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阳下街道妇女医院价格The pitcher plant is probably the most mysterious plant in the whole wide universe. With its unique ability to obtain food, it has inspired many people to reshape their concept on how nature works. As we might have aly known, pitcher plants eat small insects. They use a sweet-smelling juice to lure an unsuspecting insect into the mouth. When the insect is unable to climb back, it can only flails helplessly in the fluid until it loses energy and submits to the overpowering force of its fate. Larger pitchers could even trap small frog, snakes and birds inside.猪笼草恐怕是整个浩瀚宇宙中最神秘的植物了。它获取食物的独特方式激发很多人改变了自己对大自然生态机制的看法。正如我们所知的那样,猪笼草会吃一些小昆虫。它们分泌出一种香甜的汁液,把毫无警惕心的昆虫诱骗到嘴里。当昆虫无法再爬出来的时候,它只能无助地在粘液中乱动挣扎,直到没有力气,最终屈从于命运无法抗拒的安排。大的猪笼草甚至还能将小青蛙、小蛇以及小鸟困在里面。Sound scary? Pitcher plants are actually very alluring and beautiful plants. A Canadian country even makes it the official flower. Yes, it#39;s true! In fact, the New Foundland and Labrador province in Canada has the Purple pitcher plant as its one and only floral emblem.听起来很恐怖吧?但猪笼草其实是一种很有诱惑性又漂亮的植物。加拿大某地区甚至把猪笼草视为当地的官方花朵。没错儿,这是真的!事实上,加拿大的纽芬兰ndash;拉布拉多省就把紫色的猪笼草作为本省唯一的省花。Meat-eating is just an everyday happening for these pretty pitcher plants. Even though they are deadly traps for mosquitoes, they can be very generous and have amazing relationships with other animals. On a report, the scientists in Brunei have finally discovered why one pitcher beauty, the Nepenthes rajah is one of the biggest in the world! Though its mouth could very well swallow a whole tree shrew , the researchers were confused that throughout the years of their study, they were not able to find even a single dead individual inside.对于这些漂亮的猪笼草来说,肉是每天必不可少的一餐。尽管这对于蚊子来说是死路一条,但同时猪笼草也可以相当大度,与其他动物有着惊人的微妙关系。文莱的科学家们在一份报告中指出,他们最终发现为什么马来王猪笼草(一种美丽的猪笼草)是世界上最大的猪笼草之一!虽然它的嘴大得足以吞下一整只树鼩,但是在这么多年的研究中,研究人员却从未在马来王猪笼草中找到一具树鼩尸体,这令他们十分困惑。Suddenly, the answer finally showed itself one day. Upon examining the inside contents of the Nepenthes rajah, they discovered a freshly delivered fecal matter and soon found out that its owner is the resident tree shrew who lived nearby. Further tests have led them to conclude that indeed these little primate relatives make toilet bowls out of the pitcher plant!突然有一天,不言自明。经过对马来王猪笼草内部物质的检查,他们发现了刚刚排泄的粪便,接着很快便查出它的主人就是住在旁边的树鼩。更多的测试引导研究人员得出了这样一个结论:这些灵长类动物的小近亲们确实把猪笼草当作马桶来使用了!If you think that their relationship is strange enough, hear this: it seems that the tree shrew was not the only that shares this close friendship with the pitchers! Still, on the forests of Brunei, the biologists have ascertained that bats also use the plant#39;s ;facilities; as its rest room. And, not only that;do you know that these winged mammals can also afford to make it as its dormitory? Yes, the pitcher plant, the ever-generous landlady, has even made a girdle on its side to serve as the bat#39;s bed!如果你觉得他们之间的关系太奇怪的话,那么听听这个吧:看来不仅仅是树鼩能与猪笼草享有如此亲密的友好关系!