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You#39;re far more likely to be in a car accident in winter than in summer. Cut the odds by taking simple precautions and following these common-sense driving tips.冬季驾车发生事故的风险比夏季高得多。采取一些预警措施,遵循下列常识性的驾车建议,减少事故几率。You Will Need你需要Preparation准备Unworn tires未破损的轮胎A bag of sand一袋沙子Concentration集中精力Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Check your vehicle1.检查车辆Prepare your car for the winter. Check your tires for wear and proper inflation. Check the condition of your windshield wipers and the levels of your antifreeze and wiper fluid. In snowy regions, consider buying snow tires or tire chains.冬季要检查好车辆。检查轮胎的破损程度,充气状况。检查挡风玻璃雨刷和防冻剂,擦窗液的水平。在经常下雪的地方,考虑使用雪地专用轮胎或轮胎防滑链。If your tire ts are worn to a depth below 5/32 of an inch they’re no good for winter use.如果轮胎胎面破损深度超过5/32英寸,则不适合冬季使用。Step 2 Be prepared2.做好准备Keep a bag of sand in your trunk to help with tire traction in case you get stuck. Always warm up your car and defrost all windows. Turn on your headlights.车厢中放一袋沙子,万一车辆被困可以用来牵引轮胎。先发动一下让车子暖起来,所有车窗都要解冻。打开车灯。Step 3 Test road conditions3.检查道路状况Start slowly. Test your braking and steering response to see how much traction your tires have.慢一点启动。检查刹车和转向装置,看一下轮胎有多大的牵引力。Step 4 Slow down4.减速慢行Take your time. Going too fast on slippery roads will result in skids. Don#39;t use cruise control and use low gear for added traction.开车慢一点。在湿滑的道路上驾车速度太快会导致打滑。不要使用恒速操纵器,加速时使用较低的档位。Step 5 Anticipate problems5.提前预料到问题Anticipate problems. Look for black ice, blowing snow, and traffic slowdowns or stops. Watch for bridges and overpasses, which freeze before the rest of the road. Leave extra room between yourself and the car in front of you.提前料到有些问题的出现。检查黑冰,飞雪和车流减慢或停滞状况。观察桥梁和天桥,两者都比道路的其他位置更快结冰。和前面的车辆保持足够的距离。Allow four car lengths between yourself and the car ahead of you for every 10 miles per hour of speed.对于每10英里每小时的车速,和前面的车辆应该保持4辆汽车车长的距离。Step 6 Turn corners safely6.安全转弯Slow down before you begin to turn. As you turn, release the brakes. Once the turn is complete, accelerate to maintain control.开始转弯前放慢速度。转弯的时候刹车。转弯结束后加速来控制车辆。Step 7 Prevent skids7.防止打滑Avoid sudden breaking or swerving. Break gently and evenly, and ease up if you start to skid. Don’t pump antilock brakes; apply steady, firm pressure on the pedal.防止突然刹车或转向。轻柔均匀地刹车,如果开始打滑的话放开刹车。不要使用防锁死刹车系统,踏板力度要稳定有力。Snowflakes are clear. Refracted light makes snow appear white.雪花是透明的。折射光线使雪呈现白色。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/275281Equatorial East Africa.赤道附近的东非地区It#39;s hard to image a place more different from Antarctica.这里和南极洲有天壤之别To survive here, mammals need additional talents.哺乳动物要有特殊本领 才能在这里生存This tree shelters the territory of a tiny mammal这棵树下是一只 娇小哺乳动物的地盘that spends its whole life in frenzied activity.它终其一生都过得狂乱忙碌It used to be called an elephant shrew,这种动物以前叫做象鼩鼱but now it#39;s called by its African name of sengi.但现在很多人都改用 它的非洲名字桑吉This is a female rufous sengi.这是一只母红象鼩鼱And, like all sengis, she#39;s so active, she#39;s permanently hungry.和所有的象鼩鼱一样,它因为活动量极大 所以时时刻刻都觉得饿To get all the food she needs,为了填饱肚子she has to be both industrious and ingenious.它除了勤劳之外还得要有创意She has made an intricate network of trails它建立了一个 错综复杂的道路网络that enable her to hunt her insect prey very efficiently.以有效率地捕食昆虫But these pathways have another important function但这些道路的另一个重要功能when she meets her enemies.在它碰到敌人时就派上用场了 Article/201307/249756New European sanctions imposed on Ukraine欧洲对于乌克兰新一轮的制裁Following Sunday#39;s referendums in eastern Ukrainian regions, the European Union is adding more names to its blacklist. With the Ukraine#39;s crisis seeing few signs of de-escalating, European leaders are hoping this latest round of sanctions will turn up the pressure on those undermining the country#39;s stability.随着周日在乌克兰东部地区的公投,欧盟将更多的名字添加到了黑名单中。而乌克兰的危机也没有局势缓解的迹象,因此欧洲领导人们希望最新一轮制裁能够施压那些破坏国家稳定的人。Sunday#39;s referendum held by anti-Kiev supporters in Eastern Ukraine. Ongoing violent clashes between anti-government activists and police. Events that created a recipe for further sanctions from the European Union.周日的全民公投是由乌克兰东部反对基辅的持者们举行。反政府活动人士和警察之间的暴力冲突也在不断上演。这些事件使得欧盟将会进一步制裁。 Article/201405/296974

