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New claims emerged last night over the extent that US intelligence agencies have been monitoring the mobile phone of Angela Merkel. The allegations were made after German secret service officials were aly preparing to travel to Washington to seek explanations into the alleged surveillance of its chancellor.有新闻爆料说,美国情报部门一直在对德国总理默克尔的私人电话进行监控。而在此之前,德国情报官员已准备前往华盛顿就总理电话监听事件寻求解释。A report in Der Spiegelsaid Merkels mobile number had been listed by the NSAs Special Collection Service (SCS) since 2002 and may have been monitored for more than 10 years. It was still on the list marked as ;GE Chancellor Merkel; weeks before President Barack Obama visited Berlin in June.《明镜周刊》的一篇文章指出自002年以来,默克尔的电话已出现在美国国家安全局的特殊收集务部门清单之上,并且可能已被监听超过10年。在美国总统奥巴马六月份出访柏林的数星期之前,默克尔的电话仍被清单之上并且被标记上“德国总理默克尔”。In an SCS document cited by the magazine, the agency said it had a ;not legally registered spying branch; in the US embassy in Berlin, the exposure of which would lead to ;grave damage for the relations of the ed States to another government;.这本杂志刊登了一份来自特殊情报搜集部的文件,文件指出美国驻柏林大使馆存在着“一个违法注册的间谍部门”。《明镜》的揭露,很可能使“美国政府与其他各国政府间的关系跌落冰点”。From there, NSA and CIA staff were tapping communication in Berlins government district with high-tech surveillance. Quoting a secret document from 2010, Der Spiegel said such branches existed in about 80 locations around the world, including Paris, Madrid, Rome, Prague, Geneva and Frankfurt. Merkels spokesman and the White House declined to comment on the report.那时起,美国国家安全局和中央情报局的职员在柏林政府所在区域设置高科技的监听设备。《明镜010年收集到一份秘密文件,文件透露了全世界范围内存在着80所类似的监听部门,包括巴黎,马德里,罗马,布拉格,日内瓦和法兰克福市。默克尔的发言人和白宫拒绝对此发言。The nature of the monitoring of Merkels mobile phone is not clear from the files,Der Spiegelsaid. It might be that the chancellors conversations were recorded, or that her contacts were simply assessed.《明镜》指出,目前从文件内容看还不太清楚监听默克尔电话的真实目的。可能是监听总理对话也或许仅仅是估测总理的接触范围。Ahead of the latest claims, the German governments deputy spokesman, Georg Streiter, said a high-level delegation was heading to the White House and National Security Agency to ;push forward; investigations into earlier surveillance allegations.在最新丑闻曝露之前,德国政府的副发言人乔斯特莱特尔表示,有高层部门组成的代表团已前往白宫和美国国家安全局“督促”其尽早调查并早日公布结果。Meanwhile several thousand people marched to the US Capitol in Washington yesterday to protest against the NSAs spying programme and to demand a limit to the surveillance. Some of them held banners in support of Edward Snowden, the former CIA contractor who revealed the extent of the NSAs activities.同时,几千人昨日在华盛顿国家大楼前游行,行动旨在反对国家安全局的间谍组织并且要求降低监听次数。他们中的部分人高举旗帜,表示对前任中央情报局合作人爱德华?斯诺登的持,因为此前他透露了国家安全局许多行动。The march attracted protesters from both ends of the political spectrum as liberal privacy advocates walked alongside members of the conservative Tea Party movement.这次游行吸引了来自不同政治范围的反对者,而这种情景正如自由独立拥护者跟随茶党运动般一样。The delegation will include senior officials from the German secret service, according to German media reports.根据德国媒体报道,这次代表团包括德国秘密务部门的高级官员。Germany and Brazil are spearheading efforts at the UN to protect the privacy of electronic communications. Diplomats from the two countries, which have both been targeted by the NSA, are leading efforts by a coalition of nations to draft a UN general assembly resolution calling for the right to privacy on the internet. Although non-binding, the resolution would be one of the strongest condemnations of US snooping to date.