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And...it occurs to me that on the one hand一方面对我来说its likely to be absolutely fine and on the other hand好像情况都还不错 但另一方面;What if its not OK?;万一检查出什么问题呢Im not sure if Im prepared for that.我很担心And I know Im not prepared for a doctor to tell me that I have to stop drinking.如果医生说我要戒酒Thats quite a shocking thought.我是一点准备也没有的When did you first have an alcoholic drink?你第一次喝酒是什么时候A proper drink?Yes.真正的酒吗 是的I would say I was 15.15岁And can you tell me what the circumstances of that were?说说你当时的情况Yeah it was...好的 当时It was kids messing around and an older kid...我们一群小孩跟着所谓的头头在玩We were on our bikes summer afternoon in the country在夏天的午后 我们骑着单车and an older kid managed to buy some alcohol from a pub然后那个头头决定要去酒店里买酒and brought it out and I had a half of bitter or something.Right.把酒带了出来后 我就喝了一点What was the attitude to alcohol in your family?你们家对喝酒是什么态度201507/384813TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/438629栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201512/407612

We have an ace in the hole. In fact, we have two.我们手中有王牌 事实上是两张Its called Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Mars Odyssey.它们是火星侦察轨道器和;奥德赛;卫星So, these are two orbiters that we have around Mars aly.这两颗都是我们已有的火星人造卫星Theyre sitting there, theyre waiting for their sister to come.它们在轨道上运行 等待新的伙伴加入As the Martian night obscures the rover from Earths view,火星夜晚阻碍了地球对火星车的监测Odyssey will attempt to relay its vital messages;奥德赛;号将尝试把重要信息back to the control room.转发回控制中心This is just one of hundreds of risky procedures这只是为确保好奇号安全着陆that must go right for Curiosity to land safely.众多挑战之一In designing the most complex landing ever attempted in space,为了设计目前最复杂的太空降落程序the team have had to go out on a limb,研究团队不得不冒险staking their reputations on a system将他们的名誉寄托于that has never been used before.一个从未使用过的系统Its so ambitious.这是如此雄心勃勃Its so audacious.这是如此大胆创新Its so unconventional.这是如此打破常规It doesnt feel like theres a lot of shelter.我们并没有很多保重点解释:1.wait for 等候; 等待例句:She has impatience to wait for the bus.她没有耐心等公共汽车到来。2.attempt to 企图, 努力例句:I would be the last to attempt to answer the question.我是最不可能去尝试回答这个问题。3.out on a limb 处境危险例句:With our supplies cut off,we were out on a limb.由于给养被切断,我们陷入了困境。 201601/420285

栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201510/405032TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201511/411046Many children who have milk and egg allergies对牛奶和蛋类过敏的儿童are potential candidates for developing allergies可能在儿童时期更容易出现to other highly sensitizing food such as peanuts对易引发过敏反应的食品的过敏现象during childhood.比如花生However people who have a peanut allergy但是,对花生过敏的人do not usually react to other legumes such as反而可以接受一些其他的豆类食品green beans, lima beans or navy beans and比如绿豆,青豆或者海军豆are also likely to tolerate soy.也可能可以接受大豆This shows that some individuals are这表明一些人genetically more susceptible to从基因上就更容易出现develop food allergies.食物过敏的现象Now lets examine some treatment options现在我们来讨论一下for food allergy.食物过敏的治疗方法There is currently no cure for food allergy目前对于食物过敏and the American Academy of Pediatrics并没有治愈的方法and the Food and Drug Administration advise美国儿科学会和食物和药品those with the condition to completely avoid建议食物过敏的人远离the susceptible foods.可能引发过敏的食品However there are several promising treatments但是确实有一些很有发展前景的in the process of development or are in testing.治疗方法正在研究实验过程中Next we will look at a few of these options.下面我们就来看看这些方法中的几种The first is sublingual immunotherapy第一种是舌下免疫疗法and oral immunotherapy are based on the concept和口腔免疫疗法,它们基于这样一种概念that the contact of the antigen with the oral mucosa通过口腔黏膜and gut associated lymphoid system leads to tolerance.和内脏淋巴系统接触抗原可以导致耐受性With these treatments patients are given用这种治疗方法的病人通过口腔minute amounts of the allergen orally and over time接触了很小剂量的过敏原,随着时间推移the quantity is increased.他们可以接受得过敏原的剂量增加了Only a few uncontrolled trials have been reported.