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龙子湖区妇幼保健人民中医院光子嫩肤多少钱蚌埠洗纹身多少钱Cuban Jabulani juggler sitting prettyCuban Erick Hernandez on Thursday said he had set a world record for juggling the Jabulani World Cup ball, while sitting down.Hernandez told reporters he had juggled the Jabulani -- which some World Cup stars criticised for its lightness and unpredictable trajectories -- for three hours, three minutes and 14 seconds at a Havana hotel."I came in a bit tired as I have been doing exhibitions during the World Cup," said the 43-year-old, nicknamed 'The Dominator'.Hernandez, a self-confessed Brazil fan, described the ball as "having a good bounce" and "very lively".He aly holds a Guinness World record for heading the ball 319 times in just one minute and he even kicked a ball to the finish line in a marathon, completing the 42 kilometres in 7hr 17min.The ball skills run in the family as brother Douglas managed an impressive -- and surely exhausting -- 100,026 touches in a 15-hour session in 1997.Now Erick says he wants to try a 24-hour session.Vocabulary:juggle: to throw a set of three or more objects such as balls into the air and catch and throw them again quickly, one at a time 玩杂耍(连续向空中抛接多个物体)trajectory: the curved path of something that has been fired, hit or thrown into the air (射体在空中的)轨道,弹道,轨迹,流轨run in the family: to be a common feature in a particular family 为一家人所共有;世代相传背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108217蚌埠东方美莱坞整形美容医院种睫毛怎么样 Celebrations in honour of the dead take place in July and August in Japan. Prayers are set and graves are tended during the festival of O-Bon. In Tokushima city around 100 thousand costumed people dance in the streets."This is an incredible scale, there's this whole river, thing going on, there's three blocks on either side of the river. It’s the biggest I've ever seen."There are a number of different theories explaining the origins of Tokushima’ s Awa Odori(阿波踊り) or "our dance festival". But some see it as a form of the wider Japanese custom of Bon Odori (盆踊) or Bon-dance. "Awa Odori began around 450 years ago. It was originally a regional custom performed decent spirits back to the realms of the dead after their brief stay in the living world during the O-Bon season. Now participation isn't limited to the people of Tokushima city or Tokushima prefecture. It has grown into a festival that attracts people from all over Japan."Awa is the former name of the Tokushima prefecture and the dance festival is thought to have gained its local character in 1587 when the feudal lord handed out sake to celebrate the completion of his newly-built castle. Legend says the citizens became so drunk they started to dance with abandon in an unsteady gate. One of Tokushima's most famous dance teams is called the Ahou Ren."The lyrics of one of the festival songs says fool's dance and fool's watch. If both are fools you might as well dance. So I think that this is where our Ren gets its name."For the most part, women wear traditional straw hat, known as amigasa (編み笠) that is shaped like a half moon. A colorful yukada (浴衣)and wooden sandals known as gata(木屐)."Men should dance in a very masculine way. Women should dance in a feminine and graceful way."Onna Odori (女踊り), the female dance style, is distinguished by its upright stance and physical discipline and it's intended to an embodiment of feminine grace and beauty. By contrast, Otoko Odori(男踊り), the male dance style, is distinguished by a lower stance and more fluid vigorous movements and resemble the moves of a drunken fool. "It's extremely fun, you know, Japanese are not known for this spontaneity, but you see people very spontaneous and people are approaching you in the street and asking you where you are from and getting to know you, which is extremely welcoming to visitors."07/78648President Obama says that one week into the mission, U.S. and allied forces are successfully protecting civilians from attacks by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.