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厦门哪里做双眼皮厦门做双眼皮哪家医院好Nothing evokes a sense of place like the heady waft of a familiar smell.没有什么能像醉人的熟悉气味那样唤起人们身临其境的感觉。And passengers travelling from Heathrow#39;s Terminal 2 can now be transported to across the world in a single sniff.现在,从希斯罗机场2号航站楼启程的旅客们能够“一嗅周游世界”。To celebrate the completion of its newly reinvigorated terminal, the airport has installed a #39;scent globe#39; which shoots out the smell of its most fragrant destinations, intending to #39;take passengers on a sensory journey before even setting foot on their flights#39;.为了庆祝新建航站楼的完工,机场安装了一个“气味地球仪”,可以喷出那些“最好闻目的地”的气味,旨在“带领旅客在登机前先来一场感官之旅”。Perched in the departure lounge, the orb offers curious globetrotters whiffs of Thailand, South Africa, Japan, China and Brazil. The selection were chosen for their popularity with Heathrow air passengers.坐落在候机厅,地球仪为好奇的环球旅行者提供泰国、南非、日本、中国和巴西的气味。之所以选择这几个地方,是因为它们是深受希斯罗旅客欢迎的目的地。To conjure up the essence of the five nations, Heathrow worked with Design in Scent, to produce tailor-made scents from ingredients associated with the designated country.为了呈现出这五个国家的本质,希斯罗与气味设计公司合作,运用与指定国家相关的要素为其定制专属的气味。South Africa#39;s smell captures the adventure of safari with notes of tribal incense, wild grass and musky animalics through the scent of Hyraceum (a rock like substance made from the excrement of the Cape hyrax).南非的气味捕捉了如冒险般的游猎的气息,混杂着部落的焚香、野草的气味和蹄兔香中透着的动物的麝香。(蹄兔香是一种岩石状物质,由蹄兔的排泄物形成。)While Brazil#39;s scent oozes rich rainforest fauna with a palette of coffee, tobacco and jasmine.而巴西的气味则散发着丰富的热带雨林动物群的味道,同时还带有咖啡、烟草和茉莉的气味。Japan is brought to life through cool, oceanic tones with a mix of seaweed and shell extracts, green tea and Ambergris, capturing the essence of coastal villages synonymous with the great Pacific Island.日本被活灵活现地重现了,用的是凉爽的海洋气息,夹杂着海藻和贝壳提取物的气味、绿茶的香气和龙涎香,捕捉到了这座太平洋岛屿的沿海村落的感觉。According to the Heathrow Airport website: #39;China#39;s mystical temple incense and subtle Osmanthus Fragrans flower create an orient explosion#39;, and #39;Thailand tantalises the taste buds with an appetising mix of lemongrass, ginger and coconut#39;.根据希斯罗机场的官网,“中国神秘的寺庙焚香和淡淡的桂花香营造了一种东方的感觉”,而“泰国以开胃的柠檬草、姜和椰子的混合香气满足了人们的味蕾”。Normand Boivin, Chief Operating Officer at the airport said: #39;Heathrow connects the UK to 180 destinations in 28 countries and carries over 72 million passengers a year.机场首席运营官诺曼德·伊文说:“希斯罗把英国同28个国家的180个目的地联系在一起,每年运送超过七千两百万的旅客。”#39;Heathrow is the UK#39;s hub airport; mixing direct passengers, transfers and freight to make long haul flights viable. We strive to offer a unique experience that delights our passengers.#39;“希斯罗是英国的枢纽机场,有直达旅客、转机旅客和航空货运,长途飞行得以成行。我们独立为旅客提供使他们高兴的独特体验。”#39;These specially created scents will give passengers travelling through Terminal 2 an exclusive preview of destinations that only Heathrow connects to.#39;“这些特别制作的气味能给予那些从2号航站楼启程或路过的旅客们独特的预览,而只有希斯罗连接着这些目的地。”Last week saw Heathrow#39;s brand new Terminal 2 operate at full capacity with all 26 airlines now in their new home. Three and a half million passengers#39; fly out from Terminal 2 on over 21,000 flights in the last five months.