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栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。 Article/201510/398996How to Break Bad Habits如何戒掉坏习惯?Typically, we are harder on others than ourselves when it comes to bad habits. They could be annoyances, like, someone who starts cracking their knuckles right next to you, or a friend of yours who you love very much but who constantly drops the word ;like; into, like, every other sentence.一般来说,当提到坏习惯时,我们总严以待人宽以律己。它们可以是让人讨厌的事,像是,某个就在你旁边开始折指节的人,或是你一个非常喜欢的朋友,但他会不断用“像是”这个词,像是,每隔一句就用一次。Hey, but you#39;ve got one, too! Everyone has at least one bad habit that they can shake. Or can they?嘿,但你也有个坏习惯!每个人都至少有一个他们可以摆脱的坏习惯。或是他们可以吗?Welcome to Wellcast. This week, we took another viewer#39;s suggestion from Franticow who wrote in asking for on breaking bad habits. So today, you guessed it. We#39;re gonna examine why it#39;s so darn difficult to give up chowing down on junk food or chowing down on your fingernails.欢迎收看Wellcast。这周,我们采纳另外一个观众Franticow的建议,他写信来寻求戒掉坏习惯的影片。所以今天,你们猜到了。我们要检验为什么要戒掉大吃垃圾食物、或是大啃你的指甲是如此的困难。We#39;ve also got a four-step method for overcoming your biggest vice. Are you y?我们同样也提供一个克最大恶习的四阶段方法。你准备好了吗?First and foremost: how do bad habits even form? Studies by the National Institute of Health point to two main reasons: The first reason is repetition. If you do something often enough, say, you twirl your pencil during class, you brain decides it can stop wasting precious neuron thinking about it. So it checks out and goes on vacation. You could be twirling your pencil through AP English, social studies, algebra and trig without even thinking about it.首先最重要的是:坏习惯到底怎么养成的?美国国立卫生研究院的研究指出两个主要原因:第一个原因是反复。如果你够常做某件事,例如,你在课堂上转笔,你的大脑决定它可以停止浪费宝贵的神经元来思考这事。所以它收工并放假去了。你甚至连想都不用想,就会在大学先修英文课、社会研究课、代数和三角学上转你的笔。The other way bad habits are formed is through positive reinforcement, which sounds like a really good thing, but it can be dangerous. Let#39;s talk about that energy drink that you insist on sucking back when you#39;re up late studying. Gives you a nice boost of energy, and then helps you get through to the end of that mind-numbingly boring paper you#39;re writing on Chaucer.另一个坏习惯养成的方式是透过正面强化,这听起来像是一件非常好的事,但它也可以是很危险的。来谈谈你在熬夜念书时坚持要喝的能量饮料。它给了你满满的能量补充,然后帮你撑过你正在写的那份让人脑袋麻痺、无聊的Chaucer(英国作家)报告的最后。But the reason why this kind of habit is hard to break is that the nice surge of energy at 11 p.m. is an enjoyable feeling. And enjoyable feelings usually result in your brain releasing dopamine. This is partly why people often crave things that aren#39;t even enjoyable for them anymore. The brain is jonesing for dopamine.但这种习惯为什么难戒掉的原因,是因为在晚上十一点时能量的激增是一种快乐的感受。而快乐的感受通常会导致你的脑袋释出多巴胺。在一定程度上,这就是为什么人们常常还会渴望那些对他们来说甚至已经不再快乐的事。脑袋上了多巴胺的瘾。But don#39;t worry, my habitual compadres. Human beings are pretty amazing at changing and adapting. Ladies and gentlemen, we#39;re going to obliterate that bad habit in four easy steps. Pause and print this sheet at watchwellcast.com.但别担心,我的恶习朋友们。人类在改变和适应方面是非常惊人的。各位先生女士,我们要用四个简单步骤来戒掉那坏习惯。暂停并印下watchwellcast.com上的这份表。Step one (let#39;s start at the very beginning. It#39;s a very good place to start): Write down the bad habit you#39;re trying to quit. Start simple. Choose just one.第一步(从起点开始。这是个开始的好地方):写下你试着要戒掉的坏习惯。简单开始。只选一个。Step two: Learn to avoid your triggers.第二步:学会避开你的触发点Take some time to think of other things that really make you crave doing your bad habit. If biting your nails is your vice, your triggers might be: ;That last minute quiz!; ;Oh, no! I gotta pay my electric bill; or ;How much money do I have in my account for rent?; List these triggers in section two of your worksheet.花点时间想想其他真正会让你渴望做坏习惯的事。