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Israel, Syria Confirm Holding Peace Talks Mediated by Turkey以色列叙利亚实正举行间接和谈 Both Israel and Syria confirmed on Wednesday they are holding indirect peace talks mediated by Turkish officials.  以色列和叙利亚星期三都实,双方正在土耳其官员的调停下举行间接和平谈判。In nearly simultaneous statements officials in Jerusalem and Damascus said the two governments are talking with open minds and in good faith, with the aim of reaching a comprehensive peace agreement. Both governments thanked Turkey for its mediation efforts but neither government would discuss details of the talks.  以色列和叙利亚官员几乎同时发表声明说,两国政府正在开诚布公、诚心诚意地举行会谈,目的是达成全面和平协议。两国政府都感谢土耳其的调停工作,但是,两国政府都不愿透露会谈的细节。The discussions are the first high-level talks to take place since U.S. mediated negotiations between Israel and Syria broke down in 2000 over the issue of how far Israel would withdraw from the Golan Heights, which Israel captured in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. The talks are also taking place as Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is facing a corruption investigation over alleged misuse of campaign funds. 以色列和叙利亚曾经在美国的调停下进行谈判,但是由于双方在以色列撤离戈兰高地问题上争执不下,谈判于2000年终止。从那时以来,这是两国举行的第一次高层会谈。以色列在1967年的阿以战争中占领了戈兰高地。与此同时,以色列总理奥尔默特因被指控滥用竞选资金而面临腐败调查。Retired Israeli General Shlomo Gazit of Tel Aviv University says getting an agreement with the Syrians might not be that difficult, but getting the Israeli public to accept it will not be easy.  特拉维夫大学的以色列退役将军加齐特说,以色列和叙利亚达成协议也许并不难,但是要让以色列公众接受这项协议就不那么简单了。"Both sides know what the problems are what the positions are and all that is needed is a decision," said Gazit. "Unfortunately, with the present political weakness of Mr. Olmert on the Israeli side I do not see him coming back to the Israeli public with an agreement and saying this is my blueprint and I want your support."  加齐特说:“双方都清楚问题所在,双方也都清楚彼此的立场,唯一需要的是作出一个决定。遗憾的是,由于奥尔默特总理目前在以色列政坛上比较虚弱,我认为他不会对以色列公众说,这项协议是我的规划蓝图,我需要你们的持。”Senior officials from both sides including Prime Minister Olmert's Chief of Staff and senior diplomatic advisor have been meeting in Turkey since Monday. The talks are believed to have started last year after Mr. Olmert carried out a state visit to Turkey. 双方高级官员自星期一以来一直在土耳其会谈,其中包括奥尔默特总理的办公室主任和高级外交顾问。据信,双方的会谈自去年奥尔默特总理对土耳其进行国事访问以后就开始了。While Syria's top priority in the talks is re-gaining control of the Golan Heights, Israeli officials want Damascus to sever its close ties with Iran, and stop supporting Palestinian militant groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. 虽然在会谈中叙利亚的优先议题是重获对戈兰高地的控制,但是以色列官员要叙利亚切断与伊朗的密切关系,并且停止持巴勒斯坦激进组织,比如哈马斯和伊斯兰圣战者组织。Israeli officials say the talks with Syria will not affect ongoing peace negotiations between Israel and the moderate Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas. A spokesman for Mr. Abbas welcomed news of the Israel-Syria talks, but Shlomo Gazit of Tel Aviv University says any agreement with Syria will complicate a possible settlement with the Palestinians.  以色列官员说,以色列和叙利亚之间的会谈不会影响以色列和温和的巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯之间正在进行的和谈。阿巴斯主席的一名发言人对色列和叙利亚举行会谈的消息表示欢迎。但是特拉维夫大学的加齐特说,以色列和叙利亚达成的任何协议都将使以色列和巴勒斯坦之间的协议更加复杂化。"Israeli public opinion will be very quick to respond and to say if we have to withdraw from all or most parts of the Golan Heights we are not in a position simultaneously to withdraw settlements from the West Bank," he said.  加齐特说:“以色列的公众舆论会很快对此作出反应,人们会说,如果我们不得不从戈兰高地的所有或大部分地区撤离的话,那我们就不能同时也从约旦河西岸的定居点撤离。”Israel and Syria have fought three wars in the past 60 years and have also clashed in Lebanon. Since Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967, 18,000 Israelis have moved there and the area is now a popular tourist destination. A statement from the Golan settlers rejected any agreement that would require them to leave the area. About 18,000 Druse Arabs who consider themselves Syrian nationals also live on the Golan where large numbers of Israeli and Syrian troops are separated by a force of U.N. peacekeepers. 以色列和叙利亚在过去的60年里有过三次交战,而且双方在黎巴嫩也发生过冲突。自1967年以色列从叙利亚手中夺取戈兰高地以来,已经有1万8千以色列人搬迁到那里。目前戈兰高地已经成为一个受欢迎的旅游地点。戈兰高地的犹太定居者发表声明说,他们拒绝任何要求他们离开该地区的协议。戈兰高地还居住着大约1万8千名认为自己是叙利亚人的德鲁士族阿拉伯人。驻扎在戈兰高地的一联合国维和部队把大量以色列军队和叙利亚军队隔开。 200805/39719South Korea Says North's Nuclear Compromise May Be Near韩国就北韩核问题提出妥协方案 South Korean officials are suggesting a compromise aimed at reviving efforts to get rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons may not be far off. The ed States and North Korea have been negotiating intensively on a means of confirming the accuracy of the nuclear declaration Pyongyang made earlier this year. The potential breakthrough comes at a moment of brinksmanship by the North.韩国官员提出妥协性方案,目的是不让恢复解除北韩核武器的努力落空。美国和北韩一直在进行密集的谈判,以核实北韩今年早些时候公开的核活动清单的准确性。