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"Where u at?"Those three words were the last text message Mariah West before the violent car crash that took her life.“你在哪儿?”是玛丽娅·维斯特在遭遇惨烈车祸而丧生之前读到的最后一个手机短信。"It was the day before my daughter’s graduation from high school. She was on her way to a ball game and was getting directions," says Merry Dye, Mariah's mother. "The eyewitness report says for no apparent reason, she lost control of her car, crossed the center median, clipped a bridge, then flipped across two more lanes of traffic. No parent wants to receive that phone call."玛丽娅的母亲梅利·戴说,事故发生在玛丽娅高中毕业前一天。当时,她在驾车去舞会的路上,朋友通过短信给她指路。梅利·戴说:“目击者说,不知道什么原因,她突然失去控制,车子跨过中线,撞上桥的边缘,然后又翻越两条车线。哪个家长都不愿意听到这样的噩耗。”Dye shares her story in a new documentary, "Texting Can Wait," which she hopes will send a clear message to teen drivers.梅利·戴在一部新制作的名为《手机短信可以等一等》的纪录片里分享了她的故事。她希望借此向青少年驾车者发出一个明确的信息。"In just three seconds, if you’re going down the interstate, you can cover the length of, I think, five football fields. A lot can happen in that amount of distance in that short amount of time. It’s not a matter of if you would have an accident, but when."梅利·戴说:“如果你在州际高速公路上开车,3秒钟就可以开过5个足球场的距离。在这么短的时间里经过这么长的距离,很多事情都有可能发生。问题不在于是否会遭遇车祸,而在于何时遭遇车祸。”The 10-minute documentary is available on the Internet and was produced by ATamp;T, a telecommunication company that makes cellphones and other devices teens can use to text.这部10分钟的纪录片可供人们在网上观看,它是由电讯公司ATamp;T制作的。该公司生产手机以及青少年能够用来发送短信的其它设施。201102/125120。

哈纳斯自然保护区位于新疆北部的阿尔泰山脉深处,哈纳斯湖是自然保护区的重要组成部分。“哈纳斯”又名咯纳斯,蒙古语意“美丽而神秘的水”。哈纳斯湖的形状象一弯月牙,环湖四周峰峦叠嶂,原始森林密布,阳坡被茂密的草丛覆盖,而北端的入湖三角洲地带,大片沼泽湿地与河湾小心滩共存,地形平坦开阔,各种草类与林木共生,风景秀丽,水天相遇,当人们置身于此时,蕴藏于心灵中的安逸、宁静、清新的自然底蕴在这一刻随之而绽放。Located in the northwestern reaches of China, "Kanas" is an alpine lake in the Altai Mountains. As the deepest lake in Xinjiang, its legendary "Lake Monster" attracts visitors from all over the world. In today's On the Road, our guide Ning Yan will take us on a trip to the scenic area.In Mongolian, "Kanas" means "fair, rich and mysterious land". Covering an area of about 10,000 square kilometres, the Kanas Nature Reserve is bordered by China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia.The area is full of natural scenery, from glaciers and snow capped mountains to grasslands and wetlands. It has also been suggested as the only gene bank of cold temperate zone fauna and flora in the world.Zhao Yuxia is director of the local tourism bureau and the Kanas Nature Reserve management committee."Beautiful and mysterious, the Kanas nature reserve has lots of natural geological scenery. An environmental official from the ed Nations said after inspecting the area in 1995 that Kanas was the last treasure land to be developed."Zhao Yuxia says Kanas is popular both at home and abroad because it has several unique characteristics. "Kanas is the only place in China where West Siberian taiga forests are found. It has the largest Palaearctic European and Siberian fauna and flora varieties and is the only flora gene bank in China. The area is also the source of the Burqin, the largest tributary of the Irtysh River."Main scenic spots along the Kanas River include lakes, bays, villages and a pavilion. One of its four bays is called the Camel Neck. The Kanas River has several river bends and its riverbed forms an "s" shape at the Camel Neck Bay, which is how it got its name. 201001/94070。

If you havnt found yet, keep looking and dont settle, as was all matters of the heart you konw you will find it.如果你还没有找到,那就继续找,不要气馁,如果你全心全力,你知道你会找到的。Its revolution now fully set in emotion. Jobs issues challenge to the world.这是情感完全投入所带来的革命。而乔布斯现在则向世界发起了挑战。Death is very likely the single best invention of life. Its lifes change agent.死亡很有可能是生命最好的发明。这是生命转换的代理人。It clear out the all to make way for the new.死亡是为新生命的诞生所做的一种牺牲。When Steve Jobs give the commencement address at Stanford University in 2005.这是2005年史蒂夫;乔布斯在斯坦福大学毕业典礼上的讲话。He had to have suspected the ride was going to be over well before he would have liked.不管他喜不喜欢这个观点,他肯定会对这次旅行感到质疑。词语解释:1. revolution n. 革命2. invention n. 发明164634。

