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American business美国商业Big Apple v Big Oil苹果vs美孚Apple briefly becomes the world’s largest public company苹果一度成为世界第一大市值公司Aug 13th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO| from the print editionBY ANY standards it is a remarkable achievement. In the space of 14 years, Apple has transformed itself from a computer firm on the brink of bankruptcy into a stockmarket superstar. On August 9th its market capitalisation surpassed that of Exxon Mobil, making it the world’s largest public company. Not for long: by the end of the day’s trading, the tech giant was billion smaller than the oil giant: 7 billion to 8 billion. But Exxon’s lead is fragile. If the oil price falls further, Apple will surely outstrip it.无论从哪个角度看,这都是引人注目的成就。在14年的时间里,苹果从一个面临倒闭的电脑公司成功转型,成为券市场的超级明星。在8月9日其市值超过了埃克森美孚,成为世界上第一大上市公司。但不久在当日收盘时,科技巨头苹果的市值仅以10亿美元低于石油大亨:分别是3470亿美元和3480亿美元。但埃克森的领先不堪一击,如果油价继续下跌,苹果必然会超过。Oil remains a vital raw material, and Exxon can extract it from difficult places more efficiently than any other firm. But Apple’s rise reflects the growing influence of the digital industry, and the way that industry has changed. It used to be dominated by companies such as IBM and Microsoft, which made their billions selling software and services to corporations. Apple has leap-frogged both of them by delighting consumers.石油一直都是重要的原材料,埃克森美孚能够比其他公司更高效地从恶劣环境中提炼出石油。但苹果的崛起反映了数字产业与日俱增的影响力,以及它所带来的改变。过去的数字产业是IBM和微软公司的天下,它们以出售软件和务获得了巨大的赢利。凭着用户好评,苹果已跃升至两家公司之前。201108/150893。

  • US Doctors, Airlines Monitoring for Swine Flu美诊所及边界加强监测防堵猪流感  U.S. health officials are increasing surveillance measures at doctors' offices and international borders to guard against the sp of swine flu. Washington also has begun dispersing medicine from a federal stockpile.美国卫生官员加强在医生诊所和国际边界的监测措施,防止猪流感的蔓延。华盛顿当局也开始动用联邦库存,分发药品。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there have been only mild cases of swine flu in the ed States, but experts remain on guard.美国疾病控制和预防中心说,美国出现的猪流感病例比较温和,但是专家们仍保持高度警惕。Acting agency director, Richard Besser, says the epidemic in Mexico prompted U.S. doctors to begin monitoring actively for possible infections.美国疾病控制和预防中心代理主任贝塞尔说,墨西哥爆发的猪流感疫情促使美国医生开始积极监控可能出现的感染病例。"We are asking doctors when they see someone who has flu-like illness who has traveled to an affected region, to do a culture, take a swab in the nose and send it to the lab so we can see: is it influenza, is it this type?" he said.贝塞尔说:“我们要求医生在给那些曾前往疫区旅行,出现流感症状的病人问诊时,做个细菌培养,用个棉球在鼻腔中提取些液体,送到化验室,以便查明:到底是流感,还是猪流感?”Speaking Sunday at the White House, Besser said the extra detection efforts have enabled officials to find more infections than under normal circumstances. He also says he expects the number of infections will rise and the illness will sp to other U.S. regions, as doctors continue to monitor the problem.贝塞尔星期天在白宫说,增加的一些监测措施能使有关官员能比一般情况下发现更多的感染病例。他还说,在医生们继续监控这个问题时,他预计感染的数量将上升,猪流感将蔓延到美国的其它地区。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it does not recommend people travel to Mexico, where the outbreak of swine flu is centered and more than 100 deaths have been reported. But officials have not ordered a travel ban to the country.美国疾病控制和预防中心说,他们建议人们不要前往墨西哥旅行。墨西哥是猪流感疫情爆发的中心,已报告的死亡病例超过100人。但是有关官员尚未颁布前往墨西哥的旅行禁令。Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says, instead, airlines have the option of screening passengers on flights from Mexico.国土安全部张纳波利塔诺说,航空公司有权对来自墨西哥航班的乘客进行检查。"We are letting air carriers and our employees at the gates on those flights make sure that they are asking people if they are sick; and if they are sick, that they should not board the plane," she said. “我们让航空公司和这些航班检票口的员工要询问乘客是否生病。