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Wedding customs and traditionsThe idea of having bridesmaids1),pages),a best man and ushers originated with the belief that evil spirits,envious of the couple’s happiness,would be out to harm them,but would be confused by so many similarly dressed people.The custom of the best man probably goes back to the days when the groom took a friend with him when he went to kidnap the bride from her home.Bells were originally rung at weddings to frighten away the evil spirits,and noisy celebrations were held beehand to try and drive them from the commy.These were the ancestors of our stag and hen parties.The Ancient Egyptians were probably the first to use wedding rings:in hieroglyphics3),the circle was the symbol of eternity.The ring can also symbolize the bonds of a captive.The Hindu ceremony takes place under a canopy of brocade or some other richly decorated material,festooned with flowers.The bride,wearing a red silk sari,is the first to arrive,but she hides out of sight until the bridegroom,robed in white,has been brought in by his friends and relations.As he enters,lights are waved over his head and grains of rice are thrown,a ceremonial act symbolizing riches and fertility.In the Buddhist ceremony the bride and groom sip three times from each of three bowls of increasing size to symbolize how their lives will grow together.In past times it was customary to shower the bride and groom with petals as they left the church,and them to walk along a path strewn with flowers.This charming idea gave way in the era of mass production to paper confetti.In some countries,rice is thrown,to symbolize fertility and plenty.Beware,it could hurt if thrown with great vigour.White wedding dresses have been in the efront of bridal fashion since Queen Victoria broke with the royal tradition of a silver dress and opted) white her wedding to Prince Albert in 180.The going-away car is often decorated by high-spirited friends with messages in lipstick and shaving foam,and tied about with balloons,tin cans,and old boots.The“old boot”tradition is an ancient one and stems from the time when the father,on giving away his daughter to the groom,presented him also with one of her slippers.This gave the new husband,symbolically speaking,the up per hand, he was supposed to thrash5) her with it should she displease him.The slipper was put at the bed head on his side of the bed to remind his wife w ho was boss.However,if she became the dominant partner,neighbours transferred the power of the slipper to her,and christened6) her“the old boot.”In the Jewish wedding ceremony the couple are married under a chuppah7),a canopy of s ilk or velvet8) held up by four posts.This is a relic o f the time when the children of Israel lived in tents.It symbolizes the bridal chamber.To some it signifies the home the couple will make together;its fragility reminds the couple of their own weakness and the need to nurture their union in order to ensure its survival.During the ceremony the bride and groom drink wine from the same glass,symbolizing that they will share all things.The bridegroom then dashes the glass to the floor and grinds it under his foot.Some say that this is a reminder of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem,others that it frightens off the evil spirits;friends call out muzeltov(good luck)at this point. 6学习之于心灵,就像食物之于身体一样摄取了适量的营养食物,我们的身体得以生长而肌肉得以发达 同样地,我们应该日复一日不断地学习以保持我们心智的敏锐,并扩充我们的智力容量Learning a Lifelong CareerAs food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the inmation age, and reliable warrant of success in times of uncertainty.Once learning stops, vegetation sets in. It is a common fallacy to regard school as the only workshop the acquisition of knowledge. On the contrary, learning should be a never-ending process, from the cradle to the grave. With the world changing so fast, to cease learning just a few days will make a person lag behind. What's worse, the animal instinct dormant deep in our sub-conscious will come to life.weakening our will to pursue our noble ideas, undermining our determination to sweep away obstacles to our success and strangling our desire the refinement of our character. Lack of learning will inevitably lead to the stagnation of the mind, or even worse, its fossilization. Theree, to stay mentally young, we have to take learning as a lifelong career. 7757Weekend in AmericaIn the ed States Monday is the beginning of the workweek;it is the day most Americans like least.It is not surprising then that the day they like most is Saturday.Saturday is the end of the workweek;it is the beginning of the weekend.Life is different on the weekend;most Americans take care of their house,car or garden.They sleep later in the morning.They enjoy the feeling that the time seems to move more slowly.The week is things you have to do;the weekend is things you want to do.Some people may get in a car and go a drive in the country.They like to take part in a sports activity outdoors.And on Saturday night they might go to a public eating place or a movie.The idea of the weekend is a recent invention.In 1870s wealthy people began to speak of spending weekends in the country visiting friends. most people back then,however,the work-day was six days long.It ended at about noon or later on Saturday.Automobile maker Henry d was the first major employer in the ed States to establish a workweek of 5days.He did that in 1926.Henry d thought that if the working people had more free time they would spend more money,something good the economy.By 1940 it had become common most Americans to work 8 hours a day,5 days a week.Today the lives of most Americans are organised that way:5days of work or school followed by 2 days of rest. many people Saturday night is the highpoint of the weekend and the week.It is the night going out and having fun.Anything and everything can happen on Saturday night.People go dancing;they visitfriends and have parties.They drink too much alcohol.They get killed or kill other people.They sleep,watch television,and sometimes fall in love.People do these same things on other nights of the week too,but they do them more often and with more emotion and purpose on Saturday night.On Saturday night movie theaters sell more admission tickets.It also is the biggest night places that sell alcoholic drinks.That is one reason why Saturday night wit-nesses most murders,fights and deadly car accidents.In a town in Indiana there is a Saturday night custom called “cruising”.Cruising means to spend the evening driving your car slowly up and down the town's main street.People who are cruising talk from car to car.They exchange greetings,jokes and friendly insults.Cruising is most popular in small towns where there is not much else to do.Many people spend the Saturday night at home with friends.They have dinner together.Perhaps they watch a movie on a cassette recorder.Other people go on a date.A date usually involves two people.People on a date might go to a public concert,yet they talk only to each other.Is there anything people do not like about the weekend?A study of 1000Americans found that half would gladly trade a paid workday an extra day of free time.The only thing wrong with the weekend,they think,is that it does not last longer. 973

