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Thousands of residents in Jinan, east China#39;s Shandong Province, have turned out to see a bridal gown with a train measuring 331 feet in length.  惊闻中国华东地区山东省济南市有数千居民都观了拖地裙摆长达331英尺的婚纱。  The gown was modeled yesterday on the city#39;s streets to promote a wedding dress store.  昨天,模特身着婚纱在大街小巷游走,为婚纱店作推广。  Spokesman from the store said it took 21 tailors three months to make this show-stopping frock.  婚纱店发言人称,21名设计师花了3个月时间制作这条令人叫绝的婚纱长裙。  According to reports, the dress which is hand made will cost its buyer 300,000 Yuan.  据报道,这条婚纱由手工制成,买家要付30万元人民币方能购买。  The wedding dress company, called Sweet Story, said they chose the length of the dress in order to deliver the meaning that the bride is the one chosen from 100 - an lucky sign to a happy marriage.  这家名为“SWEET STORY(;甜蜜故事;)国际婚纱中心”的公司称,选这一长度是为了表达新娘百里挑一、婚姻幸福的寓意。  Dozens of people were spotted holding the long dress train in the streets.  现场看到有数十人托着长长的裙摆。  By performing this stunt, the studio are hoping that they will be able to bring in more business as weddings increase in China during the spring months.  上演这么一出,婚纱工作室希望可以带来更多生意,因为中国春季婚典多。  The dress may be long but it doesn#39;t come anywhere close to the world#39;s longest with a designer in Xiamen in east China#39;s Fujian province taking the Guinness World record with a train measuring 8,256 feet and nine inches.  婚纱虽长,但和世界最长婚纱相比仍相距甚远。华东地区福建厦门一名设计师获吉尼斯纪录,其拖地裙摆长达8256英尺9英寸。 /201603/433452When the headlines are dominated by heart-rending events such as refugee crises and terrifying ones like mass shootings, it can be difficult to carry on the holiday tradition of giving thanks. It becomes easier, though, when we get past the immediacy of the news and examine some important trends in the world.当媒体头条充斥着难民危机等令人悲痛的事件和大规模击等恐怖新闻时,我们很难保持作感恩祷告的节日传统。不过,当我们越过这些眼前的新闻,把目光投向当今世界的一些重要趋势,感恩就会变得容易。We recently learnt, for example, that global greenhouse gas emissions are likely to decrease in 2015, thanks in large part to a slowdown in Chinese growth and to faster-than-expected progress with clean technologies such as wind and solar. This downturn might be reversed in coming years, especially if India and other developing countries continue to grow along their current high emissions trajectory, but it’s still good news. As I wrote here before, it’s part of a wonderful trend visible across many environmental indicators. In important ways, we are learning to t more lightly on our planet.比如,最近我们了解到,2015年全球温室气体排放量可能会减少,在很大程度上得益于中国增长放缓,以及风能和太阳能等清洁能源技术的发展快于预期。这一趋势在未来几年内可能发生逆转,尤其是如果印度和其他发展中国家沿着当前的高排放轨迹发展的话,但这仍然算是好消息。正如我以前撰文指出的,这是在许多环保指标上可见的可喜趋势的一部分。在一些重要方面,我们正开始学会更加小心谨慎对待自己的星球。We are also lifting more people more quickly out of dire poverty than ever before. Careful evidence compiled by Max Roser as part of his invaluable Our World in Dataproject shows that even as the world’s population has increased greatly over the past 25 years, the total number of people living in extreme poverty has plummeted. This autumn, the World Bank reported that less than 10 per cent of the world’s population now live on less than .90 a day (as measured in 2011 dollars, adjusted for purchasing power parity). In 1990, the equivalent figure was more than 35 per cent.我们也在以空前快的速度让更多人脱离赤贫。