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福清无痛人流哪里安全在福清市妇幼保健院新院引产多少钱Large Fried Meat大酥肉 An outlander was invited to attend a local wedding of in Yunnan province. After chatting with the locals for a long time, he was avid for a sumptuous meal. So when the dinner was y, the famished outlander was completely enticed by a bowl of large fried meat which was golden and greasy. He quickly picked a piece to eat but soon found it too large to eat up. Indeed, it was as thick as a beer mug and as long as a pair of chopsticks.In order not to be laughed at by the locals and not to be regarded as a prodigal, he made all his effort trying to finish it. However, the idea was soon turned out entirely impractical. Embarrassed, he could not come up with any idea to make amends. Seeing this, the local who sat next to him kindly told him the right way to cope with the large fried meat. “It is not served at dinner but for take-out.” The local said with a smile. “It is regarded as a gift for the guest which can be taken home to make soup after being cut into small pieces or to eat around Huo Tang(a kind of Chinese fireplace), after being cut into strips.”外地人来吃酒席,看见大酥肉金黄闪亮,馋涎欲滴,急急夹到碗中,努力吃了不到一半,怎么也吃不下去了,欲罢不能很是尴尬。大酥肉个头是真大,个个都有啤酒杯粗,长度与筷子等身. 其实大酥肉不是在桌上吃的,是专门让赴宴的客人打包带回家的。所以旧时的席上都会给客人备上几张草纸,一作餐巾纸用,一作打包大酥肉之用。客人带回家去,或切片煮汤,足够一家人一顿的了,或切成小段,围着火塘吃。 /201505/375886福清市第一人民医院属于几级? An earthquake nearly 3,000 years ago may be the culprit in the mysterious disappearance of one of China#39;s ancient civilizations, new research suggests.最新研究发现,3000年前的一场地震可能是导致中国一个古文明被毁灭的原因。The massive temblor may have caused catastrophic landslides, damming up the Sanxingdui culture#39;s main water source and diverting it to a new location.这次巨大的震动可能引起了灾难性的滑坡和山崩,挡住了三星堆文明的主要水源,并将水引到了一个新的地点去。That, in turn, may have spurred the ancient Chinese culture to move closer to the new river flow, study co-author Niannian Fan, a river sciences researcher at Tsinghua University in Chengdu,China, said Dec. 18 at the 47th annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.所以中国的这个古老文明不得不随着新的水流方向搬迁到新的地方去,成都清华大学的河流科学研究员兼这份研究的合著者范年年在12月18号于旧金山举行的第47届美国地球物理学会年会上说。Ancient civilization古老文明In 1929, a peasant in Sichuan province uncovered jade and stone artifacts while repairing a sewage ditch located about 24 miles (40 kilometers) from Chengdu. But their significance wasn#39;t understood until 1986, when archaeologists unearthed two pits of Bronze Age treasures, such as jades, about 100 elephant tusks and stunning8-feet-high (2.4 meters) bronze sculptures that suggest an impressive technicalability that was present nowhere else in the world at the time, said PeterKeller, a geologist and president of the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana,California, which is currently hosting an exhibit of some of these treasures.1929年,四川一个农民在距离成都40公里处发现了一些玉石工艺品。但是直到1986年人们才发现了这些东西的重要性,当时考古学家们出土了两处青铜时期的宝藏,比如玉器,大约100个象牙,以及2.4米高的青铜雕塑,这表明中国当时所拥有的高超工艺技术是世界上其他地方所没有的,加州圣安娜鲍尔斯物馆的地质学家兼主席Peter Keller如是说,该馆目前正在展览这其中的一些宝藏。The treasures, which had been broken and buried as if they were sacrificed, came from a lost civilization, now known as the Sanxingdui, a walledcity on the banks of the Minjiang River.