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英语口语每天说上半小时0(77) -- :59: 来源: 77. Describing people 1. How does she look like?. what do you think of her?3. what's the color of her hair?. What happened to her?5. Have you seen her lately?6. You look great in that suit, don't you?7. Judging from her appearance, she must be a dancer. am i right?Dialogue oneW: My friend Jane is very beautiful.M: What's her figure?W: Perfect. And I like her charming eyes, too.M: What's the color of her eyes?W: Dark blue.M: how old is she?W: Twemty.Dialogue twoM: This is my friend Jenny.W: What's her last name?M: It's Snow.W: What color are her eyes?M: They're blue.W: What color is her hair?M: It's brown.W: How old is she?M: She's .Dialogue threeW: Bill, how can you hear so happy today?M: Aha. I've of my roommate. I made a move today.W: Really? What was the matter?M: You knew Brain Locker?W: Brain Locker? No, I don't think so. What does he look like?M: Well, he's thin and tall. He has brown hair, a holt nose, green eyes and wearing glasses.W: Mm. I've seen him a couple of times, I think.This is Edward Hosley. He's called Ted short. He's a pleasant young man. He's good looking and he has got many friends of his own age. He's . He's got a job in the office of a large factory not far from his home, where he works five days a week, Monday to Friday, nine o'clock to five thirty. He lives with his parents and gives his mother some money everyweek food and other living expenses. He si happy to live at home. He has one luxury--a small car, which he bought second-hand. At weekend, he often comes to my house to play with me or we go travelling together. We enjoy a happy time together.Describing People1. He's tall and strong.. He must be kind.3. He's a very serious person.. She's a sweet housewife.5. My girl friend has got long black hair.6. Her husband is five feet two inches tall7. My daughter is a bit short-sighted.8. He likes to wear conservative clothes.9. He graduated from college in 1999.. She's fund of watching TV.Dialogue oneM: Guess who i saw yesterday?W: Who?M: My cousin Monik. Have you seen her lately?W: Not a couple of years. What happened to her?M: Nothing exactly. She's grown into a very attractive young lady.W: Oh, she is.M: You know, her long lovely blond hair and beautiful blue eyes really make her stand out from others.W: Not surprising. I bet she's very tall and slim.M: Yean. Around five feet five inches tall.Dialogue twoW: Tonny looks very handsome in the suit.M: He prefers suits to jackets.W: Judging from his look, he's a very serious person.M: As a matter of fact, he is.Dialogue threeM: This is my aunt.W: What does she do? She looks pretty.M: She is a nurse.W: She must be kind and careful.M: Exactly.Gorge was my friend a few years ago. But he isn't my friend anymore. A few years ago, he was poor. Now, he is rich. when I knew him, he worn shabby clothes, was very thin and lived in a small apartment. He rode a bicycle. He was quick-tempered and whenever he got into trouble, he turned to me help. He was an art student then and had to work hard during holidays to help pay his way. Then he met Linda. Linda has a very rich father and Gorge married her. Now he wears expensive clothes, is rather fat and lives in a huge house. He drives a fast sports car. He's never in trouble I guess. and he's never turned out since he got married. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语。

水调歌头明月几时有,把酒问青天不知天上宫阙,今夕是何年我欲乘风归去, 又恐琼楼玉宇,高处不胜寒,起舞弄清影,何似在人间转朱阁,低绮户,照无眠不应有恨,何事长向别时圆人有悲欢离合,月有阴晴圆缺,此事古难全但愿人长久,千里共婵娟 Thinking of YouWhen will the moon be clear and bright?With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky.I don't know what season it would be in the heavens on this night.I'd like to ride the wind to fly home.Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions are much too high and cold me.Dancing with my moon-lit shadow,It does not seem like the human world. The moon rounds the red mansion Stoops to silk-pad doors, Shines upon the sleepless Bearing no grudge,Why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart? People may have sorrow or joy, be near or far apart,The moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane,This has been going on since the beginning of time.May we all be blessed with longevity Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together. 87。