马克斯圠泽(Max Roser)在他极具价值的项目“Our World in Data”中汇编的翔实数据显示,过去25年里,即使世界人口大幅增加,但赤贫人口总数直线下降。今年秋天,世界(World Bank)称,如今世界不到10%的人口每天的生活费低于1.90美元(按2011年美元币值计算,经过了购买力平价调整)。1990年,这个比例高于35%。How was this unprecedented increase in prosperity accomplished? You’d be hard pressed, I think, to attribute it to anything except some combination of better government, smarter interventions, increasing globalisation and technological progress. Everyone has their thoughts about the relative importance of these four factors. My own view is that the last two — trade and technology — should get most of the credit. And technology helps not only by facilitating trade, but also by directly improving people’s ability to earn a living and manage their finances.这种前所未有的繁荣程度提高是如何实现的?我认为,除了更好的政府、更明智的干预、更高的全球化程度和技术进步的综合作用以外,你很难把它归因于其他因素。每个人对于这四个因素的相对重要性有着自己的看法。我认为,后两者——贸易和技术——应该是最重要的因素。技术不仅为贸易提供了便利,而且直接提高了人们谋生和理财的能力。My favourite demonstration of how simple new technology helps people earn more, even before smartphones and apps show up, is a study the economist Robert Jensen conducted between 1997 and 2001, when the region of Kerala, India, got mobile phone coverage for the first time. Mr Jensen studied how the region’s fishermen used the new communication technology, and how their economic lives changed as a result.对于简单的新技术如何帮助人们提高收入——甚至在智能手机和应用(app)问世之前——我最喜欢的例子是经济学家罗伯特礠森(Robert Jensen)在1997年至2001年之间进行的一项研究,那时印度喀拉拉邦(Kerala)首次开通了手机网络。詹森的研究展示了该地区的渔民如何利用这一新的通信技术,以及他们的经济状况由此发生了何种变化。His findings were clear: “The adoption of mobile phones by fishermen and wholesalers was associated with a dramatic reduction in price dispersion, the complete elimination of waste, and near-perfect adherence to the Law of One Price. Both consumer and producer welfare increased.” In short, things got a lot better, and they did so quickly. Mr Jensen’s work reveals that time after time the benefits appeared right after the phones did. It’s one of the clearest demonstrations of cause and effect I’ve seen in the social sciences.他的研究发现十分清楚:“手机在渔民和批发商中间的普及,与价格离散的显著降低、浪费的完全消除以及一价定律近乎完美的体现存在着关联。消费者和生产者的利益都得到了增进。”简言之,生活变得美好得多,而且改观得非常快。詹森的研究表明,在很多情况下,手机出现后很快就产生效益。这是我在社会科学领域看到的最清晰的因果关系之一。Once the world’s poorest finally have a bit of money, new technologies are helping them save it and put it to use. The World Bank reports that in 2014 62 per cent of the world’s adults had some kind of financial account. As recently as 2011, that figure was barely over 50 per cent. And the nature of these accounts is changing rapidly. In Sub-Saharan Africa 64m adults have mobile electronic money, and 45 per cent of them have nothing else — no traditional banking account. Across the developing world more than 65 per cent of those within a financial network use it often, depositing money and making or receiving payments at least three times a month.一旦世界最穷群体终于有了一点钱,新技术就开始帮助他们储蓄,并把钱派上用场。世行报告称,2014年世界62%的成年人拥有某种金融账户。就在不那么久之前的2011年,这个比例勉强高于50%。这些账户的类型在飞速变化。在撒哈拉以南非洲地区,6400万成年人拥有移动电子货币,其中45%的人没有其他账户——没有传统的账户。在整个发展中世界,只要是在某个金融网络的务范围内,就有65%的人经常使用金融务,每个月存钱以及收付款至少三次。There is a great deal still to be done for financial inclusion. The gender gap remains large, and billions of adults are still outside any formal system. But the recent trends make me very optimistic. They convince me that we will continue to make rapid progress, and that the world’s poorest will see their prospects improve like never before in history.我们在金融包容方面仍大有可为。性别差异仍然巨大,数十亿成年人仍在任何正规体系的门外。但近年的趋势让我感到乐观,它们让我相信,我们将继续取得快速进步,世界最穷群体将看到自己的生活前景发生史上从未有过的改观。Let’s be thankful for that.让我们为此感恩。 /201601/419419

