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新厝镇妇女儿童医院哪个医生比较厉害龙田镇儿童医院诊疗微软:软件无处不在The company isn't just software, in fact it's everywhereComing in high at NO. 6 in universum's annual survey of more than 40000 undergraduate students nationwide, is computer giant, Microsoft Corporation. From its headquarters campus in Redmond Washington, microsoft oversees roughly 71000 employees in over 100 countries. With 2006 revenues just over the 44 billion mark. To simply define the company, it's fairly to say that Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a large variety of software computing devices. And that the company's best known for it's windows operating system, and its Microsoft Office suite made up of well known programmes like WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL and OUTLOOK.But the company isn't just software, in fact it's everywhere. Online at MSN.com, on cable television at MSN, or even in your living room, with game systems like X-BOX 360. The company recently restructured and founder Bill Gates's stepped down from his role of chief software architect to concentrate on charitable work. But Microsoft remains strong and bent on growth, looking for new employees who don't just work in techonology,but who live and breathe technology.With sparkle in the eye, we're looking for very passionate people, i'm also looking for people that have loved technology all their lives. So a lot of times, i will ask them,you know, when did you start coding, you know, if it was like 7th grade that tells you something. Right, that they, or they do something on their own, not part of a project, you know, that kind of thing. So that's what i'm looking for.Microsoft has an in-depth careers website, loaded with national and global job information, and you can find the link to their information right here on our website. For career TV, i'm sean O'grady02/63419福州儿童医院医生的QQ号码 Microsoft微软Middle-aged blues中年忧郁症The software giant is grappling with a mid-life crisis 软件巨头微软正在中年危机中挣扎Jun 9th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from The Economist print editionCOMPARED with IBM, Microsoft is a mere stripling. Founded in 1975, it rose swiftly to dominate the world of personal computing with its Windows operating system and Office suite of word-processing and other productivity tools. But the company is now showing some worrying signs of middle-age fatigue. In particular, it is struggling to find a growth strategy that will enthuse disgruntled shareholders.与IBM相比,微软还只是个年轻人。成立于1975年的微软因其Windows操作系统和包括文字处理及其他生产工具的Office系列迅速崛起并主导个人电脑世界。但是该公司如今呈现出一些人到中年疲惫了的迹象,引人担忧。特别是,它正努力寻找一种可以激发不满的股东们热情的增长策略。Grumbles are understandable. Since Steve Ballmer took over from Bill Gates as chief executive in 2000, Microsoft’s share price has languished and the company has lost its reputation as a tech trend-setter. It has been left behind in hot areas such as search and social networking by younger companies, some of which love to thumb their noses at their older rival. Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, recently proclaimed that leadership in the tech world had passed from Microsoft and others to a “Gang of Four” fast-growing, consumer-oriented businesses: Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook. 抱怨是可以理解的。自从2000年史蒂夫鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)从比尔盖茨手中接掌微软总裁一职以后,微软的股价就一蹶不振,公司也失去了作为科技弄潮儿的声誉。在诸如搜索和社交网络等热门领域中,它被年轻一代的公司甩在了后面,这些公司中的有一些热衷于嘲笑这位年纪大的对手。谷歌的执行主席埃里克施密特(Eric Schmidt)最近宣称科技世界的领导力量已经从微软和其他公司传递到一个发展迅速、以消费者为导向的“四人组”公司手中:谷歌,苹果,亚马逊和脸谱网。