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About 85.5 percent of people included in a new survey by China Youth Daily say they don#39;t have a feeling of belonging to the big cities where they live or work.《中国青年报》的一项最新调查显示,约85.5%的人表示他们对生活或工作的大城市没有归属感。The paper surveyed 2,000 young people working in China#39;s first-tier cities -- Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen -- to better understand their thoughts and living conditions.该报社对居住在中国北京、上海、广州和深圳等一线城市的2000名年轻人进行了调查,以便更好的了解他们的想法和居住成本。Most said they did not feel a sense of connection to the city they lived in, with 44.1 percent believing it#39;s because they don#39;t have hukou, or household registrations, in those cities.其中大多数人表示,他们感觉与自己居住的城市没有联系,有44.1%的人认为,这是由于他们没有大城市的户口造成的。Zhang Han, 30, who works in the IT industry, said he does not like his life in Beijing, even though he has a relatively high-paying job there.30岁的张涵在IT行业工作,他说自己不喜欢在北京的生活,尽管他的收入相对较高。;It is difficult for me to get a Beijing hukou, or to buy an apartment in Beijing in the near future,; Zhang said.张涵说道:“取得北京户口,或者在工作的附近买房,对我来说都太难了。”But Zhang does not plan to return to his hometown. ;It#39;s only in the big cities that I can use my knowledge and develop my career,; he said.不过他并不打算回家乡发展。他说:“我的知识只有在大城市才有用武之地,我也只有在大城市才能有好的发展。”Zhang is not alone. Some 43.8 percent surveyed said they cannot afford the high property prices in the big cities, and 42.6 percent said the high living costs make them feel unattached in the cities.有这种想法的可不止他一人。43.8%的受访者表示,大城市的高房价使他们买不起房,而42.6%的人则表示,高生活成本让他们觉得自己与大城市脱节。However, 55 percent said they still hope to keep working in a city. About 23 percent said they would like to return home, and 21.5 percent said they were not sure.不过,有55%的人表示,他们仍希望在一个城市工作下去。23%的人表示希望能回老家,21.5%的人则对未来不太确定。In the survey, 59 percent said big cities can provide more job opportunities, which is why they want to live there.调查中,59%的受访者称,大城市可以提供更多的工作机会,这就是他们为什么选择生活在那里。Some 49 percent said they can experience more new ideas and emerging industries in big cities, and 45.3 percent said transportation is more convenient.而大约49%的人表示,他们在大城市里可以体验更多的新事物和新兴行业,45.3%的人则认为交通更便利。 /201703/496278。

The finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards, which celebrate the year#39;s best in science fiction or fantasy works, were announced online by Worldcon 75 last Tuesday.上周二,Worldcon 75在网上公布了2017年雨果奖的最终入围作品。雨果奖是颁发给当年最杰出的科幻或奇幻作品的奖项。Chinese writer Liu Cixin, who was the first Asian writer to win the award, was nominated again this year for ;Death#39;s End;, a third novel in his trilogy ;Remembrance of Earth#39;s Past;.今年,我国作家刘慈欣凭借《三体》三部曲第三部《三体Ⅲ:死神永生》再获雨果奖提名。Liu previously won the award in 2015 for the first book in the trilogy, ;The Three-Body Problem;.2015年,刘慈欣凭《三体》三部曲第一部《三体》摘得雨果奖,成为首位获得该奖的亚洲作家。Experienced American science-fiction translator Ken Liu again helped Liu to translate ;Death#39;s End;, as he did on ;The Three-Body Problem;.帮助刘慈欣翻译《三体Ⅲ:死神永生》的译者是此前翻译《三体》三部曲第一部《三体》的美国资深科幻译者刘宇昆。If Liu wins, Chinese writers will have been recognized by the world#39;s highest sci-fic honor for three consecutive years, following Liu#39;s Best Novel win in 2015 and Chinese writer Hao Jingfang#39;s ;Folding Beijing; as the Best Novelette award recipient last year.2015年刘慈欣获得最佳长篇小说奖后,2016年我国作家郝景芳的《北京折叠》摘得最佳中短篇小说奖,如果今年刘慈欣折桂,将是中国作家连续三年获得这一世界科幻文坛最高荣誉的认可。The Three-Body Problem has witnessed great worldwide success and was welcomed by a number of celebrities all around the world, including former US President Barack Obama and George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire.《三体》在世界范围内取得了巨大成功,受到世界各地名流人士的欢迎,其中包括前美国总统奥巴马和《冰与火之歌》的作者乔治·R·马丁。 /201704/503728。

