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湖州激光祛斑湖州安吉县无痕丰胸手术费用The Litvinenko inquiry利特维年科案的调查Murder most mystifying扑朔迷离的谋杀案Truth, perhaps, about a Kremlin hit-job—but little prospect of justice也许会揭开克里姆林宫特工职务的真相,但取回公道的希望一片渺茫AN OBSCURE refugee from Russia when he died in London in 2006, Alexander Litvinenko became famous only after his death. The former security policeman mixed with murky figures. He had received an allowance from a fugitive Russian tycoon, Boris Berezovsky. He was advising Britains Secret Intelligence Service in an Anglo-Spanish operation which investigated links between Russian gangsterdom and the Kremlins inner circle. He had made lurid allegations about Vladimir Putins private life and about the way the Russian leader had gained power. Any of those could have a bearing on his agonising fate—poisoning with polonium.来英寻求政治避难的俄国特工亚历山大·利特维年科一直是名不见经传。他于2006年在伦敦去世后,才成为众人皆知的人物。利特维曾是原俄罗斯联邦安全局的一名特工,与几大阴暗人物打过交道。他曾收受俄罗斯逃亡寡头别列佐夫斯基的补助,为参与英西联合行动的英国秘密情报局出谋划策,此次行动旨在调查俄罗斯黑社会与克里姆林宫核心集团之间的关联。他曾指控费拉基米尔·普京的私人生活,以及俄罗斯领导人的集权方式,可谓是骇人听闻。无论哪种行为,都可能与他悲苦的命运—死于钋中毒—有所关联。Mr Litvinenkos widow Marina has fought a dogged, dignified and cash-strapped battle for a public inquiry into the case. The government blocked this, citing unspecified national-security concerns. But it flip-flopped in July 2014 as Britains relations with Russia iced over. The inquiry began this week. Mrs Litvinenkos lawyer spoke of an “act of nuclear terrorism” on Londons streets.为了让英国政府公开调查此案件,利特维年科的遗孀玛丽娜在资金不足的情况下坚持四处奔走,不卑不亢。政府当局以未指明的国家安全为理由对其加以阻挠。但是,2014年6月份,由于英俄关系不断僵化,英国政府对此事的态度突然好转,并于本周开始展开调查。利特维年科夫人的律师提到伦敦街道发生的“核恐怖主义行为”。Some evidence will be heard in secret: it may involve Mr Litvinenkos ties with Britains spooks, but the most vital bit is thought to be an intercept of a Russian official communication, obtained by America and shared with Britain, showing that the Kremlin knew and approved of the murder plot. Officials decline to comment on that.有些据将会得到秘密听审,可能包括利特维年科与英国特工之间的往来联系,但据认为,至关重要的据是美国窃听俄罗斯某家官方通信机构并与英国分享的通信信息。窃听信息表明,克里姆林宫知晓并准许了这起策划谋杀案。政府官员表示不对此作出。Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun, whom Britains authorities named as the assassins, are in Moscow; they insist they are innocent and will not be taking part.英国当局将安德烈·卢戈沃伊和德米特里·科夫通两人列为暗杀嫌疑犯。他们现在莫斯科,并坚持称自己与此案无关,不会参与案件的调查。翻译:石海霞 校对:毛慧译文属译生译世 /201502/358829湖州玻尿酸的价格 Anti-Semitism反犹太主义Be not afraid莫怕莫怕Britain is nowhere near as anti-Semitic as is supposed英国人远不及料想中那么反犹太IN ONE Jewish school in London, pupils drill for a possible terrorist attack. A synagogue has cancelled a childrens trip to Disneyland in France. Police and community groups have stepped up patrols in Jewish areas. After the murderous attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris on January 9th, British Jews are scared. Should they be?在伦敦当地的一所犹太学校里,学生们为随时可能发生的恐怖袭击进行着日常演练。一个犹太教堂也取消了孩子们去往法国迪士尼之旅。警察和社区组织已加强在犹太区的巡逻。