德国和巴西正在带头尝试向联合国申诉以获取电子通讯的私人性。作为美国国家安全局的目标,两国外交官通过两个间的合作正在努力向联合国常任理事国寻求办法,试图呼吁国际范围内的隐私权。尽管没有约束性,但是此决心却是对美国目前的监听案最有力的谴责之一;This resolution will probably have enormous support in the GA [general assembly] since no one likes the NSA spying on them,; a western diplomat told Reuters on condition of anonymity. The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, had previously cancelled a state visit to Washington over the revelation that the NSA was scooping up large amounts of Brazilian communications data, including from the state-run oil company Petrobras. The drafting of the UN resolution was confirmed by the countrys foreign ministry.“此项提议将会得到常任理事国绝大部分的持,没有人喜欢美国国家安全局窃听他们,”一位匿名的西方外交官告诉路透社。就在美国国家安全局挖掘出巴西,包括国企巴西石油公司大量的交流资料之前,巴西总统迪尔罗塞夫已经取消了前往华盛顿的拜访。The Associated Press ed a diplomat who said the language of the resolution would not be ;offensive; to any nation, particularly the US. He added that it would expand the right to privacy guaranteed by the international covenant on civil and political rights, which went into force in 1976.美联社引用了一位外交官所说的,指出此主意的提出没有“侵犯”任何一个国家,尤其是美囀?他又说到,这会使得隐私权的范围增大并且就人权和政治权利而言,会有国际公约的保。此权力976年已开始生效。The draft would be sent next week to the general assembly subcommittee on social, humanitarian, cultural and human rights issues, and be put to the full general assembly in late November.这项手稿将会在下周送至常任理事国下属处理社会,人道主义,文化和人权问题的协会。在11月份末会在全体大会上呈现。Germany and France demanded on Thursday that the Americans agree to new transatlantic rules on intelligence and security service behaviour by the end of the year. Merkel added that she wanted action from Obama, not just apologetic words.德国与法国希望美国到年底同意新大西洋彼岸的规定,内容关于情报和安全务行为。默克尔希望奥巴马总统能够真的采取行动,而不仅仅是道歉话。British and US civil liberties groups on Saturday added their voices to the criticism of snooping by both UK and US intelligence services after the Guardian revealed that the British intelligence agency GCHQ repeatedly said it feared a ;damaging public debate; on the scale of its own activities.英国、美国的公民自由组织谴责两国情报组织的窃听行为。此活动发生在《卫报》透露英国情报组织-国家通信情报局一直重复说它因其自身活动的规模而害怕引起致命的公众讨论之后。Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty, and Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, issued a joint statement, saying: ;The Guardians publication of information from Edward Snowden has uncovered a breach of trust by the US and UK governments on the grandest scale. The newspapers principled and selective revelations demonstrate our rulers contempt for personal rights, freedoms and the rule of law.名为自由的组织首领查拉巴蒂和美国国内自由联合会总裁罗梅罗发表联合声明,表示:“《卫报》从爱德斯诺登得到并已发布的消息揭露了美囀?英国政府对于大规模民众缺乏信任。报社有原则,有选择性地选取事件,对此说明了我们的统治者对于人权、自由和法律效力存在轻视现象。;Across the globe, these disclosures continue to raise fundamental questions about the lack of effective legal protection against the interception of all our communications. Yet in Britain that conversation is in danger of being lost beneath self-serving spin and scaremongering, with journalists who dare to question the secret state accused of aiding the enemy.“纵观全球,这些丑闻持续性地引起我们对于基本问题的思考,对于窃听我们的交流,生活中缺少有效的法律保护。但是在英国,与记者谈话可能处于窃听状态。那些记者为帮助敌人询问国家机密要问,因此被逮捕。不得不说这些都是因为他们自私自利。;A balance must of course be struck between security and transparency, but that cannot be achieved while the intelligence services and their political masters seek to avoid any scrutiny of, or debate about, their actions.;“当然,在安全性和透明度之间必须存在平衡点,但是这个目标不能通过情报务或者尝试政治家试图躲避自身监视这个方法而实现。