这些宝藏——在埋葬之前先被弄破,好像作为一种牺牲品似的——来自一个迷失的文明,即现在所谓的三星堆文明,这是岷江岸边上的一座城市。;It#39;s a big mystery,; said Keller,who was not involved in the current study.“这是一个巨大的未解之谜,”PeterKeller说,他并没有参与目前的这项研究。Archaeologists now believe that the culture willfully dismantled itself sometime between 3,000 and 2,800 years ago, Fansaid.考古学家现在认为这个文化在大约3000年到2800年间自行消失,范年年说。;The current explanations for why it disappeared are war and flood, but both are not very convincing,; Fan toldLive Science.“目前对该文明失落的解释是战争和洪灾,但是这两个理由都不是很让人信,”范年年对Live Science说。But about 14 years ago, archaeologists found the remains of another ancient city called Jinsha near Chengdu. TheJinsha site, though it contained none of the impressive bronzes of Sanxingdui,did have a gold crown with a similar engraved motif of fish, arrows and birdsas a golden staff found at Sanxingdui, Keller said. That has led some scholars to believe that the people from Sanxingdui may have relocated to Jinsha.但是在14年前,考古学家在成都附近找到了另一座古老城市金沙的遗址。这个金沙遗址虽然不包含有三星堆遗址中出土的青铜器,但是在里面发现了一个金,上面雕刻有鱼,弓箭和鸟,这与三星堆中发现的金物体相似,Keller说。所以有些学者就认为三星堆的人民后来可能迁移到了金沙。But why has remained a mystery.但为何依然是个迷。Geological and historical clues地质和历史方面的线索。Fan and his colleagues wondered whether an earthquake may have caused landslides that dammed the river high up in the mountains and rerouted it to Jinsha. That catastrophe may have reduced Sanxingdui#39;s watersupply, spurring its inhabitants to move.范和他的同事怀疑是否曾今发生过一次地震,导致滑坡,从而将高山上的河流堵塞,迫使河流改道到金沙。那将导致三星堆的水供给减少,所以促使其居民搬迁。The valley where Sanxingdui sits has alarge flood plain, with 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) of high terraced walls that were unlikely to have been cut by the small river that now flows through it,Fan said.三星堆所坐落的山谷上有一个巨型的泛滥平原,其高高的阶梯状墙体长达7公里,不太可能被现在流经这里的小河流所阻断,范说。And some historical records support their hypothesis. In 1099 B.C., ancient writers recorded an earthquake in the capitalof the Zhoudynasty, in Shaanxi province, Fan said. Though that spot is roughly 250miles (400 kilometers) from the historic site of Sanxingdui, the latter culture didn#39;t have writing at the time, so it#39;s possible the earthquake epicenter was actually close to Sanxingdui — but it just wasn#39;t recorded there, Fan said.Geological evidence also suggests that an earthquake occurred in the generalregion between 3,330 and 2,200 years ago, he added.而一些历史记录也持了他们的假设。在公元前1099年,古代作家记录了在陕西省的周朝首都所发生的一次地震,范说。虽然这个地点距离三星堆遗址有400公里远,但是由于三星堆当时还没有书写文化,所以极有可能这次的地震就发生在三星堆附近,但是没有书面记录,范说。地质学上的据也表明大约在3330年到2200年之间这个大区域发生过一次地震,他说。Around the same time, geological sediment ssuggest massive flooding occurred, and the later-Han dynasty document ;The Chronicles of the Kings of Shu; records ancient floods pouring from amountain in a spot that suggests the flow being rerouted, Fan said. (Around 800 years later, Jinsha residents built a wall to preventflooding.)大约同时,地质沉积物表明发生了大规模的洪灾,在后汉时期的文献《蜀王编年史》记录了来自一处山头的洪水,表明河流被改道了,范说。(大约800年后,金沙居民建了一座墙用来防洪)。A river rerouted?一条河流被改道了?Together, the findings hint that a major earthquake triggered a landslide that dammed the river, rerouting its flow and reducing water flow to Sanxingdui, Fan said. 