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广州白云妇科常规检查哪家好东莞哪些医院做包皮手术最好Man is a social animal and ought to socialize, but with company around, there are times when egos tend to mingle along as well. This could result in exchanges of words that could put a strain on relationships. Continuous bashing of words with an individual could turn ugly and lead to hatred。人都是社交动物,无法离开社会而生存,然而一旦周围有了同伴,自尊心往往会作祟,这就会导致言语交际时引发的紧张关系。持续用言语打击别人可能会导致关系恶化,甚至招来仇恨。The impact of hatred仇恨带来的影响Hating someone is injurious to one’s own health since it causes anger within, and this annoyance can take a toll on one’s health if it builds too high。讨厌一个人对自身的健康也有坏处,因为体内总有一股怒气,如果积压的怒气过多就会对身体带来伤害了。Why Forgive?为什么选择原谅?Mental balance applies towards good health. Since health is wealth, forgiveness is the way to go. Forgiving someone is like having a mental balance by letting go of any resentment or grudges towards an individual, which will help to clear the conscience and is very crucial for resolving relationships。精神的平和对可以带来健康。健康是无价之宝,那为何不选择原谅呢。原谅别人就好比放下一些怨恨,达到精神的平和,可以净化心灵同时解决关系危机。There are a couple of C’s involved in burying the hatchet:下面这些C字关键词是你“放下仇恨”时应该做到的:Categorize归类Many a time, we are not aware of why we hate someone and continue to walk on a path that disturbs one’s mental and physical well-being. We should be able to recognize the pattern that arises when we come across a certain human being. Once we are able to categorize the pattern, we can move to the next step。很多时候,我们都没有意识到到底为什么讨厌这个人,却仍固执的怨恨着,扰乱着自己的精神和身体健康。遇到某个人的时候我们需要能够归类到底该采取何种方式对待他,一旦能够归类了,我们就可以到下一个步骤。Cause缘由We should try to search within ourselves with regard to what and how the individual has hurt us, and why we hate them. Finding a cause helps us to bring closure within ourselves, and we can open up to discussion within the self, and even with the person whom we hate。我们要从自身出发找出到底这个人是如何以及怎么伤害到我们的,以及我们为什么讨厌他们。找到根源能让自己停止纠结下去,我们可以和别人甚至和讨厌的那个人去开诚布公的讨论。Confront面对Coming face-to-face with the person whom one hates is a challenge, but confronting the individual will lead to peace of mind and a sound sleep at night. Brave up and face that person。和讨厌的人面对面的确是个挑战,但面对别人时,头脑会趋于冷静,晚上也会睡个好觉。所以鼓起勇气去面对这个人吧。Conversation对话Once in the presence of the person who is hated, start a conversation and communicate about what bothers you. Being frank about what and how that person’s behavior irks oneself will help both discuss issues, and will eventually lead to clarification。如果你讨厌的人出现了,不妨两个人好好聊聊,一起说说到底什么惹到你了。坦白的说说这个人的什么行为如何惹到了你,这对讨论以及最终解除误会都有很大的帮助。Contrite悔悟Apologizing to the disliked person can do wonders for one’s physical and mental being, bringing happiness and contentment. Keeping one’s egos aside and expressing remorse is the key to forgiveness。对不喜欢的那个人道歉对人的精神和身体会带来幸福和满足感,很神奇的哦!把什么自尊放到一边去,表达出悔恨才是原谅的核心。Be Compassionate with yourself对自己有恻隐之心Once you forgive a person, be patient and kind to your self. Time is a big healer, thus give time to heal—physically and emotionally. Express your pain and anxiety, and do not keep it bottled up. Appreciate the goodness of people around you, and visualize a new life with positive energy each day. This will help to shape each day free of pain and suffering。一旦原谅了别人,对自己有点耐心,也对自己好一点。时间是伟大的治愈师,会慢慢治愈你身体和精神上的创伤。把自己的痛苦和焦虑都表达出来,不要憋在心里。感激周围人对你的好,每天用积极的态度看待新的生活。这样能有效帮助你慢慢从痛苦中解脱出来。Caution谨慎Once you made amends, set your boundaries to avoid repeating history so that you do not get hurt again. Be sure to keep a good distance from the person who triggered chaos in your mind and made you lose your sleep at night. Since we cannot change an individual, it’s smart to keep away from them。