;The Guardians decision to expose the extent to which our privacy is being violated should be applauded and not condemned.;“对于《卫报》决心大规模地报道我们隐私性正在被侵犯这种行为,我们应该鼓掌而不是谴责。”Nick Pickles, director of Big Brother Watch, said the fact GCHQ had doubts about the legality of its surveillance ;reinforces the public interest in the disclosures about what has taken place in America and closer to home英国维权组织“老大哥观察”董事尼佩克勒斯说道,国家通信情报局对于自身监听的合法性存在怀疑,因为他们认为“这引起了公众对于公开性披露事件的兴趣,因为这些事件发生在美国和本国近邻。;Parliament never legislated to allow the scale of interception that has been exposed, with laws written long before widesp broadband internet access or Facebook existed. There is a clear and overwhelming need for a fundamental review of our legal framework.;“在因特网或者脸书上大肆传播之前,国会从未认为如此大规模的窃听事件合法,也就是没有明文规定。对于法律框架,很明显我们有必要进行一次基本的回顾。;If companies are handing over customer data or access to their equipment when there is no legal authority, then those businesses may well have broken the law. This should be urgently investigated by the information commissioner.;“如果公司没有法律允许但却转交顾客信息或者接近其设备时,这些商家很可能触犯法律。这就需要信息专员紧急调查。”Defending the NSAs actions, the US administration has insisted that it is necessary to intercept vast amounts of electronic data to effectively fight terrorism, but the White House has said it is examining countries concerns as part of an ongoing review of how the US gathers intelligence.为了表示对国家安全局的持,美国当局坚持为了打击恐怖主义,窃听数目庞大的电子数据很是必要,但是白宫已经表示作为长期回顾美国如何收集情报的一部分,这是在调查国家担忧的问题。来 /201312/2671701. Hello, is that Susan who applied an ant in our company through the phone?你好,请问是苏珊吗?你是否打电话申请过我们公司的会计一职?. So have you accepted offers from other conpanies?你接受其他公司的录用通知了吗?3. Would you please come over to have an interview?你愿意过来面试吗?. Do you know the adjustment of the interview time?你知道面试时间调整的事情吗?5. Do you know that we need interviewees to wear mal dress with tie and leather shoes?你知道我们要求参加面试的人都要着正装、打领带、穿皮鞋吗?6. Yes, Ive heard of that. But thank you your confirmation call.是的,我听说了不过还是非常感谢来电确认7. No, I havent got an offer by now.没有,目前还没有收到其他公司的录用通知8. No, my ID number is 5331.不是,我的面试号码是53319. I will go to the interview of yours.我会去参加贵公司面试的. I heard the time is changed to weeks later from now on.我听说面试调整到从现在算起的两周后进行Dialogue 1对话 1A: Hello, is that Susan who applied an ant in our company through the phone?A: 你好,请问是苏珊吗?你是否打电活申请过我公司的会计一职?B: Yes, speaking. Can I help you?B: 是的,我就是有什么事吗?A: I am the HR manager of the A Company. You are on the list of interviewees. Would you please come over to have an interview?A: 我是A公司的人力资源经理,你在我们的面试名单上,你愿意来面试吗?B: Sure, Id love to. Thank you.B: 太好了,我很乐意去谢谢Dialogue 对话 A: Hello, is that Xiaogang Li who applied the Solar Studio of our college?A: 你好,你是申请我们学校太阳系研究室的李小刚吗?B: Yes, speaking.B:是的,请讲A: I want to know whether you will come to the interview. So have you accepted offers from other companies?A: 我想核实一下你是否会来参加我们的面试你接受其他公司的录用通知了吗?B: No,1 havent got one by now. I will go to the interview of yours.B: 目前还没有我会去参加贵公司面试的 336