英语地道口语:身体部位口语短句汇总 -- :3:3 来源: 关于【hand】的地道口语短句:  1. Need a hand?  要帮忙吗?  . I saw it first hand.  我亲眼所见  3. Get your hands off me!  把手拿开  . I've got to hand it to him.  不佩不行  5. He's my right-hand man.  他是我的得力助手  6. Things are getting out of hand.  事情要失控了  7. Give me a hand.  帮我个忙  关于【leg】的地道口语短句:  1. Let's shake a leg.  快点儿!  . My legs fell asleep.  我腿麻了  3. Are you pulling my leg?  你开玩笑的吧?  . The coat cost me an arm and a leg.  那件外套花了我一大笔钱  5. We had a leg up on the competition.  我们在比赛中占上风  6. I got a cramp in my leg.  我腿抽筋了关于【head】的地道口语短句:  1. Wake up, sleepy head!  瞌睡虫醒醒!  . Don't lose your head.  别乐昏了头  3. She turns heads everywhere she goes.  她到哪回头率都特高  . He has got his head in the clouds.  他一直心不在焉的  5. Don't let your heart rule your head.  不要感情用事  6. Heads up!  小心!关于【ear】的地道口语短句:  1. You talked my ear off.  你唠叨得我耳朵起茧了  . Let's play it by ear.  到时看情况吧  3. My advice to her just went in one ear and out the other.  她把我的建议当耳边风  . I'm up to my ears in work.  工作忙死了  5. I'll keep an ear to the ground.  我会多加注意  关于【eye】的地道口语短句:  1. I'll keep an eye on her.  我会留意她的  . It's quite an eye-opener.  真让我大开眼界  3. I have a good eye character.  我看人比较准  . You need to keep your eyes on the ball.  你得把精力放在正事上  5. I decided to turn a blind eye.  我决定睁只眼闭只眼了关于【foot】的地道口语短句:  1. I just put my foot in my mouth.  我刚才说错话了  . You need to put your foot down.  你必须坚定立场  3. They got off on the wrong foot.  他们第一次见就没给彼此留下好印象  . You're on my foot.  你踩到我了  5. The shoe is on the other foot.  形势已经完成不同了   关于【brain】的地道口语短句:  1. I'd like to pick your brain.   我想向你请教下  . She was the brains behind this.  这都是她想出的主意  3. My brain is not working.   我不是很明白  . I racked my brain hours.   我绞尽脑汁想了几个小时  5. Do you like brain teasers?   你喜欢玩脑筋急转弯吗? 英语 地道 口语。

从我们来到这个世界的那一刻起,请仔细聆听你的心灵.在来到这个世界的最初的两年里,我们还不能开口讲话,心灵是我们理解事物的一种方式.Very much ,ever since you were brought into this world. when you coulden't open your mouth till the first two years on planet earth, inner voice is the one through which you interpreted and understood things.Inner voice is the voice mouth of the subconscious mind .the subconscious mind is always acting as a secondary reflector of thoughts and ideas in the body. It justifies and rationalizes what is right and what is wrong. When we go aganist what the inner voice say we get a guilty conscious and are bothered by it throughout our lives.At times when we are feeling low or those ungettable moments when we are let down, we seem to need some kind of emotional or mental support. We usually speak to our closest pal or our dearest family member during times of distress to ease the burden .At such times we get over the initial drizzle of emotional anxiety and mental restlessness,because of the pepping up by our empathic listener. we suddenly feel rejuvenated because our inner voice alerts us to get on with things and leave the things of past on the memory books of our brain.The inner voice is always right most of the times because it knows us better than others and probably even ourselves. It is the dare devil child of the intuitions which we have been having since childhood. It's good to go by intuitions most of the tims because its the response provided due to the synchronism between our mental and physical being.Whenever you are trying your first cigarette, or whenever you are asked to take sides in an argument, you are always in a sense of dilemma. During these times your inner voice automatically gives its verdict, which when over written, might leave us unhappy in the future. It's up to us to either ignore the morale booster inside us or go out to the world and search spiritual guru's and happiness, when all these things are very much present within us. 86。

深圳市民基本英语0句-71 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Single or double?单人房还是双人房?Mini-talk 会话Receptionist: Good evening. Do you have reservations?晚上好,您有预订吗?John: No.没有Receptionist: Single or double?要单人房还是双人房?John: Single.单人房Receptionist: How do you spell your name, please?您的名字怎么拼John: John Lee. J-O-H-N L-E-E.李约翰J-O-H-NL-E-E Receptionist: How long will you stay?您要呆多长时间?John: Three nights.三天 英语 基本 市民 深圳。

