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HONG KONG — A vehicle license plate in Hong Kong sold at auction for 18.1 million Hong Kong dollars on Sunday, or .3 million, the highest price ever paid in the city. The plate carries the number 28, which in Cantonese sounds similar to a phrase for “easy money.”香港——周日,香港的一张机动车牌照以1810万港元的拍卖价格成交,创下香港车牌价新高。该牌照仅包含数字28,在粤语中的发音接近“易发”。The new owner of the plate was not immediately clear. The bidder, who also snatched the license plate 232 for 4,000, said he was representing another party, whom he did not name, according to Oriental Daily News, a Hong Kong newspaper.车牌新主人的身份一时还不清楚。据香港媒体《东方日报》(Oriental Daily News)报道,那位竞拍者还以135万港元拿下了另一个印有数字232的无字头车牌。他表示自己是帮别人竞拍,并没有透露那人是谁。The city introduced bidding for coveted license plate numbers in 1973, with the money going to charity. The most desired plates, which include the numbers 2 through 10 (1 is reserved for the police commissioner) and combinations of auspicious digits, are owned by some of the city’s richest and most prominent people.香港在1973年引入车牌拍卖,所获资金用于慈善。最受追捧的车牌包括数字2到10(数字1为警务处处长专用),以及比较吉利的数字组合。它们往往被香港最富有和最显赫的一些人纳入囊中。In 1994, the jewelry, property and entertainment tycoon Albert Yeung bought 9 for what was then a record of .6 million. The most recent peak license price was .1 million for 18, in 2008.1994年,珠宝、地产和业大亨杨受成(Albert Yeung)曾以1300万港元买下一个印有数字9的无字头车牌,创下当时的最高纪录。最近的最高车牌价是2008年以1650万港元成交的一个印有数字18的车牌。Ten years ago, Hong Kong began to allow a wide array of vanity plates using letters of the alphabet, which triggered a rush of vehicular declarations like MCDADDY, XBATMANX and WHATEVER.10年前,香港开始允许使用包含各种字母排列的自选牌号,催生了一大批如MCDADDY、XBATMANX和WHATEVER的个性车牌。Will 28 bring easy money? The answer is as uncertain as the identity of its new owner. But a 2009 study by Travis Ng, Terence Chong and Xin Du at the Chinese University of Hong Kong found that for three-digit license plates, including a lucky number such as 8 brought a price premium of 95 percent. The premium got bigger the worse the stock market did, jumping 11 percent for each 1 percent decline in the benchmark Hang Seng Index.数字28会让车主更容易发财吗?就像该车牌新主人的身份一样,并不清楚。不过,香港中文大学的吴嘉豪(Travis Ng)、庄太量(Terence Chong)和杜新(音)2009年发布的一项研究发现,包含8等吉利数字的三位数车牌会溢价95%。而且股市越差,溢价越高:恒生指数每降1%,车牌就溢价11%。Likewise, unlucky numbers brought down the price. The presence of a number 4, which is a homonym for “death,” brings down the value of a four-digit plate 27 percent, and the price drops further with each fall in the Hang Seng.相应地,不吉利的数字会使车牌贬值。数字4在粤语里的发音接近“死”,含这个数字会让一个四位数车牌贬值27%,且恒生指数每次下滑,都会把价格进一步拉低。“A ‘4’ is bad, but it is even worse in bad times,” they wrote.“4不是个好数字,但是在经济不景气时,它会显得更糟,”他们在这篇研究论文中表示。 /201602/428199

This Might Be Why Your Hands Are Always Cold这或许是你经常双手冰凉的原因To say my body doesn’t do well in the cold is an understatement. When the temperature drops, my fingers freeze, and often turn deep red, followed by white. On especially exciting days, they’ll look a little blue. “Cold hands, warm heart,” my mom used to tell me.仅仅说我的身体在严寒里表现不好有点轻描淡写了。当温度下降时,我的手指会冻住,并且总是变为深红色,然后变白。在个别时候它们还会有一点点蓝。“手冷心暖,”我妈妈之前跟我说。Growing up in sunny Southern California, this rarely happened—mostly just on ski trips or when I’d spend too long in the ocean. But when I moved to New York for college five years ago, my blue hands became a winter mainstay. I’d never lived in a cold climate, so I assumed this happened to everyone in frigid weather.在晴朗的南加利福尼亚长大,这种情况很少发生,大多数情况只发生在滑雪和待在海里太长时间的时候。但当我五年前去纽约上大学,我蓝色的手成为了冬天的常态。我从未在寒冷的气候里待过,所以以为生活在严寒天气里的人们都是这样的。