在北韩采取边缘外交政策的同时,这个问题有可能取得突破。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan told reporters in Seoul Friday the ed States will probably announce soon whether it intends to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism.韩国外长柳明桓星期五在首尔对记者说,美国有可能很快宣布是否把北韩从美国国务院涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上删除。Washington promised last year to take the North off that list, as part of a broader international deal that committed Pyongyang to declare and disable its main nuclear programs.华盛顿去年承诺把北韩从这个名单上除名,作为一项广泛的国际协议的一部分。根据这项协议,平壤宣布废弃其主要的核设施。President Bush delayed the scheduled removal in August, because North Korea refused to agree on steps for verifying the declaration it submitted earlier in the year was accurate. The North responded by ejecting international inspectors from the reprocessing facility at its main nuclear plant in Yongbyon. The ed Nations said Friday Pyongyang had informed inspectors they will now be denied access to any part of the Yongbyon complex. North Korea threatened earlier this month to resume deriving material useable for weapons from spent nuclear fuel.今年8月,布什总统推迟了原定的除名计划,因为北韩不同意采取措施,核实它今年早些时候提交的核清单是准确的。对此,北韩作出的回应是把国际核查员从它在宁边的主要核工厂驱赶出去。联合国星期五表示,平壤通知核查人员,他们现在不得进入宁边设施的任何地方。本月早些时候,北韩还威胁将恢复从废弃的核燃料中提取制造武器所需的材料。The South's Minister Yu says diplomacy may produce some movement on the stalemate soon.韩国外长柳明桓表示,外交手段对解决目前的僵持局面有可能起到某种促进作用。He says the US government is expected to make a decision on the terrorism list in the near future, and that discussions on a verification protocol are still under way.柳明桓说,美国政府预计在不久的将来会决定是否把北韩从涉嫌持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名,而核实核清单的讨论仍在进行之中。Yu pointed out that even though international inspectors have been denied access to Yongbyon, they are still being housed in North Korean dormitories near the complex and not expelled from the country. He says a compromise deal would focus narrowly on the North's plutonium-related nuclear activities.柳明桓指出,尽管国际核查员被拒绝进入宁边核工厂,但是他们仍然住在靠近核工厂附近的宿舍里,并没有被赶出北韩。他说,妥协性协议的涉及面很窄,将主要集中在北韩与金属钸有关的核活动上面。He says other issues, particularly that of a suspected North Korean uranium enrichment program, will be handled later on, as it is impossible to deal with every issue at once.他说,其它议题,特别是北韩涉嫌提炼浓缩铀的计划将在以后处理,因为一次不可能解决所有的问题。Washington's chief envoy on the nuclear issue, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, met with senior North Korean officials last week in Pyongyang and is still conferring with his superiors in Washington. The Bush administration has not made any substantial details of the latest negotiations public.华盛顿核武器谈判特使,助理国务卿希尔上个星期同北韩官员在平壤举行了会晤,他仍在和华盛顿的上级进行商议。布什政府还没有把最新几轮谈判的实质性细节公布于众。Dan Pinkston, a Seoul-based analyst with the International Crisis Group, speculates Washington and Pyongyang may soon reach a verification compromise.平克斯顿是“国际危机组织”驻首尔的分析人士。他推测,华盛顿和平壤很快会就核实核清单的问题达成一项妥协性协议。"And that gets very technical and very detailed as far as environmental samples, and when and where they can take those samples, access to individual scientists and engineers for interviews, and records, and which kind of sites are available," Pinkston said. "And the technical people will have to work that out, and I'm sure there's been some lengthy discussions about that."“这是一个技术性很强的问题,而且就环境样品而言,内容也非常繁琐,例如什么时候以及在什么地方可以得到这些样片,能否接触到科学家和工程师本人进行访问并查看记录,以及哪一类设施可以接受核查等。这些都是技术人员要解决的问题。我相信,双方已经就这些问题进行了长时间的谈判。”Pinkston believes it makes sense to delay issues unrelated to North Korea's plutonium programs like the one at Yongbyon. He says other matters can be handled after next month's U.S. presidential election."Wrapping up this second phase, disablement, would be a positive step - and we could move toward the dismantlement phase with the new administration in the U.S.," he said.North Korea conducted a nuclear test explosion in 2006. Several international media reports have reported possible suspicious activity at the site of that test, suggesting Pyongyang may be planning a followup.北韩在2006年进行过一次核试验。几家国际媒体的报道暗示,平壤有可能计划再进行一次核试验,因为那个试验场地发现有可疑活动。200810/52538US Finds Serious Flaws in Burma's Draft Constitution美国国务院批评缅甸新宪法草案  The U.S. State Department said Thursday Burma's new draft constitution provides little hope for real change in the military-ruled Southeast Asian country. To be voted on in a May 10 referendum, the draft would leave major power in the hands of the military.  美国国务院星期四说,缅甸的新宪法草案为真正改变被军方控制的国家提供的希望非常渺茫。新宪法草案将在5月10号进行全民公决。这部宪法将主要的权力集中在军方手中。 The ed States was an harsh critic of the Burmese constitution-writing process because it largely excluded the political opposition.  美国严厉批评缅甸制定宪法的程序,因为这部宪法基本上把反对派政党排除在外。Now, the State Department says the draft produced by the country's long-running national convention provides scant hopes for those looking for democratic change. 