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Queen#39;s College女王学院One day Marilla said, #39;Anne, your new teacher, Miss Stacy, spoke to me yesterday. She says you must study for the examinations for Queen#39;s College in two years#39; time. Then if you do well, you can study at Queen#39;s in Charlotte-town for a year, and after that you#39;ll be a teacher! #39;一天,玛丽拉说:“安妮,你的新老师,斯塔西昨天跟我谈了谈。她说你必须准备参加两年后的女王学院入学考试。如果你考得好,可以在夏洛特镇的女王学院学习一年,然后成为一名教师。”#39;Oh Marilla! I#39;d love to be a teacher! But won#39;t it be very expensive? #39;“哦,玛丽拉!我喜欢当老师!可那是不是太贵了?”#39;That doesn#39;t matter, Anne. When Matthew and I adopted you three years ago, we decided to look after you as well as we could. Of course we#39;ll pay for you to study. #39;“那没关系,安妮。3年前马修和我收养你的时候,我们决定尽力照顾你。我们当然会花钱让你上学。”So in the afternoons Anne and some of her friends stayed late at school, and Miss Stacy helped them with the special ex-amination work. Diana didn#39;t want to go to Queen#39;s, so she went home early, but Gilbert stayed. He and Anne still never spoke and everybody knew that they were enemies, because they both wanted to be first in the examination. Secretly, Anne was sorry that she and Gilbert weren#39;t friends, but it was too late now.这样,每天下午,安妮和她的一些伙伴在学校呆到很晚,斯塔西帮助她们准备考试。戴安娜不准备去女王学院上学,因此她很早就回家,可吉尔伯特留了下来。他和安妮还是不说话,每个人都知道他们是敌人,因为他们都想在考试中获得第一名。安妮为她没有和吉尔伯特成为朋友暗暗感到后悔,但已经太晚了。For two years Anne studied hard at school. She enjoyed learning, and Miss Stacy was pleased with her. But she didn#39;t study all the time. In the evenings and at weekends she visited her friends, or walked through the fields with Diana,or sat talking to Matthew.安妮在学校里刻苦学习了两年。她热爱学习,斯塔西对她很满意。但她并非把所有的时间都花在学习上。晚上或周末的时候,她去拜访朋友,或与戴安娜在田野里散步,或坐着与马修聊天。#39;Your Anne is a big girl now. She#39;s taller than you, #39;Rachel Lynde told Marilla one day.一天,雷切尔·林德对玛丽拉说:“你们的安妮现在已经成了大孩子了。现在她比你还高了。”#39;You#39;re right, Rache! #39;said Marilla in surprise.“是的,雷切尔!”玛丽拉有点惊讶地回答。#39;And she#39;s a very good girl now, isn#39;t she? She doesn#39;t get into trouble these days. I#39;m sure she helps you a lot with the housework, Marilla. #39;“她是个好姑娘了,不是吗?现在她不再惹麻烦。我想她帮你干很多的家务活,玛丽拉。”#39;Yes, I don#39;t know what I#39;d do without her, #39;said Marilla, smiling.“对,我不知道没有她我该怎么办,”玛丽拉笑着说。#39;And look at her! Those beautiful grey eyes, and that red-brown hair! You know, Marilla, I thought you and Matthew made a mistake when you adopted her. But now I see I was wrong. You#39;ve looked after her very well. #39;“看看她现在!那双漂亮的灰色眼睛和红褐色头发!你知道,玛丽拉,你们刚刚收养她的时候,我觉得你们犯了一个错误。可现在我知道是我错了。你们把她照看得真好。”#39;Well, thank you, Rachel, #39;replied Marilla, pleased.“哦,谢谢,雷切尔。”玛丽拉高兴地回答。 /201205/183718郑州色素沉着怎么治PART FIVE - THE NEXT MRS. ROCHESTERCHAPTER TWENTY-FIVEHappinessHe kissed me. "I'm no better than that old, broken tree at Thornfield," he said. "I can't expect to have a fresh young flower like you by my side, all my life!""You are still stong, sir, and [-----1-----]." "Jane, will you marry me, a poor blind man with one hand, twenty years older than you?""Yes, sir.""My darling! We'll be married in three days' time, Jane. Thank God! You know I never thought much of religion? Well, last Monday night, I was stiing by an open window, praying for peace and happiness in my dark life. In my heart and soul I wanted you. I cried out 'Jane' three times.""Last Monday night, around midnight?" I asked, amazed."Yes, but this is the strange thing. I heard a voice calling 'I'm coming to you, wait for me!' and 'Where are you?' Jane, it was your voice I heard. It was a sign from God!" I told him how I had spoken those words many miles away, on that exact night."I thank God!" said Edward Rochester, "and [-----2-----]!" Together we returned to Ferndean Manor, Edward leaning on my shoulder.We had a quiet wedding. I wrote to tell my cousins the news. Diana and Mary were very happy for me, but St. John did not reply to the letter.Now it is ten years later, and we are very happy. I am Edward's whole life, and he is min. We are always together, and are never tired of each other. After two years his sight began to return in one eye. Now he can see a little. When our first child was born, he could see that the boy had his large, dark eyes!Mrs. Fairfax no longer works, and Adele has grown into a charming young woman. Diana and Mary are both married, and we visit them once a year.St. John, of course, went to India to be a missionary. After a while, he forgave me for not marrying him. Now he writes to me often. He has decided that he will never marry. He knows that he will die someday soon, but he is not afraid of death. [-----3-----]. 填空 :1、young plant need a tree's strength and safety to help them鲜花需要大树的力量和庇护。2、ask Him to help me live a better life in the future我请求他帮我在未来过上更好的生活。3、He will find a place in Heaven他将能在天堂找到一席之地。隐藏Vocabulary Focusreply to:回复(某事)。 Article/200907/76711河南省妇幼保健医院去胎记多少钱It Is Not Always May 人生不总是阳光明媚 by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow The sun is bright, - the air is clear,The darting swallows soar and sing.And from the stately elms I hearThe bluebird prophesying Spring. So blue you winding river flows,It seems an outlet from the sky,Where waiting till the west-wind blows,The freighted clouds at anchor lie. All things are new; - the buds, the leaves,That gild the elm-tree's nodding crest,And even the nest beneath the eaves;There are no birds in last year's nest! All things rejoice in youth and love,The fullness of their first delight!And learn from the soft heavens aboveThe melting tenderness of night. Maiden, that 'st this simple rhyme,Enjoy thy youth, it will not stay;Enjoy the fragrance of thy prime,For oh, it is not always May! Enjoy the Spring of Love and Youth,To some good angel leave the rest;For Time will teach thee soon the truth,There are no birds in last year's nest! Article/200912/90942Roger went across to the window and looked out at the gar-den.It was a beautiful summer morning.The sky was blue and the garden was green.It was all very quiet.His mother loved this garden.But Tom Briggs wanted the garden.And Roger wanted the garden,too.Roger felt worse and worse.