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惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院龟头炎症On a day dominated by the initial public offering of the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba’s and the first sales of Apple’s new iPhone 6, Tesla Motors added to the tech-centric buzz by wirelessly upgrading its Model S electric car with a number of new features. Among them? A location-based air suspension that remembers potholes and steep driveways and automatically adjusts to avoid them.在中国电商阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba)首次公开募股和苹果(Apple)iPhone 6开售吸引了所有关注的当天,特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)对其旗舰车型Model S的无线软件进行了升级,添加了许多新特色,这一举动给关注科技的大众再添了一笔谈资。其中最有特色的功能是一款可以根据位置进行变化的空气悬架,它可以记住坑洼和陡峭的车道,并自动调整高度避开它们。The feature, which is only available in Model S cars equipped with air suspension, remembers where the driver previously selected high ride heights and automatically raises the car in those spots.这一功能只有装配空气悬架的Model S车型可以使用,它能够记忆驾驶员之前选择的悬架高度,并自动在这些位置提高汽车底盘。Other features, which were added to Model S sedans through a wireless software upgrade, include traffic-based navigation that will take into account data shared by other Tesla vehicles on the road, a calendar that syncs with a driver’s smartphone, remote start, power management, and ability to “name” your car. Once the car registers the car’s nickname, it will appear in the Tesla mobile app and in the About Your Tesla section on the 17-inch touch-screen display.Model S通过无线软件升级实现的其他功能还包括:基于交通情况的导航系统(该导航会根据其他特斯拉汽车共享的路况数据作出决定),与司机的智能手机同步的日历,遥控启动,电源管理,以及给汽车“命名”。车主注册昵称后,该昵称将会出现在特斯拉的移动应用,以及车内17英寸触摸屏上的“关于你的特斯拉”菜单中。The ability to wirelessly upgrade a vehicle’s software isn’t unique, according to Kelley Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer, who noted Tesla’s location-based air suspension was an interesting feature he hadn’t seen before.美国权威汽车价值评估网站Kelley Blue Book的分析师卡尔o布劳尔表示,升级汽车无线软件并非独特的技术,但特斯拉根据位置自动调整的空气悬架是一个他从未见过的有趣特色。“Any car with built-in Wi-fi technically has the ability to update its software,” said Brauer. “For instance, GM cars equipped with OnStar have been able to remote start cars or make wireless upgrades for some time.”布劳尔说:“任何拥有内置无线网络的汽车,从技术上讲都能够升级其软件。比如,装有安吉星(OnStar)的通用汽车(GM)都具有远程启动功能,该软件有些时候也会进行无线升级。”Still the Tesla’s practice of wirelessly upgrading the car’s software to not only fix bugs, but also roll out new features that improve performance and customize the driving experience, illustrates a shift within the auto industry.但是,特斯拉汽车软件的无线升级不仅是为了修复漏洞,还会借此推出新的特色以增强汽车性能、为客户量身营造驾驶体验,这体现了汽车业内的一种转变。“The importance of software upgrades and maintaining a communication link between the car and the automaker will increase and become more pivotal moving forward,” said John Gartner, research director with Navigant Research.Navigant Research公司研究总监约翰o高德纳表示:“保持软件升级,维持汽车和汽车制造商之间通讯链的重要性会日益增加,并将成为推动汽车业继续发展的关键因素。”All vehicles are moving in that direction, but electric vehicle manufacturers are particularly aggressive on that front, added Gartner.高德纳补充道,所有的汽车都将朝这个趋势发展,但电动汽车制造商在这点上尤其干劲十足。Electric vehicles, which rely on software and computing power, use wireless upgrades to introduce new features and stay ahead of the competition.电动汽车依靠软件和计算能力驱动,它们可以通过无线升级推出新的特色功能,在竞争中保持领先。In some cases, it’s been used to facilitate—and speed up—a recall.