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The Darkling Thrush 暗处的鸫鸟Thomas Hardy托马斯哈代I leant upon a coppice gate我倚在以树丛做篱的门边,When Frost was spectre-gray,寒霜像幽灵般发灰,And Winter dregs made desolate冬的沉渣使那白日之眼The weakening eye of day.在苍白中更添憔悴The tangled bine-stems scored the sky纠缠的藤蔓在天上划线,Like strings of broken lyres,宛如断了的琴弦,And all mankind that haunted nigh而出没附近的一切人类Had sought their household fires.都已退到家中火边The land sharp features seemed to be陆地轮廓分明,望去恰似The Century corpse outleant,斜卧着世纪的尸体,His crypt the cloudy canopy,阴沉的天穹是他的墓室,The wind his death-lament.风在为他哀悼哭泣The ancient pulse of germ and birth自古以来萌芽生长的冲动Was shrunken hard and dry,已收缩得又干又硬,And every spirit upon earth大地上每个灵魂与我一同Seemed fervourless as I.似乎都已丧失热情At once a voice arose among突然间,头顶上有个声音The bleak twigs overhead在细枝萧瑟间升起,In a full-hearted evensong一曲黄昏之歌满腔热情Of joy illimited;唱出了无限欣喜,——An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small,这是一只鸫鸟,瘦弱、老衰,In blast-beruffled plume,羽毛被阵风吹乱,Had chosen thus to fling his soul却决心把它的心灵敞开,Upon the growing gloom.倾泻向浓浓的黑暗So little cause carolings远远近近,任你四处寻找,Of such ecstatic sound在地面的万物上Was written on terrestrial things值得欢唱的原因是那么少,Afar or nigh around,是什么使它欣喜若狂?That I could think there trembled through这使我觉得:它颤音的歌词,His happy good-night air它欢乐曲晚安曲调Some blessed Hope, whereof he knew含有某种幸福希望——为它所知And I was unaware.而不为我所晓 89

Martha: Oh, I have a toothache!玛莎:啊,我牙疼!George: It sounds like yoursquo;re in a visit to the dentist.乔治:看来你免不了要去看牙医了Martha: That would be the last resort. I hate going to the dentist. I donrsquo;t like needles and the sound of the drill scares me to death. Irsquo;m hoping the toothache will just go away.玛莎:那将是最终的无奈之选我讨厌看牙科我不喜欢看到针头,还有那种钻牙的声音,都要把我吓死了我希望牙疼能自行消失George: You really should get that checked out. Do you want me to make an appointment you with my dentist?乔治:你真地需要检查一下你的牙要不我给你约一下把我的牙医?qh]Martha: No, thanks. I havenrsquo;t seen a dentist in years and I donrsquo;t plan to now unless I have no choice.玛莎:不用了,谢谢我好多年不看牙医了除非毫无选择,否则我不会破例的George: Years?! You havenrsquo;t been to a dentist in years? Havenrsquo;t you ever heard of preventive care? Yoursquo;re supposed to get a dental cleaning twice a year.乔治:好多年了?!你好多年不看牙医了?你没听说过要预防保健吗?你应该每年洗两次牙Martha: I donrsquo;t follow doctor and dentist guidelines like that. I brush my teeth every day. Thatrsquo;s good enough.玛莎:我不会那样听从医生或牙医的指导我每天刷牙这就足够了George: No, itrsquo;s not. You should be flossing every day and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you havenrsquo;t been to the dentist in years, Irsquo;m not surprised you didnrsquo;t know that.乔治:不,还不够你还需每天使用牙线、用漱口水漱口,以此保牙齿和牙龈健康若你真地多年不看牙医,我就不奇怪你对这方面的知识一所所知了Martha: Stop preaching! Irsquo;ll go to the dentist when I need to.玛莎:停止说教!需要时我会看的George: Like now.乔治:现在就需要Martha: Maybe. It doesnrsquo;t hurt that much anymore...玛莎:也许吧不像刚才那样疼了;;George: I never knew you were such a chicken.乔治:真没想到你是个小鸡似的胆小鬼Martha: [makes a chicken noise] Bwauk, bwauk...!玛莎:(学鸡叫)咕咕;;咕咕;; 53