看世界杯学口语:“出局”和“出线”的英语说法 -- :9:5 来源: 在当地时间6月日进行的南非世界杯A组最后一轮比赛中,乌拉圭队以1:0战胜墨西哥队,南非队仅以:1战胜法国队,所以最终乌拉圭队和墨西哥队分列小组前两名,晋级下一轮南非队成为世界杯历史上首未能小组出线的东道主球队而在B组最后一轮比赛中,阿根廷:0击败希腊队,韩国:逼平尼日利亚,两队携手出线我们今天就来说说“出线”和“出局”在英语中的说法吧“出局”英语怎么说?1. Nigeriawere eliminated after a - draw with South Korea.尼日利亚比被韩国队逼平后被淘汰出局. South Africa is the only hosts ever to exit the World Cup's first round.南非队成为世界杯历史上第一个首轮遭淘汰的东道主球队3. Franceheaded home in their most wretched tournament result.法国队带着相当惨烈的成绩打道回府了“出线”英语怎么说?1. Latin American giants Argentinacruised into the second round.拉美强队阿根廷强势晋级下一轮. South Koreaqualified as second in Group B.韩国队以B组第二的成绩出线3. Uruguay sprinted to the top of Group A, beating Mexico 1-0 toqualify the final of the World Cup.乌拉圭1比0击败墨西哥队,跃升小组第一,顺利晋级世界杯十六强. Mexico will also go on in the tournament, having nudged out hosts South Africa in goal difference.墨西哥队凭借净胜球数位列南非之前,也将继续留在赛场5. Uruguay and Mexico both reached the second stage.乌拉圭和墨西哥队同时晋级下一轮比赛 英语 说法 出线 出局。

那最能赋予生命价值、代价最廉而回报最多的东西,不过一个令人心畅的微笑而已 Let Us SmileThe thing that goes the farthest toward making life worthwhile,That costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile.The smile that bubbles from the heart that loves its fellow men,Will drive away the clouds of gloom and coax the Sun again.It'sfull of worth and goodness, too, with manly kindness blent;It’s worth a million dollars, and it doesn’t cost a cent. There is no room sadness when we see a cheery smile;It always has the same good look; it’s never out of style;It nerves us on to try again when failure makes us blue;The dimples of encouragement are good me and you.It pays the highest interest — it is merely lent;It’s worth a million dollars, and it doesn’t cost a cent.A smile comes very easy — you can wrinkle up with cheer,A hundred times bee you can squeeze out a salty tear;It ripples out, moreover, to the heartstrings that will tug,And always leaves an echo that is very like a hug.So, smile away! Folks understand what by a smile is meant;It’s worth a million dollars, and it doesn’t cost a cent. 9。

Everyday English每日话题:Prom -01-7 19:5: 来源: Bobby: I was just thinking back on my high school days.Kelly: They were good days all right. Who did you take to the prom?Bobby: I took the girl who lived next door to me. Kelly: Were you in love with her?Bobby: No way! She was not that attractive.Kelly: Why did you take her to the prom then?Bobby: My mother made me! She said that she felt sorry her because she couldn't get a date. Kelly: Is that the reason you never asked me to the prom?Bobby: No. I didn't ask you because I was scared of your boyfriend!鲍比:我正在回想我的高中时代凯莉:那是美好时光你带了谁去参加毕业舞会?鲍比:我带住我邻居的那个女孩去凯莉:你和她谈恋爱?鲍比:不可能!她没有那么迷人凯莉:那你为什么带她去参加舞会?鲍比:我妈妈让我这么做!她说她为她感到难过,因为她一次约会也没有凯莉:这也是为什么你从来都不请我去参加舞会的原因吗?鲍比:不是我没有请你是因为我怕你的男朋友!--------------------------------------------------------------------NEW WORDS(生词)1) Prom: mal party at the end of high school高中毕业舞会:高中结束时的正式派对Proms are to celebrate graduating from high school, but are really just an excuse getting drunk.高中毕业舞会是庆祝高中毕业的活动,不过实际只是喝醉的一个好借口而已) Barf: to vomit呕吐I drank too much beer and had to rush to the bathroom to barf.我喝的啤酒太多了,不得不跑去卫生间吐了出来3) Make-out: to kiss and fondle调情:亲吻,爱抚My wife and I like to make-out under the stars.我妻子和我喜欢在星光下调情Dialogue(对话) Jessie: Did you have a good time at your prom?Tina: That was so many years ago. Jessie: I know, but did you have a good time?Tina: Not really. The guy who took me just wanted to make out with me all night.Jessie: Did you let him kiss you?Tina: I didn't get the chance.Jessie: How so?Tina: He drank too much with his buddies and had to go outside to barf!Jessie: Yuck! Guys can be so gross sometimes.杰西:你的高中毕业舞会过得好吗?蒂娜:那是很久以前的事了杰西:我知道,不过你过得好吗?蒂娜:不算好带我去的那个家伙整个晚上只想和我调情杰西:你让他亲吻你了吗?蒂娜:我没有机会杰西:怎么会呢?蒂娜:他和他的哥们喝得太多了,不得不到外面去吐!杰西:哎呀!有时候男的就是很粗俗 话题 每日 高中 舞会。