如果咬指甲是你的恶习,你的触发点可能是:「最后一刻的考试!」「喔,不!我要付电费了。」或是「我帐户里还有多少钱付房租?」在工作表的第二栏里列出这些触发点。Next to these triggers, write a list of ways you can avoid them. For example, your syllabus every week or make sure that you plan for automatic deductions for your electric bill.在这些触发点旁边,写下你可以避开它们方式的名单。举例来说,每周细看课纲,或是确定你有安排自动扣缴电费。Step three: Substitute your bad habits for not so bad habits.第三步:把你的坏习惯替换成不那么坏的习惯Basically, you wanna teach your brain by repetition to learn a new habit. So if you tend to bite your nails when you#39;re stressed and alone in your living room, stock your refrigerator with carrots and celery, so that you can reach for something else to chew on when you#39;re stressed out. Write a substitution next to every trigger on section three of your worksheet.基本上,你想要透过重复来教你的脑袋学会新的习惯。所以如果你在客厅压力大且孤独时容易咬指甲,在冰箱囤积红萝卜和芹菜,这样一来当你压力大时就能拿些其他的东西来啃。在工作表上第三栏每个触发点旁写下替代方案。Step four: Gather your army.第四步:集结你的军队。You do not have to do this alone. Enlist your friends to help you defeat this bad habit. Start by telling them that you#39;re planning on eliminating this bad habit and you need their help. Just the simple act of letting them in on this battle that you#39;re waging is a step at the right direction.你不必单独做这事。招募你的朋友来帮你打败这个坏习惯。开始以告诉他们你正计画要消灭这个坏习惯,而且需要他们的帮助。就是这个让他们知道你正在进行的这场战斗的简单行动,就是朝向正途的一步。Remember, your friends can be bodyguards. They#39;ll stand between you and your brain. Tell them to police you. If they see you reaching for those nails to bite, give them the permission to remind you of your mission or even slap your hand. Whatever you want!记住,你的朋友可以当保镖。他们会站在你和你的脑袋之间。叫他们监督你。如果他们看到你伸手要咬指甲,淮许他们提醒你的任务,或甚至打你的手。不论你想要什么!Alright, guys. Let#39;s recap. Today you learned four steps for beating your bad habits. You decided which habit you wanted to kick. You figured out your triggers for this bad habit. And you decided on ways to avoid and replace these triggers with healthier alternatives. If all those fail, you learn to enlist your friends in the fight.好的,各位。来复习吧。今天你学到打败坏习惯的四个步骤。你决定你想要戒掉哪个坏习惯。你想出这个坏习惯的触发点。你选定方法来,用更健康的替代方案避开并替换这些触发点。如果那些全都失败,你学到召集你的朋友来打这场仗。Tweet us at WatchWellCast. Email us at watchwellcast@gmail.com. Or leave a comment down below. We#39;ll see you next time.在推特WatchWellCast上留言给我们。寄信到watchwellcast@gmail.com给我们。或是在下方留言。我们下次见。 Article/201503/365049

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201511/409270

栏目简介:Over the next week more than 1,000 science-related activities will be held in town, most of which are open free to the public. It#39;s all part of the annual Shanghai Science Week that begins this Saturday. Article/201702/491698Stephen Covey wrote a book called The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People few years ago. Some of you may be familiar with it. He had a lot of really great stuff on listening in his book. Amongst that, he had five...he identified five levels of listening.Stephen Covey 几年前写过一本叫做“高效率人们的七种习惯”。你们某些人可能对那很熟悉。他在书里有许多关于倾听真的很棒的东西。在那之中,他有五个...他订定倾听的五个等级。Now the first three levels are kind of waffling. None of you should be listening at that level. It#39;s the last two—active and empathic listening—that I want to talk about.现在前面三个等级有点不清不楚的。你们之中没有任何一人应该要以那种等级倾听。最后两个--积极和同理倾听--正是我想要谈论的。Active listening is when you are actively engaged, so you might be asking questions; you might be nodding; you might be making listening sounds, uh huh, uh huh, hmm...that#39;s interesting.积极倾听是当你正积极投入时,所以你也许会问问题;你也许会点头;你也许会发出在倾听的声音:嗯哼、嗯哼、嗯...那很有趣。And paraphrasing is also involved in active listening. Paraphrasing is great, because when you repeat the words back to someone that they have said in your own words, it gives them a chance not only to clarify but also to let them know that you#39;re listening. So active listening is nice.