有时候,这也会用于帮助和加速召回工作。In January, after voluntarily recalling 29,222 Model S vehicles, Tesla used a wireless software update to enable the car’s on-board charging system to detect any unexpected fluctuations in the input power or higher resistance connections to the vehicle.今年1月,在主动召回29,222辆Model S汽车后,特斯拉升级了无线软件,让汽车的车载充电系统能够检测输入电源中任何非正常的电压波动或电阻升高。The software upgrade aimed to address concerns that the adapter, cord or wall outlet could overheat while charging. But unlike other official voluntary recalls, Tesla owners didn’t have to bring their cars to a dealership for a fix.软件升级的目的是解决用户对电源适配器、电线和墙面电源在充电时过热的担忧。不过与其他官方的主动召回不同,特斯拉的车主不需要把汽车送到代理商那里维修。 /201410/331991惠州惠阳区妇幼保健人民中医院男科挂号 When you think Harley-Davidson, you probably think about leather, beards, and loud engines. Now, though, you can picture a fully electric bike with a digital display.一提到哈雷戴维森托车( Harley-Davidson),大家可能就会想到皮革、胡须,以及轰隆的引擎声。但现在,大家可以把它想象成是一辆配备数字显示屏的全电动单车。The iconic American motorcycle manufacturer held an event in New York City Monday afternoon showing off Project LiveWire, a prototype of the company’s first electric motorcycle.上周一下午,这家标志性的美国托车制造商在纽约市举办了一场活动,隆重推出了它的第一款电动托概念车:LiveWire。The new bikes look mostly like a traditional motorcycle, with a few notable exceptions. There is a digital display in between the handlebars where speed and efficiency are displayed. Also, there is no clutch on the left handlebar, since there are no gears. The bike can go from zero to 60 in about 4 seconds, and can reach up to 92 m.p.h. It does not have the traditional loud Harley rev-up sound, though there is a slight hum from the electric engine starting.这款新单车看起来跟传统的托车相差无几,但也存在几个显著的不同之处。它的车把之间有一个能够显示速度和效率的显示屏。此外,左车把没有离合器,因为它没有齿轮。这款单车从零加速到60英里(约合96公里)大约只需4秒,最高时速为92英里。它没有传统哈雷托那种响亮的转速声,但它的电动引擎会发出轻微的嗡嗡声。Harley President Matt Levatich said it would be a few years before the bikes were y to be manufactured and put on sale. In the meantime, it is still tweaking the design and listening to its customers.哈雷公司总裁马特o雷瓦迪克表示,这款单车准备在几年后量产销售。与此同时,这家公司将继续调整设计,同时聆听消费者的意见。“We don’t have specific date,” he said. “We need time to incorporate that feedback.“我们还没有确定具体的日期,”他说。“我们需要时间来吸收顾客的反馈信息。”It was a uniquely diverse crowd gathered at the Harley-Davidson HOG 0.00% dealership in Lower Manhattan — a near equal mix of buttoned-up journalists lumbering onto the LiveWire simulator (think a motorcycle stuck in place that can be “revved up” without actually going anywhere) and Harley-Davidson Riders Club Members, many of whom sported well-worn patched vests and beards that would give Rasputin a run for his money.各色人等聚集在位于曼哈顿下城哈雷戴维森旗舰店。一群沉默寡言的记者缓慢地爬上LiveWire模拟装置(想象一下,你骑在一辆被卡住的托车上,可以“加速”,但托车根本不会动),试驾者当然少不了哈雷骑士俱乐部成员(Harley-Davidson Riders Club Members),其中许多人穿着打满补丁的旧背心,蓄着可以跟一代巫师拉斯普廷相媲美的大胡子。One of those riders, Juan Marmol, said that the new bike ran great, though he was concerned about the relative short range of the bike on a single charge of its battery. The bike can only travel around 55 miles after a three hour charge.一位叫胡安o马莫尔的车手说,这款新单车的驾驶感觉非常棒,但他担心,一次充电能够撑的里程相对较短。经过三小时充电之后,这款单车只能行驶大约55英里。“It was awesome,” he said. “The biggest downfall to it right now based on what their telling us is the charge time.”“感觉很棒,”他说。“根据他们目前的说法,最大的缺点是充电时间。”