总之,这些发现向人们暗示了一个大地震引发了滑坡并堵塞了河流,河流从而改道,三星堆所获得水资源从而减少,范说。But if so, where did the river getrerouted? The team found clues high up in the mountains in the deep and wideYanmen Ravine, at about 12,460 feet (3,800 meters) above sea level.如果真是这样,那河流被改道到哪里去了呢?科研团队在又深又宽的雁门峡谷的高山上发现了线索,在海平面3800米上。The modern-day river cuts through theravine, which was carved by glaciers about 12,000 years ago. Yet the telltalesigns of that glacial erosion — bowl-shaped basins known as cirques — are mysteriously absent for a long stretch of the ravine. The team hypothesizes that an earthquake spurred an avalanche that then wiped out some of the cirquesabout 3,000 years ago.如今的河流穿过了这条峡谷,而这座峡谷是在12000年前由冰川雕琢而成。然而冰川侵蚀的迹象——碗状的盆地,即盆地谷——在峡谷的很长一段距离里都神秘消失了。该研究团队推断3000年前的一次地震引起了大崩塌,所以导致盆地谷的一部分消失。At this point, the theory is still very speculative, and additional geological data is needed to buttress it, Fan said.尽管如此,这样的理论依然是推测性的,需要额外的地质数据来持这样的推测,范说。And while the geological story is possible,Keller said, it doesn#39;t answer the basic question: ;What would motivate people to destroy their entire culture and bury it in two pits? And why didn#39;t the culture reemerge at Jinsha?;虽然从地质学的角度讲得通,但是基本的问题依然没有得到解答:“是什么促使人们摧毁自己的文化并将其埋葬在两个大坑里?为什么这样的文化没有在金沙重新出现? /201412/351122Half the people on the street are dressed to kill. Every second woman on the avenue and every second man on the town and every other kid on the jungle gym has his or her back clad in army green. Challenging the ubiquity of black outerwear in the cities and lending a flavor of the PX to the suburban shopping center, the color has conquered the national wardrobe. The history of getting dressed is in large part a story of borrowing combat garb — cravat and cardigan, bomber jacket and pea coat — but the proliferation of the army green jacket is different in kind and in degree.街上一半的人穿得好像要去杀人。街上一半的女人、城里一半的男人以及攀爬架上一半的孩子穿着军绿色。这种颜色正在挑战城市里无所不在的黑色外衣,给郊区购物中心增添一份不同的色——它征了美国人的衣橱。着装史在很大程度上是借鉴战斗装的过程,比如领巾和羊毛衫、短夹克和双排扣海军短大衣,但是这一次,军绿外套的大量出现在种类和程度上都不同于以往。The most symbolically resonant of this year’s models evoke the M-65 field jacket worn by ed States troops in Vietnam. The ideal color — the one approved by the Army Uniform Board — is “Army Green Shade 44,” but a variety of hues and cuts speak in the same idiom, likewise breathing military jargon into the general American vocabulary of dress.今年最有代表性的款式让人想起越战时美军穿的M-65野战短外套。最理想的颜色是曾被美国军装委员会(Army Uniform Board)批准的“44号军绿色”,不过各种颜色和剪裁都传达着同一个意思——把军事元素注入美国装语汇里。Proving immune to the seasonal cycles of designer fashion, retaining currency with elites despite its presence in bargain bins, losing no prestige with youth even as their elders try the same look, the army soldier’s green jacket has developed a status on par with that of the gold miner’s bluejeans with which it pairs so well.绿色军装夹克明自己不像名牌时装那样受季节限制,即使出现在特价区也依然受精英青睐,就算长辈们穿同样款式也不影响它在年轻人中的声望,它的地位已和淘金者的蓝色牛仔裤旗鼓相当——还真别说,它们是绝配。