Dozens of scientists and tourists who spent over a week aboard a vessel trapped in Antarctic ice were rescued Thursday in an international effort that followed multiple attempts thwarted by the regions harsh climate.中困南极海域逾一周的俄罗斯科考船上的数十名科学家和游客已于周四在多国努力下获救。之前的数次营救行动都因南极地区恶劣的气候条件而失败。The 52 were safely rescued by a transport helicopter from a Chinese icebreaker that landed on a makeshift helipad of ice near their stricken Russian research vessel. In multiple flights, it transferred about 12 at a time to an Australian vessel, where they will begin their journeys home, said authorities involved in the operation.来自中国破冰船的一架运输直升机降落在受困的俄罗斯科考船附近的临时冰面停机坪上,并分批次将船2人安全转移。参与此次救援行动的有关方面称,这架中国直升机每次运2人,将受困人员转移到一艘澳大利亚船只上。他们将从这里启程回囀?Great relief! scientific expedition leader Chris Turney said in a Twitter TWTR +6.05% message.科考队队长Chris Turney在推特上说:这是一次伟大的救援行动!The airlift operation was confirmed by Chinas official Xinhua news agency, which has a reporter aboard the Chinese icebreaker, the Xue Long, or Snow Dragon. A statement from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, in charge of coordinating the operation, indicated passengers were safely transferred by early evening to the Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis.中国官方媒体新华社实了此次空中救援行动。中国破冰船“雪龙号”上有一名新华社记者。负责本次援救协调工作的澳大利亚海事安全局(Australian Maritime Safety Authority)发表的公告显示,受困科考船上的乘客已在傍晚时分被安全转移至澳大利亚“极光”号破冰船上。Trapped in a particularly thick ice floe just before Christmas on its way toward Antarctica, the Russian research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy remains immobile. Its 22-member crew is staying aboard. While the passengers werent in imminent danger, they expressed frustration as holidays passed but also maintained their spirits, including by stamping out the makeshift helipad with their feet on New Years Day.就在圣诞节之前,俄罗斯“绍卡利斯基院士Akademik Shokalskiy)号南极考察船被困在厚厚的浮冰中,目前仍无法前进。该船的22名船员仍留在船上。虽然乘客们不会立刻面临危险,但他们因节日已过而感到沮丧。不过他们依然十分振作,在新年当天用自己的双脚踩出了一个临时停机坪。Thursdays rescue marked only the latest attempt to get close to the blue-hulled Russian vessel since it first called for help on Christmas Day. Over the past few days, ice-breaking vessels from China, Australia and France have made separate unsuccessful bids to cut through thick layers of ice to reach it.周四的救援行动是这艘蓝色俄罗斯科考船在圣诞节发出求救信号以来的最新一次救援尝试。过去几天,来自中国、澳大利亚和法国的破冰船都曾试图穿过厚厚的冰层接近受困考察船,但均无功而返。After the rescue got under way Thursday afternoon under bright blue skies, footage showed the twin-blade helicopter touching down gingerly on the makeshift helipad. Passengers wearing identical red life jackets walked in single file on the ice toward the helicopter.周四下午救援行动开始,录像片段显示,这架双叶直升机谨慎地降落在临时停机坪上。身穿红色救生衣的乘客们排成一列向直升机走去。Just hours before Thursdays rescue, Australian maritime authorities had announced natural conditions would cause them to abandon the mission yet again. Illustrating the caution, Chinas State Oceanic Administration, which runs the Xue Long, posted a statement on its website ing its captain, Wang Jianzhong, as saying he was working continuously to ensure the icebreaker itself wouldnt get trapped in the thick ice.就在周四展开救援行动之前的数小时,澳大利亚海事安全局还宣布,他们将因自然条件恶劣而再次取消这次救援任务。负责“雪龙”号的中国国家海洋局在其网站上发表公告,援引“雪龙”号船长王建忠的话称,他正不断努力,确保“雪龙”号不要陷入厚冰层之中。In outlining the plan ahead of the flights, authorities said Chinese rescuers would fly 12 passengers at a time initially to the Xue Long, which was waiting 12 nautical miles away from the Russian craft in more open water, and then the Aurora Australis, waiting a further two nautical miles away.有关部门在救援飞行行动前介绍方案时说,中国救援人员将首先每次运2名乘客到位于12海里外更开阔水域的“雪龙”号上,然后再转运到两海里外“南极光”号上。