At the Lord Mayor’s banquet in London last week, I set out Britain’s global opportunity. 在上周伦敦金融城市长晚宴上,我阐述了英国的全球机遇。I said we can lead the world in understanding the extent to which some people — often those on modest to low incomes living in rich countries like our own — feel left behind by the forces of capitalism, and in embracing a new approach that ensures everyone shares the benefits of economic growth.我说,我们可以引领世界理解一些人(往往是那些生活在我们这种富有国家的中低收入人群)在多大程度上觉得被资本主义的力量甩在后面,并拥抱一种新的战略,确保所有人都能享受到经济增长的好处。In the Autumn Statement this week the chancellor will set out this new direction. 在11月23日的秋季预算报告(Autumn Statement)中,财政大臣将阐明这种新方向。This government will continue the tasks of bringing the deficit down and getting our debt falling so that we live within our means, while doing more to boost Britain’s long-term economic success. 本届政府将继续推进降低赤字和债务的任务,以便我们能量入为出,同时采取更多措施促进英国的长期经济成功。We will set out reforms to tackle low productivity and — crucially — provide targeted help to ordinary working families who are struggling to get by. 我们将制定改革计划,解决生产率低下的问题,并且(至关重要的是)为生活困难的普通工薪家庭提供针对性的帮助。We are a government that is not afraid to act to ensure the benefits of economic growth are shared by all.本届政府不怕采取措施确保所有人共享经济增长的好处。We will show that capitalism and free markets continue to be the best way to create prosperity, sp opportunity and give people the chance of a better life.我们还将展示出,资本主义和自由市场将继续是缔造繁荣、传播机遇和让人们有机会享受更美好生活的最佳方式。But if we believe in capitalism, free markets and free trade, we must be prepared to adapt.然而,如果我们信奉资本主义、自由市场和自由贸易,那么我们就必须准备好做出调整。If we are to maintain confidence in a system that has delivered unprecedented levels of wealth and opportunity, lifted millions out of poverty around the world, brought nations closer together, improved standards of living and consumer choice, 当今的制度带来了空前水平的繁荣和机遇,让世界各地数以百万计的人脱离了贫困,拉近了国与国之间的距离,提升了生活水平和消费者选择,还撑着基于规则的国际体系,该体系这么多年来一直是全球繁荣和安全的关键。and underpinned the rules-based international system that has been key to global prosperity and security for so long, we need to ensure it works for everyone.要保持对这样一种制度的信心,我们就需要确保它造福于所有人。This is not a task for government alone. 这并不只是政府的任务。So today at the CBI’s annual conference, I will ask British business to work with me: helping to shape this new approach, setting the template for others to follow, and calling out what is bad in order to promote what is just and good.因此,在英国工商业联合会(CBI)最近的年会上,我要求英国企业与我合作:帮助构建这个新的战略,确立让其他人仿效的模板,并且为了推动公正和善行而指出什么是不好的。The government will step up with a new industrial strategy that will get the economy firing on all cylinders, back Britain’s strengths in areas such as science and innovation, and tackle longstanding problems like low levels of productivity and the historic imbalance towards London and the south-east.本届政府将作出自己的贡献,出台新的产业战略,让英国经济全速前进,持英国在科学和创新等领域的优势,同时应对一些长期存在的问题,例如生产率水平低下以及偏重伦敦及英格兰东南部的历史性失衡。Britain will be the global go-to place for scientists, innovators and tech investors. 英国将成为科学家、创新者以及科技投资者的全球首选目的地。