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Buying silver shoes to go with your wedding dress? Videojug and Ellie and Charlotte will take you through the process from beginning to end. Tips on colors, matching and even suitable styles for different dresses will help make sure you shimmer on your special day!想要购买一双银质鞋子来搭配婚纱?Videojug,Ellie和Charlotte带您了解整个过程。关于颜色的选择,搭配,甚至与不同款式婚纱的搭配,让你在那个特别的日子熠熠生辉。Ellie: Hi! I#39;m Ellie!Ellie:大家好,我是Ellie!Charlotte: And I#39;m Charlotte!Charlotte:我是Charlotte!Ellie: And we run a bridal boutique in southwest London called Ellie and Charlotte#39;s.Ellie:我们在伦敦西南部开了一家婚礼精品店,名字叫做Ellie and Charlotte。Charlotte: We#39;re going to talk to you about how to choose your perfect wedding shoes!Charlotte:今天我们教给大家怎样选择完美的婚鞋!Ellie: When choosing your shoes for your wedding dress, we highly recommend that you get a sample of fabric from your dressmaker or from the boutique that you are actually getting your dress from. Once you#39;ve got that, that will really help you work out what color shoe you need to get for your dress.Ellie:选择鞋子来搭配婚纱的时候,我们强烈建议您带上裁缝或者你购买婚纱的精品店给的布料样本。这样便于决定选择什么样的颜色来搭配婚纱。Another thing you need to figure out is how high you want the shoe to go and you need to find a style that actually suits the wedding dress that you#39;ve ordered.另外要确定的一点是想要多高的鞋子,还要选择合适的款式,与你预订的婚纱搭配。Charlotte: Silver is a really hard color to match. It goes from quite icy all the way through to quite warm blue-y kind of steel silver color.Charlotte:银色是非常难搭配的颜色。银色的范围也比较广,从非常冰冷的银色到非常温暖的泛着蓝色光辉的钢铁银。So, even though you have the fabric sample, which is going to be really helpful, we would always recommend maybe getting a couple of pairs of shoes to try out with your dress once you can see it, en masse. With the pewter, it#39;s going to be a lot more of a dark, iron-y, sort of antique-y vintage look. Or, you might want the more sort of glam sparkly look with your wedding dress.尽管拿到布料样本非常有帮助,我们仍然建议您拿到婚纱之后和鞋子一起试穿。对于白蜡色,最好搭配暗一点的铁银,看上去就像比较古典。或许你也想和婚纱一起搭配出比较迷人的闪耀效果。Ellie: And, also, it depends on the style of your dress as well. If it#39;s a really, sort of strap-y, very fluid dress, then you need to think of a style of shoe that will suit that maybe a sort of more strappy kind of glamorous shoe. I don#39;t think you really get that many full, duchess, satin silver wedding dresses so I#39;d probably go down that, that route.Ellie:同样,也取决于婚纱的款式。如果是吊带型,非常流畅的婚纱,你需要考虑能让整体效果看上去更流畅的有魅力的鞋子。我认为你不会选择那种非常饱满的绸缎银婚纱,所以应该贯彻这种风格。Charlotte: Yeah! And if your dress is more vintage-y then you can kind of pick up on the more antique, pewter look with some of the embellishments and everything like that. But, don#39;t forget when you are buying silver shoes, it#39;s sometimes good just to put your hand in the shoe when you#39;re looking at them because a lot of the time they put the inside of the soles, don#39;t they, they make them in silver? So actually when your hands in you can see how much silver you#39;re seeing. A lot of the time it#39;s not as much as it first appears when you#39;re looking at the shoe. And that#39;s how to find your perfect, silver wedding shoes!Charlotte:是的。如果你的婚纱是非常古典的风格,你可以选择类似的鞋子打造更加古老的造型。但是,当你购买银色鞋子的时候不要忘记把手放进去试一下。因为很多时候,鞋垫里放的不是银。所以,手放进去的时候你就知道到底是不是真材实料。很多时候并不像表面看上去的那样。以上就是选择完美的银质婚鞋的方法。Thanks for watching How To Choose Perfect Silver Wedding Shoes.感谢收看“如何选择完美的银质婚鞋”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/252692

凯文布莱尔并不像一个抑郁的小孩:他是篮球队队长,参加各种派对,幽默并且自信。但它讲述的是有一个晚上他认识到 -- 拯救他自 己的人生 -- 他需要的只是说四个字。 Article/201402/272461我们对技术的期待越来越多,同时,我们对彼此的期待却越来越少了? 电子产品和网络角色似乎正重新定义着人们的沟通和交流,Sherry Turkle致力于研究这种影响,并引发这样的深刻思考:我们究竟需要怎样的沟通方式。 Article/201309/255983