已报告的失败的案例只有几例And although OIT and SLIT for egg, milk虽然对蛋类,牛奶和榛子的过敏and hazelnut appear to provide desensitization用这两种治疗方法在治疗期间during therapy long term tolerance可以达到脱敏的效用has yet to be validated.但是这是否长期有效尚未得到验The second treatment option we will examine is第二种治疗方法是the anti-IgE therapy.抗IgE疗法In one research study on peanut allergy在对花生过敏的一项实验研究中treatment TNX-901,给接受实验者使用一种抗IgE的名为an anti-IgE antibody was administered to individualsTNX-901的抗体,剂量从150毫克in varying doses from 150 to 450 milligrams到450毫克不等each week for 4 weeks.时间长度为4周Results showed that the 450 milligram dose实验结果表明 450毫克剂量的人significantly increased the threshold response from可以接受的花生数量从平均半个about one half of a peanut to 9 peanuts on average.上升到了9个The increased threshold would be enough to protect上升的数量足以使against accidental ingestion of peanuts and对花生过敏的人,在意外吃到花生后potentially protect the patient from a life不受影响,也可以使他们threatening reaction.免于遭受生命威胁However the results were inconsistent但是实验结果也有不一致的地方and the therapy would require bimonthly且这种疗法需要两月一次or monthly injections for life.或者一月一次接受注射Still it may be useful for those可能它对那些对花生who have severe reactions to peanuts.严重过敏的人较为有效The third treatment option we will examine is第三种疗法也是again for peanut allergy and is针对花生过敏the engineered recombinant protein.是工程重组蛋白The three major proteins that elicit可以引发过敏反应的三种an allergenic response have been isolated主要的蛋白质已经被分离出来to identify the allergenic components of peanuts.从而查明花生中可以导致过敏的部分The proteins have been modified to这些蛋白被进行了重组,降低它们reduce their ability to bind with the IgE antibodies在人体内与IgE抗体的联系能力within the human body therefore从而减少reducing the allergenic response.过敏反应The recombinant proteins have been shown to be重组蛋白在抑制过敏症状发生significantly more effective at blocking symptoms.方面作用显著This treatment is undergoing further testing before这种疗法目前正在being submitted for an application试验阶段,今后会向for approval by the Food and Drug Administration.食物和药品申请批准Another treatment option that is being researched另外一种疗法是is the food allergy herbal formula.采用植物配方This herb blend contains 9 Chinese herbs这种植物配方中包括9种中草药and has been shown to block anaphylactic symptoms在对老鼠进行的临床试验中and provide protection against symptoms of在抑制花生过敏的过敏性反应peanut allergy in a clinical study performed on mice.方面效果显著The FDA has recently approved the application食物和药品最近批准了这项申请and a Phase I clinical trial will soon be underway.一期临床试验即将开始In summary, food allergies are an autoimmune response总结下来,食物过敏是一种自身免疫反应that is often mistaken for food intolerance.经常被误认为是食物不耐症Research and reporting has found that peanut allergy研究及报告显示尤其是in particular appears to be increasing and theories花生过敏的数量一直在增加as to why this is happening are still being examined.而这其中的原因还未找到Genetic, environmental and immunological influences人们进行了基因,环境和are being examined to explain免疫系统方面的研究来解释食物过敏是how food allergies develop and many research studies如何产生发展的,目前仍然有很多实验研究are underway to find this answer.正在进行中来寻找Improved diagnosis, allergy management and成功诊断,过敏管理和患者教育patient education have improved in recent years近年来都得到了发展,对食物过敏的人and foods that elicit allergenic responses应该远离should be avoided.可能引发过敏反应的食物While a cure is not available numerous虽然目前没有可行的治愈方法treatment options are being examined.但是有很多疗法正处于研究试验阶段Reading food ingredient lists and asking questions目前对食物过敏的人来说about the foods you plan to consume are最好的方式是阅读食物成分表currently the best defense for those以及询问你要吃的食物的with food allergies.成分包括什么201506/380621

Committing To The Downhill下坡的技巧Last time we started off just straight running down the hill and feeling those skis slide.在之前的课程中,我们从笔直滑下山坡开始,感受了雪板划过雪面的感觉And then we introduced a snowplough, or wedge,to give you your first feeling of a brake然后我们介绍了犁式制动,从而让你第一次拥有了制动的感受And we finished off with pushing the back of the ski out and turning the foot and changing direction nice and smooth.最后我们通过打开板尾,转动脚部来平缓流畅的改变方向This time were going to pick it up a step, weve found ourselves a wider, longer slope just to give you more time to do the run.在本次课程里,我们将要更进一步。让我们找到一条更宽更长的雪道,使你可以滑久一点And were going to start off by pushing the ski around and turning that foot and then committing to it.