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SITUATION 39情景 39Lunch is on me.中饭由我付。Would you like to have lunch at a new restaurant I hard about?我听说有一家新餐馆,要不要去那里吃中饭?Im sorry,all I can afford today is a Big Mac.抱歉,今天我只吃得起一个大的麦当劳汉堡。Come on,Lunch is on mw.好啦。中饭由我付。I couldnt do that.我不可以那么做。Dont be silly.I insist.别傻了。我坚持。Well.if you insist.Thank you.好吧,既然你坚持。谢谢你。Would you like to have lunch at a new restaurant I hard about?我听说有一家新餐馆,要不要去那里吃中饭?Im sorry,all I can afford today is a Big Mac.抱歉,今天我只吃得起一个大的麦当劳汉堡。Come on,Lunch is on mw.好啦。中饭由我付。I couldnt do that.我不可以那么做。Dont be silly.I insist.别傻了。我坚持。Well.if you insist.Thank you.好吧,既然你坚持。谢谢你。Miss ,may I have the check?,请把帐单给我好吗?How much do I owe you,Jane?珍,我要付你多少?Nothing.Lunch is on me.为必了。中饭我请客。Thank you.Next time lunch is on me.谢谢你。下回中饭我请。O.K.Thats a deal.好的。一言为定。Lets go.我们走吧。Miss ,may I have the check?,请把帐单给我好吗?How much do I owe you,Jane?珍,我要付你多少?Nothing.Lunch is on me.为必了。中饭我请客。Thank you.Next time lunch is on me.谢谢你。下回中饭我请。O.K.Thats a deal.好的。一言为定。Lets go.我们走吧。Would you like a cup of coffee?你要不要来杯咖啡?I dont have any change.我没有零钱。Dont worry about it.Its on me.别担心。我请客。O.K. Next time Ill treat.好的。下次我请。Thats a deal.一言为定。Fine.好的。Would you like a cup of coffee?你要不要来杯咖啡?I dont have any change.我没有零钱。Dont worry about it.Its on me.别担心。我请客。O.K. Next time Ill treat.好的。下次我请。Thats a deal.一言为定。Fine.好的。 /201205/181728

Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Nicholas:What are you ing, Linda?你在看什么呀,琳达?Linda:I’m ing a novel The Mill on the Floss, written by the famous novelist, George Eliot。我在读小说《弗洛斯河上的磨坊》,是由著名小说家乔治.艾略特写的。Nicholas:What’s it about?是关于什么的?Linda:It is mainly about the relationship about a brother and a sister, who live in a mill on river Floss. It describes their childhood and a dispute that causes them to separate. The book ends with them happily together again, but they were both killed in the flood。主要写了住在弗洛斯和尚磨房里的一对兄之间的关系。小说描写了他们的童年生活,以及一次争论最终导致他们各奔东西。这部小说以他们愉快的团聚作为结尾,但是他们却在一场洪水中双双丧生。Nicholas:Is it difficult to understand?很难看懂吗?Linda:Not really, I would consider it easy。不是,我觉得很容易懂。Nicholas:Besides novels, are there any other types of literary works that you indulge in?除了长篇小说外,你还喜欢读什么其他类型的文学作品吗?Linda:I really like short stories。还喜欢读短篇小说。Nicholas:Have you anything else besides literature?除了文学作品以外,你读其它的书吗?Linda:Certainly I have. I like to books on various subjects, and I everything I can get my hands on in my spare time. I don’t want to idle away and waste my time。当然读了,我喜欢看各种题材的书,在空闲时我拿到什么书就看什么书。我可不想闲呆着浪费时间。Nicholas:I agree. People who don’t are no better off than people who can’t . I also agree that “Books are like food for the mind。”我赞同。不读书的人并不比不能读书的人强。我还认为“书籍是人类精神的粮食”。重点句子:这是最好的杂志。This is the best magazine。我喜欢读短篇小说。I really like short stories。比起诗歌,我更喜欢散文。I prefer essays to poems。我建议你读《红楼梦》。I advise you to A Dream in Red Mansions。我想订一份《昂秀英语》。I’d like a subscription to Onshow English。我想续订。I’d like to renew my subscription。你知道这份报纸的发行量吗?Do you know the circulation of this newspaper?你对此报的评价如何?How would you comment on this paper?请给我晨版的。Morning edition, please。 /201412/351105