上周,希斯罗全新的2号航站楼全力运转,有26个航空公司进驻了它们的新家。过去五个月,有三百五十万乘客乘坐两万一千多架飞机从2号航站楼出发。 /201411/342081福建厦门市人民医院官方网 Benzi Ronen thinks that the supermarkets’ time is up. And his company is just the thing to speed up its demise.本齐·罗内恩认为超市的时代即将结束,而他的公司正是加速其消亡的催化剂。“Our goal is to make the supermarket obsolete from a fresh perspective,” Ronen says.罗内恩表示:“我们的目标是以生鲜为卖点,让超市变得过时。”Farmigo, his five-year-old 30-employee startup, sells produce and other products like milk and cheese purchased directly from farmers for 10%-20% less than equivalent grocery store items. He does it by shrinking the supply chain, essentially taking out the middleman. Users place an order online; the order is fulfilled by a farmer who transports it to a centralized packing hub; and then Farmigo delivers it to community drop-off points for the customer to pick up. This all happens within 48 hours.他5年前创建的Farmigo公司现拥有30名员工。这家公司出售直接从农民处购买的农作物和牛奶、乳酪等产品,售价比杂货店的均价低10%到20%不等。其奥秘在于缩短了供应链,特别是去掉了中间环节。用户直接在网上下单,农民将产品送到中转站集中包装,Farmigo公司再将包裹送到社区配送点,顾客从那里取走包裹。这一切都在48小时之内完成。“We don’t have a retail store,” Benzi explains. “We get rid of all of that. We source just in time.” That means there’s no waste and produce is brought directly from harvest.罗内恩解释道:“我们没有零售店,我们完全去除了零售环节,但依然能够及时供货。”这意味着中间没有冗余环节,农产品直接从庄稼地运送至顾客那里。Other sellers, such as Fresh Direct, also cut out the physical store. But Ronen argues that they’re just an extension of the supermarket model, with similar warehouses that keep a huge inventory on hand. By contrast, Farmigo’s hubs are filled exclusively with product that’s just been delivered by farmers and is going out for delivery.Fresh Direct等其他零售商也取消了实体店。但罗内恩认为他们不过是超市模式的某种延伸,这类零售商依然跟超市一样,拥有储备大量存货的仓库。相反,Farmigo的中转站只有由农民送来,即将送去顾客那里的农产品。“Our entire food system is based on economies of scale,” he explains, adding that it has contributed to the hub-and-spoke distribution model in which food travels hundreds of miles and can sit on shelves for weeks. “You don’t get fresh in supermarkets, and you also have waste,” he says.他解释道:“我们的整个食品供应系统是以规模效益为基础的。”他补充说,这是对中心轴辐式配送模式的一种改良,在这种模式下,食品往往被运送几百英里,经常在货架上停留好几周。他表示:“超市里的产品不够新鲜,而且容易造成浪费。”If Ronen’s vision for the future becomes a reality, in 10 years you’ll get all of your non-perishables from the likes of Amazon, while a service like Farmigo will answer all of your fresh needs. Neighborhood stores will act as gap-fillers for last-minute purchases. Farmigo, he notes, will never be a gap-filler. Currently orders must be placed by Sunday night for pick-up on Wednesday, but Ronen says the company is on track to soon expand to multiple pick-up days.如果罗内恩的愿景变成现实,不出十年,你将从亚马逊(Amazon)等网站购买所有不易损害的物品,而Farmigo这类务商会满足你所有的生鲜产品需求,社区商店则会成为需要紧急购买商品时的备选方案。罗内恩认为,Farmigo绝不会成为备选方案。目前,如果客户想在周三取货,他或她最晚要在周日晚下订单,但罗内恩表示该公司很快就将增加取货天数。It’s a highly audacious vision for a small upstart, especially in a world where consumers are accustomed to eating strawberries and tomatoes no matter the season, enjoy clementines flown in from Morocco and sea bass from Chile, and want purchases delivered to their doorstep within 24-hour hours.对一个小型初创公司而言,这是一个十分大胆的愿望,尤其是现在的顾客已经习惯于随时享用草莓或番茄而不必考虑季节,习惯于品尝空运自洛哥的克莱门氏小柑橘和智利的黑鲈,同时还希望他们购买的产品能在下单后24小时内送到家门口。