The War between Britain and France. the war between Britain and FranceIn the late eighteenth century, battles raged in almost every corner of Europe, as well as in the Middle East, south Africa ,the West Indies, and Latin America. In reality, however, there was only one major war during this time, the war between Britain and France. All other battles were ancillary to this larger conflict, and were often at least partially related to its antagonistrsquo; goals and strategies. France sought total domination of Europe . this goal was obstructed by British independence and Britainrsquo;s efts throughout the continent to thwart Napoleon; through treaties. Britain built coalitions (not dissimilar in concept to todayrsquo;s NATO) guaranteeing British participation in all major European conflicts. These two antagonists were poorly matched, insofar as they had very unequal strengths; France was predominant on land, Britain at sea. The French knew that, short of defeating the British navy, their only hope of victory was to close all the ports of Europe to British ships. Accordingly, France set out to overcome Britain by extending its military domination from Moscow t Lisbon, from Jutland to Calabria. All of this entailed tremendous risk, because France did not have the military resources to control this much territory and still protect itself and maintain order at home.French strategists calculated that a navy of 0 ships would provide the ce necessary to defeat the British navy. Such a ce would give France a three-to-two advantage over Britain. This advantage was deemed necessary because of Britainrsquo;s superior sea skills and technology because of Britainrsquo;s superior sea skills and technology, and also because Britain would be fighting a defensive war, allowing it to win with fewer ces. Napoleon never lost substantial impediment to his control of Europe. As his ce neared that goal, Napoleon grew increasingly impatient and began planning an immediate attack. 98

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage."   -Lao-Tzu“深深地被他人爱着给了你力量;深深地爱着他人给了你勇气”" it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."   -Judy Garland “你的私语不是进入了我的耳朵,而是我的心你所吻的也不是我的嘴唇,而是我的灵魂”Have I ever told you how much you mean to me? And how it feels like heaven whenever you're with me. I just love the way you hold me in your warm embrace. And when I'm down, how you gently wipe the tears from my face. The way you kiss, how your lips softly and sweetly meet mine. The way you innocently look into my eyes, with love and passion,and never cold like ice. So, you're asking, "How much do I mean to you?" Words can't explain how I feel, but honey, I love you! 88

“顺其自然”怎么说 -01-7 00:: 来源: 想要帮别人一把,但却心有余而力不足(The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.),也就只好“顺其自然”了今天我们就来学学这个“顺其自然”怎么说1. Let be大家有没有听过the Beatles 的那首《Let it be?Let be 的意思就是“随它去”,例如:Stop fussing with the tablecloth; let it be.. 听其自然 let itthings slidelet itthings slide 也表示“听任事情自然发展,不管它,随它去”的意思,例如:With things as such, we’ll have to let it slide. 事到如今,我们也只好听其自然了3. 有时候根据语境的不同,还可以用不同的表达方式,比如:无论如何我们也只能听其自然Be that as it may, I'll leave it as it is.(英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 怎么 自然 我们 slide

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