改述同样也包括在积极倾听中。改述很棒,因为当你用自己的话向某人覆述他刚刚说过的话,这给了他们不只能澄清的机会、还能让他们知道你在倾听。所以积极倾听很好。But Covey says we should be working towards the big one—empathic listening—and that is listening with your left and your right brain. Now what that means is listening with your left brain for the words, and listening with your right brain for the emotion.但 Covey 说我们应该要朝向更重大的那一种去努力--同理倾听--那是用你的左脑和右脑倾听。现在那表示用你的左脑倾听话语,并用你的右脑倾听情绪。So if you listen with your right brain, you might hear things in body language. So, it#39;s my son. You might hear things like tension in a voice, tiredness in the slump of a shoulder. If you learn to listen for emotion, you#39;re gonna pick up a whole heap more information.所以如果你用你的右脑倾听,你也许会听到肢体语言中的内容。所以,那是我儿子。你也许会听出像是声音中的紧张情绪、肩膀垂下中的疲累感的东西。你学会倾听情绪,你就会得到整个更大批的资讯。So what do we do about listening? How do we become better listeners? Well, one thing is listen for repetitive words. People repeat the stuff that#39;s important to them. So I feel like I had to ask my husband; I feel like this is sounding really good; I feel like this is the right choice for me, right? Feeling is important to that person. They#39;ve also given you some extra information, because if someone is using the word ;feeling; a lot, it also means they have quite been on a preference.所以我们对于倾听要做些什么?我们如何成为更好的倾听者?这个嘛,其中一件事是去倾听重复的话语。人们重复对他们来说很重要的东西。所以我觉得我好像要去问问我丈夫;我觉得这听起来非常不错;我觉得这对我来说是正确的选择,对吧?“感觉”对这个人来说很重要。他们同样也给了你额外的资讯,因为如果某人很常使用“觉得”这个字,这同样代表他们颇偏好使用它的。People also emphasize stuff that#39;s important to them. I#39;m gonna snap! I#39;m at the end of my tether! Listen for emphasis.人们通常强调对他们来说重要的事物。我要发疯了!我实在无计可施了!倾听强调之处。See? This is the stuff that we can#39;t do if we#39;re doing all the talking.So if you listen through a repetition, listen for emphasis, you#39;re going to start honing in on the stuff that#39;s really important to them.看到了吗?如果我们全都在说话,这就是我们做不到的事。所以如果你倾听重复、倾听强调之处,你会开始专注于对他们来说确实很重要的事物上。Try and focus on the big picture, and this is particularly when you#39;re with people who ramble a lot, you know, people live in a stream of consciousness—I#39;m sure you know the one—the person who comes in and says, ;Hi, I#39;m thinking about going on a trip to Bali, because bikini stores at the Bali was really great. And I was gonna get to Seminyak, because I heard it#39;s got all the bars and all the fun over there. But, you know, my boy sort of likes surfing, so I thought that maybe we should go to Dekuta. In fact, Terry#39;s been surfing since he was six. You should see him. Can I show you the photos? I was thinking about going to Phuket.; Right, you know the ones I#39;m talking about?尝试并专注于重点上,而这特别是当你和很常碎碎念的人在一起时,你知道,生活在意识流中的人--我相信你认识这种人--那种人会进来然后说:“海,我在想要去峇里岛旅游,因为峇里岛的比基尼商店都很棒。我还要去 Seminyak,因为我听说那儿有酒吧和所有有趣的东西。但是,你知道的,我儿子有点喜欢冲浪,所以我想也许我们应该去 Dekuta。事实上,Terry 从他六岁就开始冲浪。你应该看看他。我可以给你看照片吗?我在想要改去普吉岛。”好的,你知道我在说的那种人吗?Focus on your big picture, get right up in a helicopter and try just to listen for the message.专注于你的大局面,直接登上直升机然后就倾听那讯息。Don#39;t dominate the conversation. You know who you are. People who like to talk too much and like to just throw all their information in, don#39;t dominate.别主导对话。你知道我在说谁吧。就是那些喜欢说太多话、喜欢就丢出所有他们资讯的人,别主导对话。If you#39;ve ever had a time, and I#39;m sure you have, because most of us have been through this when you#39;ve told a story, you stop your story, and there#39;s just the silence, like crickets chirping on the Simpsons, right? No one was listening. How do you feel? We don#39;t feel good when we#39;re not listened to. So don#39;t dominate. Learn to harness yourself and stop and listen.