如果他们生了病,就不要上飞机。”Denise Korniewicz, an infectious disease expert at the University of Miami, says officials should take bolder steps to screen passengers at international borders, like Japan and other Asian nations are doing.科尔尼维茨是迈阿密大学的传染病专家。她说,有关官员应像日本和其它亚洲国家那样,在国际边界采取更果断的措施。"We have a very transient population here. And Japan has taken a lot of precautions. What Japan is doing is they are making everyone take a temperature when they get off the airplane," she said. "As far as I am concerned, I think that is a good idea."“我们的人口流动性很大。日本已采取许多防范措施。日本的做法是,他们让所有下飞机的乘客量体温。我认为这是个好主意。”U.S. officials say they are holding off on more aggressive actions because the outbreak has been limited in the ed States and they do not want to cause a health scare. 美国官员说,他们暂时不采取更大胆的行动,因为疫情仅在美国的局部地区爆发,他们不想引起卫生恐慌。Korniewicz says around the country health centers are putting in place emergency response measures aimed at limiting disease outbreaks. 科尔尼维茨说,全美国各地的医疗中心正在着手准备紧急应对措施,限制这种疾病的爆发。"I think we are going to be OK. We seem to have put things in motion quicker this time," said Korniewicz. "In every state we have had cases, the CDC has aly dispersed Tamiflu, which decreases the symptoms of the flu."“我认为我们会没有问题的。我们似乎这次采取的行动更快。目前每个州都出现这种病的病例,美国疾病控制和预防中心已经开始分发抗流感药‘达菲’。这种药能减轻流感的症状。”U.S. officials say they have distributed about 12 million doses of Tamiflu, from a federal stockpile. They say additional supplies are available if needed.美国官员说,他们已经动用联邦库存,分发了大约1200百万剂达菲流感药。他们说,如果需要的话,还能提供更多的药品。04/68256。
  • Begins With Bombs, Rockets in Gaza, Over 400 Palestinians Killed加沙在以军第六天空袭中迎来元旦 The new year began with the sixth day of Israeli air strikes in Gaza and with Hamas rockets hitting southern Israel. Gaza officials put the Palestinian death toll at around 400. 伴随着以色列对加沙的空袭进入第六天,新的一年来到了。同时哈马斯继续向以色列南部发射火箭弹。加沙官员表示,空袭造成的死亡人数大约有400人。The new year began in Gaza with the sound of explosions.  伴随着阵阵爆炸声,加沙进入了新的一年。Israeli war planes again struck at targets that included government ministries and the local parliament in Gaza City, a police center in Rafah in southern Gaza and underground tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border that are routinely used to smuggle in food, cigarettes and weapons. 以色列战机继续轰炸加沙一些目标,包括政府各部、加沙城地方议会、加沙南部拉法赫一个警察中心和加沙-埃及边界的地下通道,它们被经常用来向加沙偷运食品、香烟和武器。Hamas security sources say political leader Nizar Rayyan was killed during the strikes along with members of his family. He was an outspoken advocate of renewing suicide bombings against the Jewish state. 哈马斯安全部门消息人士说,政治领导人尼萨.拉彦及其家人在空袭中被炸死。It's now the sixth straight day of bombings and on the line from Gaza City, Palestinian journalist Mohammed Dawwas tells VOA, the Israeli bombing went on through the night.  新年这天是以色列对加沙连续轰炸的第六天,巴勒斯坦记者穆罕默德.达瓦斯对美国之音记者说,以色列整夜都在轰炸。DAWWAS:"We couldn't go to sleep since that time. It's deteriorating. For me, it was one of the worst nights. Today was supposed to be the beginning of the year, New Year's day. 达瓦斯说:“从轰炸开始,我们在夜里就无法入睡。今天情况更加糟糕。我认为,新年第一夜是最糟糕的。今天应该应该是新一年的开始,是元旦。”PACE:"Is there bombing going on right now?" 佩斯问达瓦斯:“现在还在轰炸吗?”DAWWAS:"Well, there was. They're shelling from the sea right now. I've been seeing with my own eyes because I live in a high building."  达瓦斯答道:“刚才有过,现在他们正从海上炮击加沙。我住在一幢高楼里,这是我亲眼见到的。”Militants again fired rockets into Israel, one hitting a multi-story residential building in the city of Ashdod, more than 30 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip.  激进分子继续向以色列发射火箭弹,其中一枚击中了在加沙地带以北30多公里的阿什杜德市的一幢高层居民楼。