In a new report, the IMF says it expects the world economy to shrink by 1.4 percent this year, but expand by 2.5 percent in 2010. The new growth projection is up from a 1.9 percent estimate issued in April. IMF Research Director Olivier Blanchard:"The good news is that the forces pulling the economy down are decreasing in intensity. The bad news is that the forces pulling the economy up are still very weak.Blanchard says an anemic recovery is on the way, one that initially will not generate enough jobs to reverse rising global unemployment rates. He says developing economies will experience a quicker and more pronounced recovery than advanced industrialized nations."Output in advanced countries is forecast to decline by 3.8 percent in before growing at a low 0.6 percent in 2010. By contrast, output in emerging market countries is in stead forecast to grow at 1.5 percent in and 4.7 percent in 2010."Blanchard says Asia, in particular, is poised for an economic rebound."After a tough first quarter, Asia is now set for a stronger performance than we had anticipated earlier. This is due in no small part to strong fiscal stimulus, notably in China and India, where we have revised our forecast up by nearly 1 percent for both and 2010."The IMF research director stressed, however, that the global economic recovery is fragile and subject to risk. He said policymakers around the world must continue to strengthen battered financial systems. In industrialized nations like the ed States, he said continued economic stimulus must be paired with reforms that will reduce government debt in the years to come.07/77291。