Right now Brooklyn-based Farmigo operates just in New York City and its environs and the San Francisco Bay Area, markets picked for their divergent agricultural offerings–one strongly shaped by the seasons, the other with stellar food options year round. If Farmigo can operate in these two regions, Ronen thinks the company will be able to replicate the model and build a network of farmers across the country.目前这家位于布鲁克林的公司只对纽约市和周边地区,以及旧金山湾区提供务。他们会提供不同的农产品——一部分是与季节有关的时令产品,另一些则是全年都有的主食。罗内恩认为,如果Farmigo可以在这两个地区运作下去,该公司就能复制这一模式,建立一个覆盖全美的农户网络。Farmigo could eventually reach about 20%-30% of the U.S. population based on people’s buying habits and guidelines, Ronen says, adding that community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs) currently reach less than 1%. Unlike CSAs, in which users must commit to weekly deliveries for a season from one farm, Farmigo lets customers place a one-time order and change selections every week. You pay as you go. Ronen views CSAs as supplementary to other grocery shopping. He envisions Farmigo as a replacement for all fresh needs.罗内恩表示,根据人们的购买习惯和购买方针来看,Farmigo最终可能会向20%至30%的美国人提供务,而目前只有不到1%的美国人参与了“社区持农业项目”(CSA)。参加CSA项目的顾客必须承诺在一个季度之内,每周都从某个农场订购农产品。相比之下,Farmigo的顾客可以只发出一次性订单,也可以每周选择不同的农产品,根据订单的变化随时调整付款金额。罗内恩认为,CSA项目是对家门口小超市购物的补充,而Farmigo则是满足所有生鲜食品需求的取代者。Farmigo’s average order size is up to from a year and a half ago, in large part because the startup keeps adding new products (such as fish, and soon, fresh pasta). There’s now enough variety that one could live solely on Farmigo’s offerings. One of Ronen’s employees has been doing just that for months at a cost of about a meal, and Ronen just signed on for what is internally called the “Farmigo Challenge.”Farmigo的订单均价从一年半前的15美元涨到了现在的38美元,很大原因是这家初创公司在不断增加新品(比如鱼类,很快还会有新鲜的意大利面条上市)。如今他们提供的种类已经足够多,人们单单靠Farmigo的供应就能满足日常需求。罗内恩的一名员工就这样做了几个月,平均一餐大约花费5美元。而罗内恩也开始加入这一行动,他们内部把这叫做“Farmigo挑战”。Ronen acknowledges that the pricing is still prohibitive for some—an organic cantaloupe costs .50—but the more he can improve the efficiencies for the farmer by increasing their business, the better the price tag for the customer.罗内恩承认,某些产品的价格仍然过高,比如,一个有机哈密瓜的售价高达6.5美元。不过,随着农民的生产效率因生意规模的扩大而不断改善,农产品售价将变得越来越实惠。Farmigo started out as the maker of software for an online marketplace where consumers could find and sign up for CSAs. But Ronen says it was a confusing user experience because the sign-up and payment system differed for each offering. Farmigo then evolved into a place where users could order online from any farm, and the farmer would deliver to a pick-up location. That had its challenges because sometimes farmers would run into logistical hiccups and miss the drop-off. “We realized we really needed to get into operational side,” Ronen says.创立伊始,Farmigo公司的主要业务是为一家电商编写软件,以帮助顾客寻找和参加CSA项目。但罗内恩表示,当时的购买体验让不少用户抓狂,因为各个农产品供应商采用完全不同的下单和付系统。Farmigo随后演变成了一家网站,用户可以在上面订购任何农场的产品,农民则将货物寄到配送点。这种流程存在一些运营挑战,因为农民的物流有时候会出问题,导致货物丢失。罗内恩表示:“我们意识到我们真的需要自己亲自来运作。”