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Nicola: So, Cat, Id like to ask you more about your job. What exactly does an O. T. do?尼科拉:凯特,我想问你更多有关你工作的事情。职业治疗师具体都做些什么?Cat: Occupational therapists work with people who have had accidents or disabilities, help them regain function and so that they can be independent in the activities that they enjoy doing, so the occupation and occupational therapies, the activities people enjoy doing every day and it looks into, instead of physiotherapy works with just the muscles and building muscles, so they just do repetitions, but occupational therapy incorporates things that people actually enjoy doing into the activities for therapy, if that makes sense. Its kind of broad but yeah!凯特:职业治疗师接触的是那些发生过事故或是有残疾的人,帮助他们恢复机能,帮助他们恢复机能,让他们能独立进行他们喜欢的活动,所以职业治疗师会参与人们每天喜欢做的活动并进行研究,而不只是进行物理疗法,只是塑造肌肉之类的事情,那些只是在做重复性的工作,但是职业治疗师在治疗过程中会涉及人们真正喜欢做的事情,希望你能明白。这项工作非常广泛,对!Nicola: So, its kind of getting them back into their own life, their normal life? So, for example, if theyve had an accident, is it or, for young people or old, or?尼科拉:就像把他们带回本来的生活中,让他们回归正常生活,是吗?比如说,如果他们发生了事故,是年轻人,还是老人,或者……?Cat: Yeah, its the whole span of people, but um, yeah, people, for instances if a child has had an accident their main occupation is play so, you want to get them back into as much play as they can, and get them as strong as you can, so you can do that through play, but an adult you want to try and get them back into, say if they enjoy sewing or riding or surfing or those kinds of activities, as the O. T. you try to incorporate that into the therapy that you do with them, as much as you can. It depends on their injury.凯特:对,包括所有人群,举个例子来说,如果一个孩子发生了事故,针对他们的主要活动就是玩耍,你希望让他们回到玩闹的生活,让他们变得跟你一样强壮,这可以通过玩耍来实现,但是如果你试图让一名成年人恢复原本的生活,如果他们喜欢缝纫、骑马、冲浪或是其他活动,作为一名职业治疗师,你就要努力把那些活动纳入到治疗中,你要尽量和他们一起做这些事情。这要取决于他们的伤情。Nicola: OK, so where are you working now as an O. T.?尼科拉:好,那你现在在哪里担任职业治疗师呢?Cat: Right now, Im working in hospital at Lismore, and its more of an acute care setting so people who have had major injuries or accidents and its pretty much just helping them move on to the next step, either going home or going to another hospital and organizing the things that they need to be able to get back to the activities of daily living. (Wow) Its kind of complicated, but thats the basics of it, but its a little bit more than that.凯特:目前我在利斯莫尔的医院工作,不仅仅是急性照顾设置,如果人们的伤势严重或是遭遇严重的事情,就要帮助他们继续下一阶段,帮助他们回家或是帮助他们转到另一家医院,而且还要组织他们回到正常的日常活动中所需要的事情。(哇)有点复杂,不过基本上来说就是这样,但是其实要做的事情比这要多。Nicola: That sounds pretty challenging.尼科拉:那听起来很有挑战性。Cat: Yeah, its good.凯特:对,那很好。Nicola: OK, so thanks for talking to us and all the best in your work.尼科拉:好的,谢谢你和我们交流,祝你工作一切顺利。 /201404/284637

1. Our company aims to finish our work tomorrow.我公司打算明天完成任务。还能这样说:The goal of our company is to be finished tomorrow.Our company decides to accomplish the work tomorrow.应用:aim at quick scoring 为了迅速取胜;aim high 胸怀大志,力争上游;cry aim 喝助威,予以鼓励;give aim 报告射靶结果;远远站在一旁2. We look forward to reactivating our business relationship.我们盼望我们的业务关系重新活跃起来。还能这样说:We hope that our business relationship can revive again.We wish to restore our business relationship.应用:the forward ranks 先头部队;the forward role 带头作用;a forward school 促进派,急进派;quicken ones forward pace 加快前进的步伐;a forward spring 早来的春天3. I am glad to have the opportunity of visiting your company and I hope to do business with you.很高兴能有机会拜访贵公司,希望能与你们做成交易。还能这样说:I am pleased to have the chance to visit your company and I wish to transact business with you.I am happy to pay a visit to your company hoping that we can make a deal with you.应用:Business is business.公事公办。4. We should appreciate it if you could send us your comments.我们非常欢迎你们提出宝贵意见。还能这样说:We are glad to hear your advice.We welcome your valuable advice.应用:appreciate English poetry 欣赏英语诗;appreciate good food 品尝美味;appreciate sb.s friendship 珍视某人的友谊 /201412/348869