如果你曾有过这种时候,我确信你们都有,因为我们大多人都经历过这个,当你讲了一个故事,你停下你的故事,然后那里就一片寂静,像是辛普森家庭(卡通)里只有蟋蟀唧唧叫的样子,对吧?没人在听。你感觉如何?当没人倾听时,我们感受很差。所以不要主导。学习控制自己,并停下来倾听。Finally, listen without judgement. It#39;s a really difficult thing to do, because we tend to, as human beings, we judge. Let someone get that thought out first before you come back to judge.最后,不带着意见去倾听。这是很难做到的事,因为我们倾向于,身为人类,我们倾向于去批判。在你回来评判之前,让某人先说出那想法。And finally, Hugh Mackay the social researcher says that listening is a gift, a generous gift that we give the other person, a very respectful generous gift. And if you shut down all the folders in your mind and listen like a lion, and focus on the one person speaking to you, it is a gift. And you equally will get an enormous gift back with all the information that comes your way.最后,社会研究员 Hugh Mackay 表示倾听是种礼物,一份我们给予他人大方的礼物,一份带着敬意非常大方的礼物。如果你关上脑中所有储存想法的文件夹,并像狮子狩猎般倾听,并专注于跟你说话的那一个人身上,这是份礼物。你同样也会得到一份极大的回礼,带着送到你面前的所有资讯。 Article/201411/343075

China lifts typhoon warning as storm weakens风暴减弱 台风警报解除Typhoon Soudelor is expected to continue northeast at about 20 kilometers per hour from Anhui, likely to bring heavy rain to Jiangsu, Anhui, north Zhejiang, east Hubei and Shanghai.台风苏迪罗预计将以每小时约20公里的速度从安徽继续向东北部移动,江苏、安徽、浙江北部、湖北东部及上海可能会遇暴雨天气。China#39;s Meteorological Administration has lifted a blue rainstorm alert as the typhoon weakens.随着这股台风减弱,中国气象局已经解除了蓝色暴雨预警。 译文属 Article/201508/392212An Orlando police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty early Monday morning.周一早上,一名奥兰多警察在值勤中被杀。Police say they believe Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was shot multiple times near a Walmart. She was a 17-year veteran of the force and one of the first officers to respond to the Pulse nightclub shooting last summer.警方表示,他们相信军士长黛拉·克莱顿在一沃尔玛附近身中数。她加入警队17年,是去年脉冲夜总会杀案第一批进入现场的警官。Authorities believe this man Markeith Loyd pulled the trigger and offering a 60,000 dollars reward for information. 当局认为劳埃德是罪魁祸首,并对提供信息者60,000美元的奖励。A manhunt for the suspect was launched immediately. And, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, a deputy from the Orange County Sheriff#39;s Department helping in that search was killed in a car accident. 对犯罪嫌疑人的追捕立即启动。而且,根据佛罗里达州公路巡逻队,一名参与搜查的奥兰治县副警撞车身亡。Soon after the shooting, officials locked down more than a dozen schools in the area, and Orlando#39;s mayor declared a day of mourning in the city.击事件后不久,警方锁定了该地区的十几所学校,奥兰多市市长宣布哀悼一天。译文属。 Article/201701/487835The Innovation of Loneliness我们为何孤单?A simple fact: monkeys that are known to have a developed social life, organize in small groups with several dozen members. The size of each of these groups is limited. In order for them to function, all members of the group need to know each other well. The average size of the group changes from 20 to 50 members.一个简单的事实:据悉有发达社交生活的猴子们,由几十个成员的小团体组织起来。这些团体个别的大小是有限的。为了要让它们运作,所有团体成员需要深入了解彼此。团体平均大小从二十到五十个成员之间不等。When the number of monkeys in a group passes certain threshold, the social order crumbles, and the group tends to split into two separate groups. A similar situation can be found amongst humans as well.当团体里的猴子数量超过特定门槛,社交秩序就会解体,该团体倾向会分裂成两个分开的团体。相似的情况也可以在人类之中发现。The invention of language and gossip has helped shape larger and more stable groups. Sociological research indicates that the maximum natural size of a group of humans is roughly 150 members. Most humans are just incapable of intimately knowing more than 150 people. So even today, the threshold of a human organization is around the number of 150 members.语言和流言蜚语的发明帮助形塑了更大且更稳固的团体。社会学研究指出,人类团体的最大自然规模是约莫150个成员。大部分的人就是无法亲密地了解超过150个人。所以即使是今天,人类组织的门槛大约是150个成员。