Pure aloe vera gel has been used for thousands of years to treat minor burns. Here#39;s how to harvest it yourself, from an aloe vera plant.几千年来,纯净的芦荟凝胶一直用于治疗轻微的烧伤。根据下面的建议学习怎样从芦荟植株上收获芦荟凝胶。You Will Need你需要An aloe vera plant一棵芦荟植株A serrated knife一把有锯齿的刀子Steps步骤Taking aloe or aloe latex orally for laxative effects may lead to cramping or diarrhea.为了通便而口芦荟或芦荟胶乳可能会导致绞痛或细菌感染。Step 1 Cut off an aloe vera leaf1.切下芦荟叶片Using a serrated knife, cut a large aloe vera leaf from a living plant. The leaf should be green and thick.用一把有锯齿的刀子,从存活的植株上切下一片大的芦荟叶子。叶子必须丰厚,翠绿。Step 2 Drain the liquid resin2.让汁液流出Hold the leaf cut side down and allow the liquid resin in the inner lining of the leaf to drip out.叶片切口向下,让叶片内部的液体流出。Persons allergic to garlic and onions may have allergic reactions to aloe.对蒜和洋葱过敏的人可能也会对芦荟过敏。Step 3 Cut off the top layer3.切掉上表层Cut off the top layer of the leaf’s skin to expose the underlying layer of aloe vera gel.切下叶片表层,暴露出内部的芦荟凝胶层。Step 4 Cut away the sides of the leaf4.切掉叶片侧面Cut away the skin from the two sides of the leaf.切掉叶片两侧表层。Step 5 Remove the gel5.取下凝胶Cut the layer of gel away from the bottom layer of skin and place it in a cup.将芦荟凝胶层从底层表皮上切下来,放在杯子中。Some taxonomists have suggested that aloe vera is an ancient hybrid and not a naturally developed species.一些分类学家认为,芦荟是一种远古杂交物种,并不是自然发展的物种。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/237388

Everywhere you go in China these days, you hear it muttered, from back alleys to the polished hallways of the National People’s Congress. Urbanization -- It represents a “huge engine”, the way for China to sustain economic expansion, and secure its aspirations to be a middle-income nation. But, if urbanization has driven rural population to the cities with demands for housing, why are there many newly built high-rises or even entire districts still empty?中国究竟有多少鬼城?城市化加速发展,莫名其妙的出现了一种“建了房子放在那里任其发展”的概念,于是中国有了越来越多的鬼城。市民表示“走道的人还没扫街的人多”,你在为买房着急的时候,“鬼城”里买一间送一间。 Article/201306/242461

The concerns over bottled water quality may have started with Nongfu Spring, but as it turns out, China#39;s whole bottled-water industry is lacking universal standards that companies need to abide by.The fact is, bottled-water companies in China adopt a variety of water standards, including national standards made by different ministries, standards made by local governments and even those made by the companies themselves. Another problem is, while the most-used national standard for bottled water has 21 quality indicators, the standard for TAP WATER has more than 100.That raises questions of whether tap water has better quality standards than bottled water. The good thing is that health authorities in China are now working to unify different existing quality standards. A new, unified national standard will come out by the end of 2015.近日来,关于“瓶装水标准不及自来水”的话题关注度持续升温,除了此前陷入饮用水“质量门”的农夫山泉以外,随着对这一话题的关注,有媒体发现,如果简单的按照指标数量对比,“饮用水不如自来水”的,大有厂在。瓶装水中的一些病菌和微生物指标也被认为宽松于自来水,而诸如汞、银、四氯化碳、甲醛在内的毒理性指标,以及pH值、硬度等较为常见的水质指标,都没有出现在瓶装水国标中。 Article/201305/239760

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