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Hay Holiday -- :5:58 来源: Hay Holiday May Day is coming. I’m so happy because my father and my mother take me to Wu Quan Park this holiday. In the park, I see many trees and beautiful flowers. there are many children and many happy playing games, too. My parents take me to the zoo. there are lions, tigers, eagles, bears, deer, monkeys, and so on. I like the monkeys best because they are very clever and they make us laugh. How lovely they are! I have a good time that day. What a beautiful and happy holiday.五年级英语作文:How to be a Model Student --1 :00:5 来源:   i want to be a model student. what shall i do?  i should be polite. i should study hard. i should capful and helpful. i should walk in the corridors.  i should throw ruish in the bin. i should be quiet in the library. i shouldrsquo;t walk and run on the gra. i shouldrsquo;t throw ruish on the floor. i shouldrsquo;t run in the corridors. i shouldrsquo;t fight. i shouldrsquo;t be noisy in the library.新学期开始了 The New Term Begins -- ::39 来源: The summer holidayis end and the new term begins. In the new term, I am a student of grade six. It’sthe last year in primary school. In order to have a good ending, I must workharder. So my scores can be better. Besides, I want to spend more time with myclassmates and friends. We have been very good these years. Maybe we can’t beclassmates in the future. But, I am still happy that it’s the last year inprimary school and I am going to junior school.暑假结束了,新的学期一开始了新学期我就是一名六年级的学生了这是小学的最后一年为了有一个好的结果,我必须更加努力,这样我的分数才会更高除此之外,我想花更多的时间和同学朋友一起这些年我们一直很好也许将来我们不能够成为同班同学,但是我仍然很高兴这是小学的最后一年了,我就要上初中了节日日记(The Festival Diary) -- :3:51 来源: 节日日记(The Festival Diary)  Today ,we went to buy fireworks with sister and brother . We bought all kinds of fireworks . Then we came to play outside.  I lighted the fireworks and they flew into the sky like a rocket . The fireworks were so beautiful and they looked like many kinds of flowers .  At last , we sang and danced together. We felt very happy today .适宜冬日出行的旅游景点英文介绍:西双版纳 -- :1:6 来源: 适宜冬日出行的旅游景点英文介绍:西双版纳经过五年的调查研究,中国冬日旅游定点排行榜出炉了这项研究主要调查以下几项因素:气候、风景、生态环境、旅游设施、务以及游客反馈The China Warm Tourism Destination winter list was released on November 18, after 5 years of research.The research involved looking into several conditions, such as climate, scenery, eco-environment, tourism facilities, service, events and visitor feedback.The top cities are:1. Xishuangbanna西双版纳Xishuangbanna is a Dai autonomous prefecture located in Yunnan province. The climate is pleasant all year round.Due to its location close to the ocean, it rains frequently and has many ests. This is why Xishuangbanna has the reputation of being the "Kingdom of Plants".In 1993, Xishuangbanna was named an international biosphere protection area. 旅游景点英文介绍 西双版纳

Sunrise 日出 -- :39:57 来源: Sunrise 日出  It is said that the scene of sunrise is very beautiful, but I had never seen it bee.  It was so hot that I couldn't sleep well last night. Early in the morning I got up to the balcony to enjoy the fresh air. After a while, the stars in the sky disappeared and slowly the horizon in the east was becoming reddish. The sun came out finally. Everything around me was clear. What a beautiful sunrise I saw!    据说日出的景色非常美,可是我以前从未看见过  昨晚天很热,我睡不好一大早我就起床到阳台上呼吸一下新鲜空气过了一会儿,天上的星星消失了慢慢地东方的地平线变红了太阳终于出来了在我周围的一切都变得清晰了我看到的日出多美啊!

羊肉串和纳税人(英文小品) -- 1::00 来源: Characters:Mr. Shi, Xiaofu, DabaoMr. Shi: Tax is the major source of the fiscal revenue. There is an evident change about the relationship between the tax collector and taxpayer in the past years. Now, the tax collector, Xiaofu, and the tax payer Dabao, a vendor selling Yangrouchuan will show you the very change. The first Act happened in 1980s.Act I(in Bazaar of Beijing, sanlihe, 1980s)Dabao: Yangrouchuan , yangrouchuan, eaten one ,want nine, eaten one, want nine.Hi, Take my yangrouchuan.(slipped, take it up, )Xiaofu: Tax! Pay the tax!Dabao: (change faces)Taxi? Where is the taxi? Here’s no taxi.Xiaofu: Tax! T---A ---X!Dabao: What’s the tax? I just know taxi! Do you want me to call a taxi you?Taxi----! Taxi----!Xiaofu: Enough! Are you the vendor?Dabao: No , No, No, no! I 'm just have a look. The vendor has gone to the toilet.Xiaofu: Not the vendor ? Impossible! you 've been here hours.Dabao: Really ? (Xiaofu: Yes, of course.)How do you know it?Xiaofu: The window of my office is open to here and I 've been looking at you two hours.Dabao: It’s a big bug!Xiaofu: Oh. Don’t waste my time! Please pay the tax---- Yuan!Dabao: yuan?! My god. I had just earned Yuan one day! 5 Yuan, ok?Xiaofu: Don't cheat me, you've sold more than hundred ones.Dabao: 6yuan, my dear sisiter.7Yuan, my lovely beauty.Dabao: Not you ,not me, let's split the difference. 8 yuan ,ok ?Xiaofu: (looking around) All right ,a deal. But no receipt.(Dabao payed 8 yuan and Xiaofu left)Dabao: What a smart woman! Bad luck! I’m bankrupt. I have to change my place.Hope I would not meet her any more! Let’s go!Act IIMr. Shi: The next scene happened in new century. China had been marching in the way of the market economy twenty years more, in the new era of building the well-off society in an all-round way, how do the vendor regard tax as and how is the tax collected? The scene will tell you.Let’s enjoy it!(In the market; Dabao in white clothes ,a board with "NO SARS")

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