现在,美国国务院说,由缅甸的国民大会召开旷日持久的会议制定的宪法没有为那些期待民主变革的人提供多少希望。Published Wednesday, the nearly-200-page constitutional draft would reserve one-quarter of the seats in both houses of parliament for military officers, and give the country's military chief the right to suspend the constitution at any time.  这份将近200多页的宪法草案在星期三公布,根据这份草案,议会上下两院的席位有四分之一预先留给军官,同时,草案给予军队最高领导人在任何时候终止宪法的权力。Another clause bars anyone who has been married to a foreign national from holding political office, a provision that appears tailor-made to exclude opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, once married to a British national. 另外一项条款禁止同外国人结过婚的人担任政治职务,这项条款显然是要将曾经同英国人结婚的反对派领袖昂山素季排除在外。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said U.S. officials have made only a preliminary analysis of the draft but said a first ing indicates some issues of serious concern. 在一次新闻发布会上,美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,美国官员仅仅对草案作了初步的分析,但是,麦科马克说,最初的分析就已经显示出一些令人严重担忧的问题。"It, at first glance, would appear intended only to perpetuate the rule of the existing military junta in Burma," he said. "It does not provide for the kind of open, serious and sustained dialogue with the democratic opposition forces in Burma that we as well as other members of the international community have called for, and that for example Aung San Suu Kyi has called for."  麦科马克说:“宪法草案一看就知道是只想让现在的缅甸军政权的统治永久持续下去。它并没有为缅甸的反对力量提供那种开放的、认真的和持久的对话。这样的对话是美国和国际社会的其他成员所要求的,也是昂山素季等人士所要求的。""So at first glance this draft constitution that the regime intends to put to a vote does not give much hope to those who are looking for real democratic change in Burma," he added."一看宪法草案就知道,缅甸当局想要让全民公决的这项宪法草案不要为那些希望缅甸发生真正的民主变革的人提供多少希望。”Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party, the NLD, won national elections in 1990 but was barred from taking power. The Nobel Peace Laureate has been under detention most of the time since then. 昂山素季领导的全国民主联盟在1990年的全国选举中获得胜利,但是被禁止执掌权力。诺贝尔奖获得者昂山素季从那时开始大部分时间一直被软禁在家。In comments Wednesday, President Bush said he was disappointed with political progress made in Burma, and said the military authorities need to understand that they should not fear their own people. 布什总统星期三说,他对缅甸取得的政治进程感到失望,他说,缅甸军政权应该知道他们不应该害怕自己的人民。The NLD walked out of the 14-year-long national convention in 1995 because of restrictive rules and was later expelled altogether. It has urged Burmese to vote against the draft on May 10. 全国民主联盟1995年从有14年之久的国民大会中退出,原因是该机构的限制性规定太多,后来该联盟被国民大会除名。全国民主联盟敦促缅甸人民在5月10号对宪法草案投反对票。The military government Thursday accused the NLD of taking directives from unnamed foreign embassies which it claimed were trying to destabilize the country. 军政府星期四谴责全国民主联盟受未指名的外国大使馆的指使,军政府称这些大使馆试图破坏缅甸的国家稳定。Asked about the charge of foreign meddling, State Department Spokesman McCormack called it a "canard." 国务院发言人麦科马克在谈到有关外国干涉的指控时说,这是一个“毫无根据的指责”。He said Aung San Suu Kyi and others pushing for democratic change are Burmese patriots who had been working for a better future for the country long before the international spotlight became focused on them.  他说,昂山素季和其他推动缅甸民主变革的人是缅甸的爱国者,他们在国际社会关注他们之前就一直致力于让缅甸的未来更加美好。 200804/34268Hostess: Advertisers have used beauty to sell fashion and glamour products to women for decades and now it's being used to hawk other products too,everything from beer ,the breakfast food to cars,like this one,from General Motors.Chev(rolet) Cobalt has more standard horsepower than the TOYOTA Corolla or HONDA Civic and the 5-year, 60 thousand-mile power- train warranty. 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So) or ability to choose products in an intelligent way,like someone is like figuring you out untill you're ing about their product.Barbara Lippert: It's not flattering your intellegence,you know.Hostess: It's not .Does that bother you?Barbara Lippert: Yeah,I, some of them are better than others as with the Citi Bank thing ,but I do think that advertisers wanna use the familar,because they only have a tiny bit amount of time to get your attention,and so they think they will with this, if they showed you an asprin pill ,or if they showed you an ugly-looking flap jack,you know, you really wouldn't look.Hostess: All right,Barbara Lippert from ADWEEK ,thanks ,as always.200807/44606

