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石狮人民医院处女膜修复泉州人民医院附属第一医院做孕检多少钱Books and Arts;Book review;The second world war;文艺;书评;第二次世界大战;Counting the cost;二战代价几何?Two British historians analyse the 20th century’s worst conflict.看两位英国历史学家如何剖析20世纪最严重的军事冲突。All Hell Let Loose: The World at War 1939-1945. By Max Hastings.《人间地狱:1939-1945,战争中的世界》 作者:马克斯·哈斯丁.The Second World War. By Antony Beevor.《第二次世界大战》作者:安东尼·比弗。 History is full of wars that were bloodier than the second world war. As a proportion of the population, more people were killed during the An Lushan rebellion in eighth-century China, for example, or by the Thirty Years War in 17th-century central Europe. But the sheer magnitude of the human tragedy of the second world war puts it in a class of its own, and its relative closeness to the present day makes claims on the collective memory that more remote horrors cannot.纵观人类历史,比第二次世界大战更血腥的战争比比皆是。例如,8世纪中国的安禄山叛乱或17世纪中欧的三十年战争死亡人数占总人口的比例就比二战大。然而,第二次世界大战造成的巨大人间惨剧本身让其他战争根本不能与之相提并论。而且,二战发生的年代相对较近,它给人类留下的集体记忆之深,是那些年代久远的恐怖战争无可比拟的。The statistics of the war are almost mind-numbing. Estimates differ, but up to 70m people died as a direct consequence of the fighting between 1939 and 1945, about two-thirds of them non-combatants, making it in absolute terms the deadliest conflict ever. Nearly one in ten Germans died and 30% of their army. About 15m Chinese perished and 27m Soviets. Squeezed between two totalitarian neighbours, Poland lost 16% of its population, about half of them Jews who were part of Hitler’s final solution. On average, nearly 30,000 people were being killed every day.有关二战的统计数据几乎让人麻木。各方估计的死亡人数有出入,但在1939-1945年的这场战争中,直接死亡人数高达七千万,其中三分之二是非战斗死亡,这使二战成为人类历史上绝对死亡人数最多的战争。二战时期,每十个德国人中就有一个死亡,德军死亡率达30%;约有一千五百万中国人和两千七百万俄国人丧命。夹在两个极权主义国家之间的波兰人口减少了16%,其中约一半是犹太人,那是希特勒的“最终方案”要解决的部分目标。当时,每天平均有将近三万人死于非命。Partly because it is so hard to grasp what these numbers mean, recent historians have tended to concentrate on particular theatres or aspects of the war with an emphasis on trying to describe what it was like for the human beings caught up in it. Both Antony Beevor and Max Hastings are distinguished exemplars of this approach. Mr Hastings has written books on Britain’s strategic bombing campaign, the Allied invasion of Normandy and the battles for Germany and Japan in the closing stages of the war. With several books aly under his belt, Mr Beevor became known in 1998 for his epic account of the siege of Stalingrad, and went on to produce accounts of D-Day and the fall of Berlin. Now both writers have tried something different: single-volume narrative histories of the entire war. In doing so, they are following in the footsteps of Andrew Roberts and Michael Burleigh, who made similar attempts in, respectively, and 2010.在一定程度上,人们很难明白这些数字意味着什么,所以最近的历史学家往往特别关注二战的某些战区或层面,致力于将亲身经历二战的人眼中的二战呈现给读者。安东尼#8226;比弗(Antony Beevor)和马克斯#8226;哈斯丁(Max Hastings)都是这方面的典范。马克斯#8226;哈斯丁已著有多本作品,内容涉及英国的战略轰炸、盟军的诺曼底联合登陆以及战争末期德日两国的战役。安东尼#8226;比弗同样也写了几本书。1998年,他笔下的围攻斯大林格勒令人印象深刻,他也因此闻名于世,之后他又写了关于诺曼底登陆日及攻克柏林的书。现在两位作家尝试了不同的写作方式,即跟随安德卤#8226;罗伯特(Andrew Roberts)和迈克#8226;伯利(Michael Burleigh)的脚步:以单卷本的方式讲述整个二战史。这两位作家分别在年和2010年尝试用单卷本写二战史。Mr Hastings got there before Mr Beevor. “All Hell Let Loose” was published seven months ago (it is now out in paperback) to justifiably rave reviews.马克斯#8226;哈斯丁的动作比安东尼#8226;比弗快。七个月前,《人间地狱》一书出版(现在出了平装本),理所当然地引起了人们的热议。201207/189503泉州治疗盆腔性不孕费用 It is a proud personal achievement for Campbell and a landmark moment for science.这对坎贝尔而言是一个值得骄傲的个人成就,而对科学而言则是具有里程碑意义的时刻。The Lick party finally succeeds, gets extraordinarily good results and resounding the cooperates Eddingtons 1919 measurements.里克党最后成功,与爱丁顿1919测量法的完美合作得到了非常好的结果。Now who is the first person that Campbell sent a cable to with the result?现在坎贝尔发送会第一位给谁发电文呢?Albert Einstein. He wanted Einstein to know, boy did we vindicate you, boy did we show that Eddington was right, despite what all the scoff was foreseeing.阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦。他希望爱因斯坦知道,我们的确明你是对的,我们的确表明,爱丁顿是正确的,尽管预见到所有的嘲笑和讥讽。For Einstein this was a tremendous triumph.对于爱因斯坦而言这是一个巨大的胜利。The eclipse expedition gives us an amazing proof of something that looks theoretical and yet its very much part of our lives.日食探险为我们提供了一个了不起的理论明,而它来源于我们日常生活的一部分。They show that space time around the sun was curving.他们表明,环绕太阳的空间时间是弯曲的。Thats a whole new way of thinking about how gravity works.这是一种全新的方式来思考万有引力是如何运作的。How strange is that thats completely against our intuition, but its what the data showed.多么奇怪,这完全是跟我们的直觉唱反调,但这数据就是这样显示。And you can not argue with the data.而你不能驳斥数据。Nature agrees, yes, Einstein, thats a beautiful theory, you are right.大自然也同意,是的,爱因斯坦,那是一个美丽的理论,你是对的。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/186009泉州医院哪个好