Israel says it is targeting militants associated with the rocket attacks and the infrastructure of Hamas, the Islamic faction that controls the Gaza Strip. 以色列说,以色列打击的是跟火箭弹袭击有关联的激进分子和控制加沙地带的伊斯兰派系哈马斯的基础设施。Israel says it had no choice but to strike at Hamas after talks on extending a six-month truce broke down and militants stepped up rocket and mortar attacks against southern Israel. 以色列表示,以色列跟哈马斯就延长六个月停火的谈判破裂之后,激进分子加紧了对以色列南部的火箭弹和迫击炮弹袭击,因此以色列除了对哈马斯进行打击别无选择。Gaza is a densely populated strip of land and U.N. aid officials report that among those killed in the Israeli bombings are at least 60 Palestinian civilians, including more than 30 children.  加沙是一块人口密集的狭长地带,联合国援助人员报告说,以色列空袭炸死的人里至少有60名巴勒斯坦平民百姓,其中有30多人是儿童。Mohammed Dawwas says the bombings have taken a toll on the people of Gaza.  达瓦斯说,以色列的轰炸给加沙人带来损失。"I have been out [in Gaza City]," Dawwas said. "I just got back a few hours ago. The situation is so bad. You do not see people - it is like empty streets. The only people you see are queing [lining up] to buy a bag of b or something like this. And it will take you three hours just to buy a sack of b. Otherwise the Gaza streets are completely empty. It is like a ghost town."  达瓦斯说:“这段时间我没有在加沙城,几个小时之前刚回来。局势非常糟糕。你看不见人,街道上空空如也。你唯一能看到的是那些排队买面包等食品的人。买一袋面包足让你等上三个小时。否则的话,加沙的街道上空无一人。”Israel is allowing convoys with humanitarian supplies into Gaza and is allowing some Palestinians into Israel for medical treatment.  以色列现在允许运送人道主义物资的车队进入加沙,还允许一些巴勒斯坦人到以色列接受救治。Israel has rejected international pressure for a temporary cease-fire, saying the time is not right. Israel has amassed troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers around Gaza for a possible ground offensive. Officials say the strikes will not stop until the Palestinian militants halt rocket attacks against Israel. 以色列拒绝了国际社会提出的临时停火建议,他们声称,现在还不是恰当时机。以色列在加沙周围集结军队、坦克和装甲运兵车,为可能发动的地面进攻做准备。以色列有关官员说,除非巴勒斯坦激进分子停止向以色列发射火箭弹,否则空袭不会停止。01/60227。
  • One is the giant business, whose software powers more than 90% of the world's computers. The other is the firm, which has revolutionised the way many communicate. Now Skype is being swallowed up by Microsoft.微软,一个商业巨头,它占有世界上90%的计算机软件权力,另外这一公司已经革命性地改变了许多交流方式,现在Skype正在被它收购。 It’s just eight years since Skype started helping people to make calls over the internet for nothing,and this the third time it’s been bought and sold.这仅仅是八年自从Skype开始没有任何利益的帮助人们能通过网络进行交流。这已经是第三次它被卖和收购。Microsoft has been struggling to prove it can compete with the likes of Google and Apple.Now as it tries to make an impact on the mobile-phone world,it wants Skype to help it become a bigger force.微软一直在努力地明自己是可以与谷歌和苹果进行竞争的,就象现在微软正试着在手机世界造成一定的影响,它要Skype帮助它成为更强大的一个集团。Skype is now used by 170 million people around the world(each month),not just on their computers,but on the move-on their mobile phones and even on their tablet devices.Skype现在每个月的客户流量达到170万,他们不仅仅在自己的电脑上使用,还把这个用到了他们的手机,甚至移到他们的平板电脑上。Microsoft wants to tap in to this connected community,but it's paying a huge price for a business that isn't even profitable.微软要进入这个网络连接的团体,但它为这一甚至没有利益的商业投入很大的资金。201110/156205。
  • Angelina's twin joy 安吉丽娜·朱莉喜得龙凤胎 Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. It had to be the birth of the year, paparazzi photographers were at the y in Nice in the south of France as news sp that Angelina Jolie had given birth to twins, one girl, one boy. Newspapers wasted no time announcing the happy news as their staff pitched outside the Lenval hospital building, scanning for any sight of happy father Brad Pitt or just about anyone else connected to the event. Jolie aged 33 picked a hospital near the glamorous Promenade des Anglais for the birth. Pitt and Jolie, seen