The green now regarded as a quintessentially American tradition emerged only recently. In the early 1800s, imperial armies kitted themselves out in similar shades, like the rifle green of the British and the Russian green of the czar, but Gen. George Washington had preferred the blue coat and buff breeches ordained by one of his old Virginia military companies and immortalized in the Charles Willson Peale portrait. Though Washington ordered the Continental Army into dark blue coats in 1779, the color did not become official nationwide until 1821. Nonetheless, the uniform’s details changed to suit new styles worn by European cavalry and on the streets of the new republic. In contrast to the rigidity of the French or the British or, for that matter, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Army maintained a uniform tradition that was ad hoc and improvisatory — haphazard at worst but dashingly Whitmanesque at its finest.绿色如今已被认为是典型的美国传统,其实它兴起的时间并不长。19世纪早期,皇家军队穿着类似颜色的装,比如英国的来福绿和沙皇的俄罗斯绿,但是乔治·华盛顿将军(George Washington)更喜欢他的弗吉尼亚老雇佣军公司制定的蓝色外套和浅黄色马裤,他的这个造型在查尔斯·威尔森·皮尔(Charles Willson Peale)的画笔下永垂不朽。1779年,华盛顿下令将大陆军的军上衣改为深蓝色,但是直到1821年,那种颜色才成为全国美军的官方颜色。不过,这种制的细节也做了些改动,以适应欧洲骑兵的新着装风格以及新共和国的街头风格。与法军、英军或美国海军的刻板相比,美国陆军的制传统独特而随性——最糟的时候,显得太过随便;最好的时候,具有帅气的惠特曼风格。When the tactics of the Spanish-American War showed the wisdom of some semblance of camouflage, blue gave way to khaki and eventually to the olive-brown tones of Dwight Eisenhower’s famous short jacket. The standard-issue olive drabs, or “O.D.s,” were openly derided. “It was a shade that might have reminded an imaginative observer of the color of vomit or even excrement,” the cultural critic Paul Fussell wrote in his 2002 book, “Uniforms.” After V-J Day, it became existentially necessary for the Army to address its image problem. Olive drab was a drag on morale and a handicap to recruitment, and the mass entry of army clothes to the civilian life, as worn by veterans to tend their lawns or to pump a customer’s gas, further eroded its prestige.在美西战争中,迷色展现出自己的优势,蓝色让位给卡其色,最终演变为德怀特·艾森豪威尔(Dwight Eisenhower)著名短夹克的橄榄绿棕色。标准的橄榄绿土褐色被公开嘲笑。“这种颜色可能会让人想起呕吐物甚至粪便的颜色,”文化批评家保罗·富塞尔(Paul Fussell)在他2002年出版的《制》(Uniforms)一书中写道。“二战”结束后,军队实在是需要考虑自己的形象问题了。橄榄绿土褐色挫败士气,影响征兵,而且军装开始大量进入平民生活,退伍军人穿着它打理草坪或者给顾客加油,军装的声望进一步遭到损害。In 1949, the Office of the Quartermaster General set about stabilizing the army uniform, and its search for a new color may have represented the most extensive development and market-testing process in the history of both apparel and bureaucracy. An advisory committee ruled that a neutral gray-green would be “flattering to the greatest range of people,” according to a later technical report. A team from the Quartermaster Corps proposed army uniforms to about 15,000 troops in 24 cities; quantified the relative enthusiasm of recruits, veterans and officers’ wives; and tested the new uniform on the ceremonial troop companies of the Third Infantry Regiment, a majority of which felt that officers and enlisted men should wear the same clothes.1949年,美国军需总办公室(Office of the Quartermaster General)开始着手将军颜色固定下来,它寻找军新颜色的过程可能是装和官僚史上最广泛的研发和市场测试过程。根据后来的一份技术报告,一个咨询委员会裁定,中性灰绿色会是“最讨人喜欢的颜色”。美国军需部(Quartermaster Corps)的一个小组向24个城市的约1.5个军队展示了多套军装;量化评估新兵、老兵和军官妻子对这些军装的热情程度;在第三步兵团(Third Infantry Regiment)的仪仗队公司测试新制,大部分公司认为军官和士兵应该穿同一种颜色。