我们从转动雪板开始,并转动对应的脚,然后把一切都交给这条腿Standing on that lower ski and thats going to take you across giving you much better control.只要站在山下板上,让山下板带着你横穿过山坡,这将会给你带来更好的控制The basics are still really important.基础(姿势)仍然十分重要。My hands are going to be in front and Im going to be looking down the slope where Im going.我的双手将保持在(身体)前方,而我将目视着我所滑的斜坡的下方。Lets have a go.让我们试一试。Nice and relaxed keep those hands in front.放松的将双手保持在身体前方,运用犁式制动,将雪板后端打开并转动Snow plough, push the back of the ski around and then I can actually stand onto that downhill foot.再将雪板打开并转动,然后我可以完全靠左脚站住,把一切交给左边的雪板。Pushthe back of the ski around and I can really stand on the left foot committe to it.转动,然后我可以完全靠左脚站住,把一切交给左边的雪板。Really smooth.非常平顺。What you would have seen there is my body position was staying nicely lined up.你可以看到我的身体姿势(各关节的连线)是如此保持着一字排开的Im looking ahead, arms in front.我始终向前(坡的下方)看,双臂保持在身前The reason were on a nice flat slope here is so youre not intimidated.我们在如此一个较为平缓的坡上的原因是为了不让你感到害怕We really want to feel that commitment over the downhill ski.我们真的非常需要感受到你把一切都托付给山下板的这种感觉let the control and weight come onto it and its going to take you across the slope.让控制感和你的重心自然的放到山下板上,让山下板带着你横穿雪坡Arms in front looking where youre going and stay relaxed.双臂放在身前,看着你将要前进的方向,保持放松。Thats a good position.这就是一个不错的姿势。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。201504/369098All this week Ive been looking at the ways in which, around 1,700 years ago, the great religions of the age created images that would bring the faithful closer to their gods, and how those religions became embedded in the great empires of the time.本周我一直带来大约1700年前伟大宗教所创造忠实接近他们的神的物品以及那些宗教如何被庞大帝国所依赖。Weve had images of the Buddha, Hindu gods and Christ.最近几节,我们已看过了佛陀坐像,印度神祇以及基督。Todays object is part of a human body but it doesnt belong to a god; its a gift to a god, its a right hand, cast in bronze.本节中的物品是一只青铜右手,是献给神的供品,这几乎是用实物表达了为了某一目的,奉献我的右手之意。We all know the expressions...to give your right hand for something, to be sitting at someones right hand, or to be someones right-hand man.这只手的主人希望能将自己的手放进他所敬拜的神祇手中,以获得神的恩宠。Well, we can imagine the man whose hand this represented, wishing very much to be at the right hand of his particular god-he even bears the gods name, Talab.我们可以想象代表这只手的人们,他甚至与这位神拥有同样的名字—塔拉布。201507/385336

Three Chinese pilgrims injured in Mecca crane crash麦加大清真寺发生塔吊倒塌事故 三名中国公民受伤Three Chinese pilgrims were injured in the Mecca crane crash but are now in stable condition.麦加大清真寺发生塔吊倒塌事故造成3名中国朝圣者,不过他们现在情况已经趋于稳定。 译文属201509/398508Balancing a pencil or any other top-heavy object on its tip is quite a precarious task.Its easy to see why top-heavy objects are unstable.They just want to fall down.Any little nudge will put it off balance.With gravity happy to pull its center of mass even more off balance.And the more off-balanced it is.the more gravity pulls until...将铅笔或任何头重的物体平衡在尖端都是在拼人品。显然,头重的物体很不稳定,它们就喜欢趴体。极小的推力就会使其失衡。而重力很乐意使其质心更偏离平衡点,越偏离平衡,重力作用越明显 直到...Physicists call this kind of tipping an inverted pendulum,because its kind like an upside down pendulum,And careful mathematical analysis of inverted pendulums will tell you the obvious:they are really unstable.物理学家将这种尖端称为“倒摆”,因为它很像是颠倒的摆锤。对倒摆精确数学分析的结果也显而易见,它们非常不稳定.In fact,these equations predict that if a perfectly balanced pencil with a perfectly sharp tip were to get nudged off balance by just 1/10,000 of the width of an atom,it would take only 3 seconds to fall over.There are indeed acrobats who can balance poles with other acrobats on top.and robots that can balance and,catch and throw upright sticks and people who make seemingly impossible artistic rock stacks,But in all these cases,keeping the objects balanced either requires an active stabilization effort,or else carefully taking advantage of the fact that the balancing point isnt actually a point.实际上,这些等式说明,如果一个尖端极其锐利 处于完美平衡的铅笔受到推力失衡,偏离原子长度的万分之一,倒下只需不到三秒。的确有杂技演员可以平衡顶端站人的杆子,有机器人可以平衡 抛掷或接住竖直棒,有人可以堆出看似不可能的石堆。