here during their recent visit to the Cannes film festival, named the twins Vivienne Marcheline, and Knox Leon. Marcheline was the name of Angelina’s actress mother who died of cancer last year. The paparazzi were finally rewarded when Jolie's doctor Michel Sussmann along with the mayor of Nice made an appearance on the hospital steps. Sussmann told Reuters both parents and babies were in "excellent health". He said the caesarean section birth had been brought forward for medical reasons. The birth drew a mixed reaction in Nice. Some were caught up in the mood of the moment. “I'm happy for them. It must have been a wonderful occasion. It always is when you have a baby, isn't it?” Others kept a firm sense of proportion. “It's ridiculous. (It's ridiculous, right?) Yeah, absolutely, it’s just two people that had kids and that, just they make far too much out of it.” “Please take care of them, because, with so many children I don't know if you can do that.”The twins bring the Pitt-Jolie brood to six. Local newspaper Nice-Matin reported that the couple had sold exclusive rights to the first photographs of the babies to an unnamed US magazine for million and would give the money to charity. The celebrity couple, known in the media as "Brangelina", moved into a 17th century villa in Provence, France, earlier this year. Penny Tweedie, Reuterscaesarean section:A Caesarean or a Caesarean section is an operation in which a baby is lifted out of a woman's womb through an opening cut in her abdomen.200811/56363。
  • Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have unveiled their version of health care reform legislation, in an effort to accelerate progress toward meeting achieving one of President Obama's major priorities. Republicans immediately blasted the proposal, which Democrats say they're determined to have the House vote on before the August congressional recess.   美国众议院的民主党人公布了自己的医保改革法案,以便加速实现奥巴马总统的医疗保健改革计划,这是奥巴马的重要优先工作项目之一。共和党人立刻抨击了这个议案, 而民主党人说,他们决心让众议院在8月休会之前对此进行投票。The effort by majority Democrats to reform the health care system, a goal President Barack Obama says is crucial to speeding economic recovery, ran into problems because of huge initial cost estimates, and the prospect of higher taxes to pay for the changes.   奥巴马总统说,改革医疗保健系统是加速经济复苏所必需的。但是多数党民主党改革医保系统的努力遇到麻烦,这是由于预计的启动费用巨大,为了改革需要增税。The president has pledged that health care reform would be fully paid for and not add to the federal budget deficit, the growth of which experts agree also threatens long-term recovery. But a proposal by majority Democrats to pay for it by increasing taxes on high wage earners (couples earning more than 0,000) and wealthy Americans recently provoked opposition from fiscally-conservative Democrats.   民主党议员提议增加高工资者的所得税,让那些总收入超过35万美元的夫妇和富人多交税,这引起了那些在财政上比较保守的民主党人的反对。Amid worries that disagreements might destroy chances of House and Senate votes before an August congressional recess, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders worked out a final version they vow to bring to a vote before lawmakers leave town.   人们担心,这种分歧也许会使众议院和参议院在国会8月休会之前不能对此投票。众议院议长佩洛西和民主党领导人商定了一个最后文本,他们誓言要国会在议员们离开华盛顿之前进行表决。Pelosi called the measure a historic step of major importance for America's middle class, but also described as a starting point:   佩洛西称这个法案对美国中产阶级具有重要意义,迈出了历史性的一步。她还说这是个起点。"This bill is a starting point and a path to success, to lower costs for consumers and businesses, to give greater choice to Americans including keeping your doctor and plan if you like them, better quality of care putting doctors not insurance companies back in charge, and to provide stability and peace of mind that you cannot be denied care of coverage for a pre-existing [medical] condition," said Nancy Pelosi.   