Man is a social creature, and the feeling of loneliness can drive them mad. Yet the western and modern world sanctions individuality. The individual is measured by personal achievements, such as having a career, wealth, a self-image, and consumerism.人类是种群居生物,而孤单的感受可以让他们发疯。然而西方和现代世界鼓励个体状态。每个个体是由个人成就衡量的,像是有份工作、财富、自我形象、和消费主义。In this course of action, many people lose their social and familial connections in favor of self-actualization ideal. As a social fabric in the western world weakens, it is not surprising that more and more people define themselves as lonely. And thus, loneliness has become the most common ailment of the modern world.在这个行动的过程中,许多人为了持自我实现的理想,失去了他们社交及家庭的连结。当西方世界中的社交结构弱化,越来越多人会将自己定义成孤单并不令人讶异。因此,孤单已成了现代社会中最普遍的疾病。One of the possible reasons for this ailment is the online social network. In a world where time is money, in which our surroundings heavily pressure us to achieve more and more, our social life becomes tainted and more demanding than ever before.这种疾病其中一个可能的原因是线上社交网络。在一个时间就是金钱的世界里,在其中我们的环境用力迫使我们去成就更多更多,我们的社交生活变得堕落,且比以往更加苛求。And then there#39;s technology: simpler, hopeful, optimistic, ever young. We become addicted to virtual romance, disguised by the social network which supplies an impressive platform that allows us to manage our social life most effectively.然后出现了科技:更简单、有希望、乐观、非常年轻。我们变得沉迷于虚拟恋情,被社交网络所掩饰,那社交网络提供一个让我们最有效地管理社交生活的超棒平台。However, our fantasies about substitutions are starting to take a toll. We#39;re collecting friends like stamps, not distinguishing quantity from quality, and converting the deep meaning and intimacy of friendship with exchanging in photos and chat conversations. By doing so, we#39;re sacrificing conversation for mere connection. And so a paradoxical situation is created, in which we claim to have many friends while actually being lonely.然而,我们对于替代品的幻想开始造成伤害。我们像集邮一样收集朋友,不去分辨(注一)量与质,并将友谊深入的意义和亲密度转变成交换照片和网路聊天对话。借由这么做,我们牺牲掉了对话,换来的只不过是连结。所以一个矛盾的情形产生了,这种情况下我们宣称有很多朋友,然而实际上却是孤单的。So what is the problem in having a conversation? Well, it takes place in real time, and you can#39;t control what you#39;re gonna say. And that is the bottom line. Texting, email, posting, all of these things let us present the self as we want it to be. We get to edit, and that means we get to delete.所以进行对话有什么困难?嗯,它即时发生,且你无法掌控你将要说些什么。那就是最重要的。简讯、电子邮件、贴文、所有这些事让我们表现出我们想要成为的自己。我们得以编辑,那表示我们得以删除。Instead of building true friendships, we#39;re obsessed with endless personal promotion: investing hours on-net, building our profile, pursuing the optimal order of words in our next message, choosing the pictures in which we look our best, all of which is meant to serve as the desirable image of who we are. We#39;re expecting more from technology and less from each other.我们没有建立真正的友谊,而是着迷于无止尽的个人行销:花数小时在线上、建立我们的个人档案、在我们下一个讯息中追求完美的文字排序、选出我们看起来最美的照片,所有这些都是为了当作我们自己最满意的形象。我们期望从科技得到更多、从彼此得到更少。The social networks aren#39;t just changing what we#39;re doing but also who we are, and that#39;s because technology appeals to us most where we#39;re most vulnerable.社交网络不只改变我们正在做的事,也改变我们的人,那是因为科技在我们最脆弱的时候最吸引我们。And we are vulnerable, we are lonely, but we are afraid of intimacy, while the social networks offer us three gratifying fantasies: One, that we can put our attention wherever we want it to be. Two, that we#39;ll always be heard. And three, that we will never have to be alone. And that third idea—that we will never have to be alone—is central to changing our psyches. It#39;s shaping a new way of being. The best way to describe it is ;I share. Therefore, I am.;而且我们很脆弱、我们很孤单,但我们害怕亲密,然而社交网络提供我们三个令人满意的幻想:一,我们可将注意力放在任何我们想要的地方。二、我们永远会被倾听。还有三,我们永远不必孤单。而那第三个概念--我们永远不必孤单--对改变我们的心理非常重要。它形塑了存在的一个新方式。最好的形容方式是:“我分享,故我在。”