  9. The ship is lifting anchor.船起锚了。还能这样说:The ship is weighing anchor.This ship is sailing.应用:a dead lift 硬搬;需要全力以赴的难事;give sb. a lift 让某人搭车;帮某人一把10. How many days does it take to Dalian?到大连需要几天啊?还能这样说:How long does it take to get to Dalian?How long does this ship take us to Dalian?谚语:Each day brings its own b.天无绝人之路。11. How many ports do we call at on our passage to Dalian?去大连一路上要依靠几个港口?还能这样说:Could you tell me how many ports well anchor on our passage to Dalian?Do you know how many ports we should call at on our passage to Dalian?12. I have got a seasick.我有些晕船。还能这样说:I feel ill.Im feeing seasick.应用:seasickness 晕船;airsickness/air sickness 晕飞机;carsickness/train sickness 晕车 /201406/304450。


  Todd: Now Norman, youve lived in Japan for awhile. Have you lived in any other countries?托德:诺曼,你在日本生活过一段时间。你还在其他国家生活过吗?Norman: Yes, Ive lived in Germany as well.诺曼:对,我还在德国生活过。Todd: Germany!托德:德国!Norman: Yes, I lived for five years. I had two contracts in Germany. The first one in the seventies, for three years. I was an immersion teacher, which means that theyre English students at the elementary level who take all their courses in French, so with a particular second language approach I would teach them not only French, but I would teach them mathematics in French, science in French, visual arts in French, physical education in French诺曼:没错,我在那儿生活了五年。我曾在德国签了两份工作合约。第一份是在70年代,合约期限是三年。我当时是融入课程的老师,意思就是他们都是水平为初级的英语学生,他们所有的课程都要用法语讲授,所以作为一种特殊的第二语言教学方法,我不仅要教授他们法语,而且还要用法语教他们数学、科学、视觉艺术和体育。Todd: Wow, in Germany.托德:哇,在德国。Norman: In Germany, yes! This was for the Canadian Armed forces. The, usually its the man the father, whos there as a soldier, but sometimes its the woman. But they have, they do have children and there was a need for some Canadian schooling. They hire teachers to teach the children of military personnel.诺曼:对,在德国!这是为加拿大武装部队提供的课程。那些士兵通常都已为人父,不过有时也会有女性士兵。不过他们都有孩子,所以就需要为这些加拿大人提供教育。他们雇佣老师教导军人的孩子。Todd: Wow! What a cool job! What did you think about Germany?托德:哇!这工作真棒!你觉得德国怎么样?Norman: Germany is very interesting in that its a very lively country, I find. I enjoyed certainly the nature part. Every weekend, Susan and I tried to go on what they call volksmarch, which means, its, ;volks; means popular, popular walk. You have a choice of five kilometers, ten kilometers, or fifteen kilometers walk and at the end, once you complete the walk, you get a metal, and the walk is always in some nice village. You go up the hills, up the mountains, you have beautiful sights, and every now and then they have some kind of a food stand with a Bavarian band playing, and then you have those Bavarian sausages and its just a whole lot of fun so we would take our children along with us and it would be quite an event.诺曼:我想,德国非常有意思,是一个充满活力的国家。我非常喜欢那里的自然风景。每周末,苏珊和我都要去称之为大众行走的活动,;volks;的意思是大众的,大众行走。你可以选择五公里走、十公里走或是十五公里走,最后你完成行走以后,会得到一枚奖牌,这种行走活动通常都在美丽的山村举行。你可以爬到山上,看到美丽的风景,有时他们会准备食品店,那里有巴伐利亚乐队演奏音乐,还有巴伐利亚肉肠,整个过程非常有意思,所以我们会带着孩子们一起参加,这是一件重要的活动。Todd: Thats nice. How long did you live in Germany?托德:那很好。你在德国生活了多长时间?Norman: I lived there five years total. 75 to 78,for a three year contract, and then 85 to 87, a two year contract.诺曼:我一共在那里生活了五年。从75年到78年,一份三年的合同,之后是85年到87年,一份两年的合同。Todd: Wow, so you speak German as well.托德:哇,所以你的德语也说的很好。Norman: I do, I do, but now I have not spoken it for quite a long time so it would take a little bit of, lets say, review.诺曼:对,没错,不过我已经有很长时间没有说过德语了,所以需要稍微复习一下。Todd: Wow! tri-lingual. Thats cool!托德:哇!你会说三门语言。真棒! /201312/268982嘉宾:Debbie Mason主题:Burlesque女人与幽默剧!拼写:1、emboldened: 壮胆,加油2、passive: 被动的aggresive 主动的3、illusory: 虚幻的4、predominate 掌握, 统治, 成为主流重点俚语:1、sense of professional pride: 职业的自豪感2、fringe (burlesque) events: 边缘活动3、sell to the masses 销售给大众问题:1、What does Ophelia mean when she says: I dont feel that my work identity and the performance I do is central to who I am as a person?2、How long has she performed in the burlesque industry?3、Who does she say her audience is?:1、Her job is nothing about her character.2、5 years3、both men and women, but most of them are women /201310/26076313. He asked the directors permission to take a day off.他请求主任批准他一天假。还能这样说:He asked the director if he could have a day off.He begged the directors allowance of his taking a day off.应用:grant permission 准许;withdraw permission 撤销许可;ask for permission 请求允许;procure permission 得到同意14. I have a headache, so Im calling in sick today.我头痛,所以我就打电话来请病假了。还能这样说:I have a pain in my head, so I make a phone call to have a day off.I have a headache and want to ring up to go sick.谚语:Hope deferred makes the heart sick.希望迟迟未实现,使人心烦意缭乱。15. My daughter is seriously ill, so I need to take care of her at home.我的女儿病得很厉害,所以我要在家里照顾她。还能这样说:My daughter is terribly ill and I need to look after her at home.I want to see to my sick daughter.谚语:It is an ill wind that blows nobody any good.世上鲜有绝对的坏事。16. Dont forget to bring a doctors note tomorrow.记着明天把医生开的明拿来。还能这样说:Please remember to bring the doctors note in tommorw.You need bring the doctors note in tomorrow.应用:go over notes 复习笔记;mental note 心里记住,牢记;of note 著名的,非凡的;arrange ones notes 整理笔记;pen a note 写一张便条;note sth. down 记录某事17. Ive been busy with work for a long time and need a rest.我忙了好长一段时间,需要休息休息。还能这样说:I have worked for a long time and should have a rest.I am on the wing of work for a long time and need take a break.应用:rest assured 放心;at rest 不动;come to rest 自然停止;rest on ones laurels 满足于既有的成绩而不思进取;rest with sb. to do sth. 做某事是某人的责任;put sb.s mind at rest 使某人放心 /201411/339255

