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President Obama’s Fourth of July Message奥巴马总统发表独立纪念日献词THE WHITE HOUSE, WASHINGTON July 4, 白宫,华盛顿 年7月4日 Today, we are called upon to remember not only the day our country was born, but also the indomitable spirit of the first American citizens who made that day possible. We are called to remember how unlikely it was that our American experiment would succeed at all; that a small band of patriots would declare independence from a powerful empire; and that they would form, in the new world, what the old world had never known — a government of, by, and for the people.今天,我们受到这个日子的感召,不仅纪念我国诞生的那一天,而且需要继承建国初期美国公民不屈不饶的精神,是他们使这一天成为值得纪念的日子。我们应该记住,当年的这一切多么来之不易。我们进行创建美国的试验,结果获得了成功;为数不多的爱国者宣布独立,脱离了帝国强权的统治;他们还在新世界建立了旧世界不可思议的事物──民有、民治、民享的政府。That unyielding spirit is what defines us as Americans. It is what led generations of pioneers to blaze a westward trail. It is what led my grandparents’ generation to persevere in the face of a depression and triumph in the face of tyranny. It is what led generations of American workers to build an industrial economy unrivaled around the world. It is what has always led us, as a people, not to wilt or cower at a difficult moment, but to face down any trial and rise to any challenge, understanding that each of us has a hand in writing America's destiny.正是这种顽强的精神构筑了美国人的特征。正是这种精神指引一代又一代先驱者开拓西进之路。正是这种精神指引我们的祖祖辈辈,以坚韧不拔的毅力渡过了大萧条,战胜了专制暴政。正是这种精神指引世世代代的美国劳动者建成全世界无可比拟的工业经济。正是这种精神始终指引全体美国人民在时局艰难的时刻永不气馁,永不退缩,敢于经受任何考验,迎接任何挑战,因为我们知道美国的命运有待于我们每一个人为之努力。On this day, we also remember that during our most defining moments, it was brave and selfless men and women in uniform who defended and served our country with honor — waging war so that we might know peace; braving hardship so that we might know opportunity; and at times, paying the ultimate price so that we might know freedom. This service — the service of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen — makes our annual celebration of this day possible. This service proves that our founding ideals remain just as powerful and alive in our third century as a nation as they did on the first July 4. This service guarantees that the ed States of America shall forever remain the last, best hope on Earth.在这一天到来的时候,我们还不应该忘记,在我国最紧要的关头,勇敢无私的男女军人不辱使命,保卫我们的国家,忠心为国效力──为实现和平奔赴战场;为赢得机会不辞劳苦;有时还为捍卫自由付出极为高昂的代价。正因为他们为国效力──陆军、海军、空军、海军陆战队和海岸警卫队士兵做出的奉献,我们才有可能每年庆祝这个节日。这种为国效力的精神说明,在进入建国后第三个百年之际,我国的建国理想仍然长盛不衰,生气勃勃,永远保持第一个7月4日的活力。这种为国效力的精神保美利坚合众国永远是地球上最后、最大的希望。12/92941。

  • Another Step Towards Securing Our Future in Energy【Speech Video】This morning, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum on fuel efficiency standards, an initiative that will build on his goal to move towards improved fuel economy for vehicles. The signing comes a year after he made a historic agreement to break America’s dependence on foreign oil and create clean energy jobs.The President explained that one year later, we are aly beginning to see the results of that goal. The Presidential Memorandum signed today will take another step forward by proposing the development of a national standard for larger heavy-duty trucks. The Memorandum directs the Department of Transportion and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create a first-ever National Policy to increase fuel efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas pollution from medium- and heavy-duty trucks for Model Years 2014-2018. Trucks consume more than two million barrels of ail every day and emit 20% of all transportation related greenhouse gas pollution, and the new standard is expected to bring down costs for transporting goods while reducing pollution and spurring growth in the clean energy sector.Download Video: mp4 (124MB) | mp3 (10MB) 201005/104404。
  • President Bush Participates in Briefing on Hurricane Gustav, Discusses Energy THE PRESIDENT: Members of my Cabinet have assembled here, and I thank you all for coming. We recognize that the pre-storm efforts were important and so are the follow-up efforts -- in other words, what happens after the storm passes is as important as what happens prior to the storm arriving.And so our discussion today is about energy. The Gulf Coast region produces a lot of energy for the ed States. And we're now in the process of assessing any damage done to the infrastructure and what -- it's a little early right now to come up with a solid assessment. There are some encouraging signs. For example, during Katrina, rigs would be -- rigs moved because of the force of the storm and their anchors drug across pipelines, which caused there to be infrastructure damage. We didn't see much of that this time, although I will tell you that it's a little early to be making any forecasts.It's not too early, however, for the federal government to continue to coordinate with state and local people. That's why Secretary Bodman was in touch with Governor Jindal. We want to make sure that we're in touch with these energy-producing states, to help assess what took place and what needs to happen.One thing is for certain: When Congress comes back, they've got to understand that we need more domestic energy, not less; that -- and one place to find it is offshore America, lands that have been taken off the books, so to speak, by congressional law. And now they need to give us a chance to find more oil and gas here at home. I'd much rather American consumers be buying gasoline produced from American oil than from foreign oil. I'd rather our dollar stay at home than go overseas.And I know the Congress has been on recess for a while, but this issue hasn't gone away. And this storm should not cause the members of Congress to say, well, we don't need to address our energy independence; it ought to cause the Congress to step up their need to address our dependence on foreign oil. And one place to do so is to give us a chance to explore in environmentally friendly ways on the Outer Continental Shelf.Thank you very much.200809/47299。
  • 2003年CCTV杯全国英语演讲大赛(8) 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200809/48734。
  • THE PRESIDENT: Every time I come here, I get amazed at the quality of care, the professionalism, and the courage of our troops. I can say with certainty that the health care that our troops get in military medical facilities is excellent. I am so pleased to hear from spouses and other loved ones about the care they get, as well, when they come to visit their wounded -- wounded child or wounded husband or wounded spouse. And so this will probably be my last time coming here as the Commander-in-Chief. It gave me a great pleasure to thank all those who serve here, and all those who serve throughout our military, military medical facilities. You know, I oftentimes say being the Commander-in-Chief of the military is the thing I'll miss the most, and coming here to Walter Reed is a reminder of why I'll miss it. Thank you very much. Q How is your shoulder, Mr. President? THE PRESIDENT: Yes, good shape -- it's about an 80 mile-an-hour fastball. 200812/59484。
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