Phased in between the mid-’50s and early ’60s, the army green field uniform projected “the confidence and iness of an authoritative military force,” the historian Shelby Stanton wrote in “U.S. Army Uniforms of the Cold War, 1948-1973.” “Army green,” Stanton felt, “complemented the U.S. desire to project the most professional soldiering image toward its Cold War adversaries.” The M-65 is named for the year of its debut.史学家谢尔比·斯坦顿(Shelby Stanton)在《冷战时期的美军制》(U.S. Army Uniforms of the Cold War, 1948-1973)中写道,军绿色野战在50年代中期至60年代初被逐步采用,它表现出“官方军事力量的信心和备战状态”。斯坦顿感觉,“军绿色”“帮助美国向冷战对手塑造出最职业的士兵形象”。But only a few years later, as a youth revolt emerged around the world, anti-authoritarians pressed the army jacket into subversive service. Country Joe at Woodstock, John Lennon at Madison Square Garden and Jane Fonda on the Free the Army road show all treated costume as commentary. The counterculture kid in Army gear could razz the warmongering machine that had endowed the jacket with symbolic power, and he could honor boys destined to die in their boots, and he could also effectively affect a bohemian pose.但是,仅仅几年之后,随着青年造反运动在世界各地兴起,反威权主义者把军装用于颠覆活动。乡下佬乔乐队(Country Joe)在伍德斯托克音乐节(Woodstock)上、约翰·列侬(John Lennon)在麦迪逊广场花园、简·方达(Jane Fonda)在“解放军队”(Free the Army)巡回演出中,纷纷通过装来表达观点。反主流文化的青年通过穿军装来嘲笑美国这台好战机器赋予军装一种象征性权力,纪念那些注定在战场上死去的少年,与此同时还为为自己带来一种波希米亚的姿态。In 1971, having returned from the Vietnam War and committed to protest against it, Navy Lt. John Kerry wore an army green field jacket to meet the press and the public. Alison Lurie decoded the message of every protester’s surplus-store get-up in her 1981 book “The Language of Clothes,” writing that “the longhaired kid in the Confederate tunic or the Eisenhower jacket was not some kind of coward or sissy; that he was not against all wars — just against the cruel and unnecessary one he was in danger of being drafted into.”1971年,海军上尉约翰·克里(John Kerry)从越南战场回国,决心抗议越战,他见媒体和公众时总是身穿军绿色野战。艾莉森·卢里(Alison Lurie)在她1981年出版的《装的语言》(The Language of Clothes)中,解读了每位抗议者的军队剩品店装扮想要传达的意思。她写道,“身穿盟军束腰上衣或艾森豪威尔夹克的长发男孩不是懦夫或胆小鬼,他不是反对所有的战争,只是反对自己可能被征召参加的那场残酷而没有必要的战争。”Having evolved into a uniform for dissenters, the army green jacket could variously represent the shell of a loner (Robert De Niro in “Taxi Driver”) and the skin of a neurotic (Woody Allen in “Annie Hall”), the badge of the last honest man (Al Pacino in “Serpico”) and the sign of a rebel’s toughness (the guys smoking cigarettes in your high-school parking lots).军绿上衣已经发展为异见者的制,它可以是孤独者的保护壳(《出租车司机》[Taxi Driver]中的罗伯特·德尼罗[Robert De Niro])、神经过敏者的外衣(《安妮·霍尔[Annie Hall]中的伍迪·艾伦[Woody Allen])、最后一个正直的人的徽章(《冲突》[Serpico]中的阿尔·帕西诺[Al Pacino]),或者反叛者强硬态度的标志(那些在高中停车场上抽烟的家伙)。