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元旦放假泉州妇科医院泉州市区妇科医院Raise Green Kids Deirdre Imus talks about her book "Growing Up Green: Baby and Child Health Care". Sam: Now our count it down to Earth Day. We are showing you how to green in every aspect of your life, how to go green. And we are kicking off this series this morning with Deirdre Imus, the author of "Growing Up Green!---Baby and Child Care". Now her book is a roadmap for how to raise all of our children in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. It's packed with really wonderful tips. We are just goanna show you some of them here but I have to admit aly I have a crush on you, Deirdre Imus, and I`ll tell down that I am sorry but I really do, I, even before I met you I did, because these are such great ideas. But... D.I.: Thank you, thank you. Sam.Sam: Tell me why is it even important for us to be thinking about raising a child environmentally friendly from day one. Why is that important?D.I.: It's important because our children are being exposed in all directions from their food, everyday products, cleaning products everything in the home. The air, our soil, our water is polluted. Many these products in our food chain has carcinogens and neurotoxins and endocrine disrupters, hormone disrupters , so it makes sense to use at least some of toxicity with everything you do with your children for alive. Sam: And ing this, it starts to make sense to me because we have somebody crying in the studio. It starts to make sense to me because (Oh, baby) you smell the product when you spray, it smells harsh to you, but the kids are on the floor, (Right!) they have their mouth on the table, they are actually ingesting all these stuff. Let's start with the house cleaning products and do we get the chemicals out of these products? D.I.: Yes, these products are all non-toxic products, the great example here of hand dish, distilled white vinegar which has been around for years, and then non-toxical purpose cleaners. The difference with the green and non-toxic cleaning products is that they do not contain chlorine bleach (alright) or ammonia or any of those synthetic chemicals. Sam: Those are two that we are really worried about, chlorine and ammonia. D.I.: Really. Especially chlorine bleach for moms that have little babies and pets. It's a low-lying chemical, which means it`s at around our knees here. It stays at that level where your child's mouth is breathing, (inhaling) a young child. So it's much more detrimental to children. Sam: I love your tip that cleaning products should look like water because if they don't, then they have chemicals and false colorings and everything else, sort of. So they should look clear like that. I didn't think about that.D.I.: Unless they use vegetable dye for their colorings, they are naturally going to be clear. Otherwise they have synthetic chemicals that are very harmful. Sam: I didn't even think about that. Sam: Now glass bottles. This was the biggest news yesterday with the plastic bottles, glass bottles and baby food, organic baby food. Tell me why organic food`s important. D.I.: Organic food is important because organic means that all the food that you are feeding your child does not have pesticides. Again, pesticides are known carcinogens and neurotoxin and are totally in links from studies with all the children's illnesses that will happen. It smells good, right?Sam: It does smell good. D.I.: "EARTHS BEST" (the trademark of an organic food for children) has been around, this is what I fed my son, my nine-year-old son and I've even eaten this baby food, there's a study that was done where they found in conventional baby food over 16 different pesticides, just in a jar of baby food. Sam: See, and let's see, let's say that again, because when I that this morning, getting y for your interview, that really shocked me. Sixteen in a test of baby food, regular baby food. (Right!) How many pesticides did they found? D.I.: Sixteen they found. And pesticides are known carcinogens and neurotoxins and are linked to everything from cancer, to autism, to learning disabilities, allergies, asthma. Sam: Well, let's be fair, this cost more money than regular baby food right now, by about how much?D.I.: Well it does cost a little more, but also you can buy them in bulk. You can go to certain stores, health food stores now that they are more cost-competitive and of course now Gerber has an organic line as well. Sam: OK, that's helpful.D.I.: So,there`s alternative, but you can make your own baby food. I did that as, when my child was a baby, it's easy to make, just mashing up the yams and the potatoes and the green vegetables. It`s, it`s easy. Sam: so in that way, it isn't