons to support its claim to Taiping and the potentially resource-rich sea around it: the availability of fresh water, free-roaming goats and bird faeces. 但台湾无法利用国际法,因为大多数国家并不承认它是一个主权国家。台湾正诉诸于更平凡的武器来持其对太平岛及其周边或蕴藏丰富资源的海域的声索:你在岛上可以找到淡水、自由漫步的山羊和鸟粪“From this layer of historical guano, you can see that our soil has the potential for agriculture and that means we can support human life,says Wang Mao-Lin, commander of the Taiwanese coast guard unit that runs Taiping, as he shows around the first group of journalists allowed on the island. “从这层鸟粪沉积层中,你可以看到我们的土壤有开展农业的潜力,这意味着我们可以维持人类的生活,”负责太平岛的台湾海岸警卫队指挥官王茂林一边带着首批获准上岛的记者参观一边说That the fight over some of the worlds most important waters, which contain rich fisheries, large potential oil and gas reserves and key global shipping routes, could be decided on such matters seems absurd. 围绕这一世界上最重要水域之一的争端可以由这些事情来决定,这看上去似乎有些荒谬。这块水域包含丰富的渔业资源、巨大的油气可能储量,以及关键的国际航道But back in Taipei, outgoing President Ma Ying-jeou explains the importance of Taiping’s soil quality, livestock and groundwater that is “close to the quality of Evian 但在台北,即将卸任的总统马英Ma Ying-jeou)解释了太平岛土质、家畜和“接近依Evian)水质”的地下水的重要性He says this is proof that Taiping can “sustain human habitation and economic lifeand therefore should be considered an island under the UN convention on the law of the sea, granting it a 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone that includes the rights to exploit fishing grounds and hydrocarbons. 他表示,这明太平岛能够“维持人类居住与经济生活”,因此依据《联合国海洋法公约UNCLOS),应该被视为一个岛屿,赋予00海里的专属经济区,包括开发渔场和开采碳氢化合物的权利Taiwan has stepped up its efforts to show off Taiping, which lies 1,500km from Taiwan but only 500km from Vietnam and the Philippines, since the Philippines claimed last year during its arbitration case against China that it was just a “rockthat cannot support life and so should only generate 12 miles of territorial waters rather than the expansive economic zone. 去年,菲律宾在针对中国大陆的仲裁案中主张,太平岛只是“?礁”,无法维持生存,因此只能拥2海里领海,不能拥有广阔的专属经济区。自那以来,台湾加大了炫耀太平岛的努力,该岛距离台500公里,距离越南和菲律宾只00公里Over a lunch of locally grown coconuts, chicken and other Taiping ingredients, Bruce Linghu, Taiwan’s foreign minister, says his government must fight to influence public opinion because it is excluded from The Hague arbitration court hearing the Philippines case and other international bodies at the behest of China, which claims self-governing Taiwan is one of its provinces. 台湾招待上岛记者的午餐包括当地出产的椰子、鸡肉和其他太平岛物产,台湾外交部次长令狐荣Bruce Linghu)在午餐期间表示,台湾政府必须致力于影响公众舆论,因为在中国大陆的要求下,台湾被审理菲律宾仲裁案的海牙仲裁法庭及其他国际机构排除在外。中国大陆方面称,自治的台湾是中国的一个省什?Ian Storey, a fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, says one of the ironies of Taiwan’s position on Taiping is that it supports China’s increasingly assertive efforts to dominate the waters. 新加坡东南亚研究所(ISEAS)研究员伊#8226;斯托Ian Storey)表示,台湾在太平岛问题上的立场的一个讽刺之处在于,台湾持中国大陆越来越强硬的主导该海域的努力Beijing and Taipei make similar “U-shaped lineclaims to almost the entire South China Sea, although China is using its growing military and economic power to enforce its interests, while Taiwan only occupies one island, using its coast guard rather than armed forces. 中国大陆和台湾对几乎整个南中国海提出了类似的“U型线”主张,不过中国大陆正利用其日益增长的军事和经济实力保其利益,而台湾只凭借海岸警卫队(而非武装力量)占据着一个岛“Taiwan has to be careful in the South China Sea because they don’t want to be viewed as China’s proxy and they don’t want to alienate the US or anger other Southeast Asian claimants who they want to trade with,says Mr Storey. 斯托里表示:“台湾必须在南中国海保持谨慎,因为他们不希望被视为中国大陆的代表,也不希望疏远美国或激怒台湾愿与之发展贸易、在该海域声索主权的东南亚国家。After condemning what it calls China’s efforts to militarise these waters, the US government also criticised Mr Ma’s focus on Taiping, saying it is “extremely unhelpfuland urging Taiwan and all claimants to “lower tensions, rather than taking actions that could raise them 美国政府在谴责其所称的中国军事化南中国海的企图后,还批评了马英九对太平岛的关注。