Mr. Turney, a professor of climate change at the University of New South Wales, offered in his Twitter messages a huge thanks to the Chinese and Australian authorities for ensuring all are safe and sound.Turney是新南威尔士大学(University of New South Wales)气候变化方面的教授。他在推特消息中“万分感谢”中方和澳方确保所有人都“平安无事”。The incident has highlighted the dangers of Antarctic travel even during the southern-summer months. Usually at this time of year, international attention on the frozen continent is typically limited to clashes between Japans research whaling fleet and antiwhaling activists.此次事件凸显出即便是在南半球夏季的几个月中,开展南极之行也存在很大危险。每年的这个时候,国际社会对这片冰冻大陆的关注通常仅限于日本研究捕鲸船与反捕鲸活动人士之间的冲突All the world is making a fuss, some passengers sang in an impromptu New Years message recorded at a party in a common room on board the Russian ship by a journalist from Britains Guardian newspaper. The group cheered and clapped to count down the last moments of 2013. Both passengers and crew have spent their time tweeting messages and s of their experience.英国《卫报Guardian)的一名记者记录下了这艘俄罗斯船上一个公共休息室内举办的派对上一些乘客即兴唱起的新年贺词:“全世界都在热烈欢呼”。人们欢呼、鼓掌、倒数计时辞旧迎新。乘客和船员都在推特上发布了有关他们经历的消息和视频。Most of those on the Russian ship were part of a privately funded expedition whose aim is to retrace Australian explorer Douglas Mawsons trek to Antarctica about a century ago, and to measure any changes to the polar environment since then.这艘俄罗斯船上的大部分人都是一个私人资助的探险队的成员,他们的目的在于重走澳大利亚探险家道格拉#8226;莫森(Douglas Mawson)大约一个世纪前走过的南极探险之路,同时考察从那之后极地环境的变化。The ship is stranded about 1,500 nautical miles south of Hobart, the capital of Australias Tasmania state. Australian maritime authorities have overall responsibility for the rescue operation because the ship is trapped in an area that falls within the countrys Antarctic search-and-rescue zone.这艘船被困在澳大利亚塔斯马尼亚州首府霍巴特以南大,500海里的地方。澳大利亚海事部门是这次救援行动的总负责方,因为这艘船是被困在位于该国的南极搜救区内。In addition to research team leader Mr. Turney, other scientists come from a range of disciplines, including marine ecology, terrestrial ecology, ornithology and oceanography.除科考队领队Turney外,其他科学家来自各个领域,包括海洋生态学、陆地生态学、鸟类学和海洋学。Pack ice, solid sheets of ice up to several meters thick, is a major hazard for vessels navigating the harsh Antarctic, where temperatures can fall to below minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit.浮冰是在条件恶劣的南极航行的船只所面临的一项主要危险。浮冰是质地结实的冰层,厚度可达数米。南极的气温最低可至零00华氏度(约合零下73摄氏度)。In 1985, the Nella Dan, an Australian research vessel, was trapped for 48 days in the Antarctic. A year later, the Southern Quest, carrying a British expedition, was crushed by ice and sank.1985年,澳大利亚科考船“Nella Dan”号在南极被8天。一年后,一英国探险队搭载的“Southern Quest”号被冰撞坏沉没。More recently, in 2010 icebreakers had to be used to free nearly 1,000 people whose ferry was among dozens of vessels trapped by ice in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden.2010年,人们不得不使用破冰船将近1,000人救出。除他们乘坐的船外,还有数十艘船在瑞典附近的波罗的海被冰所困。来 /201401/271406

  Rick Santorums campaign for the U.S. Republican Partys presidential nomination received a major boost with victories in Tuesdays nominating contests in Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado. With most of the returns counted, the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania won the Minnesota caucuses with 45 percent of the vote. U.S. Representative Ron Paul came in second with 27 percent and ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, considered the Republican frontrunner, finished a distant third with 17 percent. In the Missouri primary, with all the votes counted, Santorum won 55 percent of the vote, while Romney came in second with 25 percent and Paul finished third with 12 percent.