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早读英语精华本下册 6暂无文本 Article/200709/18099Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I'm Faith.This is my first radio show; first of all, I would like to thank you for clicking and entering into my radio program. Today, let us share the key to living a life of love.The key to living a life of love, peace and prosperity is to live from your Heart. When you live from your Heart, you feel full, rich, and life seems to flow effortlessly. You feel in control, confident, connected to your life's purpose. You feel Joy and deep inner Peace. You feel Alive!When love radiates from your Heart you feel vibrant, energized and blissful. The feeling of being on purpose inspires you to new heights... some you never dreamed possible.Living from Your Heart keeps you focused on what is most important to you in your life. You move from focusing on conflict to re-focusing on what is most important to you...Your Deepest Heart's Desires.In your Heart holds the Secret to true happiness. The Secret is Love. Love is the tender expression of the Heart... an expression we all long to feel deep within. Article/200802/27225

The chairman communicated that he was not happy with the proposed agreement.主席表示他对提议并不满意。Because we communicate well, we understand each other#39;s situation.因为我们能够很好地沟通,所以我们了解彼此的状况。Our community includes people from many other countries.我们社区里有很多外国人。My friend started an Internet company to repair and sell old musical instruments.我朋友开了一家网络公司修理销售二手乐器。We urge you to compare the price and quality of our products with those of our competitors.我们强烈建议您将我们产品的价格和质量与其竞争产品进行对比。The Internet lets companies compete almost anywhere in the world.网络技术使得世界各地的公司都有了竞争关系。I have a complete set of recordings by the Beatles.我有一套完整的披头士的唱片。The trade agreement is the result of some very complex negotiations.这份贸易协定是一系列复杂谈判的结果。It may seem simple, but it is really complex.这看似简单,实际上相当复杂。Compromise may not be possible in that dispute.在那场纠纷中妥协或许不可能做到。The president expressed concern about the continuing violence.总统对连续的暴力事件表达了忧虑。He said he is especially concerned that the fighting will sp to other countries.他说他十分担心战乱会扩散到其他国家。The senators condemned the man for refusing to answer their questions.参议员们谴责那名男子拒绝回答问题。The doctor said the examination showed that Gary was in excellent condition.医生说检查结果显示盖瑞健康状况良好。I seemed to spend my days going from one conference to another.我每天的生活似乎是在不同的会场的辗转中度过的。The senate confirmed the appointment of the new Agriculture Secretary.参议院确认了农业部长的任命。We had a conflict about politics.我们的政见冲突。The long conflict finally ended with a ceasefire, not a peace treaty.双方停火而非和平协定结束了长期的争端。I congratulate you for getting the highest score on the history test.祝贺你在历史考试中获得了最高分。The president#39;s party did not win control of either house of Congress.总统所在的政党并没有赢得国会两院任何一院的控制权。Five members of Mexico#39;s Congress are in Washington to discuss trade issues.五名墨西哥国会议员在华盛顿讨论与此贸易相关的问题。If you connect this wire to the red one, the green light will turn on.如果你把这条线与那条红线连在一起路灯就会亮起来。William is a conservative about social issues.威廉看待社会问题比较保守。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/428664

大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语聊“向朋友及家人问好”I hope this finds you well 见信好You have been in my thoughts 我在想着你Sending my best to you and yours 为你和你的家人送去我的祝福my condolences 慰问,哀悼 /201603/430324

  释义:All I want is... 我想要的一切就是……这是表示自己的行动以及话语的意图的表现形式。并不是有其他的理由或者目的,“只不过是 ( just ) 想做……而已”以此来表达自己真实的想法。I just want to ... 表示“我只不过是想做……而已”的意思。例句:All I wanted was to meet a nice girl like you.我所希望的就是能够遇到一个跟你一样的好女孩。All I wanted was for you to like me.我所希望的就是你喜欢我。All I want to do is help her.我想做的就是帮助她。All I want to know is how fast you run.我想知道的是你到底能跑多快。对话:A: I#39;ll give you whatever you would like.只要是你想要的我全部都给你。B: All want is to be loved by you.我想要的全部就是得到你的爱。 /201706/512212