more expensive. And you can keep ... D.I.: No, it's not.D.I.: So a lot of them you can put in glass jars at home, and it`s, you save money. Sam: There are so many more tips in this book, there,from the school stuff that we just... I wanted to talk about this. This really bothered me when I heard about this from....D.I.: Well, the baby bottles are big thing too, glass bottles are the gold standard for baby bottles. I highly recommend glass. For whatever reason, if someone doesn't want glass and there is healthier plastic bottles, but still it's plastic. They've taken out the major chemicals in them but they are still toxic. Sam: We'll link you if you are interested in this topic to her book and everything else you need to know in abcnews.com. This was just wonderful. Again, (Thank you!) there`s one of the reasons, one of the reasons that I have a crush on you!kick off: Originally means to make the kick that begins a football game. But here just means to start, to begin.carcinogen: A cancer-causing substance or agent.neurotoxin: A toxin that damages or destroys nerve tissue.endocrine : The secretion of an endocrine gland; a hormone.01/61101泉州妇女戴环得多少钱 Dear Annie: My girlfriend and I have been together for three years. When we first started dating, "Mary" unexpectedly became pregnant and we now have a beautiful child who is our life's joy. I would like to ask Mary to become my wife. Here's the problem: Money is pretty tight with a toddler, so buying an expensive engagement ring will be difficult. Is cubic zirconium worth looking into? I thought I'd get a nice-looking CZ ring and, when things settle down, maybe replace it with a real diamond. 我和女友在一起已经3年了,当我面刚开始约会时,"Mary"意外地怀了,我们现在有了一个漂亮的小孩,孩子给我们生活带来了很多乐趣。我想向Mary求婚。问题在于:要养一个小孩钱很拮据,所以买一个昂贵的订婚戒指是很难的。能考虑买铝合金戒指吗?我愿想买一个漂亮的铝合金戒指,当事情定下来后,用真的砖石戒指来替换。My initial thought is to be upfront with Mary and tell her. Do you think that's a good idea? We have a joint checking account, so she'll know all about my purchases. Is there a good way to mask how much the ring costs? - Perplexed in the Midwest 我最开始想和Mary直说。你认为这样做好吗?我们的账户是2人共有的,她会知道我买什么东西了,有好办法来掩饰戒指的花销吗?Dear Perplexed: Don't lie to Mary about the value of the ring. Women can be very understanding about not getting a diamond, but they don't like being fooled. And if you are serious about replacing the ring later, it doesn't matter what the original is made from. As for hiding the cost, you can put aside small amounts of cash until you have enough to purchase the ring and Mary will never know what you paid for it. P.S.: Best wishes on your upcoming engagement.戒指的价值不要和Mary撒谎。女人们对不买砖石戒指是可以理解的,但是她们不喜欢被欺骗。如果你真的想事后换下了,那最先的戒指是什么材料都不重要。至于隐藏花销,你可以先却出小笔钱知道你有足够的钱来购买戒指,Mary从不会知道你用这些钱买什么了。祝福你们婚礼。 【生词注释】unexpectedly (adv.) 意外地;突然地toddler (n.) 幼儿;刚学步的小孩engagement (n.) 订婚;约会look into 研究;考虑to settle down 稳定;安身to be upfront 直接;坦白purchase (n.) 购买;採购perplexed (adj.) 令人困惑的;麻烦的to be fooled 被欺骗;遭愚弄upcoming (adj.) 接近的;即将来临的201110/157714泉州180医院治疗不能怀孕

惠安市医院人工流产Human evolution人类进化史You look familiar似曾相识Another piece of humanity’s family tree is fitted into place南方古猿sediba的发现填补了人类家族谱系的关键空白Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition THE opening scene of Mel Brooks’s film “History of the World: Part One” dispenses with human origins in one line: “And the ape stood, and became man.” Would that it were that easy for palaeontologists to sort out. The transition to humanity is generally agreed to have occurred between Australopithecus, a genus of small-brained, bipedal primates whose most famous member is a fossil nicknamed “Lucy”, and the big-brained species Homo erectus. But pinning down when precisely this took place, and which of the various australopithecine species were involved, has been challenging. Now the most human-like australopithecine found to date is clarifying things—and staking a claim to be the species from which early humans evolved.梅尔·布鲁克斯执导的电影“世界史:序幕”开场仅用一句话就概括了人类起源:“类人猿直立起来,变成了人类。” 要是古生物学家也能如此轻而易举地阐释人类进化的奥秘就好了。人们普遍认为人类是由南方古猿和直立人之间的某个物种演化而来。南方古猿头部较小,属双足灵长类动物,其最有名的家族成员是一具被称做“露西”的化石,比较而言,直立人的头部就大多了。不过,要想确定确切的人类演化时间和哪些南方古猿物种参与了演化,仍是极具挑战性的课题。目前,迄今为止发现的与人类最为相似的南方古猿正逐渐解开这团迷雾——它阐明了早期人类是由哪个物种演化而来的。Fossils of the new species, Australopithecus sediba, were discovered in 2008 in a cave in South Africa. Initial research, led by Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, concluded that the species came too late in the fossil record to be the ancestor of the Homo lineage. This week, however, a range of new research into sediba, again led by Dr Berger, has been published in Science. These studies conclude that sediba did in fact predate Homo erectus and, moreover, that parts of its anatomy are surprisingly similar to modern man.2008年在南非一个洞穴内发现一个新物种化石,称做南方古猿sediba。