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1. Sorry, can you repeat that again? I cant hear you.对不起,你能再说一遍吗?我听不见. There is too much static on the line.电话里杂音太多3 Pardon? I can hardly hear you.对不起,我听不见. Weve got a bad line;can you repeat that?信号特别不好,你能重复一遍吗?5. Sorry, the connection is terrible.对不起,信号太弱了6. Ill call you back because I cant hear anything.我什么都听不到,一会再打给你吧7. Sorry, weve got a poor connection.对不起,信号很不好8. Sorry, I have trouble hearing you.对不起,我听不见9. Can you repeat that, please?你能重复一遍吗?. Ill call you back because I cant hear anything.我什么都听不到,我待会儿再打给你吧Dialogue 1对话 1A: Hello, this is Julie from Google Corp. Is that Jin Lili?A: 你好,我是谷歌公司的茱莉你是金丽丽吗?B: Yes, this is Jin Lili. What can I do you?B: 是的,我是金丽丽有什么事吗?A: I am calling to impart the news that you are supposed to have an inteview.A: 我通知你来面试B: There is too much static on the line.B: 电话里杂音太多A: I said that you are supposed to have an interview.A: 我是,你被通知来面试B: Pardon? I can hardly heat you. I will call you later.B: 对不起,我几乎听不见你说什么我晚点儿打给你吧Dialogue 对话 A: Hi, is that Mr. Wu?A: 你好,请问是吴先生吗?B: Yes. What can I do you?B: 是的,有什么事吗?A: I am calling to query about some of your inmation.A: 我来问问你的一些情况B: Weve got a bad line. Can you repeat that please?B: 信号特别不好,你能重复一遍吗?A: I said I want to ask about some of your inmation.A: 我是说我想问一下你的一些情况B: Sorry, the connection is terrible. Ill call you back because I cant heat anything.B: 对不起,信号太弱了我什么都听不到待会儿再打给你吧 36861Clothes Washing Service洗衣务Do you have laundry service?请问这里提供洗衣务吗?Yes.We have an excellent service here.是的,我们这里提供优质的洗衣务Well,would you please send someone t0 5?I have some clothes to wash.好的,请问能不能让一个务员到5来一下?我有一些衣要洗OK.好的 369

South Koreas defense ministry is vowing a ;strong and decisive; response if North Korea follows through on its threat to break a 60-year-old armistice.韩国国防部誓言,如果朝鲜将其有关废除已经存0年之久的停战协定的威胁付诸实施,韩国方面就要做出“有力而果断”的反应。General Kim Yong-hyun on Wednesday said Seoul is prepared to attack both the ;source of the aggression; and its ;commanding element; if North Korea uses military force.金容铉将军星期三说,首尔已经做好准备,如果朝鲜动用军事力量,韩国就将打击“侵略的源头”及其“指挥部”。On Tuesday, a senior North Korean military official said Pyongyang would next week disregard the 1953 ceasefire that ended the Korean war, citing a U.S.-led drive for sanctions and ongoing military exercises between Seoul and Washington.星期二,一名朝鲜高层军事官员说,鉴于以美国为首的制裁朝鲜行动以及首尔和华盛顿目前进行的军事演习,平壤将于下星期废除结束韩战953年停战协定。It is not unusual for North Korea to issue such threats during times of heightened tension on the Korean peninsula. But analysts say the latest threats may be more serious, because they were made by a high-ranking official, and came with a deadline.在朝鲜半岛局势紧张时,朝鲜常常会发出这类威胁。但分析人士说,由于最近的这次威胁出自一名高官之口,而且指明最后期限,因此可能更加严重。来 /201303/228658