We will invest an extra £2bn a year in Ramp;D by the end of this parliament; set up an Industrial Strategy Challenge fund to back scientific research and development of technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and industrial biotechnology, and review our tax regime to encourage and support innovation.到本届议会任期结束之时,我们将每年作出额外的20亿英镑研发投入;设立一个产业战略挑战基金(Industrial Strategy Challenge fund)以持机器人、人工智能和工业生物技术等技术领域的科研和开发,并且重审我们的税收制度以鼓励和持创新。We will not just back the innovators, but the long-term investors, too. 我们不仅会持创新者,还会持长期投资者。For while the UK ranks third in the OECD for the number of start-ups we create, we are 13th for the number that go on to become scaled-up businesses. 因为,尽管英国在初创企业数量上在经合组织(OECD)中名列第三,但我们在随后发展壮大的初创企业数量上仅名列第13位。The government will act to turn our bright start-ups into successful scale-ups, launching a patient capital review led by the Treasury that will examine how we can break down the obstacles to long-term investment in innovative firms.政府将采取措施,把我国生气勃勃的初创企业培育为具有一定规模的成功企业,发起由财政部领导的耐心资本评估,由其考察我们如何能够克对创新企业进行长期投资所面临的障碍。Just as government must take a new approach, so business needs to change.就像政府必须采取新的战略一样,企业也需要改变。I will always be one of the strongest advocates for the role businesses play in creating jobs, generating wealth and supporting a strong economy and society. 对于企业在创造就业、产生财富以及持强大的经济和社会方面发挥的作用,我永远是最坚定的倡导者之一。Yet we must recognise that when a small minority of businesses and business figures appear to game the system and work to a different set of rules, the social contract between businesses and society fails — and the reputation of business as a whole is undermined.然而,我们必须意识到,如果少数企业和商界人士似乎在钻体制的空子,并根据不同的规则行事,那么企业与社会之间的社会契约就会失灵,整个商界的声誉将遭受损害。 /201611/480023A few things in Yaroslav’s apartment still bear witness to the life he had: the well-fed orange cat, his daughter’s high chair in the kitchen and the oak laminate flooring he laid a year ago. 在雅罗斯拉夫(Yaroslav)的公寓里,还有几样东西能够明他曾经拥有过的生活:一只喂养得很好的橙色猫咪、厨房里他女儿用过的高脚椅,以及他一年前铺装的橡木复合地板。 Everything else is gone. When the 35-year-old engineer lost his job at a Lada dealership in Togliatti last summer, money ran out quickly. 其他一切都消失了。这名35岁的工程师去年夏天失去了他在陶里亚蒂(Togliatti)一家拉达(Lada)经销店的工作后,钱很快就用光了。 He sold the games console, then the TV. After his wife — pregnant with twins — left him in December, taking their two-year-old with her, he even got rid of the bed. “What’s left is the stuff the pawnshop won’t take,” he says, banging another bottle of cheap white wine on the windowsill. Peeling at shreds of wallpaper left from his unfinished renovation, he adds: “It feels like the 1990s again.” 雅罗斯拉夫卖掉了游戏主机,然后是电视机。怀着一对双胞胎的妻子带着他们两岁的女儿在12月离开他之后,他甚至把床也脱手了。“剩下的是当铺不要的东西,”他一边说一边用一瓶廉价的白酒敲打着窗台。墙壁的翻新没有完成,他把剩下的破碎的墙纸撕下来,补充道:“感觉又回到了上世纪90年代。” In the grip of its longest recession in 20 years, Russians seem resigned to the loss of the growth and prosperity they had come to see as the hallmark of President Vladimir Putin’s rule. Although few are seeing their lives unravel as completely as Yaroslav, many fear a return of an era they had hoped to have left behind: the decade of recession, economic shocks and poverty that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. 深陷20年来最漫长经济衰退的俄罗斯人似乎只好接受一个现实:他们曾经视为弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)总统掌权标志的增长和繁荣正在消失。尽管像雅罗斯拉夫这样生活彻底分崩离析的人很少,但很多人担心他们曾经希望已经远离的一个时代正在卷土重来:1991年苏联解体后持续10年的衰退、经济冲击和贫困。 “Russians have come to highly appreciate the social wellbeing achieved since 2000, and therefore it will be extremely painful to let that go. Now that we’ve had two years of crisis there’s no prospect of growth, people [are] reminded of the 1990s,” says Tatyana Maleva, director of the Institute of Social Analysis and Forecasting at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Ranepa for short. “俄罗斯人已变得非常珍视2000年以来实现的社会福利,因此要放弃它是极其痛苦的。在经历了2年危机之后的今天,我们仍看不到增长的前景,这让人们想起了上世纪90年代,”俄罗斯总统国民经济和公共管理学院(RANEPA)社会分析和预测研究所(Institute of Social Analysis and Forecasting)所长塔季扬娜#8226;马列娃(Tatyana Maleva)说。 “We are forced to acknowledge that the social consequences of this crisis will be like the 1990s because we are looking at an extended, lingering, grinding stagnation,” she says. “我们不得不承认,这场危机的社会后果会和上世纪90年代一样,因为我们看到了漫长、挥之不去和没完没了的停滞,”她说。 Striking a bargain 与人民达成“交易” Economic growth had slowed sharply even before nosediving crude oil prices and the impact of western sanctions, imposed over its role in the war in Ukraine, hit Russia in 2014. Even if the recession ends next year, growth is unlikely to be much more than flat after years of shrinking investment and falling household incomes. 即使在2014年原油价格开始暴跌、同时西方针对俄罗斯在乌克兰战争中的角色而制裁俄罗斯之前,俄罗斯的经济增速就已经大幅放缓。即使明年俄罗斯的衰退结束,在多年的投资缩水和家庭收入下降后,俄罗斯的经济也不太可能显著增长。 Most Russians believe that the worst of the economic hardship is still to come, according to the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VCIOM), a pollster frequently used by the Kremlin, in a sign that despite Mr Putin’s stubbornly high popularity ratings, the trust in his ability to deliver a better future is gone. 根据克里姆林宫经常使用的民调机构俄罗斯社会舆论民调中心(VCIOM)的调查,大多数俄罗斯人相信,经济困境最艰难的阶段尚未到来。这个迹象表明,尽管普京的民意持率居高不下,但俄罗斯人对他有能力带来更美好未来的信任已经不复存在。 Mr Putin first became president on New Year’s Eve 1999, the moment a steep and extended climb in oil prices gathered pace. It would continue for 14 years with only a brief interruption during the global crisis of 2008-09. 普京初次当上总统是在1999年新年前夕,适逢油价开启一段大幅且持续的攀升。除了在2008-09年全球金融危机期间短暂中断以外,这个过程持续了14年。 In what many observers call Mr Putin’s bargain with the Russian people, the country put up with growing restrictions on political freedoms gained after the collapse of the Soviet Union in exchange for economic wellbeing and stability. Growth during the Putin era lifted large parts of society out of poverty, helped Russians become healthier and live longer, and created a taste for the spoils of middle-class life such as overseas travel. 用很多观察家的话来说,普京和俄罗斯民众达成了一笔“交易”:全国人民忍受苏联解体后获得的政治自由逐渐受到限制,以换取经济福祉和稳定。普京时代的增长让俄罗斯社会中的许多人群摆脱了贫困,帮助俄罗斯人变得更健康,寿命更长,还让俄罗斯人产生了对中产阶级享受的嗜好,比如境外旅游。 By 2014, Russia’s per capita gross domestic product, based on purchasing power parity, had more than doubled compared with 2000. Child mortality had halved, life expectancy increased by 12 per cent and the proportion of young people enrolled in tertiary education soared from half to three-quarters. 到2014年,按购买力平价(PPP)计算,俄罗斯人均国内生产总值(GDP)相比2000年增加了一倍以上。儿童死亡率减半,国民预期寿命提高了12%,接受高等教育的年轻人的比例从一半激增至四分之三。 So far, only a small part of these social gains, widely seen by Russian society as Mr Putin’s main achievements, has been undone. “Indicators such as income levels and poverty levels [suggest] we have been thrown back by six years — to where we were at the peak of the last economic crisis in 2009,” says Ms Maleva. “Wages dropped by 10 per cent last year rather than by three times, as they did in the 1990s.” 