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2018年04月21日 21:42:08 | 作者:同城门户 | 来源:新华社
Take Canada: when Trudeau took office, he faced two looming dangers.就加拿大而言,当特鲁多就任时,面临两大潜在的危险。First, though his vast, underpopulated country, badly needed more bodies,首先,尽管他这个地广人稀的国家,非常需要更多的劳动力its preferred source for white workers, Europe,但它首选的白人劳动力来源地欧洲had just stopped exporting them as it finally recovered from World War II.却随着自身从二战中恢复过来而停止了劳动力的出口。The other problem was that Canadas long cold war另一个问题是加拿大国内的法语群体between its French and its English communities had just become a hot one.和英语群体之间的长期冷战也变成了热战Quebec was threatening to secede,魁北克威胁着要独立and Canadians were actually killing other Canadians over politics.并且加拿大人在政治上互相伤害Now, countries face crises all the time. Right? Thats nothing special.国家总是面临危机,对吧?这没什么特别的But Trudeaus genius was to realize that Canadas crisis但是特鲁多的天才之处是意识到加拿大的危机had swept away all the hurdles that usually block reform.正好扫清了阻碍改革的所有障碍。Canada had to open up. It had no choice.加拿大需要开放,对此它别无选择And it had to rethink its identity. Again, it had no choice.并且它需要重新思考自己的国家形象。而这也是别无选择的And that gave Trudeau a once-in-a-generation opportunity to break the old rules and write new ones.这就给了特鲁多一个千载难逢的机会去打破旧规则并书写新规则And like all our other heroes, he was smart enough to seize it.像所有其他的英雄一样,他聪明地抓住了机会。201706/5136909.The Redistribution of Income9.收入再分配Our position is a perfect1y simple one and we have the great advantage of understanding our position. We oppose socialism to capitalism.我们的立场是非常简单明确的,我们的极大优势在于理解自己的立场。我们用社会主义来反对资本主义。We say in criticism of capitalism: Your system has never kept its promises for one single day since it was promulgated. Our production is ridiculous. We are producing eighty horsepower motor cars when many more houses should be built. We are producing most extravagant luxuries while children starve. You have stood production on its head. Instead of beginning with the things the nation needs most, you are beginning at just the opposite end. We say distribution has become so glaringly ridiculous that there are only two people out of the 47,000,000 people in this country who approve of the present system of distribution——one is the Duke of Northumberland and the other is Lord Banbury.我们在批许资本主义时说:你们的制度自公布以来,从未有哪一天信守过自己的诺言。我们的生产是荒唐的。需要建造更多的房屋时,我们却在生产80马力的汽车。孩子们正在挨饿时,我们却在生产最豪华的奢侈品。你们把生产颠倒了。你们不先生产国民最需要的东西,却反其道而行之。我们说分配已经变得绝顶荒谬,以致在我国四千七百万人口中,只有两个人赞成现行的分配制度——一个是诺森伯兰公爵,另一个是班伯里勋爵。We are opposed to that theory. Socialism, which is perfectly clear and unmistakable, says the thing you have got to take care of is your distribution. We have to begin with that, and private property, if it stands in the way of good distribution, has got to go.我们反对那种理论。明白无误的社会主义理论指出,你们必须注意的问题是你们的分配。我们必须由此着手,而如果私有财产妨碍公正的分配,就必须予以废除。A man who holds public property must hold it on the public condition on which, for instance, I carry my walking stick. I am not allowed to do what I like with it. I must not knock you on the head with it. We say that if distribution goes wrong, everything else goes wrong-religion, morals---government. And we say, therefore (this is the whole meaning of our socialism), we must begin with distribution and take al1 the necessary steps.掌握公共财产的人必须受到社会的制约,比如,我带着手杖也要受社会制约。我不能拿着它随心所欲。我不能拿它敲诸位的脑袋。我们说如采分配出了问题,一切都会出问题,包括宗教、道德、政府等等。因此,我们说(这是我们的社会主义的全部意义),我们必须从分配着手,采取一切必妥的步骤。I think we are keeping it in our minds because our business is to take care of the distribution of wealth in the world and I tell you, as I have told you be fore, that I dont think there are two men, or perhaps one man, in our 47,000,000 who approves of the existing distribution of wealth. I will go even further and say that you will not find a single person in the whole of the civilized world who agrees with the existing system of the distribution of wealth. It has been reduced to a blank absurdity.我想我们都能铭记这一点,因为我们的任务就是要注意世界是财富的分配问题。我刚才对你们说过,现在还要对你们说,我认为在我国四千七百万人口中,不会有两个人,也许不会有一个人赞成现行的财富分配制度。我甚至要进一步说,你们在整个文明世界也找不出一个赞同现行财富分配制度的人。这种分配制度已经堕落为极其荒谬的东西了。I think the day will come when we will be ab1e to make the distinction between us and the capita1ists. We must get certain leading ideas before the peop1e. We shou1d announce that we are not going in for what was the old-fashioned idea of redistribution, but the redistribution of income. Let it always be a question of income.我认为,总有一天我们将能够把自己同资本主义者区别开来。我们必须把某些指导思想公布于众。我们必须宣布,我们所为之努力的不是陈旧的再分自己观念,而是收入再分配。我们要让再分自己始终成为一个收入问题。201705/511174即学即用英语会话词典A部分:出门即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14865/200703/10820