奥巴马总统说,美国及其盟友已经在利比亚执行了一周的任务,成功地保护了平民免受利比亚领导人卡扎菲军队的袭击。"We are succeeding in our mission," he said. "We have taken out Libya’s air defenses. Gadhafi’s forces are no longer advancing across Libya. In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Gadhafi threatened to show ‘no mercy,’ his forces have been pushed back."他说:“我们的任务正在取得成功。我们已经消除了利比亚的防空力量。卡扎菲的军队已经不再能在利比亚境内推进。卡扎菲曾威胁说要在像班加西之类约有70万人的城市,采取‘毫不留情’的行动,但他的部队现在也已经在那里被击退。”In his weekly address to the nation, Obama said the joint effort is showing results, and Libyan civilians have expressed gratitude. 奥巴马在他的全国每周例行讲话中说,联合行动正在奏效,利比亚平民对此表达了感激之情。"Because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians - innocent men, women and children - have been saved," he said.他说:“由于我们行动迅速,避免了一场人道灾难。无数平民的生命、那些无辜的男女老幼,都得到拯救。”The president’s message was intended to reassure Americans about the purpose and effectiveness of the mission in Libya.奥巴马总统发出的信息是为了让美国人对利比亚行动的目的和效果感到安心。A Gallup opinion poll taken Monday shows 47 percent of Americans approve of the operation, while 37 percent disapprove. Separately, a CBS survey indicates that 50 percent of Americans agree with Obama’s handling of the situation, while 29 percent do not. Gallup says its approval figure was lower than for other U.S. military campaigns in the past four decades. 星期一进行的一项盖洛普民意调查显示,47%的美国人赞成这次行动,但37%的人表示并不认同。哥伦比亚广播公司所作的另一项调查显示,50%的美国人认同奥巴马应对这一局势的举措,而有29%的人持有相反看法。盖洛普表示,美国利比亚行动的持率低于美军在过去四十年采取的任何其它军事行动。White House officials deny criticism by some lawmakers - both Republicans and members of Obama's own Democratic Party - that the president did not seek congressional authorization or adequately consult with lawmakers before embarking on the military action.白宫官员否定来自某些民主党和共和党议员的批评,那些人说,总统在开始军事行动之前没有寻求议会批准, 也没有与议员进行适当的磋商。Some critics contend that Obama did not exhaust all diplomatic options before calling out the military. They also say the U.S. cannot afford the cost of the conflict, and that the nation should not be taking on a mission Libya, when it is aly involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.一些批评人士争辩说,奥巴马在采取军事行动之前没有尝试一切其它外交途径。他们还说,美国无法再承受为冲突付出的代价,这个国家不应该在同时卷入伊拉克和阿富汗战争的情况下,再承担利比亚使命。201103/129445蚌埠东方美莱坞整形美容医院整形科

蚌埠冰点脱体毛价格A Visit to Quake-Survivor Giant Pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Base Black and white, pudgy and cute, China's national treasure, the giant panda, is popular around the world. But during last year's May 12 earthquake, two giant pandas died, and the Wolong Nature Reserve, the home for Giant Pandas suffered severe damage. How are the pandas faring a year after the disaster? Yunfeng tells the story of Chengdu's Giant Panda Breeding Centre where a few pandas from Wolong that survived the quake settled. Thousands of people visit the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base each day to see its lush vegetation, bamboo groves, and most of all, the giant pandas.A Korean tourist, with the Chinese name Quan Rongren, says it is the first time for him to see giang pandas."I like giant pandas very much. They are very cute, clumsy and naughty."Micah Smith from the ed States came with his classmates from Sichuan University."With other students from Sichuan University, we went to places where the earthquake struck, and we handed out stuff to some of the school students. We came here to check out the pandas. (They seem) pretty nice. I wish they were more awake, because many of them are sleeping. The baby pandas seem very active. They are playing with each other."Four pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base