同样,在文莱的森林中,生物学家已查明:蝙蝠也把这种植物的;卫生设备;当作厕所使用。不仅如此;;你知不知道这些会飞的哺乳动物还可以把它变成自己的卧室?是的,这种植物正是猪笼草,它是胸怀最宽广的房东,甚至它的侧面还有个围挡给蝙蝠当床用呢!Unlike us humans, the pitcher plants think that this is a very lucky thing! Actually, every waste matter that is excreted by all animals is rich in nitrogen. And we learn in school that nitrogen is very helpful for all plants in their growth and development.与我们人类不同,猪笼草把这当作是一件很幸运的事!事实上,任何动物的排泄物都含有丰富的氮。我们在学校也学过氮对于所有植物的生长和发育都十分重要。Then, what could excite you more than seeing these wonderful pitchers standing in front of you? With the convenience of modern technology, we would only not see them in pictures;but you could actually bring home one if you want to! See the nature unravel its wonders within the confines of your own home. Inspire great curiosity and knowledge on children as they open their eyes to the fact that mother Earth indeed holds wonderful secrets that they have yet to unlock!那么,还有什么事能比亲眼看到这些神奇的猪笼草出现在你面前更令人激动呢?由于现代科技带来的便利,我们不仅能在照片中看到猪笼草,如果你想的话,其实也可以带一个回家养!这样在自家里便能看到大自然是如何揭开奇迹般的神秘面纱的。当孩子们看到地球母亲确实有许多令人惊奇且尚未揭开的谜题时,这就能激发他们的好奇心并帮助他们增长知识。 /201203/173401福清哪家医院看妇科看的好Some 'superheroes' seem able to exist on very little sleep -- are they fooling themselves?一些“超级英雄”似乎可以每天只睡极少的时间──还是他们在骗自己?Does it only take five hours of sleep to fuel the juggle? We recently posted about one woman who rises at 5 a.m. and often ends her day at midnight. She needs all that time to squeeze in a day of work and caring for her family.只睡五个小时就够补充精力了吗?本报不久前刊登的一篇文章说,一位女士每天早上5起床,而午夜之后才上床睡觉。她确实需要挤出这么多时间来完成工作、照顾家人。It's a familiar timeline for many of us. Can't fit everything into your day? Just make the day longer!我们当中的许多人对这种生活都不算陌生。每天总有搞不完的事?那就让每一天变长一些吧。Some superheroes seem to survive this way indefinitely. An ad-agency founder profiled in the latest issue of Inc., Jordan Zimmerman, rises at 3:30 a.m., works out before work, takes three of his four kids to school, works flat-out all day, gets home for dinner and bedtime with the family and then works until midnight. During speeches to college students, he sometimes asks them why they like to sleep late on weekends. 'Why would you sleep when that's your time to live?' he asks. 'Sleeping isn't living. You sleep when you die.'一些超级英雄似乎可以日复一日地过着这样的生活。最新一期商业杂志《Inc.》报导称,广告公司联席创始人乔丹#8226;齐莫尔曼(Jordan Zimmerman)每天早上3点半起床,先健身,再工作,然后送四个孩子中的三个去上学,接下来再高效完成全天的工作,回家吃晚饭并等家人就寝后再独自工作到子夜时分。他有时候会在向大学生发表演讲时问他们为什么要在周末赖床不起。他问道:你们为什么要把本可以好好活着的时光睡过去?他说,睡觉不是活着,你死了自然会睡了。 /201005/104884Curse of the black bags! Winter ages a woman#39;s eyes by nearly FIVE YEARS?该死的黑眼袋!冬季会让女性眼部衰老5岁?Winter ages a woman#39;s eyes by four years and eight months, a team of beauty scientists have claimed.The anti-ageing experts studied the eyes of 5,000 women throughout the seasons for a clinical study. They found bags under the eyes were significantly darker during the colder months.美容科学家们最近表示冬季会让女性的眼部衰老4年8个月。美国抗衰老专家最近对5000位女性的眼部进行临床试验,观察季节对女性眼部的影响。