Turns out I assumed wrong. On a trip to Chicago to visit extended family this past Thanksgiving, I went for a walk and returned to my aunt’s house with my signature blue fingers. “Oh, you must have Raynaud’s,” my aunt said. I must have what?然而看来我以为错了。在刚过去的感恩节去拜访芝加哥的亲戚家时,我去散了散步然后回到了我姑妈的家,手指是蓝色的。“噢,你一定患了雷诺综合症,”我的姑妈说。我一定患了什么?The average person can go into chilly weather and get by without gloves, their fingers would just get a bit cold. But someone who has Raynaud’s has a much more extreme reaction. If you touch their hands, you can tell the difference. Even in a moderately cold environment, they have white, ice-cold hands. In addition to getting cold, if you have Raynaud’s, your hands might turn white, then blue, and red when you start warming up again. But not everyone with Raynaud’s exhibits all three colors, or in that exact order. You might also experience these symptoms in other extremities including your ears, nose, lips, and even nipples.普通人可以生活在寒冷的天气并且不需要戴手套,他们的手指只会有一点点凉。但患雷诺综合症的人有更极端的反应。你只要摸他们的手就可以发现差别。即使是在适度的寒冷气候,他们也会双手发白,冷如冰块。如果患雷诺综合症,除了冷之外,你的双手或许会变白,然后变蓝,当你开始暖和了之后再变红。但是并不是每个患雷诺综合症的人都会有这三种颜色或者以这种顺序出现。你或许还会在其他部位发现这些症状,比如你的耳朵,鼻子,嘴唇,甚至乳头。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430240Female workers in Central China#39;s Anhui province will enjoy paid menstrual leave, following the example of their peers in neighboring Hubei province and South China#39;s Hainan province. However, the practice has provoked widesp controversy, the Beijing News reported.根据北京新闻报道,中国中部地区的安徽省效仿邻省的湖北省以及中国南部的海南省,将会对女性职工实行月经期间带薪休假政策。然而这却引起了广泛的争议。According to the Anhui provincial government, from March, female workers may take a paid menstrual leave for one or two days on production of a certificate from a legal medical institute or hospital.根据安徽省政府消息,从今年3月起,女性员工在月经期间只要出示医疗机构或者医院的痛经明就可以带薪休假一到两天。However, the three sides concerned -- workers, employers and medical institutes -- all feel this is a difficult issue to handle properly.然而,三个相关方面人员:员工,雇主和医疗机构,都觉得这个事情很难恰当处理。Last year, an investigation was carried out in South China#39;s Guangdong province when local authorities were considering menstrual leave. However, more than 20 percent of the investigated females were unwilling to take leave for various reasons, such as exposing their private affairs and causing delays in work.去年,在中国广东省南部地区当地有关部门针对月经休假并进行了一次调查。然而,由于种种原因,如暴露自己的私事,或者延误工作等,超过20%的被调查的女性不愿采取休假。Similar worries were felt by a female bank employee in Anhui, who said: ;I will consider my work schedule first. There are penalties for those who fail to complete work tasks. I#39;m afraid my boss will be unhappy.;安徽省一名女性职员也有同样的忧虑,她说:“我会先考虑我的工作进度。如果不能如期完成工作任务就会受到惩罚。我怕我老板不高兴。”Employers also revealed a sense of pressure if they are required to grant paid menstrual leaves. A hotel manager in Beijing said that besides female workers#39; health, an employer also has to consider operational costs. Paid leave will add to the cost of a company, which will make employers hesitant to hire female workers in the future. Besides, it#39;s difficult to judge if the employee is really sick or just cashing in on being a woman.此外,一些雇主也对经期带薪休假表示有些压力。北京的一位酒店经理表示,除了员工的身体健康问题,我们还需要考虑酒店的运行成本。经期带薪休假会增加公司的成本,同样也会使雇主将来不愿意招聘女员工。此外,很难判断员工是真的身体不适还是凭借自己是女性而浑水摸鱼。Li Yinhe, a renowned Chinese sociologist, suggested the authorities pay attention to the side effects of the policy if it causes tension between employers and employees.中国知名社会学者李表示,因为这项政策很可能引起雇主和职员间关系紧张,所以建议政府当局慎重考虑这项政策的负面影响。As for doctors, there are also problems, because it#39;s difficult to evaluate the degree of menstrual pain an individual woman might suffer. Tan Xianjie, a gynecologist of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that, due to a lack of clear standards, the diagnosis of menstrual cramps is usually based on patient description, and only a handful of people would probably visit hospitals just to obtain a certificate for menstrual leave.