约翰内斯堡金山大学的李·伯格尔领导的最初研究结果表明南方古猿sediba在化石记录中出现的年份过晚而无法被认定为人类的祖先。然而本周,李·伯格尔士领导的一系列关于sediba的最新研究成果在《科学》杂志上发表。这些研究结果表明,南方古猿sediba确实早于直立人存在,并且它的一些骨骼结构与现代人类有着惊人的相似之处。201109/154667鲤城区儿童医院有无痛人流术吗 近来,一种神秘的“布鲁里溃疡”疾病开始在非洲迅速蔓延。这种病摧残人的身体,使患处的肌肉不断掉下,其病状惨不忍睹。因为人们对其病因、病菌藏身处、传播方式等等还一无所知,也没有任何药品能够有效地治愈它。因而它严重地威胁着人们的健康,制约着经济的发展。在疫区,人们把它叫做“新型麻风病”。 Buruli ulcer is a bacterial disease that eats away muscle tissue. People can become disabled. They may even need to have an arm or leg removed. Buruli ulcer disease can be easily treated with antibiotics. Yet people often do not get medical help until the damage aly has been done。Doctor Alexander Tiendrebeogo from the World Health Organization says the disease causes no pain at first. The condition usually begins as a swelling on the skin. Then large ulcers form. These breaks destroy skin and soft tissue, sometimes all the way down to the bone. Buruli ulcer is a disease found in tropical climates. It belongs to the same family of bacteria as those that cause tuberculosis and Hansen's disease, also known as leprosy.Cases have been reported in Africa, the Americas, Asia and the western Pacific. At least thirty nations have had cases of Buruli ulcer disease. But experts say this condition has not gotten as much attention as it should. It was just discussed during an international health conference held in Benin. Benin, Ghana and Ivory Coast have thousands of current cases of Buruli ulcer disease. Health officials believe other countries in West Africa have unreported cases.Scientists are not sure how Buruli ulcer disease sps or even how it develops in nature. They suspect it may involve mosquitoes or other organisms that live in water. A British doctor reported the first cases of what was probably Buruli ulcer in eighteen ninety-seven in Uganda. Sir Albert Cook of the Church Missionary Society described the condition in patients at his Mengo Hospital in Kampala. In nineteen forty-eight, Peter MacCallum and other scientists in Australia reported six cases near Melbourne. They also identified the bacterium that causes Buruli ulcer. The first complete genetic map was published in two thousand seven. That genome may lead to better treatment and control of the disease. Public health officials hope that a treatment can be developed that does not require injections. If people could take the medicine by mouth, they would not need to travel to health clinics. In the nineteen sixties there were many cases in an area then called Buruli County in Uganda. That explains the name Buruli ulcer, the most commonly used name for the disease.04/66605泉州新阳光医院好吗

德化县治疗女性疾病哪家医院最好的Can you tell who's up for it? Two of the faces below are up for casual sex, the other two want a long-term relationship. Can you tell which is which? Now, if you are going out on a pool tonight, pay attention to this. Psychologists think they’ve identified facial characteristics that betray whether someone is up for casual sex or searching for a longer term relationship. The art of romance: candle-lit dinners, red roses, chocolates. Forget it. I can tell from your face that you are only after one thing. That's just a bit of exaggeration, but researchers claimed to have proved that desire for a long term relationship or casual sex is written on your face. These pictures are composites made by the researchers. The faces on the right are made up from those people who said they were up for casual sex; those on the left are those who said they're only after a long-term relationship. Researchers tested several different pairs of faces. They found women, no surprise there, could recognize and were much keener on the faces of the men who wanted a long-term relationship. Men, though, apparently could recognize, and preferred, the faces of women who were up for casual sex. Sex sells, but is this sort of headline-grabbing stuff what science should be about?I think there is a problem when people something, and hear about research that proposes to tell you something that clearly doesn’t , everyone knows that they don’t choose upon based on the shape of their face. People have a tendency then to shrug their shoulders and say, well, look at science, it proves everything, whatever will come up next. I think that’s very harmful to the reputation of science, as a tool of investigation. Frank Swain, from Sense About Science. So if you're looking at my face now, you may find it’s betraying signs of skepticism, but I am joined from Gateshead by Dr Lynda Boothroyd of Durham University, who can, I am sure, explain all.Doctor Boothroyd, in a nutshell, what does your research show? Um, really for me, in terms of my research it’s all about when we do a lot of research into what kind of faces people find attractive, what