一旦有了教训,你需要设定底线来避免历史重演,这样才能保你不会再受到伤害。和那些会让你头脑发晕失眠的人保持点距离吧。既然我们无法改变一个人,不如聪明点远离他们。Humans want to walk on the forbidden path, and there are chances that we can get attracted to people who have raised our blood pressure previously. Thus, retrain your thinking by wishing well about the person whom you just forgave. Hope the best for him while being intelligent and making wise decisions with respect to your mental well-being。人们总喜欢选择走不该走的路,也有可能我们会爱上先前让我们血管爆棚的人。不管怎样,换个思考方式,祝福那个你刚刚原谅的人吧。为了自己的精神健康,真心去祝福他真的是智慧和明智的决定。 /201507/388631Just in time for co-founder Chris Hughes to tie the knot, Facebook unveiled two new cake topper icons so same-sex couples can declare their marriage status。恰逢联合创始人克里斯·休斯与同性男友完婚之际,Facebook针对同性结婚又推出两组新的婚姻状态图标。Mr Hughes, who set up the social network with Harvard pal Mark Zuckerberg, and new husband Sean Eldridge were among the first to use the brand new symbols to update their relationship status on the weekend。休斯与其哈佛校友马克·扎克伯格共同创建了Facebook,而在本周,休斯和新婚夫婿塞恩·埃尔德雷吉则是首批利用该组新图标的用户之一,他们在Facebook上更新了自己的婚姻状态。New York#39;s gay power couple got married on Saturday at their million Garrison, New York, estate before hosting a lavish reception at Cipriani Wall Street for some 400 guests, including Mr Zuckerberg and new wife Priscilla。这对同性恋人周六耗资500百万美元在纽约加里森成婚,他们在Cipriani Wall街举办了400人的婚宴,邀请了包括扎克伯格及其新婚妻子普里西拉在内的众多宾客出席。Shortly after the event, the pair had matching gay marriage symbols adorning their Facebook timelines。婚宴结束后,休斯与塞恩就在Facebook上更新了同性婚姻的身份图标。Homosexual Facebook users have been able to select ;In a Civil Union; or ;In a Domestic Partnership; as their relationship status since February last year but this is the first they have been able to pick an icon for marriage. Gay and Lesbian groups have applauded the move。Facebook同性用户自去年2月起,即可选择“公民伴侣”或“同性关系”来表示其婚姻关系状态,但使用图标更新还实属首次。同性恋群体为该项举措拍手称好。A number of anti-gay Facebook users have expressed outrage at the new symbols, proposing a boycott on the page of One Million Moms - an anti-gay offshoot of the American Family Association。不少反同性恋的Facebook用户对该组新图标的出现表示愤慨,他们在美国家庭联盟的一个反同性恋分组织——One Million Moms(OMM)的主页上提出要抵制这一切。The organisation uses Facebook heavily to promote its cause but users including Mike Masoncupp posted a link to a press report of the change on OMM#39;s wall, stating ;Yes boycott Facebook;。该组织充分利用了Facebook的渠道来自我推广,可包括麦克·梅森卡普在内的用户们却在OMM的主页上发布了简报链接,宣称“抵制Facebook”。 /201207/189122佛山哪里有人工受孕最好The idea that we should sleep in eight-hour chunks is relatively recent. The world’s population sleeps in various and surprising ways. Millions of Chinese workers continue to put their heads on their desks for a nap of an hour or so after lunch, for example, and daytime napping is common from India to Spain.人应连睡八小时,这是相对较新的理念。在这个世界上,人们睡觉的方式千姿百态、令人惊讶。比如在中国,现在仍然有上百万人每天吃完午饭后,要趴在桌上打一个小时的盹。在从印度到西班牙的国家里,午睡都司空见惯。One of the first signs that the emphasis on a straight eight-hour sleep had outlived its usefulness arose in the early 1990s, thanks to a history professor at Virginia Tech named A. Roger Ekirch, who spent hours investigating the history of the night and began to notice strange references to sleep. A character in the “Canterbury Tales,” for instance, decides to go back to bed after her “firste sleep.” A doctor in England wrote that the time between the “first sleep” and the “second sleep” was the best time for study and reflection. And one 16th-century French physician concluded that laborers were able to conceive more children because they waited until after their “first sleep” to make love. Professor Ekirch soon learned that he wasn’t the only one