美国表示马英九的这种做法“极其没有帮助”,并敦促台湾以及所有主权声索方“缓和紧张局势,不要采取可能扩大紧张局势的行动”Jonathan Spangler, director of the South China Sea think-tank in Taipei, says the fight over Taiping’s status has much wider implications because it is the biggest natural feature in the Spratlys and the only one with a serious claim to be an island in international law. 台北南海智库(South China Sea think-tank)负责人乔纳森#8226;斯潘格勒(Jonathan Spangler)表示,围绕太平岛地位的纷争有着更广泛的影响,因为该岛是斯普拉特利群岛的最大天然地物,也是唯一一个依据国际法被严肃主张为岛屿的天然地物He points out that while China has built a much bigger air base on reclaimed land at nearby Fiery Cross Reef, such man-made features cannot generate an exclusive economic zone. 他指出,尽管中国大陆在附近的永暑Fiery Cross Reef)通过填海造陆建起了大得多的空军基地,但这种人造地物没资格拥有专属经济区“If Taiping is officially an island and none of China’s occupied features are considered islands by international law, it could throw the whole focus of the South China Sea disputes back to cross-Strait relations,he says. 他表示:“如果太平岛被正式列为岛屿,而中国大陆占据的地物都未被国际法视为岛屿,可能会让南中国海争端的整个焦点回到海峡两岸关系上。”来 /201603/433879福州封闭抗体检查专科医院

福州省人民医院治输卵管堵塞费用南平一院人工授精U.S. President Barack Obama has tapped the highest-ranking U.S. diplomat in Cuba to be the first ambassador to the island in more than 50 years.美国总统奥巴马提名美国在古巴的最高级别外交官为0年来美国驻古巴的第一位大使。But the appointment of Jeffrey DeLaurentis, which still must be confirmed by the Senate, is likely to set up a fierce fight with Republicans opposed to the normalization of relations with the communist nation.但是,杰弗里#12539;德劳伦蒂斯的提名仍有待参议院批准,而且有可能引发与反对同古巴建交的共和党人的激烈争执。DeLaurentis has been working at the new U.S. Embassy in Havana since it opened in July last year. Obama said there is ;no better qualified public servant.;自去月以来,德劳伦蒂斯一直在哈瓦那新设的美国大使馆工作。奥巴马总统表示,没有比他更合格的公仆了。Cuban-American Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas, both Republicans, tried to limit funding for the U.S. Embassy in Havana and said they would oppose any ambassador named by Obama.来自佛罗里达州的古巴裔联邦参议员卢比奥和来自得克萨斯州的联邦参议员克鲁兹试图限制給美国驻哈瓦那大使馆的资金,他们表示将反对奥巴马提名的任何大使。DeLaurentis, a career diplomat, has served in Havana during the major transition of the one-time Cold War foes to a new relationship that includes re-opening embassies in Washington and Havana, and resuming travel and trade on a limited basis so far.美国和古巴曾经是冷战时期的敌人,如今开启了一段新的关系,双方在华盛顿和哈瓦那互设大使馆,并且已经恢复有限的旅行和贸易活动,在这个重大的过渡期间,作为职业外交官的德劳伦蒂斯一直在哈瓦那工作。He would be the first U.S. envoy since Philip Bonsal, an appointee of President Dwight Eisenhower, left the post vacant in late 1960.德劳伦蒂斯将是继邦萨之后的美国第一位驻古巴大使,邦萨由已故总统艾森豪威尔任命,1960年末被召回美囀?来 /201610/469088Protests broke out in several Brazilian cities Wednesday as demonstrators condemned the move by embattled President Dilma Rousseff to appoint former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as her chief of staff.巴西几大城市星期三举行抗议活动,示威者们对四面楚歌的罗塞夫总统任命前总统卢拉为幕僚长表示谴责。Some 2,000 demonstrators Wednesday gathered in the streets of Brazilia and Sao Paulo after Rousseff named Lula, who left office with very high popularity ratings, saying it would strengthen her government.罗塞夫宣布对卢拉的任命后,大000名示威者星期三在巴西利亚和圣保罗举行集会。卢拉离任时声望很高。罗塞夫表示,任命卢拉能加强巴西政府的执政能力。Demonstrators say Lula was appointed in order to protect him from prosecution in a money laundering scandal involving the state-owned Petrobras oil company.示威者说,罗塞夫任命卢拉担任幕僚长,是为了让他免于因一桩涉及国有石油公司的洗钱丑闻而受到起诉。As a member of Rousseffs cabinet, Lula can only be tried before the Brazilian Supreme Court.作为罗塞夫政府的内阁成员,卢拉只能在巴西最高法院受审。Lula denies involvement in the Petrobras scandal.卢拉否认与巴西石油公司丑闻有牵连。But adding to Wednesdays unrest was the release of audio recordings by a judge heading the Petrobras investigation. The judge said the recordings of Lulas phone conversations indicate Lula was seeking help in avoiding prosecution.与此同时,负责调查巴西石油公司丑闻的一位法官公布了一段录音。这位法官说,卢拉的电话录音显示,他曾为免于受到起诉而寻求帮助。来 /201603/432016福州检查精液医院排名宁德去哪家医院人工受孕

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