Coketown红砖城Coketown was a town of red brick,or of brick that would have been red if the smoke and the ashes had allowed it;but as matters stood it was a town of unnatural red and black like the painted face of a savage.Coketown曾是一座红砖城,或者可以这样说,如果没有了烟熏和灰尘的话,它应该是一座红砖城但事实上哪是一座不自然的红黑相间的城镇,就像野人涂了色的脸It was a town of machinery and tall chimneys,out of which smoke trailed themselves ever and ever.Cokettown是一座到处是钢铁机械和高高烟囱的城镇,烟雾总是从那些烟囱中飘出It had a black canal in it,and a river that ran purple with ill-smelling dye,and vast piles of buildings full of windows where there was a rattling and a trembling all day long,and where the piston of the steam-engine worked monotonously up and down like the head of an elephant in a state of madness.城里有一条黑色的水沟和一条被难闻的燃料染成紫色的河流,还有成堆满是窗户的楼房这些大厦整天震动,发出咔嗒咔嗒的声音,大厦内的蒸汽机活塞单调地上下摆动,就像处于疯狂状态的大象的头The town contained several large streets all very like one another,and many small streets still more like one another,inhabited by people equally like one another.Coketown有几条非常相似的大街,还有许多更加相似的小巷,居住着同样彼此相似的人们A sunny midsummer day.一个阳光灿烂的仲夏日There was such a thing sometimes, even in Coketown.即使是在Coketown,有时也会有这样的夏日Seen from a distance in such weather,Coketown lay covered in a haze of its own.在这样的天气里从远处看Coketown,它笼罩在一层自己的雾霭中You only knew the town was there,because you knew there could have been no such blotch upon the view without a town.你只知道城镇就在那里,因为你知道如果没有城镇的话,就不会有那么大的斑点在那里The streets were hot and dusty on the summer day,and the sun was so bright that it even shone through the haze over Coketown,and could not be looked at steadily.在夏天,街道上非常炎热,而且满是灰尘阳光是如此的强烈以致于穿透了城镇上空的烟雾,使人们没法一直盯着太阳看Workers emerged from low underground doorways into factory yards,and sat on posts and steps,wiping their faces and contemplating coals.工人们从低矮的地下室门洞走进厂房,坐在柱子上或是台阶上,擦着脸,心想着挖出的煤The whole town seemed to be frying in oil.整个城镇就像是在油里煎炸着,There was a stifling smell of hot oil everywhere.到处都弥漫着令人窒息的热油味The atmosphere of those places was like the breath of hell,and their inhabitants wasting with heat,toiled languidly in the desert.这些地方的空气像是地狱吐出的气息这些居民因热而消耗着他们的体力,没精打采地在这不毛之地劳作着But no temperature made the mad elephants more mad or more sane.但是蒸汽机不会因为温度的变化而变得更加疯狂或清醒Their wearisome heads went up and down at the same rate,in hot weather and in cold,wet weather and dry,fair weather and foul.不管天气是冷是热,是干是湿,是好是坏,它们那疲惫的机头都会以同样的节奏上上下下地摆动The measured motion of their shadows on the walls,was the substitute Coketown had to show the shadows of rustling woods;while the summer hum of insects,it could offer all the year round,from the dawn of Monday to the night of Saturday,the whirr of shafts and wheels.Coketown能展示给人们的不是瑟瑟作响的树林映在墙上的影子,而是机头映在墙上有规律的动作至于夏日的是虫鸣之声,Coketown所能提供的是一年到头,从星期一早上到星期六夜晚终日不绝于耳的机器轮轴发出的急促嗓音 6363

今天精听的片段是:Maggie: Hi, guys.Kids: Hi.Carol: Where's dad?Maggie: Oh, we split up--- the afternoon.Kids: Ohh.Maggie: He dropped me off and went a haircut.Ben: Ahhh....Jason: Hi, honey. Maggie: Hi, oh I thought you were getting a haircut.Jason: I did.Maggie: It doesn't look like it.Jason: of course it doesn't. That's why they charge so much. Where are the kids?Maggie: Oh well they are all sitting side-by-side on the couch. Jason, it's eerie. They aren't yelling, they aren't fighting, they aren't even watching TV.Jason: This is a bad thing? 85

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