were transferred from the Wolong Nature Reserve after the earthquake. Wolong was only 11 kilometers from the epicenter and suffered severe damage. It was once home to 63 giant pandas. After the quake, the body of one giant panda was found, while another still remains missing. All giant pandas from Wolong have been transferred to reserves in other provinces.Zhang Hemin(张和民), director of the Wolong Nature Reserve, tries to hold back tears when he recalls the scary experience a year ago."The earth was shaking, and the giant pandas were too scared to move. They just huddled together. Their psychological injury was immense."Zhang is known as the "father of giant pandas" in China. Since 1983, he has dedicated his time and talent to researching the breeding and protection of giant pandas. He says he considers pandas to be family members.Zhang has spent most of his time with the pandas, studying them and playing with them and has developed a deep affection for them. He says it was painful to see pandas pinned under rolling rocks, to see them trying to flee to safety and to meet their frightened eyes.Zhang says it usually takes two weeks for giant pandas to get used to a new environment. But to attend to their psychological needs, he and his co-workers have been using 'Ai Xin Wei Yang' or 'Caring Breeding' techniques since the earthquake.And Zhang has this to say,"We caress them more and talk to them more, and whenever we want to communicate with them, we bend down to avoid talking to them from a higher position. Now, we are glad to see that these giant pandas have almost recovered their old spirits."Tan Wen, who has nearly 10 years of experience in raising pandas, was designated the caretaker of the four newcomers from Wolong. He has treated the four quake-survivor pandas with extreme care and comes to the base very frequently to check on them."I think what's most important for a panda caretaker is the sense of responsibility. To really get along with them, there is no recipe other than to let them know that you really care about them. When they got the message and started to behave, I felt so rewarded. If they get sick, I will find the vet who is available 24 hours. But I myself still can't help worrying about them."Zhang Hemin says he hopes the giant pandas at Chengdu can move back into their new home near Wolong soon."You know, Wolong is a nature reserve, and those pandas were used to living in nature, not in parks or breeding centers, so it must be a little bit uncomfortable for them. I hope they will move into their new home as soon as possible."The new Giant Panda Nature Reserve will be built in Gengda Village, 10 kilometers from the former Wolong Nature Reserve. Experts spent months selecting Gengda village, which they believe provides the best geographic conditions, resources and safety conditions for the pandas.The construction of the Gengda reserve will start in July. It is estimated that the project will cost more than 1.4 billion yuan, or some 200 million U.S. dollars. Donations from different countries, non-governmental organizations, international companies and the Hong Kong government are providing most of the funds for the project.Here is Zhang Hemin again."The support from the Hong Kong government encourages us. And we are so thankful to people who have always cared about China's giant pandas. We'll live up to their expectations to rebuild a new cozy home for the giant pandas in the shortest time possible."Zhang also says the recovery and reconstruction project is a systematic project that includes assessments and mitigations of geological hazards caused by the earthquake as well as the recovery of local vegetation.Pandas usually mate in March and April. At that time, they