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Theres...um well...we havent got a break.But I just wanna say,if you see the documentary, there was one thing我们暂时不进广告 我还想说一下 如果你有机会看这部纪录片 有一个细节and I was really so impressed and you did this when we were in Orlando让我觉得真的很感动 当你在奥兰多演出的时候it started raining and you didnt care - Right.天开始下雨 但你继续表演 -对you were dancing and singing on stage which is dangerous, you could get slip你在舞台上载歌载舞 这其实是很危险的 你可能会滑倒and you could get electrocuted. - Right.All kinds of things.All kinds of things.你还可能会触电 -对 什么事情都有可能发生 对 什么事情都有可能发生And you were just out there and what country were you in when it was pouring down raining Um, in Brazil.但是你还是坚持演出 下着倾盆大雨那次你是在哪个国家 那是在巴西I think its that way. Brazil is that way. - Yeah.那是那个方向吧 巴西在那个方向 -对I dont know why I am pointing that way. - Is it Brazil?我也不知道我为什么要指着那边 -那边是巴西吗Brazil is that way. - Oh yeah.Or is it that way?巴西在这个方向 -对的 还是那个方向Anyway, it was pouring down raining. - Yeah.回到正题 当时雨下得很大 -对It was amazing that you It was a torrential rain.Yeah, and you went out and did it anyway.你真的很棒 当时在下暴雨 对 然后你还是走上舞台表演了When the fans stayed out there, you just feel so bad.粉丝们就在外面站着 你真的会对他们很抱歉They paid their money for their tickets.Its their one time to see you. - Yeah.他们都是花了钱买票 就为了在现场看一下我的表演 -是的I was leaving Brazil the next day.It was like, I had to do the show.我当时第二天就要离开巴西 所以我在想 我一定要完成这次演出And we did. Listen We were slipping all over the place. - I know, it was great.然后我们做到了 你知道吗 我们在舞台上不停打滑 -我知道 真的很棒cutting choreograph and stuff like that.我们把舞蹈动作和很多程序都精简了But it was still,probably still one of the best memories from tour. - Yeah.但我还是觉得 那是整个巡回演唱会过程中最美好的回忆之一 -是的Well, I remember Pacific Brazil Its fantastic and so好的 我记得 巴西演唱会 真的太精了Um anyway, we are talking about the movie when we come back.稍后我们来谈一谈你的新电影 /201512/413129

Hungary匈牙利Viktor goes to war维克托陷入冲突The Hungarian leader squabbles with some in his party and with America匈牙利领导人与其政党成员和美国发生争吵THE new year has not started well for Viktor Orban, Hungarys pugnacious prime minister. Support for his ruling right-wing Fidesz party is sliding. A recent poll by Median showed a drop from 38% to 26%, representing a loss of some 900,000 voters. Mr Orbans personal popularity plummeted by 16 percentage points. Other pollsters find similar results.对好斗的匈牙利总理维克托·欧尔班来说,新年伊始一切并非那么顺利。其统治的右翼政党青年民主党的持率下降。Median的最新民意调查显示,其持率从38% 下降到26%,这意味着丧失了900,000张投票。欧尔班的个人知名度骤降了16个百分点。其他民意调查的结果相差无几。The immediate cause for the discontent was a planned internet tax, which was hastily withdrawn after a demonstration in late October brought tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets of Budapest. Yet instead of placating angry Hungarians, the governments retreat—the first of any significance since its most recent landslide election victory in April 2014—seems to have galvanised them. Their growing anger has deep roots.公众不满的直接来源是早已计划的网络收税法案。该法案于10月底宣布后,受到了强烈的抵制,成千上万的人们走上布达佩斯的街头对此表示抗议。然而,匈牙利政府的撤退非但没有抚慰愤怒的匈牙利人—自2014年4月压倒性选举胜利之后的第一件大事—相反更加激怒了他们。匈牙利人愈演愈烈的愤怒源泉由来已久。Stories about the luxuries and fancy properties enjoyed by some government ministers and their friends, even as poverty is rising, are causing fissures within Fidesz. Zoltan Pokorni, a former party president and education minister, who is now a district mayor in Budapest, called for an end to the “flamboyant lifestyles” of government members and “leading politicians”. Mr Pokorni was slapped down by Janos Lazar, Mr Orbans chief of staff, but his remark was given wide publicity.关于某些政府官员及其亲友掌握大量的奢侈品和财富以及穷人数量上升的消息都导致青年民主党内出现分歧。前青年党主席兼教育部长,亦即现任布达佩斯的某个区长Zoltan Pokorni呼吁政府官员和“领导政治人物”停止“奢靡的生活”。 Pokorni 遭到了来自欧尔班的办公室主任chief of staff的疯狂镇压,但是其言论也因此被大加渲染。