在1月9号发生在巴黎一家犹太超市的谋杀事件之后,英国的犹太人恐慌了。那么他们应该恐慌么?Jews worried even before the killings. In a study of British Jews last year by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR), almost 70% said that they felt anti-Semitism had increased in the past five years. Considering the atrocities in Paris, it should come as no surprise that many Jews feel uneasy in a way that they have not for some time, says Ephraim Mirvis, Britains chief rabbi. But he cautions against alarmism. Indeed: though some statistics suggest otherwise, anti-Semitism is not rising.甚至在巴黎恐怖狂潮之前犹太人就已经草木皆兵了。一份来自犹太政策研究所(JPR)的针对英国犹太人的研究表明,有近70%的犹太人表示他们感觉反犹太主义在过去的五年不断滋长。见识过巴黎的暴行事件,也就不讶异会有那么多的犹太人在某种程度上会神经紧绷过一段时间,英国拉比首领莲莫维斯表示。但他也反对危言耸听。事实上:尽管一些数据也显示出犹太人犹如惊弓之鸟的心理,但反犹太主义并没有上涨。Research last year from the Pew Global Attitudes survey suggests that just 7% of Britons harbour unfavourable views of Jews. That is a little less than in France and much lower than in Italy or Greece, where the rates are 24% and 47% respectively. The figure in Britain has been fairly stable—hovering between 7% and 9%—for a decade, points out Daniel Staetsky of JPR. Levels of prejudice against Muslims are higher in Britain, as in other European countries.去年皮尤全球民意调查的一份研究表示,仅有7%的英国人对犹太人有偏见。这样的人数比例高于法国,且远比意大利和希腊低,意大利和希腊的偏见人群比例分别是24%和47%。JPR的Daniel Staetsky指出,英国的这一数据已经相当稳定了——十年间一直在7%与9%之间波动。相比于其他欧洲国家,英国人对穆斯林的偏见水平较高。The Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that monitors anti-Semitic incidents, reckons that there were 529 in 2013, the lowest tally since 2005. None involved grievous violence. But the outfit reckons that there was an uptick in 2014. The first half of the year saw a 36% increase on 2013. Last July the CST recorded 302 incidents, its highest ever monthly total. Londons Metropolitan Police say the numbers of hate crimes against Jews reported last year almost doubled, though they remain low.社区安全互信(CST),一个监控着反犹太主义事件的慈善机构,统计出在2013年有529起反犹太主义事件,是自2005年起的历史最低。但该组织预测在2014年此类事件发生频率会有所上升。2014年上半年在2013年的基础上增加了36%。去年7月,CST统计了302起反犹太主义事件,创下了月份总计的新高。伦敦大都会警察表示,去年对反犹太犯罪控诉的数量几乎翻了一番,尽管他们仍然保持低水平。That has much to do with events elsewhere in the world. Anti-Semitic incidents tend to track violence in the Middle East. A sharp rise in coincided with Israels assault on the Gaza Strip. A rise in 2014 would coincide with Israels summer incursion into Gaza. Criticism of Israel is not the same as anti-Semitism, and the CST is careful to distinguish between the two. But, the organisation points out, the former can be used to bash Jews more generally.这与世界上其他国家发生的事情有很大的关系。反犹太主义事件有沿袭中东暴力事件的趋势。在年恰逢以色列加沙地带袭击事件,反犹太主义事件发生次数明显上升。而在2014年的数量上升可能与以色列侵入加沙有关。对以色列地区犯罪的批评和对反犹太主义不易昂,CST也很小心仔细的区分这两类事件。但是,该组织指出,前者更普遍能用于攻击犹太人。