who was on to the historical existence of alternate sleep cycles. In a fluke of history, Thomas A. Wehr, a psychiatrist then working at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Md., was conducting an experiment in which subjects were deprived of artificial light. Without the illumination and distraction from light bulbs, televisions or computers, the subjects slept through the night, at least at first. But, after a while, Dr. Wehr noticed that subjects began to wake up a little after midnight, lie awake for a couple of hours, and then drift back to sleep again, in the same pattern of segmented sleep that Professor Ekirch saw referenced in historical records and early works of literature.在20世纪90年代初,第一次有人指出连续八小时睡眠是个过时的概念,提出这个想法的是弗吉尼亚理工学院(Virginia Tech)的历史学教授A·罗杰·埃克奇(A. Roger Ekirch),他花了大量时间翻查关于夜晚的史料,结果发现古人在谈到睡眠时会做出一些奇怪的表述。比方说,在《坎特伯雷故事集》(Canterbury Tales)里,当中的一个人物决定在睡了“第一觉”后回到床上再躺一下。而英国的一位医生写道,在“第一觉”和“第二觉”中间的这段时间,用于学习和思考再合适不过。还有一位16世纪的医生认为,做苦力的人之所以能多生几个孩子,是因为他们要等睡过了“第一觉”后再做爱。埃克奇教授很快发现,他不是唯一一个发现交替睡眠周期由来以久的人。当时在马里兰州贝塞斯达的美国国家心理健康研究院(National Institute of Mental Health)担任精神病学专家的托马斯·A·韦尔(Thomas A. Wehr)进行了一项实验,参与者不得使用人造光源。由于没有了电灯、电视或电脑这些产品的照明与干扰,参与试验的人只能在夜里呼呼大睡——至少一开始是这样的。但过了一阵子,到了午夜过后,韦尔发现参与者纷纷醒来,他们在床上醒着躺了几个钟头,然后重新睡去,这样断断续续的睡眠周期,与埃克奇教授从史料和早期文献中发现的例是一样的。It seemed that, given a chance to be free of modern life, the body would naturally settle into a split sleep schedule. Subjects grew to like experiencing nighttime in a new way. Once they broke their conception of what form sleep should come in, they looked forward to the time in the middle of the night as a chance for deep thinking of all kinds, whether in the form of self-reflection, getting a jump on the next day or amorous activity. Most of us, however, do not treat middle-of-the-night awakenings as a sign of a normal, functioning brain.看起来,如果得到一个远离现代生活的机会,我们的身体能够自然而然地适应片断式的睡眠节奏。参加实验的人渐渐喜欢上了用一种新的方式来感受夜晚。一旦他们打破了关于睡眠形式的既有观念,就会期待着能趁着午夜时分来进行沉思,不管他们是用这段时间来进行反思、为第二天做好准备、还是想感情方面的事情。不过,我们中的大部分人都觉得在子夜时分醒来,不能算是大脑运行如常的信号。Robert Stickgold, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, proposes that sleep — including short naps that include deep sleep — offers our brains the chance to decide what new information to keep and what to toss. That could be one reason our dreams are laden with strange plots and characters, a result of the brain’s trying to find connections between what it’s recently learned and what is stored in our long-term memory. Rapid eye movement sleep — so named because researchers who discovered this sleep stage were astonished to see the fluttering eyelids of sleeping subjects — is the only phase of sleep during which the brain is as active as it is when we are fully conscious, and seems to offer our brains the best chance to come up with new ideas and hone recently acquired skills. When we awaken, our minds are often better able to make connections that were hidden in the jumble of information.哈佛大学医学院的精神病学教授罗伯特·斯蒂克戈尔德(Robert Stickgold)认为,睡眠——包括产生了深度睡眠的小睡——会让我们的大脑得到一个机会去决定新的信息孰去孰留。正因为此,我们的梦才充斥着奇怪的情节与人物,这是因为我们的大脑此时正在试图寻找最近学到的新东西与存储在长期记忆中的知识之间存在的关联。快速眼动睡眠——之所以叫这个名字,是因为发现了这个睡眠阶段的研究者很惊异地看到睡觉的人眼皮在急速颤动——是整个睡眠中唯一一个大脑跟完全清醒时同样保持活动的阶段,而且这种睡眠阶段看来能为大脑提供一个育新想法,磨炼近期学会的技能的良机。等到醒来时,我们往往更有能力在错综复杂的信息中发现隐秘的联系。Gradual acceptance of the notion that sequential sleep hours are not essential for high-level job performance has led to increased workplace tolerance for napping and other alternate daily schedules.连睡几个小时并不是高水平工作表现的必要条件,在渐渐接受了这个概念后,企业也越来越能包容员工在工作场所打盹,或采取其他类似的间断工作节奏。 /201211/207421广州白云治疗妇科的医院哪家专业

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