佩洛西说:“这个法案是个起点,是走向成功之路,它将减少消费者和企业的费用;它将给美国人更多的选择,包括可以保留你喜欢的医生和医疗保险计划,提高医疗质量,让医生而不是保险公司作主;它将让你安心放心,知道自己不会因为身体有病而得不到医疗保险。”The measure includes a new government-run insurance plan, known as a public option to compete with private providers. Provisions aim to slow rapidly-increasing medical care costs, and improve access to and the quality and effectiveness of care and treatments.   这个议案包括一个新的由政府管理的医疗保险计划,也就是所谓的公共选择,同私营保险公司竞争。目标是减缓迅速增长的医疗费用,使人们更容易得到医疗照顾,提高医疗照顾的质量和效果。Democratic Henry Waxman chairs the House Energy amp; Commerce Committee:   众议院能源和商务委员会主席,民主党议员韦克斯曼说:"The [current] system is unsustainable," said Henry Waxman. "We cannot continue to put more and more money into health care, especially when you recognize that this country spends more money on health care than any other western industrialized nation, and yet we have 46 to 50 million people uninsured."   “目前的体制难以为继。我们不能继续往医保系统投入越来越多的钱,特别是在你认识到这一点的情况下:美国在医疗保健上花的钱比其他任何西方工业国都多,但是有4600万到5000万美国人没有医疗保险。”Representative George Miller, a California Democrat, said the Democratic-controlled Congress will deliver on a goal set by President Obama when he was elected:"We will in this year produce a bill that is fair and fully paid for, reduces cost, preserves choice, and expands access for all Americans," said George Miller. "That was the charge that President Obama gave this Congress when he was sworn into office, it was the charge that the American people gave President Obama when they voted for him in the election."Currently, between 46 million and 50 million Americans are without health insurance. A report earlier this year found that one out of three Americans under the age of 65 were without health insurance at some point over the past two years. As for the sensitive question of costs, lawmakers were more guarded, declining to specify a figure before the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides its estimate. However, it is thought to be around trillion.   对于成本这个敏感问题,议员们比较谨慎,在无党派的国会预算办公室提出估测之前,不肯提出具体数字。不过人们认为,这个成本是一万亿美元左右。Republicans immediately responded, attacking the proposed surtax on high-earning Americans as another burden on small businesses, and asserting that the government insurance plan will ruin the existing private medical system:   共和党议员立刻做出反应,抨击这个议案中对于高收入者征收附加税的条款是给小企业增加的又一个负担。他们断言,政府的医疗保险计划将毁坏现有的私营保险系统。Missouri Republican Roy Blunt:   代表密苏里州的共和党议员布朗特说:"What we really have here is a bill that without any question will kill jobs, will limit access to health care, will raise taxes, and will lead to a government takeover of health care," said Roy Blunt.   “这个议案无疑会减少就业机会,使得一些人得不到医疗保健,提高征税,会导致政府接管医保工作。”Democrats will fine tune the measure over the next three weeks to, among other things, address ongoing concerns of fiscally-conservative Democrats, a group known as the Blue Dogs who want assurances that cost-cutting measures will be effective.   民主党人将在今后三个星期里调整这个议案,以便安抚那些在财政上比较保守的民主党议员,他们的一个团体要求得到一个保,那就是削减成本的措施将会奏效。In a statement, the group said it is committed to passing health care reform, but said any plan that fails to meet President Obama's goal of substantially bringing down costs is not an option. The Senate has made slower progress coming up with a health care reform bill. Achieving House and Senate votes before August would allow lawmakers to resolve differences on separate bills so each chamber could vote on a final version after they return from their break.07/77909。
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