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s first ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. McGeehan#39;s and Mr. Davis#39; history classes at Arise Academy Charter High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 今天的“大声喊出来”来到了历史课上。What country is highlighted on this map - you know what to do. 地图上标记出的是哪个国家?你知道该怎么做。So, is it Greece, Turkey, Iraq or Syria? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.是希腊、土耳其、伊拉克还是叙利亚?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!That#39;s the nation of Turkey, which is partly in Europe and partly in Asia. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;那个国家就是土耳其,它横跨欧亚两洲。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Some other facts about Turkey: it#39;s a member of NATO, it#39;s capital is Ankara, it#39;s biggest city is Istanbul. 一些其他关于土耳其的知识:该国是北约一员,其首都是安卡拉,其最大的城市是伊斯坦布尔。And it just went through its biggest protest against the government in years. 该国刚刚经历了近年来最大的反政府游行。It started on Friday as a small peaceful protest. 它始于周五的一个小型和平抗议。People were upset about the government#39;s plan to bulldoze a park in Istanbul for development. 群众对于政府为了发展,强拆一座位于伊斯坦布尔的公园的计划感到沮丧。But that turned into this: Turkish security forces fighting against angry protesters for days. 但那演变成了这样:土耳其安全军与愤怒的抗议者已经对峙了几天了。At some point the protest went from being about park to being about Turkey#39;s government and prime-minister. 在某些时刻,抗议的内容由公园转向了土耳其政府和首相。The protest sp to other cities. 这一抗议蔓延到了其他城市。Riot police used tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons against the crowds. 防暴警察使用催泪弹、胡椒粉喷雾和高压水来对付人群。By the end of the weekend, hundreds of people have been arrested, and dozens were injured, both civilians and security officers. 在这周末,上百人已被逮捕,几十人受伤,其中同时有平民和安全官。Protesters held control of the square in Istanbul, where all this started.抗议者控制着伊斯坦布尔广场,那里是一切开始的地方。 /201306/243105It#39;s almost impossible to get around by car.要想驾驶汽车走遍全国 简直不可能Only half of the roads are even pane.只有一半的路是平坦的Eisenhower, the new President has seen it for himself.新任总统艾森豪威尔亲身体验过这点As a young soldier, he drove across the nation.当他还是个年轻士兵时 他曾经驾车走遍全国It took 62 days.花了整整62天America has faced this problem before此前 美国也曾面临过这一问题how to move people and goods across its great expanse.如何让人和商品跨越这国家辽阔的疆域Each generation has come up with its own solution.每一代人都交出了自己的答卷The rivers were America#39;s first highways.河流就是美国最初的高速公路1811, the paddle steamer is launched,1811年 桨轮蒸汽船踏上历史舞台taking goods upriver as well as down,除了顺流而下以外 它还可以逆流而上opening up the Mississippi to more trade.为密西西比河流域广开商路The Erie Canal is America#39;s next great conveyor belt of commerce.随后 伊利运河成为美国的贸易大传送带1825, it links the Eastern sea board to the Great lakes.1825年 伊利运河把东部沿海地区和五大湖区连结起来Like the steamboats, it spawn cities along its route.就像蒸汽船促成了其沿线城市的诞生一样The canal transforms New York into a boom town that quadruples in size.伊利运河把纽约变成了一座繁华都市,规模增至之前的4倍Now it#39;s time to get America#39;s roads working like the canals and rivers before them.现在是时候让美国的公路像之前的运河和河流一样发挥作用了To get the country moving again.再一次 让这个国家动起来And President Eisenhower makes it his mission to get the job done.艾森豪威尔总统以此为己任He started looking at the development of this country in the 50s.早在50年代,他就已经开始展望这个国家的发展And you really saw the vision of what the interstate highway system could do.如今可以真切体会到州际高速公路是何等的有远见了And it was amazing. It changed America.令人叹为观止 它改变了美国 /201303/228849British Army Team Ready To Scale EverestA team of British troops will set off to climb Mount Everest in April to raise awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.There are a few places in Europe, more remote, in the cangons in winter, bleat, unpredictable, perfect conditions train for Everest. The team, all Afghan adventurers, want to raise the wareness for come back stress. The expedition also coincide with the some team ri of wooder 1, in 19 kinda of versary of maneries doomed attempt on the Everest. Coursed is the team doctor Tudato is hard to navigate. Mack ings skills are a central,everyone must be confident in each other. Suwner is her medcial skills but callden weption. Johner, the second commander, is falling through hold covered by the snow hit its arm hard on the boud.;It#39;s all right, he felt free that becal on this basic ownerbretion all freeze,on that big contretion big breeze. I need just not some the reminds, but watching unless mute quite geniles, he is lotpa, so gonna give some pain killers and I will recess him later, and get him some cold ilserna,and try get breson down. Yeah, he is