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One morning as Cam left the radio station, he saw a young man sitting in an old yellow Dodge in the parking lot Cam waved to him and drove away. When he went back to work that night, he noticed the car again, parked in the same space. After a couple of days, it dawned on him that this car had not moved, The fellow in it always waved cordially to him as he came and went. What was he doing sittting in his car three days, in the terrible cold?一天早晨,卡梅伦离开电台时看见一个年轻人坐在停车场的一辆黄色道奇里卡梅伦向他挥了挥手然后驾车离开了当他回去晚上回去工作的时候,他又注意到了那辆车,停在同一个地方几天之后,他突然意识到那辆车一直在那,当他进出的时候,车里的那家伙总是诚恳地向他挥手问好,这个人在天寒地冻的天里一连三天待在自己车里干什么呢?Cam discovered the answer the next morning. This time as he walked near the car, the man rolled his window down. ;He introduced himself and said he had been in his car days with no money or food,; Cam recalled,;He had driven to t Worth from out of town to take a job, but he arrived three days early and couldnt go to work right away.第二天早晨卡梅伦发现了这一次当他走到离那辆车很近的时候,那个人把车窗摇下来了“他做了下自我介绍,并且说他已经在车里待了好几天,没有钱,也没有吃的,”卡梅伦回忆道“他从城外开车去沃思堡工作,但他早到了三天,不能马上去上班”;Then, very reluctantly, he asked if he might borrow a dollar a snack to get him by until the next day, when he would start work and get a salary advance, I didnt have a dollar to lend him; I barely had gas to get home. I explained my situation and walked to my car, wishing I could have helped him.;“然后,他很难为情地问我能否借他一美元让他去买点吃的撑到明天,等他工作了他会提前预工资,我没有钱借给他,家里连煤气都没有了我向他解释了下我的状况,然后走向了我自己的车,我真希望我能帮助他” 18。

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  • Last week, I was in Bruges. We were standing in front of yet another unbelievably stunning painting by the Flemish artist Hans Memling, in a th century hospital built specifically the poor, when my daughter said ;Oh no. Another picture of Jesus. Did they ever paint anything else?;上周我去了布鲁日,在一家世纪专门为穷人建造的医院里,我们正欣赏着佛兰德艺术家Hans Memling的一副惊世画作,我女儿突然说,“我了个去,又是耶稣像,他们还能画点别的么”;Source; ;I had to laugh. Although I knew that most artists of the th century were obliged to paint religious scenes and that these were some of the best ever painted, I shared her complaint. the last hour wed gone from one brilliant depiction of the infant Jesus to another, without a profane image in sight. The whole town was saturated in a heavy religious culture. The accumulative effect was becoming monotonous - even oppressive.我只能笑笑我对此深有同感,虽然我知道,世纪的艺术家们不得不去画那些宗教场景,即便有些是存世画作中最好的最后一小时,我们看了一幅又一幅小耶稣的精画像,全无半点亵渎之意整个小镇浸淫在一种浓厚的宗教文化氛围中,日积月累之后略显单调甚至沉闷Which got me thinking if someone who believes in what being depicted in these paintings is struggling to connect with their spiritual content, perhaps all this rich culture is obscuring rather than enhancing the story that inspired it. Is it possible to find the original spark of faith in it - or has it been snuffed out by the weight of tradition and history. Could I even spot the difference?我不由得想,如果相信画中场景的人难以与画作精神内涵取得共鸣,恐怕这丰富的文化不但没能突出画中的故事,反而使其面目模糊能否在其中发现最初那一星半点的信仰呢?又或者,这种信仰是不是最终被传统和历史的厚重感给抹杀了呢?我能看出这两者的差别来吗? 59。
  • Bright Star by John Keats《明亮的星,作者:约翰·济慈Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art-- not in lone splendour hung aloft the night and watching, with eternal lids apart. Like nature patient, sleepless Eremite.明亮的星星,但愿我能如你坚定--但并非孤独地在夜空闪烁高悬,睁着一双永不合拢的眼睛犹如苦修的隐士彻夜无眠The moving waters at their priestlike task of pure ablution round earth human shores.凝视海水冲洗尘世的崖岸,好似牧师行施净体的沐浴Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask Of snow upon the mountains and the moors-- no-yet still steadfast, still unchangeable.或正俯瞰下界的荒原与群山被遮盖在轻轻飘落的雪罩里---并非这样--却永远坚定如故Pillowd upon my fair love ripening breast, to feel ever its soft fall and swell, awake ever in a sweet unrest.枕卧在我美丽的爱人的胸膛,永远能感到它的轻轻的起伏,永远清醒,在甜蜜的不安中Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath, and so live ever---or else swoon to death永远、永远听着她轻柔的呼吸,永远这样生活---或昏厥而死去 6353。
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