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What are you thinking?I was...er.你在想什么 我在thinking about Einstein and the relativity.And stars.想爱因斯坦和相对论 还有星星Its possible for a perfect star to collapse into nothingness.一颗完美的恒星是可能坍圮消失的If its a perfect sphere than it can collapse and become infinitely dense,如果它是很完美的球体 那它就能坍圮成为无限密实的物体so dense that everything is pulled down into nothing.密度之大 它能拉入一切物体而变成虚无But the conditions have to be right.What conditions?但条件必须刚刚好 什么条件Yeah, if it is a perfect sphere,如果恒星是完美的球体if a place has been very moving, if even its very beautiful.如果那里很动人 很美丽The condition has to be ideal,and is possible for the pull of the gravity,条件必须是理想的 才能使重力牵引一切to stop everything escaping,everything in nothing.不让任何物体逃走 把一切拉入虚无Oh, no!Wasnt that bad, was it?不好 没那么差劲吧My bag, I left it in the theatre.Shall we?我的包 我落在剧院了 我们走吧Oh, can you see these stars? Look, there, see?Found it!你能看到星星吗 看 在那儿 看到了 找到了Hamlet doesnt act.That is his fate to avoid. If he acted, if he did something.哈姆雷特什么都没做 他躲避自己的命运 如果他做了什么.Shorten the play.It saves his life.戏不就短多了 会救他的命201512/415345Hello.My name is Stephen Hawking physicist,cosmologist,and something of a dreamer.大家好 我是史蒂芬·霍金 一个物理学家 宇宙学家 有时还是个梦想家Although I cannot move and I have to speak through a computer,in my mind,I am free...虽然我行动不便 也必须通过电脑发声 但我的思绪却在自由驰骋Free to explore the deepest questions of the Universe.得以探索关于宇宙的大哉问Among them, the deepest of all...其中最深奥的一则ls there a God who created and controls the Universe from the stars and the planets to you and me?是否有上帝创造并控制宇宙 从恒星 行星 到你跟我Finding out takes us on a journey through the laws of nature,要找出 必须历经一趟 自然法则之旅for there,I think,lies the answer to the age-old mystery我认为亘古谜题的即藏于其间of how the Universe was made and how it really works.Check it out.即宇宙如何形成又是如何运作 欢迎观看I recently published a book that asked if God created the Universe.我最近出版一本书 问到是否真有上帝造宇宙It caused something of a stir.掀起了不小的风波People got upset that a scientist人们不太高兴 一名科学家should have anything to say on matters of religion.胆敢对宗教议题发言I have no desire to tell anyone what to believe,我无疑告诉任何人该相信什么but for me, asking if God exists is a valid question for science.但我认为上帝是否存在 是合宜的科学提问201602/428410

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201504/370558

For many, the turkey is one of the highlights of Thanksgiving. So why do we waste so much of it?对许多人来说,火鸡是感恩节的亮点之一。那么,为什么我们会浪费这么多呢?The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the country wastes 35 percent of all turkey meat over the course of the year. And its not hard to guess the day its cooked the most.美国农业部估计,国家今年浪费了百分之三十五的火鸡肉。不难猜到火鸡烹饪最多的一天。A lot of that waste ends up in landfills - a situation made worse by the greenhouse gases the food then releases into the atmosphere.大量的垃圾最终被填埋,更糟糕的是废弃的食物会产生温室气体排放到大气中。Supermarkets could be partly to blame. Theyve historically made turkey cheaper as Thanksgiving nears to get shoppers to buy the rest of the meals ingredients and other impulse purchases from their stores as well.部分原因归咎于超市。随着感恩节临近,他们历史性的降低火鸡价格让消费者购买一餐的原料,以及他们店里的其它东西。Turkeys arent only cheaper; theyre bigger. Artificial insemination practices since the 1940s have now made the birds more than twice as big before slaughter than they were in the 1920s.火鸡不仅便宜,而且很大。自20世纪40年代人工授精以来,火鸡比20世纪20年代的两倍还要大。But a final reason for all the Thanksgiving overabundance, and waste in general, may be due to the best of intentions.感恩节食物过多,大体浪费的最终原因可能是因为最好的意图。A senior advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Councils Food and Agriculture Program told The Huffington Post a lot of overabundance comes from trying to accommodate guests individual tastes and dietary restrictions.美国自然资源保护委员会食品与农业项目资深律师告诉赫芬顿邮报,大量食物过剩源于满足客人的个人品味和饮食限制。译文属。201511/412633

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