口语盘点第一季:老美嘴边500句之七 --19 :9:19 来源: 381. My brother is see king a job. 我弟弟正在找工作38. Nancy will retire next year. 南希明年就退休了383. Neither you nor he is wrong. 你没错,他也没错38. Opporty knocks but once. 机不可失,时不再来385. She dressed herself hastily. 她匆忙穿上衣386. She hired a car by the hour. 她租了一辆钟点计费的汽车387. Someone is ringing the bell. 有人在门铃388. The Smiths are my neighbors. 史密斯一家是我的邻居389. These shoes don‘t fit right. 这双鞋不太合适390. This is only the first half. 这才是上半场呢391. This pen doesn’t write well. 这钢笔不好写39. Would you like a cup of tea? 你想喝杯茶吗?393. You really look sharp today. 你今天真漂亮39. Another cat came to my house. 又有一只猫来到我家了395. Check your answers with mine. 把你的跟我的核对一下396. Don‘t keep the truth from me. 别瞒着我事实真相397. Everything has its beginning. 凡事都有开端398. He came to the point at once. 他一下子就说到了点子上399. He fell behind with his work. 他工作落后了00. He is the happiest man alive. 他是世界上最快乐的人01. He neither smokes nor drinks. 他既不抽烟也不喝酒. He ran his horse up the hill. 他策马跑上小山. He reminds me of his brother. 他使我想起了他的弟弟. He was efficient in his work. 他工作效率高. He will do anything but work. 只要不是干活,他干什么都行. His father runs a restaurant. 他的父亲经营一家餐馆. I have something to tell you. 我有事要告诉你. I smelled a smell of cooking. 我闻到了烧菜做饭的味道. I want to see the film again. 我真想再看一遍. I’ve got too much work to do. 我要做的工作太多了. Let‘s go a walk,shall we? 咱们出去走走,好吗?. Please let me check the bill. 请让我核对一下帐单. Plenty of sleep is healthful. 充足的睡眠有益于健康. The sun comes up in the east. 太阳从东方升起. This is because we feel pain. 这是因为我们能感到疼痛. What do you desire me to do? 你想要我做什么?. What you said was quite true. 你所说的完全符合事实18. You can either stay or leave. 你或者留下或者离开19. Your life is your own affair. 你的生活是你自己的事. All that glitters is not gold. 发闪光的不全是黄金1. Are you going to have a party? 你要举行聚会吗?. Aren’t you concerned about it? 难道你不担心吗?3. Don‘t get to keep in touch. 别忘了保持联系. He broke his words once again. 他又一次违背了诺言5. He is in his everyday clothes. 他穿着平常的衣6. He is taller than I by ahead. 他比我高一头7. He led them down the mountain. 他带他们下山. He was trained to be a lawyer. 他被培养成一名律师9. I am afraid that l have to go. 我要走了30. I don’t have any cash with me. 我身上没带现金31. I have been putting on weight. 我开始发胖了3. I have just finished the book. 我刚刚读完这本书33. I was late work yesterday, 我昨天上班迟到了. It appears to be a true story. 这故事似乎是真的35. I‘ve got to start working out. 我必须开始做健身运动了 口语 盘点 第一季。