We use technology to define ourselves by sharing our thoughts and feelings even as we#39;re having them. Furthermore, we#39;re faking experiences so we#39;ll have something to share, so we can feel alive. We slip into thinking that always being connected is going to make us feel less alone. But we are at risk because the opposite is true: If we are not able to be alone, we are only going to know how to be lonely.我们借着甚至在拥有的当下去分享我们的思考和感受,来运用科技定义我们自己。此外,我们捏造经验好让我们有一些东西事可以分享,所以我们可以感受自己还活着。我们一股脑儿地认为,永远被连结将会让我们感到不那么孤单。但我们处在危险中,因为相反情况是真的:如果我们不能够独处,我们只会体验到如何变得孤单。注一:此处原文是说“not distincting quantity versus quality”,但distinct是形容词,不能当动词使用,推断作者要表达的意思应该是分辨,也就是文中的“distinguish from”。因为这影片的作者是以色列人,所以英文用字并非完全精准。在此我们选择显示文法正确的用字,避免学到不正确的英文。 Article/201503/364670

Clegg Targets Better Mental Health ServicesSpeaking at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow, Nick Clegg is expected to say mental health patients are discriminated against.Glasgow,the rebel city that rejected the West Minster in the Scotish referendom.Here,Nickneck makes his key note speech,once the leader of rebel party ,now firmly part of this establishment.But he#39;s still working for the people,he argued.Hello,good afternoon,wellcome. At the Scotish Association for Mental Illness in Glasgow yesterday.He#39;s listening to the strory that he will referred to it in his speech.I had a terrible mental health issue happening years ago.Didn#39;t knwo it ousting my life.He believes people with mental health problems are treated like second class patients,and he will be there for introduce the first ever waiting time standards for the illness along with the 5-year plan and a 120 million pound budget for improving the services.We have to had a quality overstating in the NHS for mental health and physical health.But you can only do that if you have the same waiting time process,you have same waiting time guarantees offered to mental health patients as to physical health patients. The depute prime minster will argue that the mental health sufferer like John Carpendell are much more common than society realizes.And John agrees that his condition isn#39;t apporieately understood or prioritized. If you got a broken leg,you can#39;t walk,if you got a mental problem,you can#39;t see it.So you are ignored.So it#39;s actually getting the services to understand at the issuce initially.And the lipdem-pitch is that they see the problem that the other party don#39;t see.But many people see them in Glassco as a party of broken promises.Glascoers#39;, you think make neglected? Neglected?Did every one they know.Yeah,not just thanks,it is about, you know, they are about to prolong to kill mister David Cammero.No, I#39;ll never vote for them, and I think there isn#39;t going to be good with any party this year.They are then ignored, nobody is got envolved for them. They don#39;t cater about us Scotlanders. They just cater to anything left with Cammeron. And they just cater about them.Is there anything they can do to change your oppinion.No,it#39;s trully.One liberal-democratic adviser told me that nothing Negneck can see his speech today will change the way that many people#39;s feel about his time in office.But what we will see it#39;s a leader determined not to make any more from the page manifesto promises that he can#39;t keep.Yesterday the party rejected the airport expansion in the southest. And mister Negneck warned that delegates against another tuition fees tout diaster by setting a policy that they might be forced to back down on. To rebrand the liberal-democrats,the priority is to regain the trust. /201410/335255

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