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Mike出差刚回来,遇到同事Larry。Larry: Hey, Mike! Good to have you back! You look exhausted!Mike: Hi, Larry. Yeah, Im totally beat. I can barely keep my eyes open!L: Was it a rough trip?M: Well, it was actually pretty productive, but all the flying really got to me.L: Ah, jet lag... the scourge of business travelers.M: Yep. I flew from Beijing to Boston for a meeting, and then hopped back on a plane for a flight to the trade fair in Frankfurt. Then back to Beijing before catching a train back here to Shanghai.Mike出差回来十分疲惫,因为要倒时差Jet lag. Larry说时差是the scourge of business travelers. Scourge is spelled s-c-o-u-r-g-e, 意思是灾祸。Mike抱怨说,All the flying really got to me. 飞来飞去真是把我折腾坏了。说一件事情get to me,意思是这件事情对我产生了影响。L: Wow! Thats a lot of traveling! No wonder youre exhausted!M: The worst thing was adjusting to the time zones! Its so hard to get used to the difference!L: Yeah, its hard. You know jet lag only hits if you travel east-west or west-east. You could fly from Germany to Cape Town in South Africa and you wouldnt feel anything.M: Right... because its all in the same time zone. Unfortunately for me... all my travel was between different time zones. Ive gotta say: Im really suffering! Why is jet lag so nasty?Mike出差去的地方老是跨时区time zones,所以the worst thing was adjusting to the time zones. 最讨厌的就是倒时差。从一个时区进入另一个时区,为什么会有时差,让身体感觉不舒呢?L: Travel between time zones basically resets your bodys internal clock.M: So when you travel between time zones your body is thrown off its cycle?L: Exactly! Some experts say it takes a full day to recover from each time zone you cross.M: Wow, thats a long time. Im going to need a few weeks off!L: (Chuckle) That would be best, but unfortunately our boss isnt quite that generous.M: Is there anything I can do to make my jet lag less severe the next time I make an international trip?Larry解释说,进入一个新时区,就要重新调整生物钟。Reset the bodys internal clock。换句话说,your body is thrown off its cycle,身体原来的作息周期被打乱了。To throw off,意思是让一件事情偏离预期的轨道。比如,His performance in the game was thrown off by the injury,伤势让他的比赛表现受到了影响。有什么办法让倒时差不那么痛苦吗?我们下次继续听。 /201201/167930商业英语口语 25暂无文本 /200707/16098

Youve got to be patient.你一定要有耐心。Yes, I know. I just cannot control myself.是的,我知道。我只是控制不了自己。Be patient, dear.亲爱的,要有耐心。You should be patient and careful in doing that job.做那份工作你需要耐心和细心。Try to be patient with their inability to accept your training.要是他们不能接受你的培训,你要有耐心。I think its going very well, actually.事实上,我觉得一切进展得很不错。You should show enough patience with yourself and others.你要对自己和他人多一些耐心。I think its going very well, actually. 事实上,我觉得一切进展得很不错。Really? Do you think so?真的吗?你真这么觉得吗?We get along quite well with the project.我们的项目进展得很不错。I think its looking really good.我觉得这看起来都很好。F think you have done well this quarter.我认为你这个季度进展得不错。 /201503/362051

