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The ocean is by no means uniform.海洋绝非完全一致Differences in depth, temperature, sunlight and currents深度,温度,阳光和水流的差异pose particular challenges.带来不同的问题One and a half miles down, these hydrothermal vents在海面下两公里处的 这些海底热泉spew out super-heated water at 450 degrees Centigrade从地壳裂缝喷出 摄氏四百五十度的from cracks in the Earth#39;s crust.超高温热水Despite the enormous pressure, the total darkness,虽然水压极高and the scaldingly-high temperatures,周围一片漆黑 水温更是炙人the ancestors of all life may have evolved所有生命的祖先 或许就在这种地方in a place just like this.演化诞生Pompeii worms.庞贝虫之名So named for their ability to survive volcanic heat.来自它们耐高温存活的能力They share the vents with crabs and two-metre-long tube worms.它们在热泉的邻居,包括蟹类 和两公尺长的巨型管虫They can only survive here它们只能在这里生存because they are able to feed on bacteria that thrive around the vents.在热泉周围大量繁殖的细菌 能填饱它们的肚子 Article/201310/259035。

  • Gove: Schools Should #39;Promote British Values#39;Five Birmingham schools are placed in special measures after Ofsted reports into concerns about Islamic extremism.Allegations made in what#39;s become known as the Trojan Horse letter suggested that children were not being kept safe in Birmingham schools. Ofsted and the Education Funding Agency have investigated those allegations. Their reports and other relevant documents have today been placed in Library of the House.Let me set out their findings and my actions.Ofsted states that head-teachers reported an orgnized campaign to target schools in order to alter their character and ethos with a culture of fear and intimidation. Head-teachers who had a record of raising standards reported they had been marginalized or forced out of their jobs. One school leader was so frightened about speaking to the authorities that the meeting had to be arranged in the supermarket car park.Ofsted concluded that governors are trying to impose and promote a narrow, faith-based ideology in what are non-faith schools, specifically by narrowing the curriculum, manipulating staff appointments and using school funds inappropriately.Overall, Ofsted inspected 21 schools. 3 were good red standing; 12 were found to require improvement; the remaining 6 are inadequate and in special measures. Let me explain why.At one secular primary school, terms, such as white prostitute, unsuitable for primary children#39;s years, were used in Friday assemblies unexclusively by Muslim staff. The school orgnized visits to Saudi Abrabia opened only to Muslim pupils. And senior leaders told inspectors that a madrasah had beenestablished and been paid for from the school#39;s budget. Ofsted concluded the school was not adequately ensuring that pupils have opportunities to learn about faith in a way that promotes tolerance and harmony between different cultures.At one secular secondary school, staff told officials the call to prayer was broadcast over the playground using loudspeakers. Officials observed lessons had been narrowed to comply with conservative Islamic teachings. In Biology, students were told evolution is not what we believe. /201406/305780。
  • Give yourself a spa treatment at home and pamper yourself with a brown sugar scrub.自己在家中进行水疗,自制红糖磨砂浴盐,给身体以滋养。You Will Need你需要1/4 c. packed brown sugar四分之一杯袋装红糖1/4 c. white sugar四分之一杯白糖5 tbsp. almond oil5汤匙扁桃油5 tbsp. jojoba oil5汤匙西蒙得木油2 tsp. honey2茶匙蜂蜜1 tsp. vitamin E1茶匙维他命E1 tsp. vanilla extract1茶匙香草精Airtight container密封容器3 tbsp. fresh coffee grounds (optional)3汤匙咖啡渣(可选)Other essential oils (optional)其他精油(可选)Steps步骤Sugar scrubs are not recommended for the face.红糖磨砂浴盐不建议用在面部。Step 1 Combine ingredients1.混合成份Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl and mix them with a spatula until everything is thoroughly blended.将所有成份加入一个大碗中,用铲子搅拌直到混合均匀。You can also add 3 tablespoons fresh coffee grounds for an added exfoliant.为了增强去角质效果,可以加入3汤匙新鲜的咖啡渣。Step 2 Apply2.涂抹Gently apply the scrub to wet skin using a circular motion. Concentrate on dry or rough patches of skin, avoiding sensitive or irritated areas, and cut or sunburned spots.将皮肤湿润,轻轻地打圈把混合物涂抹在皮肤上。集中在干燥或粗糙的部位,避免敏感或刺激部位,割伤或被太阳晒伤的部位。Step 3 Rinse3.清洗Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.用温水彻底清洗皮肤,用柔软的毛巾擦干。Step 4 Experiment4.试验Experiment by adding different essential oils and fragrances from specialty markets to find your favorite mix.加入各种不同的精油和香精进行试验,找到你最喜欢的混合方式。Step 5 Store5.存储Store the leftover scrub in an airtight container, or make more and put it into small jars to give as gifts.将剩余的浴盐存放在密封的容器中,或者多做一点,装在小罐中作为礼物送给朋友。Contrary to popular belief, brown sugar isn#39;t any healthier than raw or white sugar.与流行的观念相反,红糖并不比白糖或粗糖更健康。视频听力由。 Article/201311/263553。
  • If a recent glance in the mirror has revealed horror-level hairiness, this guide will help you get y for swimsuit season without a silver bullet.如果最近照镜子时发现身上的毛发让你感到恐怖,这段视频将帮助你不需妙招就能在游泳季节让肌肤焕发夺目光。You Will Need你需要Budget预算Foresight深谋远虑Honesty诚实Steps步骤Step 1 Consider your budget1.考虑预算Consider your budget. Shaving is the least expensive option, while a salon visit for a wax can cost between and 0.考虑一下预算。直接剃掉是最便宜的选择,而到沙龙做蜜蜡除毛的费用大概在30美元至100美元之间。If you#39;re bashful about baring your body, you might feel more comfortable shaving at home. Having a body wax at a salon is best for those that have no problem baring it all.如果你羞于裸露全身,或许觉得在家中剃掉毛发更加自在。对于不在乎裸露身体的人来说,在沙龙进行蜜蜡除毛是最好的选择。Step 2 Plan ahead2.提前计划Plan your hair removal ahead of time. Shaving lasts for just a few days,while waxing and plucking will leave you fuzz-free for several weeks.提前计划何时脱毛。剃毛只能持续几天,而蜜蜡除毛和拔毛可以让皮肤几周内都保持光滑。Step 3 Assess your pain threshold3.评估痛阈Assess your pain threshold. Everyone is different, but waxing and plucking make most people wince, especially the first time.评估你的痛阈。每个人有所不同,但是蜜蜡除毛和拔毛会让大部分人退缩,尤其是第一次。Shaving is the least painful treatment, but can lead to nicks, cuts, and the ded razor burn if not done properly.剃毛是痛楚最少的选择,但是如果操作不当会导致刻痕,割伤和可怕的灼伤。Step 4 Assess area4.评估部位Save plucking for small areas with few hairs, like the brow or upper lip. Shaving and waxing are best for the legs, arms, and the chest. Now, admire your smooth skin.毛发较少,范围比较小的部位使用拔毛,例如眉毛或上唇。剃毛和蜜蜡除毛最好用于腿部,手臂和胸部。现在,享受自己光滑的肌肤吧。Hypertrichosis, or Werewolf Syndrome, is characterized by excessive hair on the upper body and face, and occurs in less than one in one billion births.毛发过多或狼人综合征的特征就是身体上部和面部毛发过多,每10亿人中不到一人出现这种情况。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/289416。
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