但这些情况中,保持物体平衡,要么需要动态平衡持,要么谨慎地利用算不上点的“平衡点”。So the question is this:Can you balance a pencil sharpened to a perfect single atom wide tip on its tip,without active stabilization?Well to start,youd better get rid of all the air bumping on the sides of the pencil.since the kinetic energy of a typical oxygen molecule is enough to destabilize the pencil.那么,问题在此,你能否将一只铅笔平衡在其原子大小的尖端,而不需要动态平衡吗?一开始 你最好排空碰撞着铅笔各面的空气。因为单是氧原子的动能就足以让铅笔失衡。Remember,if the pencil gets off center by even 1/10,000 the width of an atom,it will fall down in under 3 seconds.And youd better cool the pencil and table down as close to absolute zero as you can,since the thermal jiggling of their atoms when they are hotter will similarly jiggle the pencil off balance.记住,如果铅笔偏离平衡点万分之一原子的距离,它就会在3秒内倒下,你也最好将铅笔和桌子尽可能地冷却到绝对零度。因为原子温度较高时的热振动,也会将铅笔“振”倒。But even then,matter at very small scales has a sp out wave-like nature,which means you cant have both the pencil perfectly upright and not moving at the same time.And while this quantum effect is never a real life inhibitor of precarious pencil balancing,it means you never even could succeed.即使这样,十分微小的物质具有类似于波的本质,也就是说,铅笔完全竖直与保持平衡不动,不可同时兼得。尽管量子效应不会对你拼人品平衡铅笔带来真实影响。者却意味着 你永远做不到。However,its still fun to see how long you can keep a pencil balanced on a finger tip.The shorter the pencil,the harder it is,My best time for a standard 19cm pencil was 1.3s.Think you can beat it?不过,看看你能用指尖平衡铅笔多长时间也很有意思。铅笔越短 难度越大。我的标准19厘米铅笔最好记录是1.3秒。你行你上啊?201501/353287A popular antioxidant supplement is Echinacea.一个十分流行的抗氧化剂补充剂就是紫雏菊,This herbal supplement has been suggested as a natural way人们认为这种植物补充剂是一种to shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms or prevent one from catching a cold.可以缩短感冒时间,缓解流感症状和预防感冒的天然物质Many research studies have been carried out to determine if Echinacea does affect colds.为了确定紫雏菊是否对防治感冒有作用专业人士开展了很多研究,Unfortunately, the findings have been inconclusive.不幸的是,这些研究中的发现都不能使人信Several problems arise when attempting this type of research.在这些研究的过程中会产生一些问题The active ingredient or ingredients in Echinacea are not known.人们并不知道紫雏菊中的有效成分是什么,So if one studys uses a certain formulation and has a negative effect,因此如果一个研究用的是一种模式,并检测出了负面效果it could be because the right ingredient was insufficient.这可能是因为它检测的成分恰好是无效的,Secondly, colds are caused by viruses第二,感冒可能是由病毒引起的and each virus may have a different reaction to Echinacea.而每种病毒对于紫雏菊的反应是不同的And, third, symptoms of a cold vary by individuals第三,感冒症状对每个人来说都是不同的so a positive effect in one person may not occur in another.因此,紫雏菊对一个人有效,但并一定对另一个人也有效,So researchers are not sure if Echinacea has an effect on the symptoms of the cold and flu.因此学者并不确定紫雏菊在感冒和流感中是否有效A caution about Echinacea is that关于紫雏菊,要强调的一点是individuals with tuberculosis, leukemia, diabetes, connective tissue disorder,患有结核病,白血病,糖尿病,结缔组织or liver disorders should not use this supplement.疾病和肝病的人不应该用这种补充剂Additionally, Echinacea may reduce the effect of immunosuppressant drugs除此之外,紫雏菊可能会降低免疫抑制类药物的作用,and it may cause allergic reactions in persons susceptible to hay fever.并且可能会引起枯草热病人的过敏反应Red clover is an herbal supplement红三叶草是一种补充剂,promoted to reduce hot flashes and other symptoms associated with menopause.它能够缓解潮热和其他与更年期相关的症状,It contains plant forms of the hormone estrogen.它含有天然雌激素These are also called isoflavones,也称为异黄酮,which can generate similar responses in the body as estrogen.它能在身体内产生与雌激素基本相同的作用There have been mixed results as to whether red clover supplements reduce menopause symptoms,关于红四叶草是否可以缓解更年期症状,还没有定论but for some women it seems to be effective.但是对一些妇女来说,这种方法似乎有效General side effects include nausea, headache, and a rash,副作用一般包括恶心,头疼和红潮,but typically these are not significant.但是这些状况通常都不严重Because red clover contains estrogens,因为红四叶草含有雌激素,it should not be taken with other estrogen supplements,一次不应与其他雌激素补充剂,hormone replacement therapy, or birth control pills.荷尔蒙药物或者避药同时用201512/416892

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