25 insurance words insurance policy claim insure(r ) (full )coverage Policyholder Risk(assessment) Exemption Premiums Insurance period Life insurance Liability Damage Deductible(s) Medical insurance Travel insurance Settlement Payment Condition Phrases Make a claim Insure an item Take out insurance Have…valued at… Pay premiums Assess a risk Pay out insurance Read the policy Beginner A: I’ve just take out an insurance policy. Are you insured? B: yes, I am. I have life insurance and my home and its contents are also insured. A; I took out a life insurance policy and make my wife beneficiary. B: that’s a good idea. You are a fireman and it can be a dangerous job. A: I need to make sure that my wife will be financially secure if I die. B; I can terminate my life insurance policy when I retire and use the money as a pension. A; that’s one of the conditions of my policy too. It covers you if you die before you retire and when you retire. B; did you have to take a medical before you could take out the policy? B: yes, I did. It was one of the conditions of the insurance policy. The insurance company need to assess the risk. Intermediate A: good morning. I’d like to ask some questions about your insurance policies. B: of course. Please sit down. How many I help you? A; I bought a house recently and would like to insure it and its content. B: I see. Here’s a pamphlet about our home insurance policy. We’ve named our policy ”umbrella”. May I ask how much you paid for your home and where you live? These are the two main thing that decide how much your premiums are. A: I understand. I live in the Oakfield area and paid $100,000 for my home. B: let me just check that on my computer. Oaksfield is a low risk area, so your premiums will probably be around $100 a month. The other thing to take into account is deductibles. A: in this pamphlet it says that the minimum amount for deductibles is $2000. what does that mean exactly? B: it means That the first $2000 of any claim you make must be paid by you. The insurance policy covers any amount above that, up to the agreed limit. A: oh, I see. That’s fine. What is the advantage of having higher deductibles? B; If you have higher deductibles, your premium are lower, because you will pay more of the claim and we will pay less. A: it seems that I should do some calculations before deciding. I presume that the insurance period can be for as long as we aggress. B: we initially sign one-year policies with our policyholders. These are renewable after the first year. A; if I have a claim, how long does it take to make a settlement? I’ve heard that with some insurance companies, it can take monthes. B; that is of great concern to out clients. We aim to satisfy all claims within a month, but we can’t guarantee that /200704/12864

美国成语俗语教程录音 Lesson21-30暂无文本 /200606/7805

put back on the camouflage of everyday life in America, becoming small business people, teachers and coaches,回到在美国每天生活的伪装中;他们成为小企业主,教师和教练,our first responders and city council members and neighborhood role models,我们的急救队员,市政委员和邻里的榜样,all still serving this country we love with the same sense of duty and valor.所有人都在务我们爱着的这个国家,也同样带着责任和英勇。Our veterans dont always go around telling stories of their heroism.我们的退伍军人并不总是四处走动诉说他们的英雄主义。So it is up to us to ask, to listen, to tell those stories for them,因此,需要我们去问,去听,说出那些他们的故事,and to live in our own lives the values for which they were prepared to give theirs.在我们自己的生命中实践他们自己准备好的付出他们生命的价值观。Its up to us to summon some of the courage and humility our veterans,需要我们鼓起我们退伍老兵表现的勇气和谦卑的心情,and to acknowledge that we can never serve them in quite the same they serve us.承认我们可能无法像他们务我们一样务于他们。But we can try.但我们可以尝试。We need to keep working to make sure they always get the care and benefits theyve earned.我们需要继续工作,确保他们总能获得照顾和他们已经赢得的福利。We can practice kindness.我们可以实践对他们的友善。We can volunteer, serve, and respect one another.我们可以自愿,务,并尊重其他人。We can always get each others backs.我们总应该互相作为坚强的后盾。And we can show how much we love our country by loving our neighbors as ourselves.我们可以展现出我们有多爱我们的国家,爱我们的邻居就像爱我们自己一样。To all of you who served and who still do: thank you. And have a great weekend.对那些曾经役以及仍在役的所有的人们:谢谢你们。周末快乐。201611/477751