Few would quibble with that. The question is: what, if anything, can Microsoft do to change it? In at least some respects, the company appears to be suffering from similar ailments to those that laid IBM low before Lou Gerstner was hired in 1993 to get it back on its feet. These include arrogance bred of dominance of a particular area—mainframe computers at IBM, personal computers at Microsoft—and internal fiefs that hamper swift change. For instance, the division that champions cloud computing must deal with one that is the cheerleader for Windows, which is likely to want computing to stay on desktops for as long as possible to maximise its own revenues.几乎没人会对这个观点吹毛求疵。问题是:微软能做些什么来改变它呢?至少在某些方面,该公司看起来罹患一些疾病,类似的疾病曾击倒IBM,直到1993年路易郭士纳(Lou Gerstner):上任才使其重新恢复元气。它们包括因为控制某一领域而滋生的骄傲自大——于IBM是大型计算机,于微软则是个人电脑——以及阻碍迅速转变的公司内部的各个阵营。比如,持云计算的部门必须应对Windows系统的持者,后者可能希望计算在台式电脑上停留越长越好,以便获得最多的收入。201106/141732bad girls good Showbiz Tonight's AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson reveal the ways some of Hollywood's most notorious woman are becoming good girls.But if we were talking about a woman totally in control of her career image, it gotta be the material girl herself. From material girl to mama extraordinaire, Madonna wrote the book on transformation. Part of what makes her really smart is that she changes with the time. She sort of went from a street waif to Hollywood sophisticate to now a wife, mother and an author of children’s book. In the 80s and 90s, Madonna shocked the world with her in-your-face sexuality. she really, sort of, was one of the prime movers of the way our societies become pornier. That’s right. The man said pornier. Make sense too, cone-shaped bras, lewd and provocative dancing, sps in Playboy and Penthouse, and, oh, who can forget the sex book. These days Madonna is still in the book biz. This time children’s book. She actually sort of settled down. She’s got 3 kids now. As sure, none of them were born in wedlock but that’s fine. Give the lady a break. She’s got enough on her plate. International fames, spiritual quests and grappling with hard mummy questions like this one from CNN Richard,Christ. If your daughter decided to prance around on the stage in her underwear singing and hollering, would you approve? eh...Probably not. Oh, yeah, the double standard of parenthood aly kicking in. Who but she is not the only kick-ass naughty girl of Hollywood to go nice. May we present Angelina Jolie. And this is me. This tattoo diva first caught our attention after an Oscar win for her psycho role in "Girl, interrupted". She came on to the scene beautiful, talented and a true, wild child. I had some good nights in L.A, let’s put it that way?"She raised more than a few eyebrows when she married Actor Billy Bob Thornton. Public displays of affection was sort of their thing. Also their thing, wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks. Ok, whatever you want to call it. She told Larry.King. all about it. And what does he wear? Mine. Your blood? That’s nice. Ok, sure, that’s nice. Jolie went on to raise even more eyebrows when she defied every bad girl stereotype out there and became a global humanitarian and spokesperson for the U.N.. We shape our future by the way we raise our children. Yet, you cannot accuse the woman of not practicing what she preaches. She has adopted 3 orphans from around the world and is the proud mama of a daughter Shiloh whom she had with Brad Pitt. She’s taking on the role of being a mother. She’s now seen as global humanitarian, so, it’s been quite a change. But Jolie tells us she doesn’t think she has changed it all. I'm still a punk kid I got my tattoos covered. It’s pretty clear Angelina Jolie isn’t a punk kid any more. She takes her role as UN Goodwill ambassador very seriously. In fact she recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post urging humanitarian assistance for displaced families of Iraq all the while reportedly pregnant with her fifth child. Not bad for a former bad girl. Be on the lookout for the next Showbiz tonight Podcast. Remember: Showbiz Tonight is TV's most provocative entertainment news show. We are on 7 nights per week at 11 PM Eastern-night Pacific on CNN headline news. Thanks for watching the Showbiz Tonight podcast. I’m Brooke Anderson.02/61853福清市中山医院四维彩超多少钱