Thanks to Boylan's drawing, within 6 weeks, police follow a trail of evidence to this man, Richard Allen Davis, who looks nothing like the original police sketch, but very much like the man Boylan has drawn.Eventually Davis confesses not only to kidnapping Polly but also to her murder.The nation joins the Klaas's family in mourning the loss of 12-year-old Polly.Even though Jeanne Boylan's work was instrumental in the capture and conviction of Polly's killer, sadly there is always a new case for her to solve.I think that Jeanne Boylan has a great gift, that she has a gift from the gods which law enforcement should continue to use.Despite her impressive record of success, Boylan denies that she has any special talent. She believes her methods can be taught to other law enforcement sketch artists and if they are applied in a timely manner, they can even save lives.I think it's just sitting down and, and having empathy and having compassion for someone that's been through a horrible ordeal, and taking the time to listen which is a luxury oftentimes police don't have. Sometimes a pad and pencil is the best weapon to catch a criminal, but in the computer age, agents have to rely on technology and imagination.Fingertips stab at a keyboard, bloodshot eyes glare at a glowing computer screen. A small band of cyber thieves called the Phonemasters are in the midst of a massive Internet crime spree.They've been stealing calling card numbers and top-secret information to sell on the black market. They've even managed to steal unlisted phone numbers at the highest levels of the ed States government, an electronic invasion that seriously threatens national security.They actually looked at Bill Clinton's mother, and got her telephone information so every place that she called, all things and places that were calling her. And then, then they had a list of numbers from White House. And so they had, they had some extensive knowledge and really get into systems that they really should've never been in.FBI agent Mike Morris is in charge of an impossible mission- to arrest people he can't identify with technology that hasn't even been invented yet.We're real concerned about the Phonemasters in that, this group had penetrated phone switches and phone systems throughout the ed States.Morris like most Americans in 1994 knows very little about computers and the Internet. But he wonders if the FBI could possibly wiretap computer hackers the same way that it taps phone calls.instrumental (in) : helpful, useful, serving to assistempathy: entering into the feelings of another, sympathy, vicarious emotion, understandingoftentimes: often200810/51399

My husband does not lie to me. Most men lie, but my husband doesn't lie. Of course, everybody lies.Robi Ludwing is a psychotherapist. Steve Santagati is with Men's Journal. Good morning to both of you.Good morning. Ok, let's start this off. Everybody lies, (that's true)men, men and women.(Actually...) Is there any proof that women lie less than men?No, I haven't seen it; in fact, women and lie, probably, women and men probably lie at the same amount. But women and men lie about different things. So when women lie, it's usually more complimentary or altruistic, the white lies, they are kind of nice to make you feel better (you're lovely to make this way according to the studies. That's right. Women are only giving white lies according to the website when you did at home?Wow. Santagati is often winning.No, it's just...And men, I have got it aly, I'm not even winning myself. And men lie about self-aggrandizing themselves. So,in any event, she's outrageous here.What will men ( do) to take care of ourselves?We, so lying started as a servile technique and it went a little crazy, men, a lot of time, will lie because when we tell women the truth, they go nuts. So it's that Jack Nickelson(a famous actor)--you can't handle the truth.(Well, they can handle it...) They do avoid it, but it's not only the women. Men lie to other men. They lie about sex, they lie about how much they made, they lie to make themselves feel better. Lying is a(This, all right.) way to increase one's self-esteem. She is making a scene a lot worse than what we really are. We lie because men, our whole thing, is to be powerful. And we don't wanna seem vulnerable; and we don't wanna seem weak. So if we lie a little, you know. And also.....Was it, was it, when it comes to the man and woman thing,(Yeah.) is it because men don't like confrontation, we can't say we tell this, this, this white lie, for example, did this jeans make me look fat?Right, exactly. (Never tells truth.)And that's a great, and that's a great point. Sometimes lies are not deliberate, they are spontaneous. So a man feels like he's being put on the spot in the moment and he comes up with something that won't hurt another person's feeling. So it's not all ill-intended. Not rightly so, you showed it as there is a time, there is a time to lie, and there is a time to tell the truth.When is it the time to lie, Steve? When, when the truth, when the truth is either going to be unproductive, ur,destructive or just doesn't really matter for the situation whatever it might be the time.And there are different kinds of lies I mean.....I am