对于医生来说,同样会面对一些难以处理的问题,因为他们很难判断出一位女性可以承受的痛经程度。北京协和医院妇科医生谭贤洁说,由于缺乏明确的标准,痛经诊断通常只是根据患者的口述,而且只有少数人会去医院开痛经明。Hainan and Hubei provincial governments issued regulations in 1993 and 2009 respectively, suggesting employers grant paid menstrual leave. However, according to a local newspaper, the policy was not effectively implemented in Hainan as it was not mandatory.海南省和湖北省政府分别于1993年和2009年颁布了经期带薪休假的条令。然而根据当地的新闻报道,由于条令不是强制性的,所以这项政策并没有得到有效实施。 /201602/427219

Science is blooming stronger than ever.科学正在以前所未有的姿态绽放。NASA astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a photo over the weekend of the first flower to ever bloom in space. Kelly cared for the orange zinnia for over a month.美国航天局(NASA)宇航员斯科特·凯利上周末在推特发了一张照片,展示了有史以来在太空中开放的首花朵——一橙色的百日菊。凯利培育了一个多月才得到它。The Veggie plant growth facility aboard the International Space Station chose the zinnia flower species because its longer growth cycle can help astronauts and scientists understand how plants grow in microgravity.国际空间站的蔬菜培育实验室之所以选中百日菊,是因为它生长周期更长,宇航员和科学家因此能有更多时间观察植株在微重力状态下的生长情况。;While the plants haven#39;t grown perfectly,; Gioia Massa, NASA science team lead for Veggie, said in a statement. ;I think we have gained a lot from this, and we are learning both more about plants and fluids and also how better to operate between ground and station.;蔬菜实验室NASA科学小组组长吉欧雅·马萨在一份声明中表示:“虽然这些植株长得还不算完美,但我觉得我们已经得到了不少收获:我们了解了植物和液体在空间内的关系,也知道了空间站应该怎样与地面实验室协同运作。”This was not the first time attempt at growing zinnias, though.不过,这并不是空间站首次尝试栽种百日菊。Other astronauts aboard the ISS began growing the colorful flowers last year, but due to high humidity and low air flow, the plants leaked water out of the tips of their leaves. Mold was also affecting the growth.国际空间站的其他宇航员去年就开始培育这种植物了,不过由于湿度大、空气流动不畅,百日菊的水分都从叶片流失了。霉菌也影响了植株生长。Kelly then took over the operation and began tending to the plants as he would in his own garden. The ISS also successfully grew red romaine lettuce in July 2015. Kelly even took a bite of the harvested plants and posted the photo on his Twitter account.后来凯利接手试验,他凭借在自家花园栽百日菊的经验培育它们,终获成功。2015年7月,国际空间站还成功培育出红生菜。凯利甚至尝了一口生菜,并把照片传到自己的推特页面。NASA#39;s next experimental growth using the Veggie plant growth system will be later this year. Astronauts will attempt to grow Chinese cabbage.NASA蔬菜培育系统的下一个栽培项目将于今年晚些时候启动。届时宇航员将尝试种植中国大白菜。The space agency will then attempt at growing dwarf tomatoes in 2018.NASA还计划于2018年尝试种植矮番茄。 /201601/422918

There once was a dog show to determine the world#39;s smartest dog. Three dogs were in the final. One dog belonged to a doctor. One dog belonged to an engineer. And, one dog belonged to a lawyer.在一场秀的活动中,人们要选出一只世界上最聪明的。有三只进入了决赛,它们的主人分别是:医生,建筑师和律师。For the final each dog was given a bag of bones to see what it could make. The doctor said, ;Stethoscope, go!; The dog built a human skeleton.最后的比赛是给每只一包骨头,看看它们能用这些骨头做些什么。医生说道:“听诊器,上!”这只搭了一个人体骨骼。The judges were y to award the trophy right then. But, they decided to give the other dogs a try.裁判们想立即给这只颁发奖品,但是他们还是决定给每只一次机会。The engineer said, ;Slide-rule, go!; The dog built a suspension bridge.建筑师说道:“滑尺,上!”他的建造了一座悬桥。The judges were beside themselves. Which dog would they pick?裁判们左右为难,到底该选哪一只呢?The lawyer said. ;Loop-hole, go!; The dog ate the bones, got a percentage of all the tolls from the bridge and screwed the other two dogs.律师说道:“钻(法律)空子,上!”这只吃掉了骨头,对那座桥征收了百分之百的税,并向其他两只进行勒索。 /201512/413411

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