福清哪家医院割包皮A train crash in China中国火车相撞事故A new third rail新的政治高压线Suddenly the Communist Party’s showcase project is in trouble中共的形象工程突然陷入困境Jul 30th 2011 | BEIJING | from the print editionNO TRANSPORT accident has caused such an outcry in China as did the collision on July 23rd of two bullet trains, in which at least 39 people died. With the accident and the railway ministry’s crass response, public grievance is widesp. A cherished project, the rapid expansion of what is aly the world’s longest high-speed rail network, is in tatters.7月23日中国两列动车相撞,造成至少39人殒命,一时舆论汹汹,为历次交通事故所罕见。此次事故连并铁道部的应对失据,令公众怨声四起。这项被中共奉若至宝的世界最长高速铁路网快速扩张工程,如今却成了烂摊子。The crash on a viaduct near the coastal town of Wenzhou is above all a big embarrassment to the Communist Party itself. Only a few weeks earlier party officials had been crowing about the network’s latest, and most expensive, addition: a 1,320km (820-mile) line between Beijing and Shanghai that cost more than billion. Its opening was timed as a celebration of the party’s 90th birthday on July 1st. Soon services on the new line were disrupted by power cuts. Angry passengers waited for hours in sweltering heat.首先来说,这起发生在滨海城市温州附近高架桥上的火车相撞事故令中共大为难堪。仅在几周前,中共官员对一条刚修建的、耗资最大的铁路网始终不吝溢美之词:那是一条连接北京和上海的铁路线,全长1320公里,造价超过300亿美元。其开通时间定在中共“七一”90华诞当天以作为献礼。不久之后新线路的运营就受到停电事故的干扰,愤怒的乘客只能在闷热的车厢中等候数小时。The collision occurred on another line that opened two years ago. It was the four-year-old network’s first fatal crash, and the bloodiest train accident since more than 70 people died in 2008. As it did then, the railway ministry responded to this week’s fatalities by sacking officials from the region responsible, in this case Shanghai. But as even some state-owned newspapers have pointed out, the man appointed to succeed the bureau’s disgraced chief had himself been demoted in connection with the 2008 accident.这次碰撞事故发在另外一条于两年前开通的线路上,这是高铁网络4年时间里首次发生的重大撞车事故,也是自发生死亡70余人事故的2008年以来最为惨重的火车事故。与当时做法如出一辙,为应对本周的恶性事故,铁道部解雇了责任地区(这次是上海)的几名官员。但即便是一些国营报纸也纷纷指出,该局被撤职局长的继任者曾因牵涉2008年事故而被免职。201108/146728福清治疗性病哪家好 In animals, this part of the brain evolved around the time of the dinosaurs before mammals existed. It's hardwired to beat starvation. For three days Jean-Luc has been trapped underground. He hasn't had a morsel to eat. He doesn't know it, but his brain is changing how his body functions and how he behaves. There are a couple of different brain centers that graduate feeding behavior as well as hunger. They’re in different parts of the central part of the brain called the hypothalamus. And in that part of the brain you are really driven to seek out food to eat almost anything to try to stop yourself from starving to death. To drive Jean-Luc’s search for food his brain first releases a hormone--orexin. Orexin comes in tiny doses, but it has a profound effect. This hormone makes us more alert, improves our muscle efficiency, making us better hunters. It even sharpens our problem-solving skills. For days Jean-Luc scours the caves. He finds water but nothing to eat. He starts to fear the worst. Even if when I had a little hope, I thought obsessively what would happen over the last few days or the last hours before dying. It was a big question: how I would die--was it going to be cold or hunger or… It was a question that I always had in my head. Sure that he's doomed, he records a message. But as hope fades, Jean-Luc’s brain switches strategy to help him survive with no food. With his fuel stores depleted, his body becomes even more efficient. It makes him slow down. Now his muscles use less energy, so do all his internal organs. New cells grow more slowly. Nonessentials—fingernails, toenails, hair—hardly grow at all. Jean-Luc is entering a survival state that evolved to keep starving animals alive until they could get to food. This enforced efficiency which kicks in when we're at our limit may have bigger implications. Some say, it could help us all live longer.