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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!The word ;aurum; is Latin for what element on the Periodic Table? If you think you know it, shout it out! ;aurum;是元素周期表里面哪个元素的拉丁名字?如果你认为你知道,大声喊出来吧!Is it, silver, aluminum, tungsten or gold? You#39;ve got three seconds, go.是银、铝、钨还是金?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!With atomic symbol Au and atomic number 79, gold comes from the Latin term ;Aurum.; That#39;s your answer, and that#39;s your shout out.原子符号是Au,原子序数79,金来自拉丁文;Aurum“。那就是你的,那就是你的”大喊“。AZUZ: Yesterday, gold was trading on a stock market at over 00 an ounce. 昨天,金子在股票市场上以超过1300美元一盎司进行交易。It doesn#39;t tarnish or corrode, it#39;s been used in Jewelry for thousands of years. 它不会失去光泽或者腐蚀,它用在首饰中已经几千年了。It#39;s mentioned in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran. 它在圣经、旧约律法和《古兰经》中都被提到过。And it#39;s been the one universally acceptable form of currency. 金也曾是为全世界所接受的货币形式。People have hunted Goldin Mountains and seas. 人们在山上和海里找寻金子。But recently, it just turned up in someone#39;s back yard.但就在最近,这出现在了有个人的后院里。 /201403/278966Don#39;t let the numbers on the package scare you away from a tailored shirt. Find the ones for your perfect fit with just a couple of guidelines.不要让包装上的尺码限制你购买合身的衬衣。根据以下简单的指引,选择最合身的衬衣。You Will Need你需要Measuring tape卷尺Friend (optional)朋友(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Locate the largest part of your neck1.找出脖子最粗的位置Look in the mirror and locate the largest part of your neck.照一下镜子,找出脖子最粗的位置。The largest part of your neck is usually just below your Adam#39;s apple.脖子最粗的位置通常在喉结以下。Step 2 Wrap the tape around neck2.测量Wrap the tape around your neck and hold the measurement with your thumb. Write it down on a piece of paper.把卷尺绕在脖子上,用拇指固定住。把尺码写在一张纸上。Step 3 Stand up straight3.站直Stand up straight with your ams down by your sides, and relax.站直,双臂下垂,放松。Step 4 Measure your arms4.测量手臂Start the tape at the center back of your neck, following it over the top of your shoulder, down your chest, and to your wrist bone. Write down this measurement.从脖子后部中心开始测量,然后肩膀顶部,胸部,最后到腰骨。写下测量结果。Ask a friend or relative to help you with this step.可以让朋友或亲戚帮你测量。Step 5 Add some wiggle room5.留有余地Add up to 1 inch to the collar measurement and 1 to 1-1/2 inches to the arm measurment. When shopping for the perfect shirt, remember the collar measurement will be followed by the arm length.脖子测量的尺寸增加1英寸,手臂的尺寸增加1.5英寸。要购买最完美的衬衣,记住,脖子的尺寸要从手臂的尺寸。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/239817Jobs completed the course in 1974乔布斯在1974年完成了这门课程But returned to palladino just two years later.却在两年以后再次拜访Palladino.He was enthusing about a machine当时乔布斯正在为他那台在车库里制造的机器狂热中he Had created in his garage and seeking advice on a font.他一直在为他的机器寻找一个字体He was interested in telling me what he was doing他非常高兴地告诉我他正在做什么,And how he was using what he had learned in class,以及他从课堂上学到了什么But he wanted some help with greek letters不过他正在寻求一些来自希腊文信件的帮助Because he wanted a greek font,因为他需要一种希腊字体And he couldn#39;t find satisfactory models to go from.并且他一直没办法找到满意的模板Before steve started working on computer typefaces,在史蒂夫开始制作一款计算机字体的时候They were in very bad condition,他们的条件非常差,and any improvement Would be a step forward.几乎每一点点完善,都是巨大的进步.The resulting fonts appeared not just on macs最后那些字体不仅仅出现在苹果电脑MACS上,But ultimately pcs, too,也出现在了所有的电脑里Dramatically improving the user experience显著地提高了用户的体验But not for robert.不过除了Robert.Palladino: I never touch computers.我从来不去碰电脑.I write everything by hand.我所有的文字都是手写的.Getting letters in the mail is getting to be very rare.能从邮箱里得到信件是一件非常好的事情dropping out of college,从大学退学以后,Jobs went on the hippie trail,布斯继续着他的嬉皮士旅程,Traveling to india and studying buddhism,去印度旅行并且信奉了佛教This also had an impact on his work at apple.这些同样对于他在苹果公司的工作产生了影响I first met steve in 1975.我第一次见到史蒂夫是在1975年.He had recently returned from india.他那时刚刚从印度回来He#39;s way ahead of his time.他非常的超前(有远见).He wasn#39;t the typical teenager.他不是那种典型的青少年He asked questions that were a lot more serious Than the normal 20-year-old.他比一般二十多岁的年轻人问更多严肃的问题He was looking to understand the true nature of things,他不断寻求理解事物的本质,And I think he came to the zen center我认为他领悟了禅宗的道理To continue his search.延续了他的探索. /201309/255617Christian Bale#39;s Wife Talked Him into #39;American Hustle#39; The actor says spouse often convinces him to take roles he#39;s talked himself out of.American Hustle is one of the must-see movies of the year, generating all kinds of Oscar buzz. It’s packed with Oscar winners like Jennifer Lawrence and star Christian Bale. He sat down with Josh to talk all about that.It is fair to say Oscar winner Christian Bale is having a good month. He has not one but two Oscar buzz-worthy films. All right now, the dark drama Out of the Furnace and American Hustle, his second go-around with the fighter director David O. Russell. It just opened this week and of course, it means more of Christian Bale to love, figuratively and literally. Take a look.I felt like we had a secret, just the two of us. You know, like that thing when you just wanna be with the one person all the time? And you feel like the two of you understand something that nobody else gets? I can just tell her everything about myself. And I never had anybody like that in my life before. I felt like finally I can truly be myself, without being ashamed, without being embarrassed. A beautiful shot, beautiful capturing of a fascinating relationship. So great to have Christian here with us today and we should say a fictionization of the ABSCAM Sting of the 1970s. So everybody can run to GOOGLE right now and just jump right in. I was struck by something that we saw Amy Adams, your co-star say about Irving, the character you play, “Never met more a more charming character than your Irving.” This is a man who really wanted to improve his own life, not just swindle. Right. It’s what David and I really found to be fascinated about the piece. He’s looking at it as dreamers. You know that when you have a sense of our dreams, reinvention of ourselves. That’s really what we liked about these characters. The reinvention of the characters themselves, but also the actors playing them. He said that one of his personal favourite things to do here was to see his stable if he will, the Bradley’s, the Jennifer Lawrence’s and you and Amy disappeared into some new characters. Yeah, we were doing something radically different. I’ve got a great fun as for Irv. He’s one of the most consummate con artists of our time, but you got this crazy comb-over and like who do you think he’s kidding, you know, it’s like one ear throwing a lifeline to the other ear, you know. But it’s this great contradiction that you get in good character. But somebody prepares, obviously, as you do, is there a joy there, is there a private joy there in descending into the lives of the characters you’ve gonna play? Oh, definitely. I really love having a job where I get really to investigate and meet with really fascinating people.What is the trauma on you body at this point your life of the characters that you’ve inhabited, particularly Irv?I’ve sometimes gone, you know, possibly a little too far, but it all felt, actually appropriate at the time with body, you know, weight loss and weight gain, and obviously, that’s the case with Irv. I saw him with this kind of rolling ball of momentum and quite rotund and so I wanted to achieve that. And I would imagine it’s that makes it all the more fun, all the more challenging. Yes, it does. American Hustle, so incredibly worthy it. Christian Bale.Thank you very much.Congratulations. Real pleasure having you here. And American Hustle is in theatres nationwide right now. /201401/271548