For hardcore Harley riders who sometimes go up to 400 miles a day, the current battery just wouldn’t work, Marmol said. But he did think that the new bike could change Harley-Davidson’s image and maybe bring some new people into the hog-riding family.马莫尔说,铁杆哈雷车手有时候一天要骑行400英里,对他们来说,目前的电池根本不够用。但他的确认为,这款单车可以改变哈雷戴维森的形象,或许能够吸引一些新人加入重型托手的行列。“I believe this will change kind of the mindset that Harley’s are for old guys,” he said.他说:“我相信它多少会改变那种认为哈雷粉丝都是老家伙的观点。”Levatich agreed, also noting that Harley would not be forgetting its core customers who want old-fashioned motorcycles. “We’re absolutely not abandoning any of that,” he said. “We’re going to continue to invest in great traditional Harley-Davidson motorcycles. LiveWire has nothing to do with that. It’s all of that, plus opening the doors to some people that are maybe on the outside of the sport, on the outside of the brand.”雷瓦迪克同意这种看法,但他还指出,哈雷永远也不会忘记那些钟情于老式托车的核心客户。“我们绝对不会放弃任何一款老车型,”他说。“我们将继续投资于拥有伟大传统的哈雷戴维森托车。LiveWire与老车型无关。推出这款车是想给一些或许还没有喜欢上这项运动、没有尝试过这一品牌的人们打开一扇门。”Of course, Harley-Davidson isn’t the only motor cycle maker exploring electric bikes. In fact, Other companies such as Mission Motors have aly put their models on sale.当然,哈雷戴维森并不是唯一一家正在开发电动单车的托车制造商。事实上,包括使命托(Mission Motors)在内的其他公司已经开始销售电动车型。Harley-Davidson’s roadshow will travel across the ed States this year and next in addition to going to Canada and Europe. The LiveWire Experience Tourcontinues next week in Milwaukee, Wis.哈雷戴维森今年将在美国各地举行路演活动,明年还打算远赴加拿大和欧洲。LiveWire体验之旅下周将移师威斯康星州密尔沃基市。 /201407/308788惠州市人民医院中医皮肤科

惠州地区男科医院在那儿It’s not for sale, and won’t be until early 2015, which could mean June.苹果手表要等到明年初,甚至可能到明年6月份才会开售。But there it is, the Apple Watch, accessorizing the wrist of fashion supermodel Liu Wen on the cover of Vogue China‘s November issue, scheduled to hit the stands Monday.但这款产品已经在媒体上公开亮相,在本周一发行的《VOGUE饰与美容》11月刊封面上,它被戴在了超级名模刘雯的手腕上。The Business of Fashion has the story, and an interview with editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung:时尚动态网站The Business of Fashion对此进行了报道,并且采访了《VOGUE饰与美容》杂志主编张宇女士。““When Jonathan Ive and Tim Cook talked me through how they developed the concept of the Apple Watch from the beginning, I was impressed by their thoughts and passion for the project,” Cheung told BoF. “Then I saw the watches and thought they looked rather good; some are sporty and others are very classic and elegant. At the same time, they all have so many functions that would be useful in our daily life. I just thought that they combined technology, style and functionality and were very modern and, therefore, perfect accessories for the modern-day woman which is what the Vogue China woman is about.”张宇表示:“苹果首席设计师乔纳森o伊夫和首席执行官蒂姆o库克从头到尾向我讲述了他们是如何阐发出苹果手表的概念的,他们的想法和对这个项目的热情打动了我。接下来他们展示了苹果手表,我觉得这些手表相当好看;其中一些运动感十足,另一些则非常经典和优雅。同时,它们还有许多日常生活中可能用到的功能。我觉得苹果手表把科技、时尚和实用性结合在了一起,非常现代,是时尚女性的完美佩饰,而时尚女性正是我们杂志的读者群。”Apple products used to make their editorial debuts on the cover of U.S. magazines, like Time and Newsweek. Vogue is a global fashion powerhouse, and China is the world’s largest market for mobile devices.苹果产品此前首次在平面媒体正式亮相时,总是选择《时代》(Time)和《新闻周刊》(Newsweek)等美国杂志。《Vogue》是全球顶尖的时尚杂志,而中国目前是世界上最大的移动设备市场。Thanks to The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple for the tip.感谢客网站The Loop创始人吉姆o达尔林普尔向我们提供信息。 /201410/336499 惠州惠城区男科挂号惠州市人民医院北院看男科怎么样



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