While the company continues to sell its CSA software, it also now has free offerings that help its farms know when to hire, its warehouses know what to pack, and its drivers know what to deliver. Ronen says that its farmers walk away with 60-70% of the sale, the community organizer who runs the drop-off gets 10%, and Farmigo gets the rest. Normally a farmer gets about 30% of the sale when they sell to wholesale, with about 50% going to the retailer. Another advantage advantage for farmers in the Farmigo system, according to Ronen: They’re also paid immediately directly by the consumer, rather than the standard 30-60 days.这家公司仍然在销售CSA软件,同时也提供了免费务,让农场知道什么时候需要雇佣更多人手,让仓库知道要打包什么货物,让司机知道要运送什么包裹。罗内恩表示,农民会获得销售额的60%至70%,社区取货点会获得销售额的10%,剩下的则由Farmigo收入囊中。一般来说,农民在卖给批发市场时,只能获得30%的销售额,而有50%的销售额会进入零售商的口袋。根据罗内恩的说法,Farmigo系统对农民还有另一个好处:他们能立刻收到顾客的付款,而在其他模式下,农民通常得等上30至60天才能拿到钱。The Fresh Directs and Amazons need the density of cities to function, but Ronen believes his model works well in the suburbs where pick-up locations–churches, schools, golf clubs–are easy to come by. Farmigo recently expanded into northern New Jersey and Westchester and is adding about 30 drop-off sites a month.Fresh Directs和亚马逊在人口密集的城市地区才能如鱼得水,但罗内恩相信他的模式在郊区也能运转良好,诸如教堂、学校、高尔夫俱乐部这样的取货点也很容易找到。Farmigo最近把业务范围扩张到了新泽西州北部和韦斯切斯特地区,并以每月30个的速度增加社区配送点。He views Farmigo as the virtualization of a food cooperative and a good solution for locations where it might be hard to justify a supermarket. “We’re not just sending food out there and hoping people are going to buy it,” he says. “We’re sending out what was pre-ordered and pre-purchased. The pickup is at one location so it’s very portable and cost effective to do delivery.”罗内恩将Farmigo视为虚拟化的食品合作社,对那些很难找到超市的地区来说,它会是一个很好的选择。他表示:“我们不是把食品送到那里,然后指望大家去购买。我们配送的是已经被预定和购买的产品。取货点也处于一个便利位置,因此送货非常方便,效率很高。” /201408/319406Forty years ago, when Janet Yellen, chairwoman of the US Federal Reserve, was an economist at Harvard University, she was interested in the film Five Easy Pieces. She noted the scene in which a diner waitress refuses to bring Jack Nicholson’s character an omelette with coffee and wheat toast because it serves omelettes with cottage fries and rolls. “I know what it comes with, but it’s not what I want,” he retorts.40年前,现任美联储主席珍妮特#8226;耶伦(Janet Yellen)还是哈佛大学(Harvard University)的一名经济学家时,她对电影《五只歌》很感兴趣。她注意到电影中的一个场景,餐厅女招待拒绝给杰克#8226;尼克尔森(Jack Nicholson)饰演的角色端上煎蛋卷配咖啡和全麦面包片,因为店里供应的是煎蛋卷配农家煎土豆和面包卷。尼克尔森反驳:“我知道这个的配菜是什么,但那不是我想要的。”The lesson that Ms Yellen and her co-author drew in a study of the economics of bundling was that it repays a restaurant to offer its customers an à la carte option alongside items on the set . Most people will be happy to choose from a fixed list, with lower prices, but “the à la carte is designed to capture consumer surplus from those gastronomes with extremely high valuations of particular dishes”.耶伦和她的合著者进行了一项关于捆绑销售经济学的研究,结论是,如果一家餐厅在固定菜单以外提供顾客单点的选择,餐厅能得到相应的回报。绝大多数人乐意通过比较便宜的固定菜单点菜,但“单点菜单是为了捕捉那些对某些菜品有极高评价的美食家消费者”。For Nicholson’s restless young oil-rig worker in Five Easy Pieces, a generation of rebellious millennials who have been angry at being forced to buy a cable subscription to watch Game of Thrones and True Detective on the HBO network. All they want are those shows, they protest, not the entire package.