罗杰走到窗前向外看花园。这是个美丽的夏天清晨,天空蓝蓝的而花园是一片绿色,一切都非常安静。他的妈妈爱这个花园,然而汤姆;布里格斯却打着这个花园的主意,并且罗杰也想要这个花园。罗杰觉得事情越来越糟。#39;Your mother took sleeping tablets,#39;Dr Pratt said.#39;Did you know?On Thursday she had a new bottle of tablets,but I can#39;t find it here in her room.#39;;你的妈妈了安眠药,;普拉特医生说。;你知道吗?她周四买了瓶安眠药,可是我在她的房间却找不到。; #39;I didn#39;t know,#39;Roger said.#39;Very well.Let#39;s go down-stairs and you can phone the police.#39;;我不知道,;罗杰说。;好吧。咱们下楼去,你可以给警察打电话。;Roger went into the kitchen and made some coffee.Just then Diane came in with the dogs.罗杰走进厨房弄了些咖啡,这时黛安娜带着走进来。#39;Roger,#39;she said.#39;Look,I#39;m sorry.I was angry and said some angry things.#39;;罗杰,;她说。;你瞧,我很抱歉。我生气了并说了些令人生气的话。;#39;It doesn#39;t matter,#39;Roger said.#39;Here you are,have some coffee.Dr Pratt is phoning the police.Did you know Mother took sleeping tablets?Well,the bottle is not in her room.#39;;没关系,;罗杰说。;给你,喝点咖啡。普拉特医生正打电话给警察。你知道妈妈安眠药吗?唷,瓶子不在她的屋里。;#39;What?I don#39;t understand.#39;Diane took the coffee and be-gan to drink.Her eyes looked big and dark.;什么?我不知道。;黛安娜端起咖啡开始喝。她的眼睛看起来又大又黑。Just then Dr Pratt came into the kitchen.#39;They#39;re coming at once,#39;he said.#39;Diane;I#39;m sorry about your mother.#39;这时普尔特医生走进厨房。;他们马上来,;他说。;黛安娜;;我为你妈妈难过。;#39;Dr Pratt,I want to tell you about last night.Everyone was very angry;#39;;普拉特医生,我想告诉你有关昨晚的事,每人都非常生气;;;#39;Be quiet!#39;Roger said quickly.;安静些!;罗杰急忙说。#39;Diane never thinks before she opens her mouth,#39;he thought angrily.;黛安娜在张嘴前从不想想,;他生气地想。Diane did not look at Roger.#39;Last night Mother went to bed early because everyone;#39;黛安娜没看罗杰。;昨晚妈妈早早就上床了,因为每个人;;;#39;Don#39;t tell me,#39;Dr Pratt said.#39;You can tell the police.#39;;别告诉我,;普拉特医生说。;你可以告诉警察。;Roger#39;s face went red.Suddenly he felt afraid.#39;The police are going to talk to everyone,and ask questions,#39;he thought.#39;And they#39;re going to want answers.It#39;s going to be very difficult.#39;He finished his coffee and stood up.罗杰的脸红了,突然他觉得有些害怕。;警察会找每个人谈话,问些问题。;他想。;然后他们会想要,这事非常棘手。;他喝完咖啡站起来。#39;I#39;m going upstairs,#39;he said.#39;I#39;m going to tell Uncle Al-bert and Jackie about Mother;and about the police.#39;;我上楼去,;他说。;我去告诉艾伯特姨父和杰基有关妈妈的事;;还有报警的事。; Article/201202/172300鹤壁市自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好

郑州市第二人民医院玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱新郑市鼻部修复多少钱呼啸山庄 Chapter15 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱 Article/200809/475086 Kirk O#39;Field第6章 柯克·欧菲尔德I had a new man to help me now.The Earl of Bothwell—a strong,clever man. He was older than me;he was not a boy like Darnley. He worked hard and he could think. He was a good fighter and he was not afraid of other men. Per-haps you are like him, James, my son?现在,我又有一个人来帮我了。思韦尔勋爵——一个健壮聪明的男人。他比我大;他不像达恩利那样像个小男孩。他工作努力且会思考。他是个勇士,他不怕别人。或许你像他,詹姆斯,我的儿子?In January your father,Darnley,was ill in Glasgow.I went to see him, and took him back to Edinburgh. He was unhappy, and afraid of people. He saw enemies behind every door. Poor stupid boy! He said he loved me again. I was angry, but I felt sorry for him, too. He was very ill.