gonna say is it ok, are there times when it's ok to lie because look, I've got kids and I tell them it's not ok to lie, (Right. Right.) but where we do and say two different things. Right, you know, white lies you don't wanna get yourself in trouble. Obviously, you don't want hurting another person's feeling. But if folk, if you are chronically lying about very important things, then it interferes with having trust in a relationship. And without trust you can't have a good relationship. It interferes with the foundation. But now I see you talk about, when you are seeing a woman(Right.) that you really like and you start off telling the truth. That's right. Something happenes.When you start telling the truth, and all of a sudden, the way we should response to. It's so dramatic and it adds so much aggravation of the relationship. She started building a liar. Women can build liars by the way when they react. Let's say for example I tell you the truth and you don't like the truth. Right,Like in the green room. Think. Like in the green room.Think, breathe and talk to me like an adult and I will tell you the truth every single time. But If I see that you are acting crazy, I wanna be like en, en,a lie is easier. I actually, I am in agreement with Steve. You know, if you urh,pretend a little bit(all right, I am not a liar ). ...I might be lying. But If you basically can handle,and let a person know listen, I am open to hearing what you have to say. Then you are more likely hear the truth from somebody who isn't inclined to be honest that our people, no matter how you react or what you do,'(they are gonna lie to you) they just, they just want to lie because they can't deal with reality. And I think the big thing is to tell the truth when it's really important, and you'll know that there is a guy cause you feel really noxious right before you can tell the truth.(God) And you know what, and just going to women,Tell me you want to date him now? Yeah. No, no, no. Women are stronger than we give them credit for a lot of time. They don't always react to the truth in such a crazy way.So start off honest.(start off honest) but it doesn't work, then lie.(then lie)Ok. There you go.no, We are just kidding. We're Kidding. We have to always be honest. That's right.That's always.And I am, I am honest when I have to tell you we've got to go. Ok. That's right, Al.Thank you.And by the way, it's nice to see you all guys and thanks a lot.200808/45320

Female Anchor: Earlier this year, a CDC study suggested that the people who were a little bit overweight might be healthier than normal weight individuals. That would be great if it was true. But many experts said no such luck. Dr. Jonathan Waitman is a clinical nutrition specialist with Weill-Cornell Medical Center's Comprehensive Weight Control Program, well, that's a malform(malformation) , huh, huh, huh……Dr. Waitman, good morning.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Hi.Female Anchor: What was your reaction when you first heard that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman:Well, my reaction was what would happen if the study came out that says smoking half a pack of the cigarettes was actually good for you. That would be a wrong message to send, and it would contradict all the other data that we have. So you have to look very closely at that study that came out, and when you look at it, you'll find that it's very flawed.Female Anchor: Because we know that increased weight carries with that a host of problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, certain types of cancer, heart disease, (right)and with women in particular, there're some some very, ur, ur, specific concerns, breast cancer.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And endometrial cancer. Both occurred at higher rates in people who have excess weight.Female Anchor: So you start, let's start this by giving a very rough outline of what a woman should weigh. And you say for every, for five feet you give them 100 pounds, and every inch after that, you get another five pounds.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And this is for ideal body weight, and what people have to remember is that this doesn't take into account muscle, and it doesn't differentiate muscle from fat tissue.Female Anchor: Because muscle weighs more than fat?