Get your variety right选择正确的品种Long grain rice varieties such as American, basmati and jasmine (brown or white) are regularly eaten as a side dish or as an accompaniment to curries (basmati is the best rice for cooking a biryani); while medium grain rice types such as bomba or Japanese-style rice are used for paella and sushi respectively. Short grain rice such as arborio is best used in risottos.美式米、印度香米和香米(糙米或白米)等长粒米品种通常是作为配菜食用或是作为咖喱的配餐食用(印度香米是做印度比尔尼亚菜的最好材料);而瓦伦西亚米或日式米等中粒米则被分别用于制作肉菜饭和寿司。艾保利奥米等短粒米则最适于烹饪烩饭。A bit about specialty rice关于特种稻米Black rice looks dramatic and makes an impressive change to white rice - it#39;s a wholegrain that works as a side dish or in a pilaf. Wild rice, on the other hand, isn#39;t a rice at all but a grass seed - it#39;s chewy and nutty and can be used in place of long grain varieties.黑米看起来引人注目,相较于白米而言,是一种令人印象深刻的变化--这是一种全谷物,可以做配菜也可以做小吃。另一方面,野生稻并不是大米,而是草籽--咀嚼起来有坚果风味,可用于替代长粒米品种。Not all rice is equally stored并非所有大米的储存方式都是一样的White rice lasts for years if it#39;s stored correctly, in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, or even frozen. Brown rice, however, hasn#39;t been stripped of its bran and germ so it still contains oils which can turn rancid so use within six months of buying, or keep it in the freezer where it will last for another year or so.如果保存得当,大米放几年都不会坏,要放在阴凉、干燥甚至是冷冻的密封容器内。然而,糙米仍携带着自身的麸皮和细菌,所以仍然含有油脂,放久了会发臭,因此最好在买回来的6个月内吃完,或是放在冰箱里,这样可以再保存一年之久。Toast before cooking煮之前烘烤Toasting dry rice, especially brown and wild varieties, in a little oil before cooking enhances its nutty flavor.在煮旱稻,尤其是糙米和野生稻之前,先放点油烘烤,可使其坚果味儿更浓。No rice cooker? No problem!没有电饭煲?没问题!There are numerous methods for making perfect cooked white rice without a rice cooker - here#39;s one: rinse two cups of rice in cold water (don#39;t over-rinse); add to four cups of boiling water and a sprinkling of salt; give it a stir then simmer, covered, for 20 minutes. Finally, turn the heat off and let the rice sit for another 5 minutes (this makes the rice fluffier).没有电饭煲?没关系,烹饪完美白米饭的方式多种多样--这儿就有一种:用冷水冲洗两杯左右的大米(不要过度冲洗);加入四杯开水、撒一点点盐;搅拌后盖上锅盖煨20分钟。最后,关掉电源,静置米饭5分钟就行啦(能让米饭更为松软)。Avoid rice poisoning避免米饭中毒Rice is a common source of food poisoning because of the Bacillus cereus bacterium, which can be toxic. Room temperature rice is a breeding ground for these bacteria so cooked rice needs to be cooled quickly (within an hour or two) and kept cold. When you reheat it make sure it#39;s evenly cooked. So if you#39;ve left last night#39;s takeaway out overnight it#39;s better to throw it out than reheat it.由于大米含有可能致毒的蜡状芽胞杆菌细菌,因此是一种常见的食物中毒来源。室温下的大米是这些细菌的滋生地,因此应尽快冷却煮熟的米饭(一至俩小时内)并保持冷却。再加热时要确保均匀加热。所以如果昨晚的外卖放了一夜,最好不要加热了,直接扔掉吧。译文属 /201705/509874。