  Captain Benito Cereno hurried aboard his ship. It was y to sail. A bright sun in a soft breeze promised good weather ahead. The ship’s anchor was raised and the San Dominick, old but still seaworthy, moved slowly out of the harbor of Valparaiso on the west coast of Chile. It was carrying valuable products and slaves up the Pacific Coast to Callao, another Spanish colonial port near Lima Peru. The slaves both male and female slept on deck. They were not chained because their owner Don Alessandro said they were peaceful.The San Dominick moved steadily forward under a clear sky. The weather showed no sign of change. Day after day, the soft breeze kept the ship on course toward Peru. Slave traffic between Spain’s colonial ports in this year of 1799 had been steady. But there were few outbreaks of violence. What happened therefore on board the San Dominick could not have been expected. On the seventh day out, before daybreak, the slaves rose up in rebellion. They swept through the ship with handspikes and hatchets, moving with the fury of desperate men. The attack was a complete surprise. Few of the crew were awake. All hands, except the two officers on the watch, lay in a deep, untroubled sleep. The rebels sprang upon the two officers and left them half dead.Then, one by one, they killed 18 of the sleeping crew. They threw some overboard, alive, a few hid and escaped death. The rebels tied up seven others but left them alive to navigate the ship.As the day began to break, Captain Cereno came slowly, carefully up the steps toward the chief rebel leader, Babo, and begged for mercy. He promised to follow Babo’s commands if he would only put an end to the killings. But this had no effect. Babo had three men brought up on deck and tied, then the three Spaniards were thrown overboard. Babo did this to show his power and authority. That he was in command.Babo, however, promised not to kill Captain Cereno. But everything he said carried a threat. He asked the captain if in these seas, there were any Negro countries. "None." Cereno answered. "Then take us to Senegal or the neighboring island of St Nicolas."Captain Cereno was shaken. "That is impossible." He said, "It would mean going around Cape Horn. And this ship is in no condition for such a voyage and we do not have enough supplies, or sails or water." "Take us there anyway," Babo answered sharply, showing little interest in such details. "If you refuse, we will kill every white man on board."Captain Cereno knew he had no choice. He told the rebel leader that the most serious problem in making such a long voyage was water. Babo said they should sail to the island of St. Maria, near the southern end of Chile. He knew that no one lived on the island. But water and supplies could be found there. He forced Captain Cereno to keep away from any port. He threatened to kill him the moment he saw him start to move toward any city, town or settlement on shore. Cereno had to agree to sail to the island of St. Maria. He still hoped that he might meet along the way or at the island itself a ship that could help him. Perhaps, who knows, he might find a boat down the island and be able to escape to the nearby coast of Arucal. Hope was all he had left and that was getting smaller each day.Captain Cereno steered south for St. Maria. The voyage would take weeks. Eight days after the ship turned south, Babo told Captain Cereno that he was going to kill Don Alessandro, owner of the slaves on board. He said it had to be done. Otherwise he and the other slaves could never be sure of their freedom. He refused to listen to the captain's appeals and ordered two men to pull Don Alessandro up from below and kill him on deck. It was done as ordered. Three other Spaniards were brought up and thrown overboard. Babo warned Cereno and the other Spaniards that each one of them would go the same way if any of them gave the smallest calls for suspicion. Cereno decided to do everything possible to save the lives of those remaining. He agreed to carry the rebels safely to Senegal if they promised peace and no further bloodshed. And he signed a document that gave the rebels ownership of the ship and its cargo.Later, as they sailed down along the coast of Chile, the wind suddenly dropped. The ship drifted into a deep calm. For days, it lay still in the water. The heat was fierce, the suffering intense. There was little water that made matters worse. Some of those on board were driven mad. A few died. The pressure and tension made many violent and they killed a Spanish officer.After a time, a breeze came up and set the ship free again and it continued south. The voyage seemed endless. The ship sailed for weeks with little water on board. It moved through days of good weather and periods of bad weather. There were times when it sailed under heavy skies and times when the wind dropped and the ship lay becalmed in lifeless air. The crew seemed half dead. At last, one evening in the month of August, the San Dominick reached the lonely island of St Maria. It moved slowly toward one of the island’s bays to drop anchor. Not far off lay an American ship and the sight of the ship caught the rebels by surprise. The slaves became tense and fearful. They wanted to sail away quickly but their leader Babo opposed such a move. Where could they go? Their water and food were low. He succeeded in bringing them under control and in quieting their fears. He told them they had nothing to fear. And they believed him. Then he ordered everyone to go to work, to clean the decks and put the ship in proper and good condition so that no visitor would suspect anything was wrong. Later he spoke to Captain Cereno, warning him that he would kill him if he did not do as he was told. He explained in detail what Cenero was to do and say if any stranger came on board. He held a dagger in his hand, saying it would always be y for any emergency.The American vessel was a large trade ship and seal hunter, commanded by Captain Amasa Delano. He had stopped at St. Maria for water. On the American ship shortly after sunrise, an officer woke captain Delano and told him a strange sail was coming into the bay. The captain quickly got up, dressed and went up on deck. Captain Delano raised his spyglass and looked closely at the strange ship coming slowly in. He was surprised that there was no flag. A ship usually showed its flag when entering a harbor where another ship lay at anchor. As the ship got closer, Captain Delano saw it was damaged. Many of its sails were ripped and torn, a mast was broken and the deck was in disorder. Clearly, the ship was in trouble. The American captain decided to go to the strange vessel and offer help. He ordered his whaleboat put into the water and had his men bring up some supplies and put them in the boat. Then they set out toward the mystery ship. As they approached, Captain Delano was shocked at the poor condition of the ship. He wondered what could have happened and what he would find.That will be our story next week.You have heard part one of the American story "Benito Cereno". It was written by Herman Melville. Your storyteller was Shep O’Neal. Listen again next week at this time when we continue the American story "Benito Cereno" in VOA Special English. I’m Barbara Klian. Article/200801/23673