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! So anyone who has, let's say 160 pounds, and they're five feet five or something like that. If they're extremely muscular, that might be a healthy weight for them, but if they have a lot of fat tissue, they do need to look into weight loss.Female Anchor: One of the things I have heard a lot is something called body mass index, (ur, huh) what is that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Body mass index is also a function of your height and your weight, and it doesn't take into account different body types also.Female Anchor: And one of the things that people assume is that if you're overweight, that's just unsightly, and that really isn't, that's not all... , that is metabolically active. What do you mean by that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: I try when I talk to people about their weight, I try to concentrate on getting them to a healthier weight, it's not getting them back into their tuxedo they wore when they were in high school, or their wedding gown, but getting to a healthier weight and reducing their risks for diabetes, and cancer, and heart disease,really the biggest killers in our society.Female Anchor: And sometimes that can be just, just a way loss of maybe ten or fifteen pounds.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! And people forget that, and they concentrate on getting to their goal weight, or their ideal body weight. But what's more important is losing five to ten percent of your body weight, someone who loses 7% of the body weight can reduce the risk of diabetes by almost 60%.Female Anchor: Ok, I wanna go back to this metabolically active, because in particular, with particular concentration on women, fat produces estrogen, right?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right!Female Anchor: And so what happens with estrogen?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Well, we think that's why people who are, women who are overweight have increased risk for breast cancer.Female Anchor: So, and so this fat isn't just sitting around you, it's kind of like an organ.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: It's actually, it's an endocrine organ, producing hormones, and promoting inflammation also that we think contributes to the metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease.Female Anchor: For women who are approaching menopause, so, is that a more difficult task to get that weight off, and because you're getting closer to menopause is more important than to get it off, because it might have come off after the menopause.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: It's absolutely important at any point of time to try to get the weight off, and it is more difficult as women approach menopause, so if you start earlier and get the weight off earlier, you're gonna have less work later on.Female Anchor: Why is that?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Well, we think it's because metabolism slows down, and their hormone are on changes, / obviously it takes place from a menopause.Female Anchor: Ultimately this is about a good health, we wanna it, live the rest of our lives in good health(Absolutely.), and we don't wanna be in the hospital a lot or the injure that what have you, and there are other factors that / keep in mind, when you're looking at your overall health: No.1 diet, physical activity, waist circumference, so, what is that? We want to be less than 35 inches?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Right! 35 inches for women.Female Anchor: Why?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: And the reason why is because the fat that accumulates around the abdomen, which is also called visceral adiposity is the worst fat for you, it's metabolically active, it promotes inflammation, and it's associated with heart disease and diabetes, so it's the weight around the belly that's really the worst for you.Female Anchor: Yeah! That when you take on that abdomen shape.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: The good news is when you lose five or ten percent of you body weight, a lot of that weight comes from that area,disproportionally.Female Anchor: What do we need to do? I mean, is it a continuous struggle for the rest of our lives? And what do you say the women who've been battling their weight for their entire life?Dr. Jonathan Waitman: I say this is a life style issue. And you can't think of it as a dieting that sticks up, sticks with us for two weeks, and you can't think of it as going to the gym once a week for a month or two, you have to change your life style, you have to incorporate physical activity into your daily activities, take stairs, do things like that, and you have to make choices everyday, if you reduce your calories everyday by about a hundred calories, you can lose ten pounds over the course of a year.Female Anchor: Yeah! And it's slow and steady.Dr. Jonathan Waitman: Small changes can make a huge difference.Female Anchor: Dr. Jonathon Waitman, thanks.200807/43688

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