他们发现在寒冷的月份里女性的黑眼袋会加重。The team from Adonia Organics concluded the process is caused by a lack of sunlight which brings paler skin and emphasises the bags.This is made worse by a higher level of fatigue in the winter due to a lower level of Vitamin D, generated by the body in sunlight, and subsequently less serotonin, which is the body#39;s ;feel good chemical;.来自美容护肤品牌Adonia Organics的研究团队认为,由于冬季缺乏阳光造成皮肤苍白而突显出黑眼袋。由于缺乏阳光,身体的维生素D含量偏低血清素较少,造成冬季容易感觉疲劳,所以让黑眼袋困扰越发严重了。血清素是让身体感觉良好的化学物质。Anti-ageing expert Dr Mark Binette said: ;More science is coming out linking the lack of Vitamin D and K as one of the causes that plagues us with dark circles and puffy eyes; especially as it relates to fatigue and immune related issues.;抗衰老专家Mark Binette士表示:;最近有很多的科学研究表明维生素D和维生素K的缺少是让我们遭受黑眼圈和眼袋折磨的一个原因,特别是将其与疲劳和免疫相关问题联系在一起时。;;Once you have them, it is usually difficult to reverse them. Our research has shown that women are worried about the ageing effect of dark circles more so than wrinkles which are easier to tackle and overcome. Lacking in Vitamins D and K has a considerable negative effect on the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes and can age a woman by 4.7 years putting over ten per cent on a woman#39;s age of 40.;;黑眼袋一旦有了,通常就很难除去了。我们的研究表明女性对黑眼圈的衰老征兆的担忧甚于对皱纹的担忧,也因为皱纹更容易处理和克。缺少维生素D和维生素K会对黑眼圈和眼袋的出现造成相当大的负面影响,会让女性衰老4.7岁,年过40的女性中有10%的人受到影响。;Dark circles are one of the most common skin problems, and are often caused by tiny capillaries that leak blood beneath the surface of the skin. As this blood starts to oxidize, it turns a dark blue colour similar to a bruise.黑眼圈是最常见的皮肤问题之一,通常是由于皮肤表层下微小的毛细血管出现渗血而造成的。这些渗出的血液开始氧化,会变成类似于青肿擦伤的深蓝色。This becomes more obvious in winter as skin becomes more transparent due to lack of sun and tanning. In the summer dark circles are easier to hide as people suffer less from fatigue and the skin is lightly tanned. Additionally, during the summer, we experience higher serotonin levels, which raises our mood, when the skin is exposed to sunlight.在冬天黑眼圈会更明显,因为冬季缺少阳光日晒会使皮肤更加透明。而在夏季,因为疲劳感减轻和皮肤晒黑,黑眼圈就比较容易遮掩。另外在夏季,皮肤暴露在阳光下,所以我们身体内的血清素含量会比较高,会帮我们提高情绪。The study, carried out during clinical trials at AMA Laboratories in New York, found 82 per cent suffered from dark circles and puffy eyes in the winter as opposed to just 38 per cent in the summer. The study was carried out among women aged 27 and 60 and the results were consistent across the board. Researchers found women regain their youthful good looks in the summer once the cold, dark nights have eased.该研究在纽约的美国医学协会实验室进行临床试验,发现在冬季82%的女性遭受黑眼圈和眼袋的折磨,而在夏季只有38%的受影响人群。参与研究的女性年龄区间从27到60岁,研究的结果也比较全面一致。一旦寒冷漆黑的冬夜过去,女性又会恢复青春靓丽美貌。在冬季82%的女性遭受黑眼圈和眼袋的折磨,而在夏季只有38%的受影响人群。参与研究的女性年龄区间从27到60岁,研究的结果也比较全面一致。一旦寒冷漆黑的冬夜过去,女性又会恢复青春靓丽美貌。 /201112/163736江镜镇剖腹产哪家医院最好的