尼克尔森在《五歌》中饰演的不安分的年轻油田钻井工,折射出富有反叛精神的千禧年一代(millennial)。为了收看美国家庭电影频道(HBO)的节目《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)和《真探》(True Detective),他们被迫订阅有线电视务,为此他们感到愤怒。他们抗议称,他们只想看这些节目,而不是打包的全部频道。HBO gave in last week, announcing that it will offer a separate service for broadband users who have “cut the cord” to cable television or did not subscribe in the first place. It told investors it will go direct to the 10m Americans who use a cable or digital line for broadband rather than paying 0 a month for a multichannel subscription including HBO or Showtime.HBO近期做出了让步,宣布将为停止订阅或从未订阅有线电视的宽带用户提供单独务。HBO告诉投资者,务将直接面向这1000万美国人,他们使用有线方式上网,而不是每月付100美元订阅包括HBO和时间(Showtime)在内的多个有线电视频道。HBO’s move, in response to the rise of Netflix, an “over the top” service that does not require a cable subscription, is a big moment in broadcast history. It was followed by CBS, the broadcast network, unveiling a .99 a month online service, and promises to reset how US customers watch and pay for their television programmes.HBO的举措是为应对Netflix(一项无需订阅有线电视就能向客户提供节目的OTT(over the top)视频务)的崛起而做出的,这是广播电视史上的重大时刻。哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)之后也效仿了HBO的做法,推出了5.99美元每月的在线务,并承诺将改革美国用户收看电视和付费的方式。Some analysts go further, suggesting that this will undermine bundling itself, and with it the economics of television. If people decide to buy popular programmes and channels à la carte rather than taking the 500-channel set , bn of revenue could vanish in the US. “Unbundling dwarfs any other risk to the television ecosystem,” Laura Martin, an analyst at Needham, an investment bank, wrote last year.一些分析师更进一步,指出这将削弱捆绑销售模式本身乃至电视制播的经济性。如果人们决定按照单点的方式购买受欢迎的节目和频道,而不是按照固定菜单订阅500个频道,700亿美元的营收可能在美国就此蒸发。“和去捆绑化相比,电视生态体系面临的其它任何风险都相形见绌,”投行Needham的分析师劳拉#8226;马丁(Laura Martin)去年写道。If, that is. There is clearly a move to what Ms Yellen called “mixed bundling” – the combination of set and à la carte. But the bundle is not dead simply because it is possible for the internet to fragment distribution entirely, with customers making micropayments for every ingredient of every dish.不过,那只是如果而已。业界显然出现了耶伦所说的“混合捆绑”的动向——将固定菜单和单点菜单结合起来。但仅仅因为互联网可以使电视节目的销售完全碎片化,让顾客为每一道菜的每一种食材付少量费用,并不会导致捆绑销售的消亡。In practice, most people prefer a simple life and some choices to be made for them, as long as they feel that they are getting a bargain. Indeed, consumers and businesses are increasingly paying subscriptions for digital packages of software and content, rather than buying them piecemeal.实际上,对大多数人来说,只要他们认为自己享受了优惠,他们更喜欢简单的方式,让他人替自己做出一些选择。的确,越来越多的用户和企业选择订购软件和内容的数字务包,而不是零散购买。This is evident in music. Digital piracy and services such as Apple’s iTunes initially fragmented consumption, leading consumers to stop buying albums and to choose individual tracks instead. A growing number, however, now subscribe to all-you-can-hear subscription services such as Spotify.这一点在音乐方面表现得很明显。电子盗版以及如苹果(Apple) iTunes这样的务最早使消费碎片化,致使消费者停止购买专辑,改为购买单曲。然而,现在有越来越多的用户付费订购如Spotify这样的“无限量收听”务。