climb from the bottom of mountains to the peaks to nourish themselves with fresh bamboo shoots before they deliver their cubs in August or September.To ensure the giant pandas have an uninterrupted "green zone," Zhang and his fellow workers are relocating more than 870 households situated on the mountain in Gengda Village.Of all the myths about giant pandas, one of the most beautiful ones goes like this: Four young shepherdesses were killed while trying to rescue a panda from a leopard. When the other pandas heard what had happened, they decided to hold a funeral to honor the girls' sacrifice.At that time, the giant pandas were pure white. To honor the deceased girls, the pandas wore black armbands at their funeral. They were so sad that they began to cry. As their tears rolled down their faces, the dye from the black armbands began to run and mingle with their tears.As the pandas rubbed their eyes, the black dye made big spots. In their grief, they clutched their ears and began hugging one another closely. The black dye marked the areas where the pandas touched themselves and each other. The pandas vowed never to wash off the black dye as a reminder of the girls and the sacrifice they made.It's not known how long this myth has been around in Southwest China, but if these giant pandas do have thankful hearts, they will definitely remember those who have cared for them especially after the May 12 earthquake and those who are still working hard to rebuild them a safe and comfortable home.05/69013蚌埠脸上祛痣哪里最实惠 Climate change气候变化Good news at last?终于来了好消息?The climate may not be as sensitive to carbon dioxide as previously believed气候对二氧化碳的敏感性可能低于先前的预期CLIMATE science is famously complicated, but one useful number to keep in mind is ;climate sensitivity;. This measures the amount of warming that can eventually be expected to follow a doubling in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its most recent summary of the science behind its predictions, published in 2007, estimated that, in present conditions, a doubling of CO2 would cause warming of about 3deg;C, with uncertainty of about a degree and a half in either direction. But it also says there is a small probability that the true number is much higher. Some recent studies have suggested that it could be as high as 10deg;C.气候科学的复杂程度众所周知,但把一个指标记在脑中非常好用,那就是;气候敏感性;。该指标表示预计大气中二氧化碳浓度翻倍所能引致的升温量。政府间气候变化专门委员会(IPCC)在其最近一次关于其预测背后的科学性的概要中(发布于2007年)估计,在如今的情况下,二氧化碳浓度翻倍将造成3deg;C左右的升温,上下误差在1.5度左右。但该概要也声称,真实数据有少许可能还要高得多。一些近期的研究也猜测气温上升可能达到10deg;C之高。If that were true, disaster beckons. But a paper published in this weekrsquo;s Science, by Andreas Schmittner of Oregon State University, suggests it is not. In Dr Schmittnerrsquo;s analysis, the climate is less sensitive to carbon dioxide than was feared.如果这种猜测属实,灾难说来就来了(直译:灾难朝我们挥手)。但美国俄勒冈州立大学的安德烈亚斯-施密特纳在本周《科学》杂志上刊登的一篇报告认为,情况并非如此。在施密特纳士的分析中,气候对于二氧化碳的敏感性要低于先前的担忧。Existing studies of climate sensitivity mostly rely on data gathered from weather stations, which go back to roughly 1850. Dr Schmittner takes a different approach. His data come from the peak of the most recent ice age, between 19,000 and 23,000 years ago. His group is not the first to use such data (ice cores, fossils, marine sediments and the like) to probe the climatersquo;s sensitivity to carbon dioxide. But their paper is the most thorough. Previous attempts had considered only small regions of the globe. He has compiled enough information to make a credible stab at recreating the climate of the entire planet.现有的关于气候敏感性的研究主要基于气象站收集的数据,可以追溯到公元1850年左右。施密特纳士采用了另外一种方法。他的数据来源于最近一次冰河时期的顶峰(介于一万九千到两万三千年前之间)。他的团队不是第一个使用这些数据(冰芯,化石,海洋沉积物诸如此类)来探测气候对二氧化碳的敏感性的团队。但他们的报告是最全面彻底的。过去的研究只考虑了全球的小部分地区。而他汇编了足够的信息,可以确凿地尝试一下重建整个地球的气候模型。