经典句型:Where is the filling station? 哪儿有加油站?A:Where is the filling station?甲:哪儿有加油站?B:There is one two blocks away.乙:再走两个街区就有一个。A:Thank you.甲:谢谢。经典句型:There is a filling station over there. 那边有个加油站。A:I have to have the car refilled now.甲:我现在必须给车加满油。B:There is a filling station over there.乙:那边有个加油站。A:Lets go there.甲:我们去吧。句型讲解:Have the car refilled给车加满油。Refill意思是“装满,补充,再充填”。 /201405/294749

Neil: Hello. Im Neil.尼尔:大家好,我是尼尔。Helen: Im Helen. And Neil is speaking in that rather strange voice because hes in a strange position.海伦:我是海伦。尼尔用那种非常奇怪的声音说话,原因是他现在的姿势非常奇怪。Neil: Thats right. Im bending over backwards–or trying to.尼尔:没错。我正在向后弯腰,或者是试图向后率。Helen: Bending over backwards. The problem is that youre not very flexible are you?海伦:向后弯腰。问题是你不是很灵活,不是吗?Neil: No. Even if I bend forwards I can hardly touch my knees, and certainly not my toes.尼尔:对。即使我向前弯腰,我也很难碰到膝盖,当然更碰不到脚趾了。Helen: Well, look at me!海伦:嗯,看看我!Neil: Wow! Helen! I had no idea you could do that! You can bend over backwards all the way to the floor!尼尔:哇!海伦!我都不知道你能做到!你竟然能向后弯腰,并手掌触地!Helen: Yes. Anyway, maybe we should explain why were bending over backwards.海伦:对,不管怎样,可能我们要解释一下我们为什么要向后弯腰。Neil: Oh, yes, of course. Thats because todays phrase is:尼尔:哦,对,当然了。那是因为我们今天要学习的短语就是:Helen amp; Neil: To bend over backwards!海伦amp;尼尔:To bend over backwards!!Helen: Listen to these examples and see if you can guess what it means.海伦:来听几个例子,看看大家能否猜出这个短语的意思。I would bend over backwards for you–just let me know how I can help.我会竭尽全力帮你,只要告诉我我怎么能帮到你。Julia bent over backwards to make sure everything was right for their visit.朱莉亚竭尽全力确保他们访问期间一切顺利。Neil: Did you guess the meaning of to bend over backwards?尼尔:你猜到这个短语的意思了吗?Helen: It means to go to great lengths or to put in a lot of effort for someone or something.海伦:意思就是为某人或者某事想尽办法或是付出大量努力。Neil: Like, ;I would bend over backwards to make you happy;, Helen.尼尔:比如“我会竭尽全力让你幸福”,海伦。Helen: Ahhhh. Thank you Neil. Lets hear some more examples:海伦:啊,谢谢你,尼尔。我们再来看几个例子:I bent over backwards to get Jim what he wanted, but he never thanked me.我想尽办法让吉姆得到他想要的东西,但是他从来没有谢过我。Ill help you a bit, but dont expect me to bend over backwards.我会帮你一点,但是别指望我会不遗余力地帮你。Neil: Oh, ooof!尼尔:哦,天哪!Helen: Are you okay?海伦:你还好吧?Neil: I need to sit down, I think Ive hurt my back!尼尔:我要坐下来,我想我弄伤了我的后背!Helen: Ah, Neil, you must be careful not to bend over backwards too often!海伦:尼尔,你要小心,向后弯腰不要做过太频繁!Neil: Yes.尼尔:没错。Helen: Or you should just bend over backwards figuratively, but not literally! Thats all for now. Bye!海伦:或者你应该象征性地做一下,而不是按字面意思做!我说完了。再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! /201404/292023

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