Concern is also growing within Fidesz that a row with the Americans may develop into a full-blown diplomatic crisis. Six Hungarian officials have been banned from entering the ed States on suspicions of corruption, a highly unusual sanction against a NATO ally. The ed States is refusing to name them, citing privacy. However, Ildiko Vida, the head of the tax authority, has admitted to being on the list, and she strongly denies any wrongdoing. Encouraged by Mr Orban, she is suing Andre Goodfriend, the American chargé daffaires in Budapest, for defamation. The lawsuit is unlikely to go anywhere, since Mr Goodfriend has diplomatic immunity.此外,越来越吸引大家注意的是,青年党与美国人愈演愈烈的争吵可能恶化为一场外交危机。六位匈牙利官员因怀疑受贿禁止进入美国,这是对北约盟国成员非常的惩罚手段。出于隐私考虑,美方拒绝透露姓名。然而,税务机构的负责人 Ildiko Vida承认自己也在其中,并强烈否认有过不良举动。在欧尔班的指示下,她正在起诉美国驻布达佩斯官员Andre Goodfriend诽谤他人。这场诉讼不太可能有结果,因为Goodfriend享有外交赦免权。The holiday offered a chance for tempers to cool and for revisions to Hungarys foreign policy. A turn towards Moscow has backfired after the Ukraine crisis and the collapse of the rouble. Hungarian officials have told Western ambassadors that a much-vaunted “eastern opening” has failed to bring as much foreign trade and investment as they hoped. President Vladimir Putins cancellation of the South Stream pipeline project, backed by Hungary, was a blow to its energy strategy.此次假期可让那些愤怒的人们冷静下来,修改匈牙利外交政策。随着乌克兰危机恶化,卢布贬值,匈牙利倒向莫斯科反而适得其反。匈牙利官员告诉西方外交官之前大加炫耀的“向东方敞开大门”并未为其带来所希望的外贸和资金。弗拉基米尔·普京总统取消了匈牙利持的南部天然气管道计划,沉重地打击了匈牙利的能源政策。Yet instead of patching up relations with the Americans, Mr Orban and his ministers have launched an attack. He dismissed the claims of corruption as a “cover story” for American attempts to increase influence in the region. The ed States was interfering in the domestic political affairs of central European countries, he added. The driving factors were the conflict in Ukraine and the negotiations between the European Union and the Americans over free trade. “They want to draw us into a conflict, which can only have a bad outcome for us.” America was just conveying concerns about democracy and the rule of law to the Hungarian government, retorted a State Department spokesman.欧尔班和属下非但没有极力修复和美国的关系,反而策划了一场袭击。他认为贿赂事件不过是美国试图提高在该地区影响力的一个借口。他表示,美国日前正在干涉中欧国家的国内政策。诱因就是乌克兰语冲突和欧盟与美国的自贸协议。“他们想把我们拖进冲突,这对我们有害无益。”美方发言人表示,美国只想对匈牙利政府的民主法治表示关心。Aggressive claims about Americas behaviour have now been made by Mr Lazar, by Antal Rogan, Fideszs parliamentary leader and by Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, all of whom have given interviews to pro-government media. Mr Szijjarto told Magyar Nemzet that “external and internal” powers wanted to “destabilise” Hungary. The rift with America dates back to the passing of a controversial media law, says Zoltan Kovacs, a government spokesman. “There is a visible and tangible dislike of the US administration towards us since 2011.” Such sentiments may play well with Fideszs base, but they are unlikely to expand it.当前,匈牙利青年党领袖人物Antal Rogan,外交部长彼得·希贾托和拉扎尔对美国的言行做出了强烈谴责。他们都接受了亲政府媒体的采访。希贾托向匈牙利民族报表示,“不朽的内部”力量将“动摇”匈牙利。匈牙利政府发言人Zoltan Kovacs表示,与美国的间隙可追溯至颇具争议的媒体法案。 “自2011年以来,美国政府对我们的不喜显而易见。”这种情绪在青年党基层非常常见,但是他们不愿意将其扩大。译者:毛慧译文属译生译世 /201501/354042

Jennifer Lopez.;The Boy Next Door; costar.Today, Ellen clears up all the rumors.詹妮弗·洛佩兹 出演电影;邻家男孩; 今天 艾伦会撇清所有的谣言So theres nothing going on.What the heck I am not in his business like that.所以什么都没发生 真见鬼 我跟他可不是那种关系Not yet.Plus.Florida Georgia Line.Charlie Day.Jennifer Anistons horrible bosses.目前还不是 此外Florida Georgia Line组合 查理·戴 詹妮弗·安妮斯顿的恶老板What do you think?It must be hard to deal with that.Yeah, somebodys gotta do it.你怎么想 还是挺有难度的吧 是啊 总有人要做的And, see what makes this room go.Right now on Ellen.然后 看看是什么让这屋的人变成这样 现在是艾伦秀Here she is now, Ellen Degeneres.All of you.Thank you so much.I appreciate it.Thank you so much.Um, thats good.Have a seat everybody.Thank you so much.现在她来了 艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 谢谢大家 非常感谢 我很感谢 谢谢大家 很好 大家坐下来吧 非常感谢Thats a wonderful amount of noise.And I give it all back to you.大家的欢呼声真是太热情了 我要把这份热情回赠给各位You are happy to be here.I know that and I appreciate it.你们在这儿很开心 我知道这一点 我很感谢But I know you are making a big sacrifice being here.但我知道你们呆在这儿也是做了巨大的牺牲Youve agreed to put away your phones for the entire hour.因为在录制的整整一个小时里你们都不能用手机 /201511/409871