It is occurring in software, with cloud-based subscription packages replacing shrink-wrapped discs. The rise of software-as-a-service companies such as Salesforce.com has challenged software providers such as Oracle.软件方面也是如此,基于云务的订购务包替代了塑封光盘。类似Salesforce.com这样提供“软件即务”的企业正在崛起,挑战像甲骨文(Oracle)这样的软件供应商。IBM ’s poor financial results this week come as it struggles to compete with providers such as Amazon, which are offering cloud-based technology.IBM近期公布的财务业绩不佳,无独有偶的是,该公司正面临亚马逊(Amazon)等云务提供商的激烈竞争。It is also happening in television. In parallel with the push toward wider access to premium shows, cable and satellite companies are drawing customers into combined “triple play” subscriptions that fuse together telephone, broadband and television. Of British Sky Broadcasting’s customers, 37 per cent are now on triple play, compared with 23 per cent four years ago.电视业也在发生同样的事情。在努力扩大精品电视节目的覆盖人群的同时,有线电视公司和卫星电视公司正在引导用户订购将电话、宽带和电视融为一体的“三合一”务。英国天空广播公司(British Sky Broadcasting)目前有37%的用户使用三合一务,而4年前使用该务的用户占23%。The fact that bundling refuses to die is not surprising. As Ms Yellen and other economists have pointed out, it is an attractive pricing strategy for businesses because it is an effective way of appealing to groups of consumers with similar appetites, without the hassle of setting hundreds of prices.捆绑销售拒绝退出历史舞台,这个事实并不令人惊讶。正如耶伦和其他经济学家指出的,对企业来说,这是一种富有吸引力的定价策略,因为捆绑销售能有效地吸引口味相似的消费者群体,企业又不必费心设定数百种价格。Consumers like bundles for several reasons. One is that they are a form of insurance – paying a flat fee and being able to watch as much as you like is akin to insuring against an unpleasant shock when the bill arrives. Another is that it takes too much mental effort to keep on calculating whether any individual programme or channel is worth the à la carte price by itself.消费者喜欢捆绑销售的原因有几个。一个原因是捆绑销售是一种保险——付一笔固定费用后,你可以想看多少节目就看多少节目,与投保以避免账单到来时感到震惊和不愉快的行为非常类似。另外一个原因是,要不停地计算花费单点的价格订阅某个节目或者频道是否值得太费精力。Although digital technology seems to foster fragmentation, it makes bundling simpler and more attractive. There is logic to the fact that most physical goods are priced individually while digital ones are often grouped. In the online world, it is easier to discover the right price – one that attracts most consumers – for combinations.尽管数字技术似乎促进了碎片化,但它也使捆绑销售显得更简单,更有吸引力。绝大多数实体商品采用单独定价,而数字产品往往采用捆绑定价,这个事实符合逻辑。在网络世界,发现套餐的合理价格更容易——也就是吸引最多消费者的价格。The marginal cost of online distribution is near-zero: once a customer has a broadband link, it costs nothing to offer another item. This helps networks to discriminate flexibly – HBO thinks it can appeal to disenchanted cord-cutters without losing committed cable subscribers. Rather than abolishing bundling, the internet enables it to be practised with greater efficiency.在线销售的边际成本几乎为零:一旦客户有宽带连接,要销售另外一件商品或者务几乎不用花费任何成本。这帮助电视公司采取灵活的区分策略——HBO认为,它既可以吸引失去兴趣的“掐线族”,又不会失去忠实的有线电视订户。互联网没有废除捆绑销售,而是提高了捆绑销售的效率。That is what we are witnessing. The choice of everything or nothing is giving way not to anarchy but to a wider of set meals and à la carte. The bundle is dead; long live the bundle.这就是我们见的潮流。“要么全买,要么别用”的选择并没有变得混乱无序,而是让位于一份囊括固定套餐和单点菜品的更大菜单。旧的捆绑销售已经过时;为新的捆绑销售欢呼万岁吧! /201411/343590福建省厦门市瘦脸针多少钱一针