The CST also notes that many incidents occur around the Jewish high holy days, when more people are going to and from synagogues. In 2013 incidents most commonly involved public verbal abuse hurled at visibly Jewish people, including shouts of “Heil Hitler” and “fucking Jewish bastards”. Changes in the demography of British Jews may exacerbate this. The haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, are a growing proportion of British Jews. Their clothes mark them out clearly as Jewish, as do the schools they attend and the areas where they live. As their numbers swell, abuse could increase, even as anti-Semitism more generally does not budge.CST还注意到,在犹太人的神圣日许发生了多事件,而这一天的犹太教堂也人来人往。2013年的发生的事件大多是涉及到公共场合对犹太人的辱骂,包括向他们喊“希特勒万岁”和“娘养的犹太混蛋”。英国的犹太人人口结构的改变很可能刺激这类事件发生。正统派,或是极端正统派是英国犹太人中正不断壮大的团体。他们的衣着明显表明他们是犹太人,在他们的学校和居住的区域身着此类装大方出入。随着他们人数的增加,对他们的恶言也会随之增加,甚至是反犹太主义也会逐步增加。译者:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201502/357557湖州脱毛哪家好

湖州市康复医院激光点痣多少钱We are back with Ashton Kutcher.can you tell us everybodys so hush hush about whats going on我们回来了 这是Ashton Kutcher 能告诉我为什么每个人都对剧情如此保密呢can you tell us anything about whats happening on the show.No Okay关于剧情 可以透露点吗 不行 好吧I mean its very hush hush whats going on,why is that.thats what you said. Yes and I repeated it. Yes我想说 剧情是密不可言的 何出此言 那是你说的 是的 我只是重复一下 是的you know what it is,I think theres a lot interest in whats gonna happen你知道这是什么吗 我觉得大家都很好奇会发生什么and I think like in a day and age when all the things shared all over the place all over the time在这个信息满天飞的时代 不论何时何地 当所有的事情都能共享的时候I think its sometimes really good to keep it a secret我觉得保持神秘感会更有趣一些and I think theres a lot of drama about whats gonna happen with Charlie and how are they gonna do with this new character而且关于Charlie发生了什么 会有许多版本 他们和这个新角色如何相处I cant say that Im playing an orginal character on the show我不能说我扮演的是剧中原来的角色Im not playing Charlie Harper replacing Charlie in anyway,my character is a whole new character无论怎样 我都不是代替Charlie演Charlie Harper这个角色 我的角色是个全新的角色and I think its been revealed that I am is a internet billionaire investor guy,but thats all I can really say我想这个我可以说 我扮演的是个亿万富翁 搞网络投资的 我能说的就这么多了But you brought a clip and we are the only one,I feel very honored you brought a clip但你还是带了一段视频 只在我们节目上放 荣幸之至 你能送上这视频this is like gonna be really revealing in so much that its sort of like the pinnacle of the first episode这段视频会泄露很多 基本上算是第一集的精华nobody have seen anything from the first episode,this is gonna be the first thing that everybody will see.I know thank you for bringing it还没有人看过任何内容的第一集片段 这将是所有人看到的第一眼 我知道 非常感谢你带来这个Hi Im walden.My characters name is Walden.Alright so now we have that and Im nude again- Again嗨 我是Walden 我的角色的名字叫walden 好吧 我们看了这么个片段 我再一次裸了 再一次 /201605/444861湖州雾眉好还是纹眉好 Metal thieves in Germany德国偷金属的贼Stealing steel金属窃贼偷窃钢材Why the trains are late火车晚点的原因In the wee hours of a recent morning a young man with a rucksack was sauntering along the railway line near Grossbeeren. When stopped by two policemen he told them he had missed his train. Being of a suspicious nature, they asked him to open his rucksack. And, behold, they found clippers,gloves, a torch and 24kg (53lbs) of copper cable. “Ah,” said the young man,“you seem to have caught me.”