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福州市长乐中医院能做人流吗古槐镇妇幼保健医院是正规医院吗?Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future, uses Jolie as a prime example of reinvention. “Because her negative brand attributes centred around too much predatory sexuality,” she says, “motherhood and her clear devotion to her children showed a different, gentler side and balanced out her reputation.”福建省二院地址 -- rise in the number of divorce in Beijing from to日本地震让韩国企业亦喜亦忧(双语) -- :00:56 来源:   In order to understand how Japan’s earthquake has affected businesses in neighbouring South Korea, take a look at seafood.  要想了解日本地震是如何影响邻邦韩国的商业活动的,不妨看一看海产品  Exports of South Korean seaweed to Japan have soared, with many Japanese fearing that algae harvested off their own coast – a frequent ingredient in miso soup – could be contaminated by radiation seeping from the shattered Fukushima atomic power plant.  韩国对日本的海产品出口急剧上升,因为许多日本人担心,从本国沿海打捞的海藻可能受到了受损的福岛(Fukushima)核电站泄露出的放射物的污染海藻是味噌汤里的常见原料  Similarly, any South Korean company that can produce a substitute a Japanese product is in a strong position, with international banks expecting oil refiners such as SK Innovation and steelmakers such as Posco to take market share away from Japanese rivals hammered by the quake.  同样,任何一家能够生产日本产品替代品的韩国公司,如今都处于非常有利的位置——国际预计,SK innovation等炼油商以及浦项制铁(POSCO)等钢铁制造商,将夺走受地震影响的日本竞争对手的市场份额  SK shares have soared by percent since the disaster. Stocks in Posco, which has received additional inquiries about the purchase of about 300,000 tonnes of steel from shipbuilders since the quake, have also jumped percent.  在日本灾难爆发后,SK股价已飙升%浦项制铁也大涨%地震发生以来,浦项制铁已收到了诸多造船商有关增购钢铁的问询,总计希望购买的数量约为30万吨  Meanwhile, South Korea’s fishmongers are nervously counting how many mackerel they had put in cold storage bee the radiation started leaking from Fukushima. Many must import Norwegian mackerel, incurring higher costs, to please the growing number of shoppers refusing to buy fish caught off Japan.  与此同时,福岛还未发生放射物泄露时,韩国的鱼贩们就已开始紧张地计算自己冷冻储藏了多少鲭鱼许多鱼贩必须以更高的成本从挪威进口鲭鱼,以满足越来越多不愿购买从日本沿海捕捞的鱼类产品的消费者需求  Likewise, many leading South Korean companies are living on their inventories and need to look further afield alternative suppliers. South Korea ran a bn trade deficit with Japan last year. Almost 70 percent of this represented vital components and parts industry.  同样,许多领先韩国公司也正依靠自己的库存维持运营,并且要到更远的地区寻找替代供应商韩国去年对日贸易赤字为360亿美元其中将近70%都是工业用的关键零部件  “Currently, investors are gauging whether the impact of reduced competition from Japan will outweigh the supply bottlenecks of tech companies in Korea and Taiwan, which rely on Japan a number of key components,” said Brian Kelleher, a vice-president at Citigroup.  花旗集团副总裁布赖恩?凯莱赫(Brian Kelleher)表示:“目前,投资者正在评估来自日本的竞争减弱所带来的影响,是否将超过韩国及台湾技术公司供应瓶颈的影响韩国与台湾的许多关键零部件都是从日本进口”  Samsung Electronics and Hynix, the world’s biggest makers of memory chips, have said their inventories remain robust, but Hynix added it was seeking extra supplies from outside Japan.  三星电子(Samsung Electronics)和全球最大的存储芯片制造商海力士(Hynix)表示,它们的库存仍十分充足,但海力士补充称,它正从日本以外的其它地区寻找额外供应  “We have asked our local and overseas suppliers to increase their shipments of components as some of our Japanese suppliers were hit by the quake,” said Park Hyun, a senior official.  海力士高管Park Hyun表示:“鉴于我们的一些日本供应商受到了地震的影响,我们已要求我们的本土及海外供应商提高零部件出货量”长乐中山做无痛人流手术安全吗

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