  经典句型:This is my policy holder card. 这是我的保险卡。A:Here is my case history book.甲:这是我的病历本。B:Have you got insurance?乙:您有保险吗?A:Yes. This is my policy holder card.甲:是的。这是我的保险卡。B:Sorry, the balance of your policy holder card is not enough.乙:对不起,您的保险卡余额不足。经典句型:You have to pay cash. 您需要付现金。A:How much should I pay?甲:多少钱?B:102 yuan.乙:102 元。I have no msufaace.我没有保险。A:Would you please show me your policy holder card?甲:可以出示一下您的保险卡吗?B:I have no insurance.乙:我没有保险。A:You have to pay more without insurance.甲:没有保险的话您要多花钱。句型讲解:去医院挂号时,要出示case history (病历)以及policy holder card (保险卡)。 /201408/322249



  上网1. 词组句型电话use, operate, work withsentence patterns:Can you use a computer skillfully?I can operate a computer now.The manager often works with a computer.软件hardware, softwaresentence patterns:Do you know the computers hardware?Many scientists are exploiting advanced software.The machine is composed of hardware and software.聊天chat, gossipsentence patterns:I dont like chatting on the internet.Dont believe those gossip.We shouldnt gossip at random.好友pal, friendsentence patterns:Theyve been pels for years.Pel, dont ask for trouble.He wants to make friends with me.I have many friends in the net.网虫cyber worm, cyber addictsentence patterns:His brother is a deep cyber worm.Do you want to be a cyber addict?2. 多种表达I can use a computer.I can operate a computer.I can work with a computer.I have no chance to use a computer.I have no access to use a computer.I have no chance to operate a computer.What components does a computer own?How is a computer composed?Whats a computers construction?Are you familiar with computer software?Do you know computer software well?Did you upgrade your computer?Was your computer upgraded?You need to clear up the virus.You need to clear up the virus.My computer is out of the date.My computer cant follow the fashion.This machine doesnt work.Something is wrong with this machine.Something is gone wrong with this machine.Can you key in your password?Can you type in your password?Sometimes I do shoppings through line.Sometimes I buy goods through line.Sometimes I do online shopping.Are you a nethead?Are you a cyber worm?Ive got an E-mail address.Ive built an E-mail address.I have many net pals.I have many cyber partners. /201207/192099