Women should ‘stick to the day job’ if they want to have children after a study found those who work nightshift have fewer eggs. 一项研究发现,上夜班的女性卵子数量更少。想要生育子女的女性应该“坚持上白班”。Researchers at Harvard University followed 500 women who were seeking fertility treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital and found those who worked unsociable hours, or whose jobs involved heavy lifting, were less fertile. 哈佛大学的研究人员跟踪研究了麻省综合医院寻求生育治疗的500名女性,结果发现,在非正常时间上班的女性,和工作时需要搬重物的女性,更不易生育。The findings were based on the number of eggs produced by women when their ovaries were stimulated during IVF. 这些发现基于女性在接受试管受精治疗时,卵巢受到刺激时产生的卵子数量。Women who worked day shift produced an average of 11.2 eggs per session compared with 8.7 percent for nightshift workers, a decrease of 28 percent. 上白班的女性每个生理周期平均产生11.2枚卵子,而上夜班的女性每个周期平均产生8.7枚卵子,降低了28%。Likewise women whose jobs involved heavy lifting had 14 percent fewer eggs. 同样,工作中需要搬运重物的女性卵子数量要少14%。“Our study suggests that women who are planning pregnancy should be aware of the potential negative impacts that non-day shift and heavy lifting could have on their reproductive health,” said lead author Dr Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón. 研究报告的主要作者莉迪亚士说:“我们的研究表明,计划怀的女性要明白上夜班和搬重物对其生殖健康可能产生的负面影响。”The researchers believe that nightshift may disrupt circadian rhythm and prevent eggs from developing or maturing. 研究人员认为,上夜班会打乱生理节律,妨碍卵子发育或成熟。Prof Alastair Sutcliffe, Professor of Paediatrics at University College London said that women who were trying to become pregnant should try and avoid night work and heavy lifting. 伦敦大学学院儿科学教授阿拉斯泰尔-萨克利夫说,想要怀的女性应该尝试避免上夜班和搬重物。“Human beings like light,” he said. “When sunlight hits our retinae, the serotonin ‘happy hormone’ goes up instantly in the brain. Hence we love sunny winter days, but not dank overcast ones. 他说:“人类喜欢光。当太阳光射进视网膜,‘幸福荷尔蒙’血清素水平在大脑中立刻升高。因此我们喜欢阳光充足的冬日,而不是潮湿阴冷的日子。”“So shift work is not a biologically good way to work and folks who have to do this are known to get many ill health risks such hypertension. “所以从生物学上讲,倒班并不是一种好的工作方式。不得不倒班的人有诸多患病风险,比如高血压。” “So what does this study mean? If trying to optimise fertility, stick to the day job and leave the lifting to their partner.” “所以这个研究意味着什么?如果想让生育能力达到最优,要坚持上白班,让搭档搬重物。”The new research was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 这项新研究发表在《职业与环境医药》期刊上。Professor Darren Griffin, Professor of Genetics, University of Kent, added: “Women who are trying to start a family may take the study into account, perhaps avoiding heavy lifting and unsociable work hours as much as is possible during this time, especially if they are not falling pregnant within the first year of trying.” 肯特大学遗传学教授达伦-格里芬补充说:“想要生育子女的女性要考虑一下这项研究结果,或许要在这段时间尽可能避免搬运重物和上夜班,特别是在第一年试失败之后。” /201702/491496。

People don#39;t often look back on the early 1900#39;s for advice, but what if we could actually learn something from the Lost Generation?通常人们不会为了求取生活妙方而去回顾20世纪初的年代,不过如果那个“垮掉的一代”真的能对我们有所助益呢?The New York Public Library has digitized 100 ;how to do it; cards found in cigarette boxes over 100 years ago, and the tips they give are so practical that millennials ing this might want to take notes.纽约公共图书馆将一组100多年前的香烟盒上的“生活妙招”卡片进行了数字化处理,这些卡片上的小贴士实在太实用了,二十一世纪的我们看到了也会多加留意!When Boiling Cracked Eggs巧煮破鸡蛋To boil cracked eggs as satisfactorily as though they were undamaged, a little vinegar should be added to the water. If this is done, it will be found that none of the contents will boil out.想要把一个有裂缝的蛋当成完整的蛋来煮,还希望结果一样令人满意?不妨在水中加一点醋。这样一来,你会发现没有一点蛋清和蛋黄漏出来哦。 /201705/510878。