桑托勒姆星期二在明尼苏达、密苏里和科罗拉多三个州角逐美国总统选举共和党提名的努力取得胜利,使他的竞选活动获得极大助力。在大部分的投票结果算出之后,桑托勒姆的得票率为45%,使得这位来自宾夕法尼亚州的前联邦参议员赢得了明尼苏达州的党团会议。联邦众议员保罗7%的得票率排在第二位;被视为共和党初选领先者的前麻萨诸塞州州长罗姆尼大幅落后,只得7%的选票,排名第三。在密苏里州的初选中,在计算了所有选票后,桑托勒姆赢得55%的选票,罗姆尼位居第二,得票率5%;保罗以12%的得票率排名第三。In a victory speech in Missouri late Tuesday, Santorum declared ;conservatism is alive and well; in Missouri and Minnesota. He also declared himself the true ;conservative alternative; to both Romney and Democratic President Barack Obama. He accused Mr. Obama of arrogance by failing to listen to the American people in their opposition to the bailouts for the financial sector and health care reform. Santorum also pulled off an upset victory over Romney in the Colorado caucuses, winning more than 40 percent of the vote, with Romney earning 35 percent and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich winning 13 percent to finish a distant third place. Romney had won Colorado by a large margin in the 2008 Republican nominating contest. Santorums triple victories dealt a blow to Romneys status as the favorite to win the Republican nomination. Romney congratulated Santorum during a rally in Denver before the Colorado results were announced, but told the crowd he still expected to become the nominee. 桑托勒姆星期二晚间在密苏里州发表获胜演讲时宣称,在密苏里州和明尼苏达州,;保守主义充满活力、风头正;。桑托勒姆还宣称自己是可以取代罗姆尼和民主党总统奥巴马的真正;保守派人;。他指责奥巴马行事傲慢,不听从美国民众对援救金融业和医疗改革的反对。桑托勒姆还在科罗拉多州的党团会议中力克罗姆尼而意外得胜,赢得超过40%的选票,罗姆尼的得票率5%。前众议院议长金里奇仅获3%的选票,差距明显,排在第三位。罗姆尼008年参加共和党总统提名战时,曾在科罗拉多州以显著优势取胜。桑托勒姆的3连胜给罗姆尼被看好可能赢得共和党总统提名的优势地位带来沉重打击。科罗拉多州的结果公布之前,罗姆尼在丹佛的一场集会中向桑托勒姆表示祝贺,但是他对人们表示,他仍然预计自己将成为共和党的总统候选人。来 /201202/170682



  Spain's fabulouslyrich Duchess of Alba has signed awayher enormous wealth, string of palaces, priceless works of art and vast swathes of Spanish real estate to marry for love at 85, Spanish media has reported.  据西班牙媒体报道,腰缠万贯的西班牙阿尔巴女公爵在85岁高龄之际,签字放弃巨额财富,包括多座宫殿、价值连城的艺术珍宝、以及大片西班牙房产,只为嫁给心上人。  Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, a regular subject of gossip in Spain's glossy magazinesand said by Guinness World Records to have more titles than any other royal on the planet, wants to marry a humble civil servant 25 years her junior.  卡叶塔娜 菲茨-詹姆斯图亚特经常在西班牙时尚杂志上曝光。据《世界吉尼斯纪录大全》记载,她是全球拥有最多头衔的皇室成员。她要下嫁给一名小5岁的普通公务员。  The duchess has divided her fortune between her six children to convince them that her suitoris besottedwith her rather than her money and the kinds of possessions that are considered national treasures, reports said.  报道称,女公爵为了说子女们相信她的追求者爱的是她的人而不是她的钱,或是所谓的国家财富,而将财产分配给了自己个子女。  "Every great love story should end in marriage," the duchess told Vanity Fair magazine in May as she posed in the garden of one of her palaces, explaining why she wanted to make social security worker Alfonso Diez, 60, her third husband.  今年五月,她在自己一座宫殿的花园里接受《名利场》杂志采访时说:“每一段真爱最后都应走向婚姻”,解释了为什么她要选择60岁的社保工作者阿方索 迭斯做她第三任丈夫。  All her children were born to her first husband, engineer Luis Martinez de Irujo, son of the Duke of Sotomayor. She shocked many in Spain after his death by marrying former Jesuit priest Jesus Aguirre in 1978.  她的子女都是她和第一任丈夫索托马约尔公爵之子、工程师路易马丁内斯·德·伊鲁霍所生。路易斯去世后,她在1978年嫁给前耶稣会神父阿奎尔,令许多西班牙人为之震惊。  