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福建省厦门欧菲医院预约是不是真的 US chipmaker Intel is hoping Chinese tablet manufacturers will help save it from being crushed by the slow demise of the PC.美国芯片制造商英特尔(Intel)希望借助中国平板电脑厂商之力,摆脱被慢慢消亡的个人电脑(PC)市场拖垮的命运。Intel’s chips dominate the PC market but are all but absent from smartphones and tablets. Brian Krzanich, who took over as chief executive nearly a year ago, is determined to change that, with the help of China’s multitude of low-cost brands.英特尔的芯片虽称霸PC市场,却在智能手机和平板电脑市场交了白卷。将近一年前接任英特尔首席执行官的科再奇(Brian Krzanich,见右图),决心借中国众多低端品牌之力改变上述局面。“We’ve been known as ‘The guys inside the PC and, yeah, they do the data centre too’, but what we’re really trying to show is that we’re going to go across the spectrum of computing products,” Mr Krzanich told hundreds of Chinese computing executives and enthusiasts in a keynote address delivered in front of a bank of tablet computers earlier this month.本月早些时候,科再奇站在一堆平板电脑前,向数百名中国计算机业高管和爱好者发表了一场主题演讲。他在演讲中说:“我们一直被称作‘做PC部件的家伙,哦对,这些家伙还做数据中心’。但我们现在想努力展现的是,我们打算进军各类计算机产品。”A bigger presence in smartphones and tablets is key for Intel as the PC market continues to shrink. Analysts expect the company to report revenue of .8bn, up 1.9 per cent year on year.由于PC市场不断缩水,在智能手机和平板电脑市场占据更大地盘对英特尔来说至关重要。分析师预计,该公司财报将显示,今年一季度营收为128亿美元,同比增长1.9%。An estimated 300m tablets will be made this year, and Mr Krzanich wants Intel’s chips in 40m of them, or “four times growth” for his company. Of those 300m, Intel projects that 100m will be made by companies in Shenzhen and its environs, meaning Mr Krzanich must win over the manufacturers he was in town to meet.据估计,今年平板电脑产量将达3亿台,科再奇希望其中4000万台搭载英特尔芯片,即这块业务的业绩“增长三倍”。在这3亿台平板电脑中,英特尔预计有1亿台将由深圳及其周边地区的企业制造,这意味着科再奇必须赢得他在深圳会晤的这些制造商的持。To do so, he showed off Intel’s new chips, which fit the locally made cheap tablets that retail for around 0. Intel says its processors may cost more than rivals’, but that their superior quality will win customers for the tablet makers.为此,他展示了英特尔的新款芯片。该芯片适用于当地制造的廉价平板电脑,它们的零售价约为100美元。英特尔表示,自己的处理器可能比竞争对手贵,但其卓越的品质将为这些平板电脑制造商赢得消费者的青睐。“Growth rates [in tablets] are high. It’s no surprise that everyone wants to be here,” says Hermann Eul, Intel’s general manager for mobile and communications. “This space has always been very competitive”.“(平板电脑)增长速度很快,也难怪大家都想挤进来。”英特尔移动和通信部门总经理赫尔曼#8226;奥伊尔(Hermann Eul)说,“这个领域向来竞争激烈。”But analysts say it will be a difficult feat. Intel has to beat out the local chip companies, which have far cheaper prices, better relations with nearby manufacturers, and a history of specialising in tablets and smartphones – the types of chips Intel has not historically been known for designing.但分析师表示,这将是一个艰巨的任务。英特尔必须击败当地的芯片企业,这些企业不但产品价格远低于英特尔、与周围厂商关系更好,而且长期专注于平板电脑和智能手机——在这些领域,英特尔历来就不是什么知名的芯片设计商。These days, practically anyone can order a customised tablet – even Applebee’s, an American restaurant chain, has tablet s, while UK supermarket chain Tesco has its own tablets. Many of those are made by no-name factories that take orders for as few as 5,000 units and can turn them around in a week.