New homes新家Building blocks添砖加瓦The government makes a lame attempt to boost house-building政府促进房地产建设的步伐跌跌撞撞AS GEORGE OSBORNE prepared to deliver his autumn statement, on December 2nd, Danny Alexander, his Liberal Democrat deputy at the Treasury, announced a slew of investments in infrastructure. These included a much-needed 15 billion (24 billion) for roads, as well as 2.3 billion for flood defences. Mr Alexander tried to make much of the coalitions plans on housing, too, trumpeting 13,000 new homes to be built at Bicester, a town in Oxfordshire, which would then be designated as a garden city. The government will need to do much more, however, to solve Britains housing problem.随着乔治·奥斯本准备发表其秋日宣言,12月2日,来自自由民主党的英国财政部第一副大臣丹尼·亚历山大宣布了拉动基础建设的投资计划。其中包括道路急需的150亿英镑(折合240亿美元)以及防洪的23亿英镑。亚历山大试图推动更多联邦计划在房屋上,吹嘘将在牛津郡的比斯特镇修建13000栋新房并将其建成花园城市。然而,要解决英国的房屋问题,政府仍需要做出更多努力。On average, 140,000 homes have been built in each of the past four years, far fewer than the 240,000 new houses needed annually. With supply constrained, house prices continue to rise, by 19% in London over the past year. There is an estimated deficit of as many as 1m houses.过去四年中,平均每年新建140,000座房屋,远远少于每年240,000座房屋生物的需求。由于供应有限,今年房屋价格仍然持续上涨了19%。据估计,英国房屋缺口高达100万。Bicester is in the arc north and west of Londons green belt that is ideal territory for more house-building: it is good for commuters to the capital and other hubs of employment such as Oxford and Cambridge. It is the arc where, after the second world war, the government built several garden cities—new towns that combined employment with a pleasant place to live. Bicester has good transport links and plenty of brownfield land (most of the new homes will be on land now owned by the defence ministry). It also has an MP who supports more construction.比斯特位于伦敦绿化地带的北部和西部的弧形地区,是修建更多住宅区的理想地点:有利于上班族前往首都以及其他诸如牛津和剑桥之类的工作中心。自二战之后,政府在这片弧形区域修建了一些花园城市——适合工作和居住的新型城镇。比斯特拥有良好的交通网和大量肥沃的土地(这块领域中大多数新住宅区现在属于国防部)。还有一位国会议员持更多的建筑项目。Yet the Bicester houses are “not even a drop in the ocean,” says Paul Cheshire of the London School of Economics. The politicians are just going through the motions, he says. “This is political window dressing.” And that is assuming the homes even get built. Construction at the other recent attempt to fashion a new garden city—in Ebbsfleet, south-east of London—has barely begun.然而,伦敦经济学院的保罗·切希尔表示,比斯特镇的房屋量过少,甚至都算不上是“沧海一粟”。政治家们不过是做做样子而已,“这是政治粉饰太平的一种方式”。即使建造了房屋也不过如此。而在伦敦东南的艾贝斯费特镇建立新式花园城市的计划甚至还未起步。Locals in Bicester are not pleased, either, raising familiar concerns about crowded schools, bad traffic and stretched health care. “We dont even have a proper hospital,” says Claire, a hairdresser. “How are we going to support 13,000 more homes?”比斯特的当地人对此并不高兴,大多越来越担忧学校拥挤、交通堵塞和看病时间会延长。发型师克莱尔说,“我们甚至都没有足够大的医院,怎么撑13000多户人家的正常运转呢?”Meanwhile, Mr Alexander suggested another solution to the lack of housing: the first government involvement in house-building in a generation. He announced a pilot scheme near Cambridge to build 10,000 new homes, warning developers, “If you dont build, we will.”与此同时,亚历山大针对房屋匮乏提出了另一个解决方案:第一代政府只干涉一代人的房屋建设。他宣布了在剑桥郡附近修建10,000套新房屋的试行计划,并警告开发商们,“如果你们不修,那就让我们来。”The answer is simpler, says Mr Cheshire: the government should amend planning regulations to allow construction on the green belt. “Nothing short of radical” solutions will solve the problem, he says. But the benefits of such changes take a long time to filter through. The drawbacks for NIMBYs are apparent immediately, especially just ahead of an election.切希尔表示,可以更简单些:政府应修订计划规定,允许在绿化地带修建房屋,“强制”执行即可解决这个问题。但是这类变革的益处要过很久才能显示出来。 邻避症候群((NIMBYnot in my back yard,指反对建筑有害设施的运动或人)的阻挠显而易见,尤其是大选迫在眉睫的情况下。译者:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201412/349263

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