福清阳光妇科医院在哪里福清哪家医院治疗子宫内膜移位好That time of the year comes once again when men and women, including lovers and couples, share their feelings of love and show every inch of devotion and affection in that day of Valentines. One way of showing such emotion is through giving gifts that does not just measure one#39;s purchasing power, but thoughtfulness, love, and sheer enjoyment. See this top 10 list for the best Valentine#39;s Day gifts for 2012 and find out some ideas that can make you lady or man happy.  一年一度的情人节又到了。这是一个男生女生、夫妻情侣互相表达情意、爱慕与依恋的节日。赠送礼物是表现爱的方法之一。礼物代表的不仅是购买力,更是诚意、爱和绝对的享受。以下是2012十佳情人节礼物,也许能够给你新的灵感!  10. Cookbook for Unique Recipes  特别的食谱  This kind of gift may be preferable for the ladies as they really love spending some time in the kitchen, experimenting something new for their man in encountering a gastronomical experience. However, you can make this gift more special if you could cook different unique recipes together. Just imagine that you can both explore your preferences in food, snacks, favorite treats, and even hated meals, while cooking dinner that you can both enjoy with each other.  这是女生们会喜欢的礼物,女生们都喜欢在厨房里摆弄锅碗瓢盆,为她们的男人试验新菜。然而,如果你的菜谱够不同,够独特,你的礼物会更特别。想象一下,你们可以一边愉快地煮着晚餐,一边一起探索双方在饮食方面的偏好;食物、点心方面的,最爱的甚至是最讨厌的菜。  9. A Bun gee Jump Together  一起去蹦极  It may take some time to get into the place where you can make the jump, but doing this together can make you feel closer through thick and thin, and even close in danger and disaster. Yes, it can make your heart jump with fear, but taking this one extreme event means a lot for Valentines.  登上蹦极点可能需要耗费一点时间,但是一起蹦极可以拉近两人的距离,不畏艰险同甘共苦,危险与灾难面前,更是如此。没错,蹦极让你心跳因为恐惧而加速,但是对很多的情侣来说,这样的极限活动却意义非凡。  8. A Ticket for Two in a Valentine#39;s Concert  情人节演唱会的双人门票  Every year, there are certain famous bands, groups, and even singers that render concerts, which is intended to spice up the night for couples and lovers through a night of sweet sentimental music and serenade of songs that tickle one#39;s love bone. After the concert, you can couple it with a dinner that ends a perfect night of love.  每一年都有知名的乐队、团体、甚至是歌手为情人节特别献唱。甜美温暖的音乐,动人心弦的情歌,让人如痴如醉。听过音乐,可以再来顿浪漫晚餐作为情人节完美的谢幕。  7. Expensive Perfume  名贵的香水  Aside from having it used for Valentine#39;s, this kind of gift can be used in any occasion at any given time of the year. This kind of gift is not just for the ladies but for the guys also as there are scents created for both genders.  香水,不仅仅是用于情人节,任何的时候都可以使用。不但有女士的香水,也有专为男士设计的香氛。  6. Luxury Cruise  豪华游轮之旅  It can be costly, but this is a gift that combines many packages into one. Aside from the dinner taken on the middle of the ocean, it also gets romantic with dance and song, musicians playing while enjoying meals together, or sleeping in a suite inside an expensive cruise ship. There are even packages where you can enjoy sports, spas, and saunas while in the cruise.  这或许价格不菲,但是一趟旅程中却包含了许多的项目。除了可以在海上享受晚餐,还有浪漫的音乐舞蹈相伴,乐手们的演奏也为晚餐增色不少。此外,在豪华游轮上美美入睡也是一大享受。甚至还可以在海上体验各种运动项目,水疗和桑拿。  