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I remembered that when I was in college, I was short of money. So every time when I went shopping, I would try to buy some cheap ones! For example, I would buy a pair of sneaker, which cost just 40 Yuan. And after a month, I found I was bullied and that pair of sneaker was no use any more!1) It is really a pair of junk shoes! 这双鞋真次!junk:垃圾 junk food!垃圾食物!千万不要买junk car. That's dangerous! (音乐) /200805/40607重庆爱德华泌尿科咨询Shop assistance: good evening. May I help you?晚上好.需要点什么吗?Ida: yes. I would like a pair of trousers.恩,我想买条裤子.S: what kind of trousers would you like?你想买哪种裤子?I: Eh, jeans.呃,牛仔裤.S: how about blue jeans?蓝色牛仔裤怎么样?I: ok, show me the new arrivals.好,我要看新到的货.S: this way, please. How about this one? It just arrived last Sunday.这边请.这条怎么样呢?这是上周日刚上市的.I: no. I want high-waist.不行.我要高腰的.S: hey, Miss. Do you like it?,你喜欢这条吗?I: yes, but I need the next size up.喜欢,但是我要大一号的.S: I'm sorry, Miss. The next sizes up are all sold out.,对不起.大一号全部卖完了.I: what? Didn't you say it just arrived last Sunday?什么?你不是说这是上周日才上市的吗?S: yes. But it's very popular with the customers, and the size you need is fit for most people. How about another one?没错.但是它很受顾客欢迎,而且你要的尺码适合大多数人.其他的怎么样呢?I: no, I just like that one.不,我只喜欢那条.S: well, if you can wait, I can get one for you from another chain store.这样的话,如果你能等,我可以从其他连锁店帮你调一件.I: how long will it take?需要多长时间呢?S: around ten minutes.十分钟左右.I: alright. I will wait.那好,我等你.After ten minutes.S: well, what about this one?那么这条怎么样?I: this one is ok. May I try it on?这条不错.我可以试下嘛?S: no problem. The changing room is over there.没问题,更衣室在那边.I: thanks.谢谢.S: you are welcome.不客气.关键词汇词组sell out (of something); be sold out (of something): to have sold all the available items, tickets, etc. 售空,卖光(某种商品、门票等);脱销I'm sorry, we've sold out of b. 抱歉,我们的面包卖完了.We are aly sold out for what should be a fantastic game. 想来这场比赛一定精,我们的门票已经卖光了.chain store: a shop/store that is one of a series of similar shops/stores owned by the same company 连锁商店 /201004/102647重庆宫颈糜烂一度医院Good good study,day day up. 好好学习,天天向上。  How are you? How old are you?怎么是你?怎么老是你?  You have seed,I will give you some color to see see.你有种,我要给你点颜色瞧瞧。美国习惯用语-第114讲:beefy/to beef up美国人特别喜欢吃牛肉,最普遍的吃法是用牛肉末做汉堡包,或者是切成大块煎牛排。尽管现在许多人都担心胆固醇太高,可是牛肉仍然是美国人最喜欢吃的食品之一。我们今天要给大家介绍的两个俗语就是和牛肉这个字有关的。"牛肉"的英文就是beef。要是在beef这个字后面加一个字母y,那就成了形容词beefy。当然你可以把beefy解释为"牛肉的",但是在口语里,要是你说某人很beefy,那就是说,那个人个子很高大、肌肉很发达,就像一个280磅的重量级摔跤运动员一样。下面我们要给大家举的例子是一个学生放学后碰到两个想欺负他的人。例句-1: "These two guys were pushing me around until my brother, who's a beefy football player on the school team, came out and asked me if I needed help. You should have seen those two guys run!"这句话的意思是:"正当那两个人在欺负我的时候,我哥哥出来问我要不要帮忙。我哥哥是一个膀大腰圆的足球校队队员。你可没看见那两个人看到我哥哥后跑得有多快!"可是,一个身材高大、体型魁梧的人有时也会让人吃一惊,下面就是一个例子:例句-2: "You expect a big, beefy man to have a deep, deep voice. But my beefy neighbor who must weigh 120 kilos has a high-pitched squeaky voice like a man half his size."这人说:"你以为一个个子高大、非常粗壮的人,他的声音一定会非常低沉。但是我那邻居,虽然他高头大马,体重有120 公斤,然而他的声音却又高又细,就像一个体格比他小一半的人发出来的声音。"下面我们要给大家介绍的一个习惯用语是把beef这个字用作动词:to beef up。To beef up 的意思是:增加力量。这可能和美国人认为牛肉能够增强体力的想法有关。但是,to beef up这个说法并不一定局限在身体强壮这一个方面,这个俗语实际上可以用在生活各个方面。我们下面的例子就很能说明问题。例句-3: "A general beefs up his forces before a battle by adding more tanks and artillery. A college can beef up its educational level by hiring highly-qualified professors."这句话的意思是:"一个将军在战役前可以通过增加坦克和大炮来增强他的部队的力量,一所大学可以通过聘请很有资格的教授来提高它的教育水平。"To beef up还可以用在商业方面,请听下面这个例子:例句-4: "I am happy to tell you that our sales increased almost 25 percent in the last six months after we beefed up our sales force by hiring 50 more sales people in California and Texas."这个人说:"我很高兴地告诉你,我们公司在加利福尼亚州和得克萨斯州增加了五十名销售员以后,过去半年内的销售量增加了百分之二十五。"我们今天给大家介绍了:beefy和to beef up这两个词的用法。Beefy是一个形容词,形容一些人身体很强壮,to beef up是指增加力量。「美国习惯用语」第一百一十四课就讲到这里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200711/20959重庆如何检查产后盆腔炎

重庆市爱德华做体检多少钱江北通输卵管医院吃团圆饭On the last day of the lunar year, there is a big family dinner。阴历年的最后一天,通常要吃一顿丰盛的团圆饭。On New Year's Eve the whole family had a sumptuous feast of reunion。除夕之夜, 一家人吃了一顿丰盛的团圆饭。Whenever possible, these people tried to follow the Chinese tradition of returning home and reuniting with family members. Onthis day all the members of a Chinese family gather around the table for a "reunion dinner," also known as "tuan yuan fan."在有可能的情况下,都一定要在“除夕”那天赶回家来吃团圆饭,同父母妻儿共享天伦之乐。It doesn’t matter if the family members cannot get together a tordinary times, but they should have a family reunion dinner on a festival。平时不在一起没有关系,但是过节的时候,一定要全家人聚在一起,吃一顿团圆饭。 /201001/95686日常生活用语100篇 Lesson48暂时没有对照文本 相关专题:英语口语新东方英语900句 /200810/54025重庆无痛人流好吗Andrew 安德鲁(英语男子名)源出希腊语:有男子气概的.圣经中耶稣的12门徒之一. /10/87188重庆儿童医院性激素六项检查多少钱

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