Obama Moves Quickly to Staff Administration奥巴马积极选人担任新政府重职  President-elect Barack Obama is moving quickly to fill important jobs in his administration and develop his response to the economic crisis. Political analysts say the transition to the new administration is particularly important with the nation facing an economic emergency as well as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 美国总统当选人巴拉克.奥巴马正在积极挑选新政府重要职位的人选,并且对经济危机做出回应。政治分析家说,由于国家面临经济紧张情势和伊拉克与阿富汗两场战争,权力移交尤其重要。After meeting with his newly-formed Transition Economic Advisory Board Friday Mr. Obama left no doubt about the top priority of his administration. 星期五,在与他新组成的“交接经济顾问团”开完会之后,奥巴马确认了新政府的首要任务。"Immediately after I become president, I am going to confront this economic crisis head on by taking all necessary steps to ease the credit crisis, help hard working families and restore growth and prosperity," he said. 他说:“从我就任总统的那一刻起,我将迎战经济危机,采取所有必须的步骤来减轻信贷危机,帮助努力工作的家庭,恢复经济增长与繁荣。”But Mr. Obama was also careful to point out the ed States has only one president at a time and the Bush administration will run the government until January 20 when he is sworn in as America's 44th president. 但奥巴马也谨慎的指出,美国在一个时期,只有一位总统,而在他于明年1月20日宣誓就职成为第44位美国总统之前,布什仍旧是美国政府的领导人。Still, Mr. Obama has indicated he wants to move quickly during the transition and within days of the election he announced his selection of Representative Rahm Emanuel as his White House Chief of Staff. 然而,奥巴马指出他希望移交能尽快进行,并且在几天之内就宣布了选择众议员莱姆.伊曼纽尔作为白宫办公厅主任。Leon Panetta, who served as chief of staff to former President Bill Clinton, says Mr. Obama's next appointments should focus on the economy. 列昂.帕内塔曾是美国前总统比尔.克林顿的办公厅主任,他说奥巴马下一个任命的官员应该集中处理经济问题。"Hopefully the next step will be to put an economic team in place, early, because of the importance of transitioning now on economic issues," he said. "This is an unusual situation, where the president-elect of the ed States not only is facing huge deficits and an economy in recession, but has a 0 billion rescue plan, which puts the president right in the middle of running the banks and the credit systems in this country." 帕内塔说:“希望下一步是尽早组建经济团队,因为现在重要的移交议题是经济危机。这是一个不寻常的状况,因为美国总统当选人不但面临巨额的赤字,衰退的经济,还有7千亿美元的救市计划,这些都让新总统直接参与经管国内的以及信贷体系。”Panetta says as soon as the economic team is in place Mr. Obama needs to make important appointments to deal with national security issues, especially the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 帕内塔说,经济团队就位之后,奥巴马需要随即任命国家安全官员,尤其是针对伊拉克与阿富汗战争。Panetta says the president-elect must also move swiftly to improve America's image overseas. 帕内塔说,总统当选人必须同时尽快改善美国在国际上的形象。"I do think it is really important for the president, obviously to reach out to the international world and reestablish relations with the world and reintroduce the ed States to the rest of the world," he said. "Reaffirm our alliances, listen to people abroad." “很明显,我想对于总统而言,与国际社会接触,并且重新向世界介绍美国,真的很重要。重新稳固我们的盟邦,并且聆听世界人民的声音。”The Director of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution, Darrell West, says Mr. Obama needs to lower expectations about how much can be accomplished in the days and weeks after he is sworn in.  布鲁金斯学会的管理研究所主任达雷尔.韦斯特说,奥巴马需要降低人们对于他宣誓就职之后的几天与几个星期之内所能实现成就的期望。West says during the transition Mr. Obama needs to explain just how difficult it will be to solve the economic crisis. 韦斯特说,在移交期间,奥巴马需要解释解决经济危机将是多么困难。"Obama joked about being Superman. The problem he faces is that there are too many people in the ed States, as well as around the world, who actually see him that way and expect him to perform miracles," he said. "Now he is an individual who has extraordinary leadership and communications abilities, but he is also taking office at the time of our most challenging transition since the Great Depression." “奥巴马开玩笑说他并不是超人。问题是,太多美国人以及国际上,都真的认为他是超人,并且期待他创造奇迹。现在他是个拥有卓越领导能力以及沟通能力的人,但他同时也将在从大萧条以来我们国家最受到挑战的时刻接下总统大任。”Terry Edmonds was the director of speechwriting for President Clinton. He says Mr. Obama maybe the best communicator in the White House since Ronald Reagan. 特里.埃德蒙兹是克林顿前总统的演讲稿撰写人。他说奥巴马或许是自从里根以来最具沟通能力的美国总统。Edmonds says the skills that helped Mr. Obama win the election will serve him well during the transition and when he takes office. 埃德蒙兹说,协助奥巴马赢得选举的技能,将在移交期间以及就任之后,同样能帮助他。"Barack Obama will begin his administration with some strong qualities that he has demonstrated throughout the campaign, which are steadfastness, a consistent message," he said. "He is a great communicator." “巴拉克.奥巴马的新政府将由展示他在选战当中展现的某些坚强特质开始。这些特质包括了坚忍,始终如一的讯息。他具有卓越的沟通才能。”On Monday, Mr. Obama will meet with President Bush to discuss the transfer of power. No recent president-elect from an opposing party has been received at the White House so quickly after an election, underscoring how rapidly the transition is occurring in a time of war and financial crisis. 星期一,奥巴马将会与布什总统会晤,讨论权力移交事宜。近年来从没有一名反对党的总统当选人能在选举后就这么快的受邀进入白宫,这彰显了在战争期间以及金融危机的时期,移交过程在多么快速的进行。200811/55628。

How do you like a behind-the-scenes look at one of the natures most luxurious full service, hippos spas.你怎么能够错过这个大自然创造的最豪华的全套务;;河马的水疗呢?Our dominant male hippo customer has aly arrived here at the Mezima Spring in Kenya, Africa. The carp goes right to work. It uses its wide, vast big mouth to scour the hippos hide. The hippo gets squeaky clean skin, and the fish gets a rich buffet of dead skin, algae and parasites.我们尊贵的公河马客人已经抵达非洲肯尼亚的Mezima温泉。鲤鱼径直去工作。它们使用巨大的嘴巴清理河马够不到的地方。河马的肌肤变得干净清洁,小鱼也从这些死皮当中享受到了美味,这顿丰富的自助餐中含有各种藻类和寄生虫。How about that tail that looks kind of like a toilet brush, the cichlid fish takes care of that. Now how about,well, how can I say this discreetly, the hippos hindquarters, where the hippo produces hippo dung. The barbel fish eagerly dives in here, especially when the hippo was in dung production mode. The barbel is so eager for what the hippo is trying to get rid of that they will race after him like an autograph seeker chasing a rock star.尾巴得有点儿像厕所刷该怎么办呢?淡水鱼将全程负责。现在,我该怎么谨慎的表达这种,恩,河马的,就是河马产粪便的那个部位呢?鲃鱼就在这里出没,尤其是当河马正处于;生产;的模式中。鲃鱼是如此的渴望河马排干净,不然这些鱼会像追摇滚明星要签名那样穷追不舍。Finally,the hippo opens its mouth, home of the good stuff. And fish rush in like hungry shoppers at a half-off big sale.最后,河马张开大口,把好东西都送进嘴里。鱼们就像遇到半价的疯狂购物者一样涌进。The hippo was enjoying the full treatment, and after its done, enjoys a relaxing yawn of relief. 河马享受着这一过程,当全部完成的时候,它用打哈欠享受着一种压力解脱的快感。词语解释:1. discreetly a. 谨慎地2. dung n. 动物的粪便201111/162052。