tafi.;;We#39;ve just come through vally cold larick ecrak, and then up and over you coner should say it#39;s so misty now, but when now in something could show a mean gap which bow in the dewest, and chaps some ropes I#39;ll pile up and down pilst rope work. Drills t I#39;ve been doing two weeks time and time again,doing absolutely spot on when they get all rest, it#39;s perfect.;Crimer homeson honest get one, this is the triffic time feel the heads, parcle bearic spirits.;Won#39;t you start get into the ocktion dead, you start to lose it right attach we don#39;t so allien moved....;Tatakens is one member of the team who has successfully climbed the Everest before.;All the train preparation is really important, so I am the sky the guy, you know, carecly say, moving on the rock, moving on the snow and ice in the opposite white#39;s land and pull, and for progration for in the mountain , there quite proud to, to locreate guasing.;;Wofeving savfree they are zibuck,so, so let#39;s keep it.;On Everest, even the smallest tarf swarts will sakanergy like nothing, they#39;ve ever experienced.;Clim stay hightlight look at free each other eight for a wolf ates chales.;This is the last time the team will train together. They fly in just over a month the Himlayas and Everest.Else Bongus, Sky News, the Cangon in Scotland /201403/278620

US-EU trade talks French Trade Minister Fleur Pellerin says France is advocating the potential benefits of a treaty but n.If we want to negotiate a good treaty, we need to have negotiation positions on either side that are balanced and that are bilateral and not unilateral. And that#39;s allwhat I have said. I#39;m talking about the general atmosphere of the negotiations. We have public opinion, you know, in France, you have public opinion in the ed States are many voices that are against the treaty. So we are advocating the benefits, the potential benefits of this treaty if it#39;s a good treaty. But we need to negotiate in a good, in good conditions.What point does the culture issue can back the propaganda. No, with or without the beginning. I know exception was put there. There was a compromise area that was reached. But it is going to come back right at the end as a big bad issue to be dealt with.If that#39;s supposed to come back because in the mandate of the negotiation, in the mandate of the European negotiator, it#39;s written black and white that television or visual services should not be discussed in the negotiations.It will come back.We#39;ll see. We#39;ll see.You know, you know it will come back. I know it will come back.We#39;ll see. If it#39;ll not come back from the commissions, don#39;t you beget the other instructions not to discuss that particular promises.But the US is gonna bring it back, Angie.We#39;ll see. But if the US bring it back, then the commission, the commissioner won#39;t be allowed to discuss that because of the mandate that was signed by 28 member states, that is not supposed to talk about within the mandate.The negotiations torturously slow but we always knew they would be. Where does France stand on the big issues. Well, are you happy with where things are going on tempt?Well as you said, things are going quite slowly. But I think it#39;s going natural because the ambition of this barterership, of the negotiations is huge. I tell you it#39;s the first sign. We negotiate for 800 million people. It#39;s the first time we negotiate not only on the tariffs but also on none tariffs areas. We negotiate on the convergence of regulatory issues and on standards and norms. And it#39;s a huge challenge I think on both side of Atlantic. So, it#39;s, I mean, uneasy with the electoral and political agenda, the renewal of the commission on one side, the election on this side. So I think it#39;s quite obvious that it will take some time.When do you think an agreement will be signed?Well that#39;s a difficult question.Go, give us your best guess, best guess.Best case will be end 2015. /201407/309773

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