But her recent match has divided the Houseof Alba. Her son Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, the Duke of Salvatierra, said just a few weeks ago he had only met his mother's suitor three times and she shouldn't marry because of her historic responsibility.  但是她的第三次婚姻却遭到家人反对。她的儿子、萨尔瓦铁拉公爵卡耶塔马丁内斯·德·伊鲁霍几周前称,他才见了他母亲的追求次。他认为母亲不该再嫁人,因为她承担着历史责任。  It looked as if the duchess had caved into pressure from her children and a rumored request from Spain's King Juan Carlos not to formalize her relationship.  女公爵似乎已经屈于来自子女的压力,也有传言称西班牙国王胡安·卡洛斯劝她不要动真格的。  "I still don't know why my children are causing problems," the duchess complained to Spanish radio station La Cope in February.  今年2月,女公爵接受西班牙电台La Cope采访时抱怨道:“我不明白孩子们为什么要阻挠我。”  "We aren't hurting anyone. If only things could be fixed... Alfonso doesn't want anything, he's renounced everything. He doesn't want anything but me."  “我们没有伤害任何人。只要能结婚,阿方索什么都不要,他已经放弃一切。他只想和我在一起。”   /201108/148432

  A:Good morning.What seems to be the problem?你好,怎么不舒?B:Ive got an awful toothache and it kept me awake the whole night.我牙疼得要命,昨晚一夜没睡着.A:Let see what wrong.Open your mouth please.咱们看看是怎么回事?请张开嘴.Is this the one?Does it hurt?是这颗吗?疼吗?B:Yes.That it.是的,就是这颗.A:It too far gone. Im afraid.你的牙坏得太厉害了,The cavity is too big to be filled and it come loose anyway.洞太大,没法补,牙齿也松动了.So I think it will relieve you if it is removed.我想只有把它拔了,你才不会再疼.B:Do I have to have it out right now?非得现在就拔吗?A:Im afraid not.The gum around is swollen.现在恐怕不行,四周的牙龈还肿着呢Well have to make the swelling down bee we can have it out.拔牙前得先让牙龈消肿.Ill give you some tablets to reduce the swelling我给你一些消炎片消炎,and you can come back after two days.你两天以后再来.B:Thank you,Doctor.谢谢,大夫. 19

  Taking Orders 提供信息经典对话CConcierge 酒店门房(礼宾) GGuest 顾客G:Excuse me, how can I get to the Guangzhou International Conference amp; Exhibition Center?打扰了,请问我怎么去广州国际会展中心?C:Do you mean the new trade fair in Pa Zhou?您指的是琶洲的新交易会吗?G:Yes!是的!C:When you go out the main entrance, turn right and go along the street. After about minutes’walk you’ll see a metro entrance. You take Line toward Pa Zhou, and get off at the Xin Gang East Station. Take the “A” Entrance ,and you’ll get to the Exhibition Center.您从酒店的正门出去,让后向右拐走 分钟后,您会看到一个地铁口您乘 号线往琶洲方向行使的地铁,在新港东站下车走 A 出口,您就到会展中心了G:I see ,thank you.我明白了,谢谢C:Shall I write down the name of the Exhibition Center in Chinese? That may save you some time.我把会展中心的名称用中文写下来好吗;这样可能会给您省下些时间G:Great! I would appreciate it.太好了!非常感谢常用句型百宝箱1) The public phone is beside the elevator.公用电话在电梯旁边) How can I get to xx?我怎样可以去 xx?3) Could you give me some inmation about the transportation?您能为我提供交通方面的信息吗?) You may take the bus No. 37.了可以搭乘 37 路公共汽车5) If you take a taxi, it will take you minutes.如果您打的士的话,大概需要 分钟6) It may cost you to 5 yuan.花费大概是 到 5 元7) You may go there by train. Here is the timetable.您可以乘火车去,这里有时刻表8) There are several flights a day.每天有几次航班9) We can book a ticket you.我们可以为您订票) I want to buy a gift my daughter. Do you have any suggestions?我想给我女儿买个礼物您有什么好建议吗?) I would recommend … .我想向您建议#8;#8;) I’d like to post a letter.我想寄封信) I’d like to send a parcel.我想寄个包裹) How much is the postage?邮费是多少?) I can’t say sure now.我现在还不清楚) I’ll let you know later, will that be all right?我迟些告诉您,可以吗? 56