Discover the fascinating stories behind these festive traditions, from Christmas food and carols to greetings cards and crackers.从圣诞美食、圣诞颂歌到圣诞贺卡、圣诞拉炮,在圣诞节的传统节目背后都有什么有趣的故事呢?Having helped set up the Public Records Office (now the Post Office), Sir Henry Cole and artist John Horsley created the first Christmas card in 1843 as a way of encouraging people to use its services.在帮助创建了邮局之后,1843年亨利#12539;柯尔爵士和艺术家约翰.霍斯利一起制作了世界上第一张圣诞贺卡,鼓励人们使用邮政务。Cards cost a shilling (equivalent to almost £5.75 now) and stamps a penny (about 40p at modern prices). 当时一张圣诞贺卡价格是一先令(相当于现在的5.75英镑),一张邮票价格是一便士(相当于现在的40便士)。Advances in printing brought prices down, making cards hugely popular by the 1860s. 印刷术的进步让贺卡和邮票价格降了下来,使得圣诞贺卡在19世纪60年代曾盛行一时。By 1900 the custom of sending Christmas cards had sp throughout Europe.到了20世纪,寄圣诞贺卡的风俗已在欧洲流传开来。While Christmas trees have been around for a millennium in northern Europe, the first one did not appear in the UK until the 1830s. 虽然早在千年之前北欧国家就有圣诞树了,但是直到19世纪30年代,第一棵圣诞树才开始在英国出现。When Prince Albert put up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1841, he started what became an evergreen trend.1841年,阿尔伯特亲王在温莎堡置办了第一棵圣诞树,从那以后圣诞树就成为了长盛不衰的圣诞传统。Early mince pies were made of meat, fruit and spice and inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine brought back by the Crusaders.早期的肉馅饼受十字军战士带回的中东食谱启发,是用肉、水果和香料制成的。They commonly had 13 ingredients representing Christ and the Apostles, 这种肉馅饼加入了13种配料,代表耶稣和他的十二个使徒。and were formed in a large oval shape to represent the manger. 肉馅饼做成椭圆形状,象征耶稣降生的马槽。Meat had disappeared from the recipe by Victorian times, although beef suet is often still included.到了维多利亚时期,猪肉从配方中消失了,不过牛油仍是配料之一。Leaving stockings out at Christmas goes back to the legend of St Nicholas. 在圣诞节挂起长筒袜源于送礼人圣.尼古拉斯的传说。Known as the gift giver, on one occasion he sent bags of gold down a chimney at the home of a poor man who had no dowry for his unmarried daughters. 有一回圣.尼古拉斯把几袋金子放进一个穷人家的烟囱里,这个穷人没钱给他的女儿们置办嫁妆。The gold fell into stockings left hanging to dry. 结果金子正好掉进了那家人晾着的长筒袜中。St Nicholas was later referred to by the Dutch as Sinterklaas and eventually, by English-speakers, as Santa Claus.后来圣.尼古拉斯被荷兰人称为Sinterklaas,最后在英语中转变为了Santa Claus这个名字。Synonymous with Christmas and the subject of a traditional British folk carol, 提到圣诞节,人们就会想起冬青和常春藤,这两种植物还被写成了一首英国传统民谣。both holly and ivy were originally used in pre-Christian times to celebrate the winter solstice. 在前基督时代,人们用冬青和常春藤装点房屋来庆祝冬至。As they provide a rare splash of colour in the darkest month of the year, their popularity has endured.在一年中最阴冷的时节,冬青和常春藤给房间带来了一抹生机勃勃的绿色,因此几千年来一直广受欢迎。London sweet-maker Tom Smith invented Christmas crackers in the late 1840s, inspired by traditional, paper-wrapped French bonbons. 受传统的用纸包裹的法国棒棒糖启发,伦敦糖果商汤姆.史密斯在19世纪40年代末发明了圣诞拉炮。Even though he included mottos or riddles inside each, it was not until he found a way to make them crack when pulled apart that sales took off. 尽管他在每只圣诞拉炮里都会放格言或谜语,但直到他想出法子让其在拉动包装纸的时候发出啪的一声,圣诞拉炮的销量才开始飙升。His sons Tom, Walter and Henry later added hats and novelty gifts.他的儿子汤姆、沃尔特和亨利后来又加进了纸帽子和新奇礼物等创意。Turkeys originated in Mexico and were first brought to Britain in 1526 by William Strickland. 火鸡原本生长于墨西哥,1526年威廉.斯特里克兰将火鸡带到英国。Henry VIII enjoyed turkey and although the bird became fashionable in high society in the late 19th century it was Edward VII who made it de rigueur at Christmas for the middle classes.