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It#39;s time for the last ;Shoutout; of 2013.这是2013年最后一期“大声喊出来”。Pope Francis is the first non-European pope in more than a thousand years. So where was Pope Francis born? If you think you know it, then shout it out! 教皇方济各是1000多年来首位非欧洲籍的教皇。那么教皇的出生地是哪里呢?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Argentina, South Africa, Mexico or Portugal? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是在阿根廷、南非、墨西哥还是葡萄牙?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Pope Francis is from Argentina. 教皇方济各来自阿根廷。He#39;s the first pope ever from the Americas. 他是首位美洲籍的教皇。That#39; your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.; 那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。And now you know the answer to one of the questions in our end of year news quiz. 现在你知道了我们年终新闻小测试的其中一题的了。Teachers, you can find that at cnnstudentnews.com. 老师们,这可以在CNN学生新闻的官网上找到。We asked on Facebook for your nominations for the biggest stories of 2013. 我们在脸书网站上让大家来提名2013年度大事件。This next covers some of those and a whole lot more. 接下来的食品包括了其中一些,并且更丰富。It#39;s the year in news in about three and a half minutes. 它是只有三分半的年度新闻。Fair warning: these are going to fly by quickly, so watch closely and see how many you can identify along the way.友情提示:播放的速度会很快,要仔细看,看看其间你知道多少。 /201312/270762

It#39;s down to this,the last game,against their main rivals,Liverpool.终于到了本赛季最后一场比赛,面对他们最大的竞争对手,利物浦队。The next 90 minutes will decide Newcastle#39;s fate.接下来的九十分钟将决定纽卡斯尔的命运。Will it be Europe,and all the glory that goes with it,next season?究竟他们能不能如愿以偿顺利进军欧洲,以辉煌战绩迈向下个赛季?If so,they have to win today.那么,他们必须赢得今天的比赛。重点词汇:rival 对手例句:We whomped our arch rival in the season#39;s climactic football game.我们在该季最精足球赛中打败了我们主要的对手。 Article/201406/303285

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