参考中文翻译:对动物来说,大脑的这一部分在哺乳动物还不存在的恐龙时代就已经在进化了。它几乎无法打败饥饿的威胁。三天以来,Jean-Luc 都被困在地面一下 ,一口吃的都没有。他并不知道,他的大脑已经使它的身体机能和行为方式发生了改变。在大脑中有两个不同的脑中心来产生进食行为和饥饿行为,他们位于大脑中不同的中心部位,叫做下丘脑。在大脑的这一部分,你被驱使着寻找任何可以吃的东西以免自己被饿死。为了促使Jean-Luc寻找食物,他的大脑首先会分泌出一种荷尔蒙——食欲。所产生的食欲荷尔蒙量很微小,但是却有着深刻的影响。这种荷尔蒙让我们更加警惕,提高肌肉的效率,让我们变成更好的捕食者甚至会提高我们解决问题的技能。几天来,Jean-Luc搜索了所有的洞穴,但是只是找到一点水,没有任何吃的东西。它开始感到前所未有的恐惧。即使我还有一点希望,我也会沉迷地想象死前的最后几天或者最后几个小时会发生什么事。这是个大问题:我会怎么死——会被冻死还是被饿死呢?这是我头脑里一直闪现的一个问题。当然这是他的命运,他记录了一个信息。但是当希望渐渐变得渺茫时,Jean-Luc的大脑开始改变策略,以使自己在没有食物的情况下也能生存下来。随着所储备的能量逐渐匮乏,他的身体变得更加高效。这使他的动作慢下来。现在他的肌肉利用更少的能量,内脏器官也是如此。新的细胞分裂速度减缓,那些不必要的——比如手指甲,脚趾甲,毛发几乎停止生长。Jean-Luc 进入了一种求生的状态,在找到食物之前,都会使饥饿的动物一直生存下来。当我们达到身体的极限时,这种增强的效率作用更大,可以帮助我们生存更长时间。 200812/57703镜洋镇人民医院门诊部

福清地区平潭县人民医院妇科检查怎么样Who: Suicide Leading Cause of Death Worldwide世卫组织呼吁采取措施防范自杀行为 The World Health Organization says suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide, and one of the three leading causes of death for young people under 25. To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on September 10, the World Health Organization says there are measures people and society can take to save thousands of people from meeting a self-inflicted violent death.世界卫生组织指出,自杀是造成全球死亡的一个主要原因,也是造成25岁以下年轻人死亡的三大原因之一。世界卫生组织在9月10日世界自杀防范日这天说,民众和社会可以采取措施,挽救数千名准备以自杀结束生命的人。The World Health Organization reports every year, about one million people die by suicide. That comes to around 3,000 deaths a day or one death every 40 seconds.世界卫生组织历年的报告指出,每年大约有100万人死于自杀。这意味着每天大约有3000人自杀,或者每40秒就有一个人自杀。 In the past 45 years, the World Health Organization says suicide rates have increased by 60 percent worldwide and it predicts these deaths will rise to 1.5 million by 2020. 世界卫生组织说,过去45年来全球的自杀率已经增长了60%。该组织预测,到2020年,死亡数字将增长到1千500万人。It says suicide deaths account for more than half of all violent deaths in the world - more than all deaths from wars and homicides combined. Almost a quarter of suicides are teenagers and young adults aged less than 25.世界卫生组织说,在世界上所有暴力造成的死亡中,自杀占了一半以上,比所有战争和凶杀造成的死亡总人数还要多。自杀者中几乎四分之一是不满25岁的青少年。The World Health Organization says more men than women commit suicide, but more women than men attempt to commit suicide. 世界卫生组织说,男性自杀者多过女性,但是自杀未遂者中,女性比男性要多。Scientific eExpert in WHO's Mental Health and Substance Abuse Department, Alexandra Fleischmann says risk factors vary in different cultures.世卫组织的精神健康和药物滥用部门的科学专家弗莱希曼说,不同文化中存在不同的造成自杀的风险。"For instance, we know that mental illness disorders like depression or alcohol use disorders play a major role in European countries, for instance," said Alexandra Fleischmann. "But, we have to also look at Asian countries where impulsiveness plays a much more important role, which is that suicide can happen on the spur of the moment." 她说:“举例来说, 我们知道像抑郁症和滥用酒精一类的精神疾病在欧洲国家中起着很重要的作用。但是,我们也必须看到在亚洲国家,情绪冲动是更重要的因素,也就是说,人们可能因为一时冲动就去自杀了。”The agency notes cultural differences, views and attitudes toward suicide influence whether people will attempt suicide and whether suicides will be accurately reported这个机构指出,文化差异、对自杀的观点和态度影响人们是否会试图自杀,以及自杀案例是否能得到准确的报告。The WHO report says most suicides in occur in Asia, which accounts for up to 60 percent of all cases. 世卫组织的报告说,大多数的自杀行为发生在亚洲,其数量达到所有自杀事件的60%。But it reports Eastern European countries have the highest rates of suicide. The lowest rates are found in the countries of Mediterranean Europe and the predominantly Catholic countries of Latin America and Asia, as well as in Muslim countries, such as Pakistan. 但是报告指出,东欧国家的自杀率最高。