亨利八世很爱吃火鸡肉,于是吃火鸡肉在19世纪末的上流社会变得很流行,不过在爱德华七世的倡导下,火鸡才走入了中产阶级的家庭,成为圣诞节的必备菜肴之一。Even by 1930, however, it took a week’s wages to buy one and turkey remained a luxury until the 1950s.然而,即使到了20世纪30年代,买一只火鸡仍然要花掉一星期的工资,直到20世纪50年代火鸡都是一种奢侈的食物。Also known as plum or figgy pudding, this Christmas staple possibly has its roots as far back as the Middle Ages in a wheat-based pottage known as frumenty. 圣诞布丁也叫葡萄干布丁或无花果布丁,它可能起源于中世纪的一种叫作牛奶麦粥的食物。By the mid 17th century, it was thicker and had developed into a dessert with the addition of eggs, dried fruit and alcohol.到了17世纪中期,这种麦粥被做得更稠,逐渐发展成了加入鸡蛋、干果和酒的一种甜点。In Victorian times plum pudding was a Christmas favourite. 在维多利亚时期,圣诞布丁是最受欢迎的圣诞食物之一。It is traditionally made a week before Advent on what is known as stir-up Sunday.依照传统人们会在基督降临节前一周做圣诞布丁,这一天被称为唤醒星期日。Hanging mistletoe in the home is an ancient pagan practice adopted by early Christians. 在家中挂槲寄生是早期基督徒奉行的一种古老的异教徒做法。The word itself is Anglo-Saxon and the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe originated in England. 槲寄生的英文单词是古英语,在槲寄生下接吻的传统则源于英格兰。Each kiss required a berry to be plucked until none remained.每在槲寄生下接一个吻,就要采一颗莓果,直到树上的莓果都摘光。Carols were songs and dances of praise and joy in pagan times and the practice of carol singing carried over into the Christian era. 颂歌在异教徒时代是表达赞颂和喜悦的歌舞,唱颂歌的做法一直延续到了基督时代。Carols have been written through the centuries but the most familiar date from Victorian times. 几个世纪以来人们写了不少颂歌,不过最熟悉的颂歌来自维多利亚时代。Today, popular songs such as Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and Slade’s Merry Xmas Everybody are just as much a part of Christmas as carols.今天,平.克劳斯贝的《白色圣诞节》和斯莱德的《祝大家圣诞快乐》这样的流行歌曲也成为了圣诞颂歌。 /201612/485542。

1.Photography: 22.3 percent increase1.摄影:增长了22.3%Jobs for photographers grew by about 22 percent in Q3. The report’s authors attribute the increase to employers “finally understanding the importance of high-quality pictures on their landing pages.” The desire to expand and improve websites through employing trained, creative professionals was something of a recurring theme throughout this list.第三季度摄影师的工作增长了大约22%。报告的作者将这一增长归因于雇佣者“最终理解了他们的登录页面的高质量图片的重要性”。通过雇用受过培训的有创造力的专业人员来扩大提升网站知名度也是这一排行榜上的一个常在的主题。2.German: 22.2 percent increase2.德语:增长了22.2%Work that requires German language skills also grew significantly during the third quarter of 2016. Those who wish to work as German translators might be in luck these days.需要德语技能的工作也在2016年的第三季度显著增长。那些想做德语翻译工作的人或许近来很幸运。3.Video Editing: 19.2 percent increase3.视频编辑:增长了19.2%Video editors likely benefited from the same factors that caused the increase in photography jobs. It stands to reason that this kind of work expands alongside the need for increasingly sophisticated and appealing website designs.视频编辑很可能是得益于促进摄影技术工作增长的相同的因素。很显然这一工作的增长是伴随着有经验的吸引人的网站设计的日益增长需求而出现的。“This growth is further backed by Video Editing making an appearance at number 3 on the list with a 19% increase,” the report states, “as content becomes one of the initial draws and call to actions for most customer-focused websites. Heavy marketing through social media also increases this demand.”报告还写道“这一增长进一步依靠视频编辑技术,在第三季度显著增长了19%,因为视频内容已经成为了大多数顾客为中心的网站的首要的吸引和号召行为。通过社交媒体的大量的视频营销也助涨了这一需求。”4.Virtual Assistant: 17.6 percent increase4.