Intellectual property知识产权Many patents, still pending悬而未决的专利Congress tweaks, but does not overhaul, America’s patent system国会将对美国专利制度进行小幅修改Sep 10th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition AFTER years of dithering, America is set for patent reform. On September 6th a bill proposing to change the system passed its highest procedural hurdle in the Senate. With Barack Obama supportive, this means the America Invents Act could soon be signed into law.徘徊犹豫了多年,美国终于着手专利改革。9月6号,整改议案过了最艰难的一关——参议院。得到总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马的持,美国发明法规将很快能正式写入法律。Instead of the “first to invent” principle, which America currently uses, patents will be awarded to inventors who are the “first to file”. This is similar to the system most other countries use. The aim is to avoid long and difficult legal arguments over who was the first to come up with an idea.美国专利目前遵循“第一发明”原则,将改为授予第一个申请注册的人。目前大部分国家都实行这种规定,这样可避免对第一发明人的确定争论不休,难以确定。As in most cases of patent law it is not going to be that simple. One criticism is that being first-to-file gives big and sophisticated organisations, highly experienced at the difficult job of filing for patents, an advantage over smaller outfits that may be technically brilliant but not legally savvy. Another problem is that first-to-file may make companies rush to put in for a patent before their invention is truly y.如专利法中涉及的案例很多都不能简单的界定。有一种批评意见是,申请注册专利会造成庞大复杂的机构,特别是申请过程更是项困难的工作,小型机构的优点在于技术上的优越而不只是合法的专业知识。另一个问题是专利的申请可能促使一些公司在一些发明尚未成型时就急于将其注册。201109/154473。

Leading anti-hunger advocates are fasting to protest U.S. budget-cutting proposals that could threaten some of the world's most vulnerable people.一些主要的反饥锇活动人士最近绝食,抗议美国政府削减预算的建议。他们认为,这些削减计划会危及世界上一些最容易受到伤害的人。The budget passed by the House of Representatives includes deep cuts to programs aimed at alleviating hunger and poverty in the ed States and around the world. These reductions follow an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts which benefit the nation's wealthiest people.国会众议院通过的预算方案中包括大幅削减一些旨在缓和美国和世界各地饥锇和贫困现象的项目。而在此之前,布什政府时期一些有利于美国许多最富有者的减税措施得以延长。"We just think that's wrong," says World Food Prize winner David Beckmann, president of the anti-hunger group B for the World. He vows to only drink water for a week to protest the proposed cuts.世界粮食奖获得者戴维·贝克曼是反饥锇组织“为世界争取面包”的主席。他指出,国会这样做是错误的。他誓言,在一个星期里只喝水,以此抗议拟议中的削减。Deep CutsBeckmann is especially concerned about a 40 percent reduction in emergency food aid for disaster victims and refugees - from .7 billion last year to billion in the house budget.贝克曼特别关注的是为受自然灾害影响的人以及难民提供紧急粮食援助的款项将被削减百分之40,从去年的17亿美元减少到众议院预算方案中的10亿美元。"If that would actually happen, we think it would mean cutting off something like 18 million people around the world who depend on food aid," he says. "These are some of the most desperate people in the world."他说:“如果真的削减了,世界各地大约1,800万依赖粮食援助的人将受到影响。而他们是世界上处境最糟糕的人。”The protest has been joined by more than 30 organizations, including Christian, Muslim, Jewish and secular groups. Organizers say about 4,000 people are fasting for varying periods of time.有30多个组织参加了贝克曼的抗议活动,其中包括基督教、穆斯林、犹太人组织和一些非宗教团体。抗议活动组织者说,一共有大约4千人进行时间长短不等的绝食。Former Congressman Tony Hall is leading the effort. In 1993, Hall fasted for 22 days to call attention to what he called Congress's lack of conscience toward poor and hungry people.前国会议员托尼·霍尔领导了这次活动。1993年,霍尔曾经绝食22天,以引起人们关注他所说的国会对贫困和饥饿的人的不闻不问态度。201104/130665。