kind of behaviors might those faces really be indicating. We’ve done so much on what people think, for instance masculine men might be like his partners. And what we've been able to show now is that some other perceptions we've had are actually possibly true that for instance more masculine men might actually be more open to short term relationships rather than long, and it's because why women tend to only prefer masculine men at certain times of the month, and perhaps when they are most interested in the short-term relationship.I mean, in the past as I understand that the main way that we've been able to tell these things as far as we know scientifically is through body language in the way that people behave. But you, you have actually concentrated specifically on how faces are made up. But surely, surely, people can change their attitudes. I mean, there, there must be occasions in people's lives, presumably when they are open to casual sex and when they are not, their faces are up to change. No, I think ,what the thing we can do with the face that we can’t do with other things is that it's a really useful medium for manipulating certain things that we know might be correlated with, for instance hormone levels. So a lot of what we do again, involving facial masculinity is hopefully indicating the way which women are sensitive to and response to physical indicators of male testosterone . Male testosterone we know is important in certain kinds of behaviors such as sex drive. And because we know that women should over the millennium have become quite sensitive to whether a guy is likely to be someone who wants, you know, long term commitment or not. We can use the face and the facial indicators of testosterone to really look at that. Now if you really want to look at the body language, it' harder...It's always, of course quite difficult to assume we 've actually learned from our experiences in this regard, but when it comes, but when it comes to man, I mean, you seem to be saying that face feature actually corresponds personalities. But isn't that a bit like, you know the Victoria Ages, looks like phrenology, isn’t it? Say your head is shaped in this way, therefore you must behave like this.Yeah, I think we are not trying to be that prescriptive, like you have said, certain key features are related both to hormone levels, and those hormone levels are then related to behaviors. Then what we think is possibly happening is over a course of time, people are picking up on very subtle correlations in a social environment. And that they are using that in their judgments, but of course when you actually think about real life interactions, yes, body language is important, what people say is important, really we're looking at the face as one particular aspect the way things go. And in terms of the personality traits change, they absolutely do. so, so.. Dr, Dr, sadly, we gonna have to leave it there, but thank you very much for sharing your views. Yeah, OK.200811/54875 Y: What would you say your attitude towards celebrities, Don? D: Do you mean whether I like them? Y: I mean are you obsessed? Do you spend hours on the Internet trying to find out what their favorite nail polish color is and whether they believe in hypnosis? D: I'm fond of The BeeGees, but I don't think they wear nail polish and I could care less what they think about hypnosis. Y: Okay, do you believe in a just world, that life is fair? D: I can't pick up a newspaper without ing evidence that life is not only unfair, but often cruel. Y: Good. What I mean is that psychologists have found that people who believe in a just world are more likely to worship celebrities, whereas people more critical of society are less likely to obsess over a celebrity. People who strongly believe in a just world believe that life is fair, that good things happen to good people and bad things to bad people. People who believe in a just world are expressing acceptance of society and its institutions. Since the celebrity system is one of these institutions researchers suggest that it makes sense that those believing in a just world would be satisfied with how celebrities are made and thus more likely to admire and even obsess over them. Vice versa, people who do not believe in a fair world might resist worshipping celebrities, and in fact question or criticize the system that produces them and decides who gets to be a celebrity. D: Don't get me started. 【生词注释】celebrity n. 名声; 名人obsessed adj. 心神不宁的nail polish 指甲油hypnosis n. 催眠a just world 世界是公平的evidence n. 据psychologist n. 心理学者worship v. 崇拜, 尊敬institution n. 制度vice versa a. 反过来的(也是一样的)201110/157836去泉州哪里无痛人流好呢点泉州正规三甲医院做人流



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