俄罗斯社会广泛将这些社会收益视为普京的主要成就。迄今这些福利中只有一小部分消失了。“收入水平和贫困水平等指标(表明)我们倒退了6年,回到了2009年上一场经济危机的顶峰时期,”马列娃表示,“去年薪资水平下跌了10%,而上世纪90年代薪资下降到了那之前的三分之一,” Many people, however, feel that they are taking a much larger step back: a perception fuelled by the drawn-out nature of the current crisis. Although 2015 was the first full year of economic contraction, incomes started falling the year before and continue to do so. In February, real household income decreased by 7 per cent compared with the same month a year earlier, the fastest drop since December 2014. 然而,许多人感觉他们倒退的步子比这大得多:当前这场旷日持久的危机加强了这种认知。尽管2015年是俄罗斯首次出现全年经济收缩,但人们的收入在之前一年就开始下滑,并且至今仍在下滑。今年2月,俄罗斯家庭实际收入比去年同期下降7%,是自2014年12月以来最大的同比跌幅。 “The increase in incomes had given people the option to get better healthcare, better education, some foreign travel, on their own expenditure,” says Birgit Hansl, the World Bank’s lead economist for Russia. “This allowance for some extras was the real benefit of transformation but this extended slide in incomes increases people’s reliance on legacy infrastructure again, and they realise how bad this legacy infrastructure still is.” “收入增加曾经让人们可以选择自费获得更好的医疗务、更好的教育,还有一些国外旅行,”世界(World Bank)首席俄罗斯经济学家比吉特#8226;汉斯尔(Birgit Hansl)表示,“这种可以投入额外享受的‘津贴’是改革的真正效益,但是此轮收入长期下滑再次加大了人们对遗留基础设施的依赖,而他们意识到,这些遗留下来的基础设施仍然非常糟糕。” While Russians paid three-quarters of private health costs out of their own pockets in 2000, that proportion had risen to more than 90 per cent by 2014. 2000年,有四分之三的个人医疗费用是俄罗斯人自掏腰包买单的,而到2014年,这个比例上升到了90%以上。 “People had been avoiding public hospitals like the plague.” says Ms Hansl. “Now that they have to go back there to save money, they may feel like they’re going back to the 1990s.” “人们曾经像躲避瘟疫般躲避公立医院,”汉斯尔表示,“如今,为了省钱,他们不得不回到那里,他们可能感觉自己回到了上世纪90年代。” Many try not to. According to data collected by Russian newspaper R, 44 per cent of urban middle-class families spend as much on healthcare as they used to, a larger percentage than on any other item. Spending cuts on food, clothing and alcohol by far outstrip those on medicine. 很多人试图不这么做。根据俄罗斯报纸R收集的数据,44%的俄罗斯城市中产阶级家庭的医疗开销与过去大致相同,这一比例超过其他任何出。在食品、装和烈酒方面的出削减幅度远远超过药品。 To avoid state hospitals and still stay within their budgets, Muscovites have become savvy. “Patients have started avoiding expensive procedures such as arthroplasty [joint surgery],” says Muslim Muslimov, a doctor and owner of Clinic No 1, a midsize private clinic in Moscow. “They are also getting second opinions from other doctors more often. If in the past, five out of 10 patients who came for a consultation would get some kind of treatment afterwards, now it’s only two or three.” 为了既躲避公立医院又守住自己的预算,莫斯科人变得精明起来。“患者开始回避昂贵的手术,例如关节置换,”莫斯科中型私立诊所Clinic No 1老板、穆斯利姆#8226;穆斯利莫夫(Muslim Muslimov)医生表示,“他们还更多地向其他医生征求第二意见。过去,在10名来这里咨询的患者中,有5名会在咨询后接受某种治疗,如今只有2、3人这么做。” /201604/438555