虚拟助理:增长了17.6%Companies are always looking to save money, and outsourcing some roles to freelancers can help. Virtual assistants can perform many of the duties of full-time staffers, but with less commitment. These workers could help expand a business, or just encourage things to run more smoothly.公司一直都在寻求省钱的办法,将一些自由职业者能胜任的工作外包出去。虚拟助理可以做许多全职员工可以做的工作,但是忠诚度却比较低。这些员工可以帮助拓展商业渠道,或者促进事情更加顺利进行。5.Branding: 16.4 percent increase5.品牌推广:增长了16.4%Jobs for workers with branding skills were also on the rise during the third quarter of 2016, most likely thanks to “small businesses’ need to create cohesive and consistent strategies for their companies online,” according to the report.根据报告显示,2016年第三季度增长的工作人员需求还包括拥有品牌推广技能的人,很可能要感谢“小型企业”需要为他们的公司在线网站创造一种有凝聚力的一致性的策略。 /201703/496020。

Courts in Alaska now treat pets more like children in divorce proceedings, should the UK legal system be doing the same?阿拉斯加的法院在离婚诉讼中对宠物的处理方法与对待孩子相似,英国的法律体系也需要这么做吗?A rarely talked about aspect of divorce#8194;is what happens to the pets.For couples who spent many years together and jointly invested in their future - be it homes, children or finances - they may also have shared the care for a pet.在离婚中往往很少谈论到关于宠物这方面的问题。一对夫妇用很多年共同投资他们的未来,包括房子、孩子还有资产,可能也包括他们共同照顾的宠物。Under English law, pets are considered property just like cars, handbags and furniture so their welfare is not considered in the same way as for children - even though for many people they are an integral part of the family.在英国的法律中,宠物只会像车、手提袋或者家具那样被照料,所以他们不会用考虑孩子那样的方式考虑宠物——即使他们是很多家庭不可分割的一部分。But things are starting to change: last month#8194;Alaska enacted a law which will treat pets more like children, the state said courts now will “take into consideration the well-being of the animal” when deciding which party the pets go to.但是事情已开始转变:上个月阿拉斯加颁布了法律规定宠物将更像小孩一样被对待,规定表明法庭将“考虑宠物的幸福”来决定哪一方带走宠物。Their default option is to assign joint custody of the pets, like the preferred option for children.默认的选择是指定双方共同监管宠物,像对待孩子时的最优选择一样。Divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag, who has represented several high-profile and wealthy clients at her family law firm Vardags, says pets can often be a source of huge emotional value and consequently conflict during divorce proceedings.离婚律师艾莎#8226;瓦达格在她的家庭律师事务所受理了数位富裕又有名气客户的诉讼,她说宠物往往会成为情感价值争夺和离婚诉讼冲突的来源。“It becomes something very deep-seated and they [the parties] hang their emotions onto it,” she told The Independent. “Part of their mental state is that it is the end of their love, marriage and family life and the pets, which were such an integral part of it, acquire such a huge emotional significance.”“它变得十分根深蒂固,而且他们(当事人)会将情感寄托在上面,”她接受《独立报》采访时说,“他们一部分精神状态是源于这是他们爱情、婚姻、家庭生活和宠物的结束,是他们生活本不可或缺的一部分,因此获得巨大的情感意义。”A post on Reddit#8194;last year revealed a woman’s turmoil about leaving her husband partly because they shared two cats. “We have two cats that are literally the two things that I love most in the world,” she wrote. “One of them is more ‘attached’ to him and one of them is more ‘my’ cat. I would never want to separate him from ‘his’ cat because I know it’s best for both of them if they remain together but I love that stupid cat so god damn much, the thought of leaving him behind is extremely painful and distressing.”去年在Reddit网站上有篇关于一个女人因为他们共同养的两只猫而离开她的丈夫的帖子。“我们有两只猫,他们是我在世界上最喜欢的不可或缺的两件事情。”她写道,“一只更“附加”于他,一只更倾向于“我”。我永远不想将他从他的猫中分离出来因为我知道如果它们继续在一起对它们来说是最好的选择,但我太喜欢这只蠢猫了,离开他的背后是极其痛苦的。”译文属 /201702/493586。