  在陈豪工作的A美国公司,大多数人都在各自的小隔间里工作。可是今天陈豪没法集中精神工作。为什么呢?你听了他对美籍华人Mary的对话就知道了。(Office ambience)C:Good morning, Mary, do you have a minute to talk?M:Yes, what is it?C::我们都坐在各自的小隔间里工作...英文叫什么来啦?M: 你是说我们工作的地方,就象我这里有三快矮墙把我和别人隔开。这不就是cubicles吗?C:That's it, cubicles. 在cubicles里工作平时一点问题都没有,可有时...M:What happened?C:刚搬到我隔壁来坐的那位同事今天一早来就打电话,说话声音还特别大,I can't work anymore!M:我知道,在隔间的情况下,说话都得小声。Whether you are on the phone or have someone in you cubicle, speak softly.C:隔间没有门,但这并不等于谁都可以随时闯进来呀!M:No, no one should think they can barge in whenever they want. 每个人都应该象你刚才那样,先问我有没有时间后才进来。I wish everyone was as courteous as you。C:Thank you,Mary。我知道要是有人打断我的工作,我应该对他们说明,但是我又不想让人认为我很不友好。M:不会的。要是正在你忙的时候有同事来找你,你可以说你现在正忙,和他约好一个时间再谈。C:That's a good idea。Thank you, Mary。我得回去工作了。M:Hi, 陈豪。好几天没见你啦。还有人来打搅你吗?C:我按照你说的去做,一切都很好。 可是还有....M:还有什么呀?C:有时候有人来找我,我正在打电话,可来人居然站在旁边不走。That's annoying and distracting to me。M:对这样的人,我有个办法,就是只当没看见他;背对著他。 That usually does the trick and they leave。C:好,我下回试试。哟,Mary,那是什么声音呀?好象谁在啃黄瓜,或胡萝卜!M:I think my neighbor is munching on potato chips。陈豪, let's go lunch!C: 在cubicles里工作看来真是要十分小心。M:Right. Working in cubicles can be challenging. Just because an office doesn't have a door does not mean you can barge in anytime you please. You need to ask permission before entering someone's cubicle. If a colleague is on the phone, you should come back later. It is a simple matter of respecting the privacy of others. /04/67531

  第66期:订购When can we expect your confirmation of the order?您什么时候确认订单?A:When can we expect your confirmation of the order?A:您什么时候确认订单?B:As soon as I hear from Beijing,that will be either Friday or Saturday.B:我一收到北京的消息就办。不是星期五就是星期六。Can you arrange freight and insurance?你能安排货运和保险吗?A:Can you arrange freight and insurance?A:你能安排货运和保险吗?B:Yes,we can. But the fees are extra.B:可以,不过费用另算。Can you meet orders of over 1000 garments at one time?—次订货1000件以上,你们能满足吗?A:Can you meet orders of over 1000 garments at one time?A:一次订货1000件以上,你们能满足吗?B:No problem.B:没问题。I’ll place a trial order with you.I’ll send a trial order to you.我就向你公司试订一批货吧。A:I can promise you that.A:我保做到。B:Good. Ill place a trial order with you.B:那好。我就向你公司试订一批货吧。trial (n.)试用,尝试We shall place an order with you in a few days.我公司大概几天后会下订单。A:We shall place an order with you in a few days.A:我公司大概几天后会下订单。B:Im glad to hear that.B:很高兴听您这么说。We will send you a purchase order in one week.—个星期之内我会寄订单给你。A:We will send you a purchase order in one week.A:一个星期之内我会寄订单给你。B:Once we get your purchase order,we will begin preparing.B:保没问题。我们一接到您的订单,就会备货。 /201503/365946。