现如今,几乎人人都能订购定制版平板电脑,连美国连锁餐厅Applebee#39;s都使用平板电脑菜单,英国连锁超市乐购(Tesco)也拥有自己的平板电脑。这些平板电脑多出自无名厂商,它们可以承接低到5000台的订单,只需一周即可交货。So far, Intel’s designs are in 30 different tablets, under brand names such as Teclast, Aigo, and Ramos in China, Positivo in Brazil, and Casper in Turkey, all of which emerge from Shenzhen factories.迄今为止,英特尔设计的芯片已搭载到30款平板电脑上,这些平板电脑的品牌有中国的台电(Teclast)、爱国者(Aigo)和蓝魔(Ramos)、巴西的Positivo以及土耳其的Casper等,所有这些产品均出产于深圳的工厂。Many analysts say that making further headway will be difficult, however.但许多分析师表示,英特尔想在平板电脑市场更上一层楼是很不容易的。The chip market that Mr Krzanich wants to win over is being led by companies like China’s Rockchip and Taiwan’s MediaTek. The latter is aly known for revolutionising the smartphone industry by supplying Chinese manufacturers with the chips and nearly complete engineering designs that let them churn out the cheap smartphones now flooding China and other emerging markets.科再奇想争取的芯片市场,目前的领跑者是中国大陆的瑞芯微(Rockchip)和台湾的联发科(MediaTek)。联发科早已因引爆智能手机产业革命而闻名,它向中国厂商提供芯片和几乎整套工程设计,使后者能够生产出大量廉价智能手机,这些智能手机如今正席卷中国和其他新兴市场。To ramp up the fight with them, Intel has created a smart device innovation centre in Shenzhen and launched a 0m innovation fund, part of Intel Capital, the company’s venture capital arm.为提升竞争力,英特尔已在深圳成立智能设备创新中心,并设立总额1亿美元的“中国智能设备创新基金”,隶属于该公司风险投资部门“英特尔投资”(Intel Capital)。The company will not say how it is doing, citing a silent period before first-quarter results are released on Tuesday. One analyst who asked not to be identified says the numbers “are not where they should be”.英特尔将于本周二发布一季度财报,该公司以目前处于缄默期为由不愿透露其现在的状况。一名要求匿名的分析师表示,财报数据“不如预期”。Pricing is part of the challenge. Intel’s tablet processors sell for around - globally, estimates Romit Shah, an analyst with Nomura. In China, Rockchip and others are selling those for - each.定价也是挑战的一部分。野村(Nomura)分析师罗米特#8226;沙阿(Romit Shah)估计,英特尔平板电脑处理器全球售价在30美元到50美元左右。而在中国,瑞芯微等公司的同样产品售价仅为5美元到10美元一个。“Very few chip companies can make money in this market,” says Mr Shah.沙阿说:“没有几家芯片公司能在这个市场上赚到钱。”Intel is gaining some share by subsidising certain manufacturers, says Mark Li, an analyst with Bernstein in Hong Kong. Notably, he says, it is having success with companies that have historically been PC makers, such as Lenovo and Asus, which are now also transitioning into the tablet market.伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)驻香港分析师Mark Li说,英特尔通过补贴部分厂商,市场份额有所增加。尤其是,英特尔已与此前一直从事PC生产的厂商成功建立合作,如联想(Lenovo)和华硕(Asus),这两家公司现在也在转型进军平板电脑市场。If Intel does not do as well as it hopes to in the fastest growing tablet market, says Mr Shah, it will not “make or break” Intel. Apart from tablets, Intel is also trying to improve its share in smartphones, networking products, and even wearable devices, in hope of balancing out the declining PC business.沙阿表示,就算英特尔在快速增长的平板电脑市场表现不如预期,也不会沦落到“不成功便成仁”的境地。除了平板电脑,英特尔还在努力提高自己在智能手机、网络产品乃至可穿戴设备市场的份额,希望借此抵消PC业务不断衰落的影响。“If they’re not successful in tablets, the model won’t unravel, but that’s one offset [to the PC decline] that goes away,” he says.他说:“即使他们没能在平板电脑市场取得成功,这套模式也不会瓦解,只不过将丧失抵消(PC业务衰落的)一力量。” /201404/288652在厦门光子嫩肤团购厦门驼峰鼻矫正哪家好



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