The result offers that rarest of things in climate science;a bit of good news. The grouprsquo;s most likely figure for climate sensitivity is 2.3deg;C, which is more than half a degree lower than the consensus figure, with a 66% probability that it lies between 1.7deg; and 2.6deg;C. More importantly, these results suggest an upper limit for climate sensitivity of around 3.2deg;C.研究的结果给出了气候科学中最为罕见之物;;一丁点好消息。该研究组给出最有可能的气候敏感性数字是2.3deg;C,比公认的数据低了半度多,并且该数字有66%的几率位于1.7deg;C到2.6deg;C之间。更重要的是,研究结果指出,气候敏感性的上限在3.2deg;C左右。Before you take the SUV out for a celebratory spin, though, it is worth bearing in mind that this is only one study, and, like all such, it has its flaws. The computer model used is of only middling sophistication, Dr Schmittner admits. That may be one reason for the narrow range of his teamrsquo;s results. And although the studyrsquo;s geographical coverage is the most comprehensive so far for work of this type, there are still blank areas;notably in Australia, Central Asia, South America and the northern Pacific Ocean. Moreover, some sceptics complain about the way ancient data of this type were used to construct a different but related piece of climate science: the so-called hockey-stick model, which suggests that temperatures have risen suddenly since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It will be interesting to see if such sceptics are willing to be equally sceptical about ancient data when they support their point of view.但是在你把SUV开出去兜风以作庆祝之前,要记住这只是一项研究而已,并且;;就如同所有这类研究一样;;研究自身也有缺陷。施密特纳士承认,该研究采用的电脑模型的复杂程度一般。这可能也是他的团队实验结果范围较窄的一个原因。而且,尽管这项研究的地理覆盖范围是迄今为止同类中最大的,它仍有空白区域;;尤其指澳洲,中亚,南美和北太平洋地区。此外,一些怀疑论者对这些远古数据被用来构建一个不同的但是相关的气候学分:所谓的;曲棍球棒模型;(认为气温自从工业革命以后就突然上升)满腹牢骚。看看当远古数据持这些怀疑论者的观点时,这些人是否还愿意以同等的怀疑态度对待,这一定会非常有趣。sensitive adj. 敏感的estimate v. 估计, 判断beckon v. 示意,召唤sensitivity n.敏感consensus n. 一致; 舆论comprehensive adj.全面的163510蚌埠脱毛去哪比较好

蚌埠美莱坞医院去眼袋多少钱Each year in the ed States, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed property - especially stock certificates, jewelry left in safe-deposit boxes, and seemingly forgotten money in checking accounts - are turned over to state governments by banks and companies that cannot locate the owners. The states, in turn, try to find these people.在美国,每年都有价值数千万美元的私人财产无人认领,其中包括股票券、保险箱里的珠宝首饰,以及在活期存款帐号上显然已经被遗忘的钱。由于找不到主人,或者公司不得不把这些东西和钱上交给州政府,由州政府负责去寻找主人。The mid-South state of Arkansas even makes a game of it. It calls it "The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt."美国中南部的阿肯色州甚至把这种“失物招领”变成一个游戏,叫做“大阿肯色州寻宝行动”。Each October, every newspaper in the state publishes a special section. There are no stories in it. No photographs. No advertisements. Nothing but page after boring page of names and people’s last known addresses. State auditor Charlie Daniels and his staff hope that people identified in that list will contact them and claim their cash and personal property.每年10月,州里的每份报纸都会推出一个专版,上面没有报导,没有照片,没有广告,有的只是非常单调的人名名单以及这些人最后为人所知的地址。阿肯色州审计员查利·丹尼尔斯和他的同事们希望相关人士看到那个名单后,能够和他们联系,找回属于自己的个人财产。Last year, that unclaimed treasure trove of everything from cash to diamonds and guns was valued at million. 去年,包括现金、钻石和在内的无人认领物品总价值达到2千200万美元。Charlie Daniels’ office puts the cash in the bank and the valuables in two big safes in the capital of Little Rock. It even holds onto some items that have only sentimental value, like World War Two medals, that are starting to turn up regularly, now that so many veterans of that war are dying. The state has even been known to hold onto false teeth and urns of cremated human remains.审计员丹尼尔斯和同事们把无人认领的现金存在,把其它贵重物品放在首府小石城的两个大保险箱里。他们保存了一些只有情感价值的东西,比如二战勋章。这种无人认领的勋章现在慢慢多起来了,因为越来越多二战退伍军人离开人世。阿肯色州政府甚至会保存假牙,以及骨灰盒。