最近一个早上,一名青年男子身背帆布包,在凌晨时分沿着大贝伦附近的铁路线鬼祟前行。在被两名巡警拦下时,他告诉警察自己没赶上火车。秉着警察多疑的职业直觉,他们要求男子打开帆布包。您瞧!警察在包里发现了剪刀,手套,手电,还有重达24千克(53磅)的铜电缆。“啊哦,看来我被你们抓到了。”年轻人说。Such incidents happen almost daily somewhere along Deutsche Bahn’s 33,500km (21,000 miles) of track. And the thieves are not always unambitious amateurs. Last month some rather more organised criminals lifted 2km of copper wire and cable between Hanover and Hamburg. The line had to be closed for eight hours and 100 trains had to be diverted. The cost hits not only Deutsche Bahn’s bottom line but also its tattered reputation.在德国联邦铁路33,500千米(21,000英里)的轨道沿线上,这类事件几乎每天都会上演。但小偷们不总是这么胸无大志,手法业余。上月,一些更有组织的罪犯团伙盗走了汉诺威到汉堡路段间2千米的铜丝和铜电缆,该路段不得不关闭8小时,100列火车被迫作出调整。该事件不仅令联邦铁路公司蒙受巨大损失,还损害了公司本已不佳的声誉。Last year was a good one for metal thievery (in Germanyand beyond) because the copper price was so high. Robbers were getting 6 () a kilo. Deutsche Bahn suffered more than 3,000 thefts affecting 11,000 trains and causing 150,000 minutes of delays. Most of the booty is shipped to neighbouring countries. But the odds of being caught are about one in five. And there are plans to collar even more coppersnatchers.去年对德国境内以及周边国家的金属小偷们而言是个好年头,因为铜价高居不下,盗贼们偷来的铜制品能卖到每公斤6欧元(7美元)。联邦铁路公司共遭受盗窃事件3,000余起,导致11,000列火车受到影响,造成延误共计150,000分钟。大部分赃物被运往德国周边国家。可是被抓住的几率约为五分之一。政府现已制定抓捕计划,欲缉拿更多的盗铜贼归案。On July 10th Deutsche Bahn and fellow sufferers Deutsche Telekom and RWE, an electricity company, announced an alliance with the Association of German Metal Traders (VDM). They are taking steps to make it harder to unload the loot from railways, telephone wires and power lines.今年7月10日,德国联邦铁路携手难兄难弟——德国电信,以及电力公司莱茵集团——宣布与德国金属交易协会(VDM)结盟。他们将采取措施,使小偷更难脱手从铁路,电话线,输电线上偷得的赃物。Since last year Deutsche Bahn has been spraying its cables with “liquid DNA”. Tiny metal DB logos and numbers that cling to the kitand to felons’ tools and fingers, show up under ultraviolet scanners, revealing not only that the goods are hot but also which bit of track they come from.自去年开始,德国联邦铁路开始向自家电缆上喷洒“液体DNA”。在行窃时,电缆中微小的金属DB标志以及号码会附着在工具箱、作案工具以及罪犯的指头上。在紫外线扫描仪的扫描下,金属标志显现出来,既能表明该货物刚刚被盗,又能揭示遭窃的铁路段。Problem solved? Not quite. There is still the question of communication across European borders, though Ralf Schmitz of the VDM reckons his bush telegraph will alert traders in German-speaking countries to a new heist within an hour of its discovery. Maybe so, but amazing numbers of trucks laden with copper contraband still seem to rumble unchallenged across Schengen frontiers to lands where German is not spoken.问题就此迎刃而解?并不完全如此。欧洲各边境间的沟通依旧是个问题,尽管VDM的拉尔夫·施密茨认为,协会的消息传播系统可以在新盗窃案案发一小时内,通知德语国家的交易商们提高警惕,这或切实可行。但是,大量满载违禁铜品的货车似乎正畅通无阻的隆隆地越过申根边界,驶向非德语国度。 译文属译生译世 /201607/452864南浔区假体丰胸多少钱

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