5. Bath and Spa Gift Sets  沐浴和水疗礼品套装  Valentine#39;s Day is not just all about love, but it is also that time of the year where making your other half feel pampered, comfortable, and relaxed. With this said, bath and spa packages are perfect for spending some special time in a truly intimate setting. Imagine the candles, the soothing scent of aromatherapy that eases the senses, and even the warmth of each other#39;s presence. You can even include gifts such as scented candles, aromatherapy kits, and even soft towels.  情人节不仅与爱情有关,更是一个让对方感到被宠爱,舒和放松的日子。因此,沐浴与水疗礼品套装是在这样一个特殊的日子里,与另一半共浴爱河的绝佳礼品。想象一下,曼妙的烛光,舒缓减压的浪漫香薰,还有他/她在身边的温暖。套装中可以包括香薰蜡烛, 精油套装,甚至软毛巾也可包括在内。  4. Box of Chocolates or Chocolate Gift Baskets  一盒巧克力或巧克力礼品篮  ;Sweets for the sweet, sugar for your honey; is a line that expresses the love you feel for your other half. Even though your box of chocolates may consist of expensive brands and names, or just a chockfull of the chocolates your lover likes, price is not the name of the game in this gift. What matters is your thought and effort in coming up with such a gift.  ;最甜蜜的礼物送给最爱的人!;表达对另一半的爱。不管你送的巧克力是世界大牌,还是只是他/她爱吃的品牌,价格并不重要,重要的是你为这份礼物付出的心思与精力。  3. Personalized Jewelries  定做的饰品  Whether you may think of pendants and necklaces for girls or rings and embellished necktie pins for the boys, what makes a jewelry gift customized for Valentine#39;s Day is the inclusion and engraving of names of the couple, and not just the name of the person to be given the gift to. Make sure that you give this in a place and time that is considered to be the most romantic, and this gift will work like a charm.  不管你是为女生挑选挂坠、项链,还是为男生挑选装饰的领针,都可以在礼物上刻上两人的名字,而不只是对方的名字,作为情人节特制的礼物。选在最浪漫的时候最浪漫的地点送出,这份礼物会有不寻常的魔力哦。  2. Big Plush Teddy Bear  超大只的泰迪熊  This gift is considered a classic because stuff toys are weaknesses of girls, especially those that are huge and great companies in bed. Teddy Bears are specifically favorites because they are cuddly and cute. However, if you think this is just for the girls, wait until you gift your lover a huge teddy bear that Mr. Bean likes. It may be simple, but it makes a clear statement that boys love toys too.  这是堪称经典的礼物,因为女生们对毛绒玩具完全没有抵抗力,尤其是那些大只的,还能够陪伴入睡的。泰迪熊是其中最受欢迎的,不仅看了就让人很想抱抱而且还非常的可爱。但是,请不要认为泰迪熊是女生们的专利,憨豆先生也很爱泰迪熊,或许哪天你的他也会收到一只你送来的泰迪熊。它或许只是一只熊,但是这恰恰显示了男生们也是很爱玩具的。  1. Long Stemmed Bouquet of 12 Red Roses  一束12朵的玫瑰  When you think that just one stem of white rose means ;One True Love;, you can convey your message more if you have purchase a bouquet of 12 red roses. They maybe more expensive in this time of the year, but the number 12 means the full cycle of a clock, the 12 zodiac sings, or the 12 months in a year. Giving such a gift expresses that you think of your lover and your affection is consistent all year long, Red roses are always the best Valentine#39;s Day gift.  如果你认为一朵白玫瑰代表了;唯一的真爱;,那么一束12朵的玫瑰可以传达更多的情意。情人节的玫瑰虽然要比其他时候来的更为的昂贵,但是数字12代表了时钟的一周,十二星座,一年的十二个月。这样的一份礼物代表着你对你的爱人无时无刻不在的思念与爱恋。红色的玫瑰永远都是情人节最好的礼物! /201202/170690福清哪家医院看妇科便宜福清宫腔镜取胚术费用呢

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