VOA流行美语 48: REDNECK / IN THE STICKS今天李华从 Michael那儿学到了两个新词 redneck 和 in the sticks。M: Come in!L: Hi Michael! 真抱歉,我没先告诉你就来了。你的电话一直占线, 所以我没法打电话给你。M: That's no big deal. I was on the phone with my friend Bob who lives in Georgia. He is such a redneck!L: 原来这样。对了,你把你朋友叫什么来着?你说他是什么啊?M: I said he's a redneck, R-E-D-N-E-C-K.L: 一个红的脖子? 这是什么意思啊?M: A redneck is someone from the countryside who lives a country lifestyle.L: 所以你叫一个人 redneck就是说他是乡下人或很土气。哎,这样 说别人很不礼貌吧。M: Well, maybe. If you call someone a redneck, it means you think that they are not very cultured or sophisticated.L: 你就因为你朋友住在乡下,你就开他玩笑说他是redneck ,未免 不太好吧。M: I'm not really making fun of him. Some people are proud to be rednecks. Bob likes to call himself that.L: 你说叫他redneck,Bob他还很得意呀。那我就不懂了。在中国, 大多数住在乡下的人都巴不得往城里跑呢。M: Well, the U.S. is different. Being a redneck doesn't mean being poor or uneducated. It is a way of living, I guess.L: 那么rednecks到底像什么呢?你来说说。M: Let me see, how can I describe them? When we say someone is a redneck we mean they are from the south, and speak with a southern accent。L: 现在我懂了, redneck 呢一般是指美国南方人,或者说话有南方 口音的人。不过说真的,那些南方口音我真的听不太懂。M: Also, rednecks like life in the countryside. They enjoy sports such as hunting or fishing. They like living in areas with lots of open space.L: Hmm, rednecks他们不住在 城市,他们更享受乡下的生活。M: Exactly. Also, most rednecks have blue-collar jobs, or work on a farm. By the way, Li Hua, be careful how you use this word. Some people might get angry if you call them a redneck.### ### ###L: 哎,对了,Michael,你那个红脖子朋友Bob为什么事打电话给你 啊?M: Well, he asked me if I wanted to visit him this summer. I'm not sure if I really want to go though.L: 真的吗? 为什么你不想去呢?M: He lives out in the sticks. There's nothing for me to do out there.L: 他生活在那儿?The sticks 是什么地方啊?M: Oh, when I say in the sticks, that just means in a rural area, far from a big city.L: 噢,原来是指乡下啊。哎哟,只不过离开城市几天,这样你也受 不了啊?M: Well, I am used to city life. I don't know how to fish or hunt, and I really don't like farm work. I don't think I would like living in the sticks.L: 你觉得你不适合乡下的生活啊,不过偶尔去呼吸一下新鲜空气不 是挺好的吗?M: I guess. Maybe I should visit him.L: 要是有人自称是 redneck 的话,他也许觉得生活在乡下 in the sticks 也是很值得自豪的了?M: Actually, the phrase in the sticks is not very polite. You shouldn't tell someone that they live in the sticks unless you are just joking with them.L: 奥,说别人 live in the sticks 并不是很好,除非你是在开玩笑啊?M: You are right. Usually when you say something is in the sticks you mean it is far from anything civilized.L: 其实美国人并不懂得什么是真正的乡下。就算他们住在乡下好了, 只要一开车就到城里了嘛。M: That's true. Still, some places out in the sticks are pretty far from a big city, even if you drive a car.今天李华学到了两个新词:redneck 和 in the sticks 。Redneck 是指乡下人。 In the sticks 则是指远离城市的农村地区。 /200602/3123

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