  ,。,。。,。,。。,。, /200804/36535陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他走出电梯,刚好遇到美国同事Amy.(Office ambience)A:Hi Chen Hao, you look upset. What's wrong?C:电梯太挤了,我差点就没下来。A:Why couldn't you get off?C:我从一楼大厅上电梯的时候是第一个,所以就站到了最里面,到了三楼后,很多人挤进来,就把我堵在了里面。A:Sometimes people on elevators can be quite rude and treat others with sheer indifference. They don't seem to realize that the rules of manners apply to elevators as well.C:坐电梯都有些什么规矩呢?A:To start with, if you had waited to get on the elevator, you would have been near the front and not had to push your way through the crowd to exit.C:我是怕人多,挤不上去,所以上电梯的时候总是抢在最前头。A:There's always another elevator.C:你说的对,我只上两层,以后不用第一个就挤进去。A:When you got on, you should have stepped to the side near the door so you would be out of the way of others trying to follow.C:但是如果是到顶楼设计部去,就应该站到最里面了吧?A:You reminded me. I am planning to see the new media exhibit on the 20th floor this afternoon. Would you like to go with me?C:我也正打算去呢。那咱们下午见。******Amy和陈豪下午一起坐电梯上楼去看展览。C:挤死我了,有些人坐电梯真是不讲礼貌。A:At the least the man at the front of the elevator who was not getting off until the top floor was polite.C:我也注意到了。他每到一层都会走出去,帮下电梯的人拦着门。A:Another polite move when you are standing by the elevator panel is to figure out which buttons hold the doors open and which ones close them.C:对啊,有一次我赶到电梯门口时,门几乎已经关上了,里面的人看到我,马上按了Open的键,才让我开会没迟到。A:As an added courtesy, offer to push the appropriate floor for the people who can't reach the buttons.C:其实这些都是最基本的礼节嘛。A:One last thing...when the elevator arrives and the door opens, stand back. Give people room to exit. Besides if you don't, you could get run over.C:Amy, 说了这么多,能总结一下坐电梯的规矩吗?A:Elevator etiquette is simple. Be considerate. If you will be exiting soon, stand near the door. If you will be one of the last to get off, stand near the back.C:总而言之,坐电梯也要讲礼貌,让大家都感到方便。 /09/83690

  A:It's difficult for us to push the sale of your digital cameras nowadays. 如今想要提升你数码相机的销售量很难啊.B:What seems to be the problem? 问题在那里?A:Price.Frankly, your price is on the high side. 价格.说实话,你们的价格偏高.B:As you may have noticed,the price skyrockets in raw materials,so we're forced to adjust our prices accordingly. 你可能已经注意到,原材料价格猛涨,所以我们也不得不相应地调整价格.A:I'm sorry to say we have to close business at that price. Aren't we old friends?We've had a very good business relationship over the past years,I suggest you make an appropriate reduction. 很抱歉,我们只能按那个价格销售.我们不是老朋友了吗?过去几年我们合作一直都很愉快,我建议你适当地降低价格.B:Well,in view of our good cooperation over the past years. Let's meet each other halfway;I'll make a reduction by3%. 那好吧,考虑到我们过去几年里都合作愉快,我们各让一步,我会将价格下调3%. /201003/100208Dealing with an interruption A: Excuse me, Ms. Montgomery? B: I’m sorry, Jeff. Please don’t interrupt me right now. I’m in the middle of a conversation.A: Oh, I’m sorry, Ms. Montgomery. I’ll come back later.B: That’s all right. I’ll be finished in a little while. 受到干扰A:对不起,蒙格玛利女士?B:抱歉,杰夫, 这会儿请不要打扰我。我正在和别人谈话。A:对不起,蒙格玛利女士。我待会再来。B:好。我一会就完了。 /200812/59282

  high-and-mighty 傲慢的(非正式)英文释义 Overly proud of oneself; feeling more important than other people.例句 Since she won the prestigious prize last month my sister has been acting very high-and-mighty and never returns anyones phone calls or talks with her old friends.自从上月获得了这个著名奖项之后,我开始变得十分傲慢,从来不回别人的电话,也不和老友交谈。 /201212/211750


  Arranging a holiday scheduleA: Mr. Martin? I need to talk to you for a minute.B: Certainly, Mr. Emory. Is there a problem, sir?A: Well, I’d just like you to help me with the holiday schedule.B: Fine, Mr. Emory. Let me just grab a pad and pen.安排假期上班表A:马丁先生?我需要和你谈谈。B:当然,埃默里先生。有什么问题吗?A:嗯,我希望你帮我排出假期日程。B:好,埃默里先生。等我拿纸笔来。 /200705/13853

  Talking about sportsA: Guess what, Mark?B: What? What’s up?A: Our softball team is in the finals! We’re playing the McGrath office on Saturday.B: Fantastic! I’ll be there!体育闲谈A:你猜怎么着,马克?B:怎么了?什么事?A:咱们的垒球队进入决赛了。星期六咱们对麦格拉斯公司队。B:好极了。我一定去。 /200706/13930


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