The March 10, 1996, edition of The Times carried a report on ballistic-missile tests off Taiwan, an analysis of President Clinton’s difficulty articulating a foreign policy absent “the organizing principle of the Soviet threat” and an inquiry into “Fashion’s Military Fascination,” wherein the critic Suzy Menkes observed an increased number of fashion designers trafficking in the visual rhetoric of the battlefield. The escalation made her uneasy. Gucci epaulets, a Versace battle blouse, a trim-fit Prada trench coat tailored to a fascist aesthetic: These references collectively seemed crass, given the gravity of the referent. Moreover, they seemed like poor business. “Military looks on the runway are often badly received,” Menkes wrote, citing clients’ rejection of Valentino camouflage print in 1994, “just when the ed Nations peacekeeping force was in Rwanda.” Why did designers persist? Menkes diagnosed a romance for old uniforms of all stripes: “Wartime images tend to be absorbed into fashion when the clothing no longer serves its original function.” This was the advance guard of the current moment’s military formation.1996年3月10日,《纽约时报》报道了台湾的弹道导弹试验,分析了克林顿总统在缺乏“苏联威胁时期的组织原则”情况下,表达外交政策时遇到的困难,此外还调查了“时装对军装的痴迷”。在最后这篇文章中,家苏西·门克斯(Suzy Menkes)观察发现,越来越多的时装设计师在借用战场的视觉修辞。这种增长态势让她感到不安。古驰(Gucci)肩饰、范思哲(Versace)军装上衣、裁剪风格符合法西斯审美的普拉达(Prada)修身双排扣战壕风衣:这些单品被放在一起讨论显得有点愚蠢,因为每件单品都很严肃。而且,它们似乎卖得不好。“秀台上的军装造型通常不被接受,”门克斯写道。她以1994年客户们对华伦天奴(Valentino)迷印花的排斥为,“当时联合国维和部队恰好在卢旺达”。设计师们为什么还要坚持呢?门克斯认为,那是因为设计师们对所有类型的旧制仍怀有浪漫感情:“当装不再为它的原始功能务时,时装界就会引入战时造型。”这是目前军装盛行的前兆。It is tempting to say that the army green jacket could not properly begin its ride to the fore until the 20th century was put to bed and the 21st woke to a need for nostalgia. The first sign of broad public acceptance of the army green jacket came in the spring of 2001, with the first Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, which emblematically featured a green jacket with epaulets adjacent to the cute puffs of its gathered sleeves. Vogue assistants threw them on to counter the girlishness of floral-print dresses, and fashion followed, high and low.直到人们送别20世纪、在21世纪初感到自己需要怀旧时,军绿上衣才正式出人头地。公众广泛接受军绿上衣的第一个征兆在2001年春天出现,马克·雅可布之马克(Marc by Marc Jacobs)的第一个系列象征性地推出了一件带肩饰和可爱泡泡袖的绿色上衣。《Vogue》的助理们将它们归为印花连衣裙的女孩子气装一类,高端和低端时装界都开始追随它。Why not? As engineered by the government, army green has mass appeal. Egalitarian in its origins and its effects, the color is in the key of the enlightened manners of the day. Not so much androgynous as unisex, it implies perfectly correct gender politics. The army jacket retains suggestions of smart iness and swaggering utility. It seems to have been scrubbed clean of most other connotations.为什么不呢?军绿色是经过政府精心调研的,它很受大众欢迎。这种颜色在起源和效果上都是平等主义的,集中体现了当今的开明态度。它不是雌雄同体,而是男女皆宜,蕴含着完全正确的性别政治。这种军装上衣仍代表着胸有成竹的潇洒和高视阔步的实用性。它似乎已排除了大多数其他涵义。Wrapped around a hippie in 1968, army green blared a clear contradiction: The wearer was at sartorial war with the program of power. Worn to brunch in 2015, it still communicates a conflict, but there has been a paradigm shift. The person most likely to own a fur-trimmed Saint Laurent army coat is most unlikely to have a yellow ribbon tied around her oak tree.1968年,嬉皮士裹着军绿色上衣,显示出明显的矛盾:穿着者正在与权力进行装方面的斗争。2015年,你穿着军绿上衣去吃早午餐,也传达出一种矛盾,但是社会模式发生了变化。最可能拥有圣罗兰(Saint Laurent)毛边军装外衣的人最不可能在自家橡树上系着黄丝带。