泉州妇科医院人流哪家好泉州流产一共要花多少钱 When we reconstruct our imaginations,当我们重新发挥我们的想象,Mars are 3 billion years ago.火星在30亿年前是何等模样。We tend to make it like Earth, warm and cozzying,我们往往会使它像地球一样,温暖并且舒适,but it wasnt.但它不是。Mars back in its wettest warmth face which probable like Earth today in its coldest regions.火星的最潮湿的温暖可能像在地球最寒冷的地区。So Im imagining a place where snow and ices melting in the summer deform tracing and pounds of strings of ice-covered lakes.所以我想象一个地方,雪和冰在夏天融化形成很多冰封的湖泊。Its cold, its wet, but it could be rich with life. 寒冷,潮湿,但对生命来说异常丰富。This is the Mars that we want our astronauts to get there hands on,这就是火星,是我们的宇航员想要到达的地方,to bring back and study the weep Mars of odd where we might find the evidence of life.从火星上带些奇怪的东西回去研究,我们也许会发现生命的据。The fourth rock from the sun has always had a special car to play,来自太阳的第四岩石一直有一辆特别的车在操作,the chances of meeting Martians.这是见到火星人的机会。And in recent years,近年来,the odds of a closing counter have been steadily improving.接触的可能性一直在提高。If you want to find life on Mars, first you need to find water.如果你想找到火星上的生命,首先你需要找到水。And not all of the planets water story is inch history.并不是这颗行星的所有水的故事都是写在历史当中。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/181245泉州做人流手术价格

泉州取环一般要花多少钱Yael: So Don, I was ing this very interesting article about how in prehistoric times the world cooled because there was a sharp drop in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.雅艾尔:唐,我正在读一篇非常有趣的文章,讲在史前时代由于大气中二氧化碳含量急剧减少造成地表温度骤降。Don: Uh huh.唐:哦,哈。Yael: Yeah you know, because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas.雅艾尔:你知道的,二氧化碳是温室气体。Don: Right.唐:对。Yael: Don, are you even listening?雅艾尔:唐,你在听吗?Don: Yes, of course.唐:是的,当然。Yael: No youre not, youre doodling! Look at that: stars, squiggles. I have to say, Don, its pretty rude. If youre doodling then youre clearly not paying attention.雅艾尔:不,你没在听,你在涂鸦!看,你画了星星,花体字。唐,我得告诉你,这样很无礼。很明显,你涂鸦就说明你没有注意我。Don: Actually, thats not true. A study found that doodling can help you remember details—its a way of concentrating the mind.唐:实际上,这种想法不对。一项研究发现,涂鸦可以帮助你记忆细节——这是一种集中注意力的方式。Yael: Really?雅艾尔:真的吗?Don: Yep. The researchers had forty subjects listen to a tape listing the names of several people, some of whom were going to a party. Twenty of the participants were told to shade in shapes on a piece of paper, the other twenty just listened. Then all forty were told to write down only the names of the people on the tape going to the party.唐:是的。研究人员让40名被试者听一段列举了好几个人名的录音,其中一些人要去参加派对。要求20名参与者将纸上的图形涂上阴影,其余20人只听不涂。然后让这40人写下去参加聚会的人的名字。Yael: So the people who doodled while listening remembered more of the names?雅艾尔:那么,在听的时候涂鸦的人能记住更多的人名?Don: Right. Granted, its only a small study, but psychologists know that something like doodling can help keep the mind from wandering when youre listening to a boring list or something. So you actually end up concentrating more on the content of what youre hearing.唐:对。当然,这只是一个小实验。但心理学家们知道,在听一段枯燥的名单时涂鸦能防止思想走神。所以最终你会集中更多的注意力在你所听到的内容上。Yael: So are you saying I was being boring?雅艾尔:你的意思是我的话很枯燥吗?Don: No! Please, tell me more about carbon dioxide in prehistoric times.唐:不!请告诉我更多关于史前二氧化碳的信息。Yael: OK. And feel free to doodle.雅艾尔:好吧。你可以随意涂鸦了。原文译文属!201209/198256 泉州德化中医院治疗妇科炎症好吗泉州医科大学第二医院是民办还是公立医院




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