  Todd: Simon, you said your family had a volkswagen van.托德:西蒙,你说过你家有辆大众面包车。Simon: Thats right. It was awesome.西蒙:没错。它棒极了。Todd: Wow, thats cool. You know, when I was in high school, I had a Volkswagen van.托德:哇,真酷。你知道,我上高中的时候也有过一辆大众面包车。Simon: Yeah, theyre pretty cool arent they.西蒙:嗯,那车非常棒,是吧?Todd: Ah, man, I loved my Volkswagen Van.托德:嗯,伙计,我爱我的大众面包车。Simon: Well, why?西蒙:嗯,怎么说?Todd: Well, because I played sports and so I played baseball, basketball, football and all of my teammates would get in my van and I would drive us to and from practice, or to games, and so it was very convenient. I was like the little bus driver for the team.托德:因为我做运动,当时我打棒球、打篮球、踢足球,我所有的队友都会坐我的面包车往返于训练场地和比赛场地,非常的方便。我当时就像是球队的巴士司机。Simon: Yeah, well, you said ;bus;. Is that, did you call it a van or a bus?西蒙:是啊,可是你说“巴士”。你们是称之为面包车还是巴士?Todd: Actually, in California we call it the Volkswagen Bus. Yeah, do you call it the bus or the van?托德:实际上,我们加州称之为大众面包车。那你们是叫巴士还是面包车?Simon: I think that either was OK, or both were OK. Yeah, my family had the camperized van. (Really!) Which had little, which had a refrigerator and a table and a bed, and a pop-up top to fit, to fit another bed, like a loft.西蒙:我觉得哪种叫法都可以,两种都可以。我家里有一辆露营车。(真的吗!)那辆车有一个小冰箱,一张桌子,一张床,车的顶部还有一个可以弹出的床,就像阁楼一样。Todd: Wow! Yeah, thats pretty cool.托德:哇!那真是太棒了。Simon: At least, uh, at least four people quite comfortably in a camper van. Pretty cool.西蒙:那辆野营车至少可以容纳四个人舒适地待在里面。非常棒。Todd: Yeah, actually, mine didnt have the camper. It had a flat area in back of the van, but not a bed, and it did have a small sink, although I never had water hooked up to my van, so I never used it. I just used it for school, so.托德:实际上,我的车不能用作野营车。我的车后面有一块平坦的区域,虽然没有床,不过有一个小水槽,不过我的车并没有连接供水设备,所以我从来没有用过那个水槽。我只是开车去上学。Simon: Yeah, my best friend had a van in high school as well. (Yeah!) and he was really popular there because he could fit a lot of people in.西蒙:是啊,我高中时最好的朋友也有一辆面包车。(是啊!)他在那里非常受欢迎,因为他的车可以坐很多人。Todd: So my van was all white. What color was yours?托德:我的面包车是纯白色的。你的是什么颜色的?Simon: Ah, my parents van was, was also, was also white. My friends van had, was black and white and had a skull on the front. Yeah, so it looked like a a pirate van, or pirate bus, not a pirate ship, but a pirate van. (Cool!) It was pretty cool, at the time. You know.西蒙:哦,我父母的车也是白色的。我朋友的车是黑白的,前面还有骷髅标志。就像辆海盗车,不是海盗船,而是海盗车。(真酷!)你知道,那在当时非常棒。Todd: Yeah. Yeah. I actually, I have many nice memories of my van and I wish I still had one today.托德:是啊,是啊。实际上,我有很多关于那辆面包车的美好记,我希望现在我还能有一辆那样的车。Simon: Yeah, me too!西蒙:是啊,我也是!Todd: Yeah! Does your family still have it?托德:对啊!那你家里还有这种车吗?Simon: No, they dont. Ah, time to move on, I guess. They thought.西蒙:没有了。我想,他们认为是时候要有新的发展了。Todd: Yeah! I think I sold my van because I didnt think it was cool after awhile. I had it for three years and then I wanted a nice sports car, so I got rid of it. Yeah, I kind of regret it but I guess thats just normal.托德:是啊!我把我的面包车卖掉是因为我觉得不久之后它就不再这么酷了。那辆车我开了三年,之后我想要辆跑车,所以我就卖掉了那辆面包车。我有点后悔,不过我想这是很正常的事情。Simon: Of course, everybody likes their old cars, dont they.西蒙:当然了,所以有人都喜欢旧车,不是吗? /201407/316304


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