  台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:This business is really hard to get into. I think you have to know the right people. It#39;s really cut throat. You have to be very determined and very focused and very disciplined and know that there#39;s going to be a lot of work ahead of you to make it in this business. It#39;s a lot of hard work, and you know I think once you#39;re cut out for that and you want to really understand what that means, I think then you can succeed.要进这一行很不容易。我觉得,你必须要找对人。而且这一行竞争真得非常激烈。你必须要很有决心,非常专注,非常自律,而且要有心理准备:接下来你还要付出很多的努力,才有可能在这一行出人头地。你必须非常非常努力,我觉得,嗯,如果你真的是吃这行饭的,而且你也真得了解我说得这些,我想你就有可能成功。学习重点:1.business 职业、行业business (n.) 职业、行业2.determined 有决心的determined (adj.) 有决心的determination (n.) 果断3.focus 专注于focus (v.) 专注于4.disciplined 受过训练的disciplined (adj.) 受过训练的discipline (n.) 纪律disciplinary (adj.) 纪律的5.succeed 成功succeed (v.) 成功success (n.) 成功successful (adj.) 成功的 /201705/511807听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) They used to fight about ____ .a) what tv show to watchb) who#39;d go to the grocery store2) She lives ____ her siblings.a) close tob) far away from3) Now, she ____ fights with them .a) stronglyb) hardly本期话题Topic:Do you ever fight with your siblings?Hello! I#39;m Abidemi and I#39;m Nigerian. The question is: ;Do you ever fight with your siblings? What about?;.Well, now that I#39;m older and I#39;d like to consider myself also wiser, I hardly fight with my siblings. However, when we were younger we used to fight a lot about many things; for example, who would get the last part of the cake or let#39;s say one of our parents was going to the grocery store, who would get the special treat of going with them; if they didn#39;t want to take all of us. Now that I live very far away from my siblings I don#39;t live in the same city or area as they do, when I see them I#39;m just so happy to be with them, that we hardly fight for the few weeks we are together.听力b b b /201511/408402本期节目白洁将带你走进时下流行乐坛,跟着我们哼唱今夏最火热的节奏!karaoke 卡拉OKchorus 合唱;副歌creep up on someone 接近某人 /201606/450173

  I am a vegetarian. 我吃素 或者翻译成 我是个素食者.“吃素”这个意思不需要用eat来表达,直接说I am a vegetarian,别人就能明白,你是个吃素食的人了。 /201702/474266

  每日一句口语:Fallen into the trap,for you are too greedy,it#39;s not because of others#39; cunning.会上当,不是因为别人太狡猾,而是因为自己太贪。【知识点讲解】because of 因为,由于; 基于;例句:He was not a particularly good shot because of his eyesight. 他视力不好,算不上是一个出色的射手。 /201703/496525


  每日一句口语:You needed a light so I set myself on fire.你需要光,所以我点燃了自己。【知识点讲解】set fire 点燃,放火例句:They set fire to the city and massacred all the inhabitants.他们放火烧了这座城市,而且屠杀了所有的居民. /201511/405871



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