The inaugural committee for President-elect Donald Trump is out with its initial offerings to donors - and for major money, supporters will have prime access to the administration and first families.美国当选总统特朗普就职典礼委员会给资助人开出了门槛价,而大额资金持者将有机会接触内阁和第一家庭。According to a copy of the ;58th Presidential Inaugural Committee Underwriter Benefits; brochure obtained by CNN, for million, donors will get tickets to a luncheon with Cabinet appointees and congressional leadership, dinner with the Vice President-elect and his wife, CNN拿到了一份《第58届总统就职委员会资助人福利手册》的复印件,上面显示,资助人捐赠100万美元将获得与内阁提名人和国会领袖的午宴券、与侯任副总统及夫人的晚餐券、lunch with the first families, tickets to an ;elegant; ;candlelight dinner; featuring ;special appearances by; Trump, Melania Trump, Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, and tickets to the parade, swearing in concert and ball.与第一家庭的午餐券、特朗普及夫人和彭斯夫妇出席的盛大烛光晚餐的入场券、以及就职游行、宣誓典礼和就职舞会的入场券。The brochure also offers various versions of the package for the 0,000, 0,000, 0,000 and ,000 price points. 手册中还提供了不同金额的资助套餐,价格分别为50万美元、25万美元、10万美元以及2.5万美元。All the packages include travel bookings and tickets to various events, with decreasing amounts of tickets and less access. 所有套餐均包含机票预订以及各种活动的入场券,价格越低所包含入场券的种类和数量越少。While 0,000 and up includes the ;candlelight; dinner and first family luncheon, less than that only gets access to the official inaugural events and, for 0,000 donors, the Cabinet.25万美元以上的套餐包含烛光晚餐以及与第一家庭的午宴券,低于25万美元仅能参加官方的就职活动,而资助10万美元的人仅能接触到内阁。The inaugural committee is a separate entity from the campaign and the transition, and can raise money as it sees fit, though donors and bundlers of 0 or more will be made public.就职典礼委员会是一个独立于竞选团队和交接团队的机构,如有需要,他们可以筹集资金,但需公开捐助200美元以上的捐助人。Trump#39;s inaugural committee is chaired by wealthy investment executive Tom Barrack, a friend of Trump#39;s who spoke at the Republican convention this summer.特朗普就职典礼委员会的主席由投资富豪汤姆.巴拉克担任主席,他是特朗普的友人,曾在今夏的共和党大会上发言。The inaugural committee confirmed the document was authentic, but said it was subject to change. 廉政中心最先公布了这份文件。The document was first reported by the Center for Public Integrity.就职典礼委员会确认该文件属实,但表示可能会有变化。;The Inaugural events are, to a large extent, privately funded so as to not use taxpayer dollars,; said committee spokesman Boris Epshteyn in a statement. 该委员会发言人鲍里斯.爱泊斯坦称,为了不用纳税人的钱,;For the 58th Presidential Inaugural, any and all funds raised above amounts needed to fund the Inaugural events will be donated to charitable organizations.就职活动在很大程度上是私人赞助的,超出就职活动所需募集金额以外的资金将会被捐赠给慈善组织。Epshteyn also said the inauguration would not accept any money from ;state or federal registered lobbyists.;爱泊斯坦还表示,就职典礼不会接受州政府或联邦政府登记在册的游说集团的资助。It is customary for president-elects to raise money for their inauguration, which costs millions.为耗资百万的就职典礼筹集资金是候任总统的惯例。President Barack Obama limited his 2009 inauguration to raising ,000 per individual, though past inaugurations had set higher limits. 奥巴马总统将2009年就职典礼的个人捐助额限定在5万美元内,此前的就职典礼设置的上限更高。But for his 2013 inauguration, donor solicitations obtained by The Associated Press also sought million donations.不过,美联社报道,奥巴马2013年就职典礼的募捐邀请上也征集100万美元的捐款。Trump initially mostly self-financed his primary campaign, using it as a selling point on the stump that he was not beholden to special interests.最初,特朗普主要是自掏腰包参加初选,他在竞选巡回演讲中以此作为卖点,称自己不受特殊利益牵制。But in the general election, Trump raised hundreds of millions from private donors with the Republican National Committee, 但大选期间,特朗普和共和党全国委员会从私人捐助者中筹集了数亿美元。and though he pledged to spend 0 million of his own money, never met that amount, giving less than million of his own money through October.尽管他承诺要自己掏出1亿美元,但却从未达到这个数额,到10月份,他自己花了不到6000万美元。 /201612/481589

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