  They have been jailed and tortured, hunted in the streets and blacklisted from public life. But a year after winning the presidency and reaching the pinnacle of their 80-year quest for power, Egypt’s Islamists again face an existential threat.他们曾遭到监禁和酷刑,在街头受到追捕,被列入公共生活的黑名单。但在赢得总统之位、达到其追求80年的权力巅峰一年后,埃及的伊斯兰主义者再次面临生存威胁。President Mohamed Morsi was yesterday fighting back against what his supporters have dubbed a military coup d’état against his democratically elected government. This time, the president’s Muslim Brotherhood and his millions of supporters made clear, they were not about to give up.昨日,总统穆罕默德#8226;穆尔Mohamed Morsi)反击被其持者称为针对他的民选政府发动的军事政变。这一次,总统的穆斯林兄弟Muslim Brotherhood)以及他的数百万持者明确表示,他们不会放弃。“If the military takes any street action we will stand in front of the tanks,vowed Gehad Haddad, an official in Mr Morsi’s Freedom and Justice party.穆尔西的自由与正义党(Freedom and Justice party)的官员Gehad Haddad誓言:“如果军队开到街上,我们将挡在坦克面前。”Following massive street protests on Sunday against what critics see as the president’s increasingly autocratic and erratic rule, Egypt’s military on Monday leapt back into politics and demanded that the president and opposition negotiate a compromise by today or submit to the army’s own political road map. Under a draft of that road map, leaked to Reuters, the constitution would be suspended and the current Islamist-dominated legislature dissolved if a power-sharing agreement is not reached.由于批评人士认为总统的统治日益具有威权主义色和随心所欲,上周日发生大规模街头示威,本周一埃及军方重返政坛,要求总统与反对派举行磋商,最迟在今日达成妥协,否则就必须按照军方的政治路线图办事。从泄露给路Reuters)的路线图草案来看,如果未能达成权力分享协议,宪法将被搁置,目前以伊斯兰分子为主的立法机关将被解散。But rather than bow to the pressure, Mr Morsi and his Islamist allies have begun gathering their forces in preparation for a stand-off. His supporters, many dressed in traditional galabiyas (robes) and holding copies of the Koran, gathered in squares and streets across the country. “Here are the real people of Egypt,declared Mostafa Marzouk, an aircraft technician who attended a pro-Morsi rally with his two sons.但穆尔西及其伊斯兰主义盟友不仅没有向压力妥协,还开始召集自己的力量,准备对抗。他的持者很多穿着传统的穆斯林斗篷,手持可兰经,在全国各地的广场和街道上聚会。一位飞机技师穆斯塔#8226;马尔祖克(Mostafa Marzouk)宣称:“这里是真正的埃及人民。”他带着自己的两个儿子参加持穆尔西的聚会。Many of those protesting in support of Mr Morsi sported thick beards and wore skullcaps associated with the puritanical Salafist movement. Others wore jeans and T-shirts, or colourful headscarves and claimed no affiliation to any group. “We will never leave the squares,said Nelly Alieldin, a professor of epidemiology.很多参加示威、持穆尔西的人士蓄着大胡子,带着与清教徒式的沙拉Salafist)运动相关的无沿便帀?其他人穿着牛仔裤和T恤,或者戴着鲜艳的围巾,宣称不隶属任何组织。流行病学教授Nelly Alieldin表示:“我们绝不会离开广场。”The Brotherhood’s political machine swiftly activated after the army announcement. The president and his advisers huddled for hours before issuing a terse 2am statement that played down the army’s ultimatum.在军队发出声明以后,穆斯林兄弟会的政治机器马上开启。总统及其顾问协商了数小时之后,在凌晨2点发布一份简短声明,淡化了军队的最后通牒。Shadi Hamid, an expert on the Brotherhood at the Brookings Doha Centre, said the defiance was intended to raise the stakes. “The military wants to stage a coup? They’re going to have to really stage a coup.”布鲁金斯多哈中Brookings Doha Centre)的穆斯林兄弟会专家沙#8226;哈米Shadi Hamid)表示,抗拒姿态是为了增加筹码。“军队想上演一场政变?他们将必须花功夫搞一场真正的政变。”来 /201307/246410。

  Rent skis and boots租滑雪板和滑雪靴I want to rent skis and boots.我想租副滑雪板和一双滑雪靴Here you are. Have a nice stay here.给您,祝您在这里玩的愉快Thank you. I am a learner so can you tell me where I can find a ski instructor?谢谢我是个初学者,请问我在哪里可以找到滑雪教练?We will find you one. Wait a moment.我们会帮您找一位请稍等Thank you very much.非常感谢 79



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