A top human rights group is warning that Burma is in danger of creating a long-term state of religious segregation if it does not take steps to resettle minority Rohingya Muslim refugees.一个主要的人权组织警告说,如果缅甸不采取措施帮助罗兴亚族穆斯林难民返回家园,就可能形成宗教信众长期隔离局面。About 100,000 Rohingya were displaced following a deadly outbreak of Muslim-Buddhist violence last year in western Rakhine state. Months later, the refugees remain in poorly supplied camps, cut off from the rest of the population and prevented from leaving by government security forces.去年,缅甸西部若开邦的穆斯林和佛教徒之间爆发致命冲突后,大0万罗兴亚人流离失所。几个月后,这些难民仍然居住在生活条件恶劣的难民营,与其他居民隔绝,而且政府安全部队不准他们离开难民营。In a report Wednesday, Human Rights Watch says the governments failure to make efforts to return displaced Rohingya ;heightens concerns of a long-term intent to segregate the population.; In the city of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine state, it says the Muslim population is now ;completely segregated.;人权观察星期三发表报告说,缅甸政府没有努力帮助这些罗兴亚难民返回家园,使人们更加担心当局有意使缅甸族群形成长期隔离的局面。人权观察说,在若开邦首府实兑市,穆斯林完全处于隔离状态缅甸官员曾经表示,这种隔离是暂时的,而且为了避免该地区骚乱加剧,隔离是必要的,该地区针对穆斯林的歧视很常见。人权观察说,缅甸当局没有为族群和解以及帮助难民重新融入社会制定充分的计划。来 /201303/232685Part ten第十章Periodontal Treatment牙周的治疗Good morning. How are you today?早安,今天好吗?Just fine, except that my gums are sore. Ive noticed that they bleed when I brush my teeth.不错,只是牙龈还痛,我发现刷牙时牙龈出血Have you had this trouble bee? Have you ever had treatment a gum problem?你以前有这种问题吗?你以前有没有做过牙龈治疗?No, and Im very worried about it.没有做过,我可真十分担心When your gums bleed it usually means that your teeth need a thorough cleaning. In addition, youre probably neglecting your daily home care.牙龈出血通常表示牙齿需要全面清洗此外,你可能对日常在家的保护注意的不够What do you mean by daily home care, Doctor?医生,你说的日常在家的保护,指的是什么?Daily home care is brushing your teeth at least once a day a minimum of four to five minutes each time. Also, you must use dental floss every day.日常在家的保护指的是每天至少刷一次牙,每次至少刷四到五分钟同时你每天应该使用牙线Well, I try to, but Ive been very busy. Ive neglected my teeth a long time.好的,我会尽力做到的,但是我一直很忙我有很长时间忽略了我的牙齿Let me examine you now.现在我给您检查吧Ive seen your X-rays.我看了您的X光片There abnormal recession of the gums and of the tooth supporting bone from around your teeth.您的牙龈和持牙龈周围的骨头都萎缩了,很不正常It the jaw-bone that holds the teeth firmly in your mouth.在口腔内有力地持着牙齿的是颌骨What happens if this bone is lost?假若用来持牙齿的骨头消失了,会怎么样?If the supporting bone is lost the teeth will become loose.假若持牙齿的骨头消失了,那么牙齿就会松动Loose teeth can become infected very easily.松动的牙齿非常容易受到感染Look into this hand mirror. Can you see where the gums have receded?望手镜里看,您能看见萎缩的牙龈吗?A little bit of recession is normal when you get older.当人的年纪大一些的时候,牙龈萎缩是正常的,When it occurs in excessive amounts, there a possibility that periodontitis (pyorrhea) is developing.当牙龈过度萎缩就很可能发展成为牙周炎(牙槽脓漏)What that, Doctor?医生,那是什么?Ill explain it to you after I finish my examination. Can you see the redness in your gums?我给您检查后再给您解释吧,您能看到您的牙龈发红吗?Look here. Your gums bleed in some places when I touch them.看这里,我一碰到您的牙龈就有好几处出血Are the gums infected, Doctor?我的牙龈是不是已经感染了?No, dont worry. There no infection. If there was infection, Id prescribe an antibiotic.不是,不用担心,没有感染,假如感染了我会开一份抗生素的处方An antibiotic isnt effective the treatment of periodontitis.抗生素对于治疗牙周炎并无多大效力Antibiotics might reduce the symptoms of chronic periodontal disease, but the benefits of antibiotics are temporary.抗生素能减轻慢性牙周炎的症状,但是,抗生素的效力只是短暂的Antibiotics cant cure this condition or prevent the continual loss of gum and bone support from the teeth.抗生素并不能治疗这种病症,也不能防止持牙齿的牙龈及骨头的持续退缩与消失 188Go to the summer resort去避暑胜地Excuse me. Is there any summer resort around the town?请问,这附近有避暑胜地吗?As far as I know, the nearest one is next to the Wellington.据我所知,最近的避暑胜地在威灵顿附近It doesnt matter. I just want to have a relax and I dont care how far it is. Can you tell me how to get there?没关系的,我只是想去放松下,我不介意有多远的,能告诉我怎么去那里吗?Yes, take the greyhound bus. It will lead you directly there.好的,乘坐灰汽车,它会直接把你带到那的Thanks a billion.非常感谢 890

Out on the Town畅游第凡尼Kathy and Evan decide to visit the famous Tivoli Gardens. 凯西和艾凡决定参观著名的第凡尼乐园Kathy stops at a sidewalk cafe to ask a local directions.凯西停在路边一家小餐馆,向一名当地人问路K:Excuse me, sir, but is this the way to Tivoli Gardens?凯西:先生,打扰一下,这是到第凡尼乐园的路吗?L:That right, miss. Just keep on this street about four blocks and you cant miss it.路人:没错,只要沿这条街继续走四个街区左右就到了,你一定找得到的K:Thanks. Youre so lucky to live in such a lovely city, sir.凯西:谢谢先生,你能住在这么迷人的城市里真是幸运L:Thank you! All we Danes love the Tivoli Gardens and our way of life here in Denmark.路人:谢谢!我们丹麦人都很喜爱第凡尼乐园和丹麦的生活方式K:I notice how happy everyone seems here, and how well dressed everyone is.凯西:我注意到这里每个人好象都很快乐,而且衣着也很体面L:We Danes work hard, but we also know when to play. 路人:我们丹麦人工作勤奋,但也知道何时该玩乐That why there are so many parks in this city.这就是本市有这么多公园的原因K:My boyfriend and I just have to visit Tivoli while here.凯西:我和我男朋友在这里时一定得参观第凡尼L:Tivoli is the most famous, but you can find plenty of other parks and interesting sites to visit here.路人:第凡尼是最著名的地方,但在哥本哈根,你们仍可以发现许多其它的公园和有趣的地方可以参观K:Maybe well visit them. May I ask what youre eating?凯西:也许我们都会去参观一下可以请问你在吃什么吗?L:This is a Danish sausage. And this is Carlsberg, our famous beer.路人:这是丹麦香肠这是我们丹麦著名的卡尔斯堡啤酒K:By the way, your English is excellent.凯西:哦,对了,你的英语说得很棒L:Most Danes know two or three languages. English is very popular here. 路人:大多数的丹麦人都懂两、三种语言英语在这里很普遍Have a nice stay, young lady!希望你在这里玩得很愉快,!K:Thanks very much, sir. I aly am.凯西:非常谢谢你,先生我已经很愉快了 58773

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