一月份,你的父亲,达恩利在格拉斯加生病了。我去看他,并把他带回爱丁堡。他很不愉快且害怕周围的人。每一扇门后面都有他的仇敌。可怜、愚蠢的男孩!他说他又爱我了。我很生气,但我也觉得对不住他。他病得很重。;It#39;s not far now, Henry,;I said.;You can sleep in the castle.;“现在不远了,亨利,”我说。“你可以睡在城堡里。”;No, not there, please, Mary!;he said.;I don#39;t want to go into the castle. I#39;m afraid of it!;“不,我不睡那儿,求求你,玛丽!”他说。“我不想走进城堡。我怕!”;But where do you want to go?;I asked.“但是你要去哪儿呢?”我问道。;Find me a little house outside the town, and stay with me there,;he said.;We can be happy there.;“给我在镇外找一间小房子,我们一起呆在那儿,”他说。“我们在那里可以很幸福。”So I found him a small house called Kirk o#39;Field,outside Edinburgh. He stayed there, in a room upstairs, and sometimes I slept in a room downstairs. Darnley was often afraid,and I visited him every day. Slowly, he got better.于是,我在爱丁堡外给他找了一间叫柯克·欧菲尔德的小屋。他住在那边楼上的一间小房间里,而我有时候睡在楼下的房间里。达恩利经常感到恐惧。我每天都去看望他。渐渐地,他好转起来了。On Sunday,9th February, there was a big wedding in Ed-inburgh. After the wedding, Bothwell and I walked out to Kirk o#39;Field to see Darnley and talk to him. Everyone sang,and laughed, and was very happy.2月9日,星期日,在爱丁堡有一个大型的婚礼。婚礼结束后,我和思韦尔一起出来去柯克·欧菲尔德看望达恩利,陪他聊天。人们欢歌笑语,非常快乐。At ten o#39;clock I was tired.;Good night, my lords,;I said.;I#39;m going downstairs to bed.;十点钟了,我感到很累。“晚安,我的丈夫,我的勋爵,”我说道。“我下楼去睡了。”Lord Bothwell put his hand on my arm.;Your Majesty,;he said.;You can#39;t sleep here now.Don#39;t you remember?People are dancing and singing in town tonight—everyone wants you to go.;思韦尔勋爵抓住我的胳膊。“陛下,”他说。“现在你不能睡这儿。你难道忘了?今晚人们在镇上载歌载舞——每个人都想你去。”;Oh, yes. I forgot,;I said.;Of course, people want to see me there. So, good night, Henry. Sleep well.;“噢,对,我忘了,”我说。“当然,人们想在那儿见到我。好吧,晚安,亨利,睡个好觉。”Darnley was very unhappy.;Please, Mary my love, don#39;t go!;he said.;Don#39;t leave me here!;达恩利很不高兴。“玛丽,我亲爱的,请不要走!”他说。“不要留下我一人在这里!”But I did not love him now. I remembered the night when Riccio died.So I smiled and said,;Good night,Henry.Be a man now.don#39;t be afraid of the dark.;可是我现在不爱他了。我想起里奇奥被杀的那一晚。于是我笑着说,“晚安,亨利。现在要像个男子汉。不要害怕黑暗。”Then I went downstairs with Lord Bothwell. Outside the house, we met one of Bothwell#39;s men. He looked afraid, and there was something black on his face and hands.于是我和思韦尔勋爵下了楼。在房子外面,我们碰到了一个思韦尔的人。他看起来很惊慌,脸上和手上沾了些黑乎乎的东西。;Jesus, man, how dirty you are!;I said.;Don#39;t come near me with those hands.;“上帝,你这个人多脏啊!”我说。“手这么脏,不要走近我。”;No, my lady, of course not,;he said. He looked at Both-well for a minute, and then ran away quickly. I laughed, got on my horse, and forgot about it.“是,夫人,当然不,”他说。他朝思韦尔看了一眼,很快就跑开了。我笑了,我骑上我的马,就把这事给忘了。I tell you before God, James, I did not kill your father.It was not me. I knew nothing about it—nothing!在上帝面前,詹姆斯,我告诉你,我没有杀死你的父亲。不是我杀的。我对此一无所知——一点儿也不知道!I sang and danced in town, and then went to bed in Edin-burgh Castle. Then, at two o#39;clock in the morning, there was a sudden noise—a very big BANG! Everybody heard it all through the town.我在镇上又唱又跳,然后就睡在了爱丁堡城里。早晨两点钟,突然传来了呼的一声巨响!整个镇上的人都听见了。 Article/201204/177457新郑市中医院做隆胸手术多少钱郑州/激光去胎记多少钱

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