The right of the owner - or that person’s lawful heir - to claim this property or money never expires. Each year in Arkansas alone, about 15,000 families who join in the treasure hunt discover that they have inherited valuables they never knew existed. No lottery ticket anywhere can match the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt’s decent odds of paying off - sometimes quite handsomely.不管是物品的主人还是法定继承人,他们认领这些物品的时间没有期限。每年,仅仅在阿肯色州一个州,大约就有1万5千个参加寻宝行动的家庭会发现,他们居然能够继承到一些价值不菲而且他们以前从来不知晓其存在的物品。没有哪个州的票可以和大阿肯色州寻宝行动相比,因为寻宝行动常常会给人带来有时是相当可观的一笔财富呢。201104/132584 General Motors Says Its Expansion Plans in India On Track通用汽车称在印度扩展计划上轨道  U.S. automaker General Motors says its expansion plans are on track in India despite the troubles it faces in the ed States. General Motors is among several global auto companies hoping to tap the potential of emerging markets like India.美国通用汽车公司表示,尽管在美国面临重重困难,但其在印度的扩展计划已经上了轨道。通用汽车和全球其他几家汽车公司一样,希望开发像印度这样的潜在的新兴市场。Executives at General Motors in India were enthusiastic when they recently revealed a new version of the compact Spark Chevrolet, which runs on liquefied natural gas.最近,通用汽车在印度的主管们对新推出的一款小型雪佛兰乐驰充满热情。这款汽车以液化天然气为动力。The company, which has filed for bankruptcy in the ed States, says it is business as usual in India. 已经在美国申请破产的通用汽车表示,它在印度的业务一切正常。General Motors entered the Indian market in 2003, and sold nearly 66,000 cars last year - up 10 percent over the previous year. That is still way behind the market leader, Maruti Suzuki, which sells more than 10 times that number. 通用汽车2003年进入印度市场。去年售出近6万6千辆汽车,比上一年增加了10%。这个销售成绩仍远低于当地的汽车业翘楚铃木汽车。铃木汽车的销量是通用汽车的10倍多。General Motors, however, is hoping to expand its footprint in India. Last year, the company commissioned a new plant with a capacity to produce 140,000 cars. It says it is confident of raising funds for its expansion, and has no plans to reduce its 40,000-strong staff in India.然而,通用汽车希望扩大其在印度的版图。去年,通用汽车建成了一座可年产14万辆汽车的工厂。通用汽车表示,它不但很有信心为其扩展计划集资,而且没有减少在印度工作的4万名员工的计划。Yogendra Pratap, editor of the Auto Bild magazine in India, says the company has good reason to be optimistic. Sales are expected to grow strongly in the coming years in a country where only seven out of every 1,000 people own a car, and where the economy is growing despite the global recession.印度汽车杂志的编辑约根德拉.普拉塔普说,通用汽车有理由表示乐观。在这样一个1000个人中只有7个人拥有汽车的国家,未来几年,销售量有希望显著提高。而且,尽管全球经济衰退,印度仍保持着增长势头。"The planning for these companies has always been for the long term, to get market share and be in a position to exploit the market once the market is up and running," said Pratap. "India is still in its infancy, so all these companies want to be positioned right once the Indian car market matures."“对这些公司来讲,它们的计划都是长期的。目的是为了在市场恢复运转时能把握住市场份额并开发市场。印度的汽车市场还处在初期形态。所以这些公司想在印度市场成熟之前占领有利位置。”Like several other automakers, General Motors is pinning its hopes on the compact car segment, which accounts for four out of every five cars sold in India. 和其他几家汽车公司一样,通用汽车把希望寄托在占印度汽车销售80%的小型车市场。Besides the latest version of the Spark, it is introducing a new mini car later this year to compete with other popular small cars.除了最新款的乐驰,今年晚些时候,通用还会推出一款新的迷你车来和其他受欢迎的小型车抗衡。Pratap points out that these cars are very different from the ones General Motors sold in the ed States.普拉塔普指出,这些车和通用汽车在美国出售的汽车非常不同。"They have got a very strong product portfolio to do well in India. They are small cars, they are fuel efficient, they are not the huge suburban kind of trucks they sell in the U.S," said Pratap.“在印度,它们的产品优势非常明显。它们是小型车。它们省油。它们和那些在美国卖的大型卡车完全不同。”General Motors is not the only global automaker which has been making inroads into the Indian market in recent years. Companies such as BMW, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Audi have also made investments in the country, hoping to gain a foothold in the Indian car market.通用汽车不是全球唯一一家进入印度市场的汽车公司。像宝马、尼桑、本田、丰田还有奥迪都在印度投资,希望能在印度市场占有一席之地。06/74120安徽蚌埠医学院第一附属医院胎记多少钱禹会区妇幼保健人民中医院祛眼袋多少钱



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