The jacket, shifting symbolic shape, now belongs to a consumer culture that pays tribute to the chic of a uniform worn by veterans who are currently begging for change. Thoroughly disconnected from the military-industrial complex and the wearer’s place in it, the garment announces allegiance to only a broad conception of contemporary style. To wear an army green jacket while remaining innocent of the consequences of donning the genuine article for its dedicated purpose is the definition of luxury.这种上衣的象征意义发生了变化,现在它属于一种消费文化,它向退伍老兵制的风尚致敬,而退伍军人目前正渴望有所改变。这种装与军事产业的复杂以及穿着者在其中的位置毫无关系,它只是忠于当代时尚的宽泛观念。身穿军绿上衣,同时对穿着真正制去执行专门使命的后果完全不了解——这正是奢侈的定义。In John Knowles’s prep-school novel “A Separate Peace,” set during World War II, his narrator describes olive drab as the “prevailing color of life in America. That color is always respectable and always important. Most other colors risk being unpatriotic.” Does army green inspire any sense of national pride in 2015? Even as it has come to epitomize a certain kind of urbane civilian cool, green field jackets have given way to camouflage prints in the U.S. Army, and the top brass decided to retire the green service uniform as well. The phaseout was completed last year. Dress blues are the new green.约翰·诺尔斯(John Knowles)的预科学校小说《另一种和平》(A Separate Peace)以“二战”为背景,叙述者将橄榄绿土褐色描述为“美国生活最普遍的颜色。那种颜色总是受人尊敬,非常重要。大部分其他颜色都可能被认为是不爱国”。2015年,军绿色也激起某种国家自豪感吗?尽管它已成为某种城市平民时尚的酷风尚,但是军绿野战已让位给美国军队的迷印花,军队高层也已决定淘汰绿色军。淘汰过程已于去年完成。深蓝是新的绿色。 /201503/364165南岭镇人民医院产科

福清市中山医院能做人流吗3.The Prisoner Of War Olympics3.战俘的奥林匹克运动会Because of the ongoing war, the Olympic Games of 1940 and 1944, slated for Tokyo and London, could not be held. However, several POW camps in Poland went ahead with their own Olympics, both in 1940 and 1944. While many of the events were held in secret, the 1944 Woldenberg Olympics, held at the camp in Woldenberg, and another held at the camp in Gross Born (both in Poland), were held on a much larger scale.因为不间断的战争,本该在1940年举办的东京奥运会和1944年举办的伦敦奥运会都没有如期举行。但是波兰的一些战俘营在这两个年份都举办了自己的奥运会。不过很多活动都是秘密进行的,1944年的奥运会在沃尔登堡(Woldenberg)的一个集中营举办。另外一场在波兰尔内苏利诺沃(Gross Born)的集中营举办,这一场规模更大。About 369 out of the 7,000 prisoners at the Woldenberg camp participated in several games, including handball, basketball, and boxing. Fencing, archery, pole vaulting, and javelin were not allowed. The flags for the games were made with excess bedsheets which even the German guards saluted. Winners of sporting events were given medals made out of cardboard. The 1944 Olympics was held because the Polish soldiers wanted to remain fit and, at the same time, honor Janusz Kusocinski, a Polish athlete who won the 10,000-meter race in the 1932 Olympics.在沃尔登堡集中营,7000个囚犯中有369个参加了运动会,包括手球、篮球和搏击。但是,击剑、射箭、撑杆跳高和标就没有获得批准进入奥运会项目。运动会旗帜是用多余的床单做的,就连德国卫军都向这些旗帜行注目礼,而比赛优胜者获得的奖牌则是用硬纸板做成的。1944年的奥运会之所以会举行,是因为波兰士兵想保持健康的体魄,同时也是为了纪念波兰运动员加努茨·库索辛斯基(Janusz Kusocinski),他在1932年奥运会上夺得万米长跑冠军。2.The Sinking Of HMAS Armidale2.澳大利亚皇家海军舰艇“阿米代尔”的沉没The HMAS Armidale was a corvette (although it was originally built to be a minesweeper) in service of the Australian navy during World War II. It was commissioned on June 11, 1942, only to be sunk in November that same year. While on a mission to evacuate soldiers and civilians from Betano Bay, Timor, the HMAS Armidale was spotted by Japanese airplanes, which proceeded to attack it along with its sister ship, HMAS Castlemaine. Armidale was soon destroyed by the attacking Japanese airplanes, forcing its crewmen to abandon ship. Twenty-one crewmen, including the captain, climbed onto a small, damaged motorboat, where they awaited rescue. When the rescue never came, they began rowing toward Australian waters.