自杀率最低的是欧洲地中海国家、以天主教为主的拉丁美洲和亚洲国家以及穆斯林国家,如巴基斯坦。The World Health Organization says suicide can be prevented. It says educating communities to better identify people at risk of suicide and encouraging those at risk to seek help can reduce suicides among people with mental illness.世界卫生组织说,自杀是可以防范的。该组织说,向社区提供教育,以便更好地确认有自杀风险的人群,以及鼓励那些有自杀风险的人寻求帮助,可以减少精神病患者的自杀行为。09/83891 Oil sinks despite OPEC Production cuts are the topic of OPEC's emergency meeting, yet crude futures continue to fall as investors focus on slowing global demand.Oil price's falling in concert with stocks today, and this is despite the fact that OPEC has expected to significantly cut production in the cartel meets later on this week. What's going on? Let's talk to trader, Anthony Grisanti, president, GRZ Energy. Here, with us now. From the floor, talk to us about why you are seeing this, why it seems OPEC isn't even playing in?Well, right now, today the focus is on the dollar. We..we're about at a key 1.30 level(是对欧元的汇率). It's right above it. And really it's the strength of the dollar, that has made oil weaker today. And, you know, going over to OPEC. You know, we pretty much know that they wanna cut Friday. But most of traders feel down here: they are gonna have to cut a significant amount to have any impact on this market and to have these prices go higher. And by significant amount, I am talking about four to five million barrels a day. And I really don't see that happening. In fact, any kind of the cut we see, I expect, one to two million barrels. And I don't really see in that have a lot of influences on prices right now. And word to down market, we wanna thaw rallies out here,it looks like it is gonna continue. We had Chinese economy, the growth revised down for next year and for the rest of this year. Of course, the U.S. is the same way. So really it is all about demand and the dollar right now. And OPEC is kind of on the sidelines. Alright. Let's say, OPEC does cut a significantly four or five billions barrels a day, what then happens to oil prices when you are dealing with slowing economies around the world, and as you said the stronger U.S. dollars than we've seen in the long time. Well, if they do cut the four or five billion , you will see its initial spike,that's for sure. Probably to about the 85 dollar level. But , I think, at that point, you are gonna turn around and look to see what the demand is, even at the low levels that OPEC is producing. And I don't think we are gonna see the demand may, will be there, even for those numbers. So, I expect that the market will be very weak or will be very range-bound, say, between 70 and 90 dollars. But if they come in less that cut,if they come in and say one and two, (Yeah. ) I think we'll take a shot towards 60 dollars. at this point.You know, finally , the shift that's happend this fall, so interesting as you see oil moving concert with stocks, which is the opposite of what we saw all summer. How long does that hang on? How long is that the case? Will these two move together? And it's really the demand that play?Well, I think , it's a matter really... I don't think they are so moving in tandem together. I think it just , kind of... it seems that way. And that's the way it's working out. But really it is about the demand in oil and when that demand starts to picking up , then you can see, you know, uh, the market. And actually the stock market could pick up at that point too, because a bigger demand means that economie's doing a little bit better. But I don't think there 's link as we think they are. I think it's just a moving tandem right now. Just a coincidence at this point. Alright,Anthony , appreciate your expertise, thank you.200810/53912福清第一医院是正规医院?城头镇人民医院妇科医生



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