作为一艘巡洋舰,“阿米代尔”(Armidale)在二战期间为澳大利亚海军效力(尽管最初它被设计为一艘扫雷舰)。1942年6月11日,皇家海军对“阿米代尔”委以重任,遗憾的是,同年11月,这艘舰艇便沉入海底。当时,“阿米代尔”正在出任务,负责帮助伯塔诺海湾——帝汶岛(Betano Bay, Timor)上的士兵及居民撤退,不料被日本战机发现。随后,这艘战舰同它的艇“卡斯尔梅恩”(Castlemaine)一起遭遇空袭。在日军猛烈的攻势下,“阿米代尔”很快被摧毁,舰员们不得不弃舰逃生。当时包括舰长在内的21位舰员挤到一艘受损的小汽舰上等待救援。然而救援队迟迟没有到来,他们只能朝着澳大利亚海域划去。Two days later, another 29 survivors began a similar journey on a badly damaged whaler that wouldn’t stop taking water. The survivors clung to a floating raft (shown in the photograph above) while awaiting rescue. After several days out at sea, the men on the motorboat were rescued along with those on the whaler. But the men hanging on the raft were never found.The photograph shown above was taken by the pilot of a Hudson reconnaissance airplane, who even dropped a message for them saying that their rescuers were on the way.两天之后,其他29位幸存者也开始了相同的旅程,不同的是他们所在的捕鲸船已遭严重破坏以至于不断进水。在等待救援的过程中,一些幸存者爬到了漂筏上(可从以上照片看到)。终于,在海上漂浮几天之后,捕鲸船上的幸存者与汽艇上的舰员都得救了。但是,那些留在木筏上的人至今没有下落。这张照片由哈德森(Hudson)侦察机上的飞行员拍摄所得,“救援人员已经在路上了”,这位飞行员还给木筏上的人传递了这样一则消息。1.Yakov Dzhugashvili1.雅科夫·朱加什维利The man with his hands in his pocket in the photograph above is Yakov Dzhugashvili, the first son of Josef Stalin. The picture was taken after Yakov was captured by German troops during World War II. Yakov and Stalin were not on good terms long before the war began. Stalin often insulted him and even disowned him. He also barred Yakov from changing his surname to Stalin after he changed his.照片中手插口袋的这位男子名叫雅科夫·朱加什维利(Yakov Dzhugashvili),是约瑟夫·斯大林的大儿子。照片拍摄于二战期间,雅科夫被德军俘获之后。远在战争开始前,雅科夫和斯大林的关系就很僵硬。斯大林经常辱骂这个儿子,并与之断绝父子关系。甚至,在他将自己的姓氏改为“斯大林”之后,禁止雅科夫跟他更换一样的姓氏。When the Germans realized that Yakov was Stalin’s son, they took his photograph for propaganda purposes. On the back of the propaganda photographs was a short note urging Soviet soldiers to surrender just like Stalin’s son. When the Germans asked to swap Yakov with a captured German field marshal, Stalin told them off, saying that he did not swap lieutenants with field marshals. Even with his hatred and public lashing of his son, Stalin actually attempted to rescue him twice.当德军得知雅科夫是斯大林的儿子后,他们拿他的照片大肆宣传。照片背后写着简短的标语,鼓动苏军像斯大林的儿子一样向德军投降。之后,德军又试图用雅科夫换回他们被捕的陆军大元帅,但斯大林对这项买卖没有半点兴趣,并表示他是不会拿元帅去交换区区一个中尉的。尽管斯大林十分厌恶这个儿子,且经常公开责骂他,但后来还是两次尝试营救他。Yakov died at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in April 1943 under mysterious circumstances. While declassified archives reveal that he was shot for failing to follow orders, others say he committed suicide by walking into an electrified fence. Another report said that he was killed in action in 1945.1943年4月,雅科夫死于萨克森豪森(Sachsenhausen)集中营,死因成谜。经解密公开的档案宣称雅科夫是因不从命令而被射杀;也有消息认为他是扑向集中营的通电围栏,自杀身亡;还有报道称他是在1945年一次军事行动中遇难。审稿:Freya然 校对:CMX /201507/385506福清做无痛人流有危险吗 福清市宏路红十字医院贵不贵

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